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Title: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 08, 2013, 07:09:21 AM

The season's near

It's almost here

da da da da

deep in the heart of Texas,

Color commentary

It will be legendary

da da da da

deep in the heart of Texas.


Namaste and shalom, y'all. This is DJ Jai Ho comin' to you live from the Lone Star State. HMLM 3 is nigh, and you've reached the top spot for recaps. Last season, kinda fell off the wagon, much like I do with every single diet I've tried :( but I finished my master's, it's summer (which means time to stay inside because it's hot out there) and I can't find a summer job, so recaps, thy will be done. To the best of my ability. I hope that this year will mean a better Reshet website (yeah right) with easier access to the episodes for us Americans, and oh yeah, maybe FEWER EPISODES with less filler. I love filler, but let's get real...this time, in order to accomplish my goals, I'm going to try my best to skim over stuff that is not germane to the action so it won't take me five hours to write each recap like last time.

But anyway, we've got some kick-ass teams and exciting locations to look forward to, so pull up a chair, get out your hummus, and pop open a cold Goldstar, and get ready for Saturday night (or whenever Reshet chooses to upload the ep to their website). And of course, head on over here to read, chat, praise and bitch about HMLM 3.0.

Oh, and be a dear and watch the promos on YouTube or Reshet. They are probably the most epic TAR promos ever, of any franchise. Remember how TAR US promoted All Stars with... "Drops of Jupiter"? This is the complete opposite of that.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 08, 2013, 07:36:12 AM
To get us ready for the season, let's meet some of the teams. I know that there have been mucho spoilers so far but I'm going to try to be objective.

Let's Hear It For The Boys: The M/M teams

First up:

Eliran & Itzik

Current Nickname: Team Falafel

Eliran: Lighter skinned guy with the shag.
Itzik: Dark dude with dreads.

The scoop: They are childhood friends from the town of Carmiel but they live in Tel Aviv now. They are featured pretty heavily in the previews, so they must either go far, be awesome, be really annoying, or any and all of the three. Itzik is 28. Eliran is 26. They are surfer dudes who sell falafel. Itzik is older and more mature; Eliran's the little brother. Itzik is single; jury's out on Eliran.

On the race: I think their charisma will suit them well for the race, they're used to standing out in the hot sun for hours so weather and patience are no big deal, and they seem pretty fit. Maybe not the brightest candles in the menorah, but we'll see.

David & Eliran

Current nickname: Blue Collar Boys, maybe? Help...

David: Taller guy (in the pics at least)
Eliran: Shorter guy with more compressed face.

The scoop: Friends from Ashdod, just like Asher/Maor of S1. They are longshoremen who work in the port of Ashdod, hence the construction getup in their pics on the website. David speaks French. The most interesting thing about them is that they have the same height, weight, and shoe size. Really, producers? Absolutely NOTHING else of interest? I'm thinking these guys might be snoozefest city.

On the race: Physical fitness, obvs. They work together doing a job requiring a lot of concentration and communication, so that will help them. They do sound a little socially awkward, but that's to be determined.

Stay tuned more team info tomorrow.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: AR FAN on May 08, 2013, 10:08:01 AM
 "Maybe not the brightest candles in the menorah, but we'll see."

  :lol3: :lol3: Mean, but witty.

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Maxine Rama on May 09, 2013, 11:27:09 AM
Haha, I'll be following your recaps and hopefully watching the episodes too.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 10, 2013, 01:06:07 AM
Two days until HMLM/TARI amazingness!

Here's some more teams!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: The F/F teams

On the distaff side, we start with:

Romi and CoralMichele

Current Nickname: Romi and Michele, RoCo

Romi: Brunette
Coral: Blondie

The scoop: Sisters from Petach Tikva that remind me a lot of Alana and Mel from TARAU2 but hopefully less of a train wreck (Mel is probably the only racer of any franchise that I've watched that I believe is not a good person at all, and the only one I'd never, ever want to meet in person - not that I've met any racer). Romi is 18, making her the youngest to run TAR in standard format in ANY country, so, good for her. Coral, 20 is a law student and ex of Tom Kashty from the last season. The girls reportedly bicker a lot. And yeah Coral, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but from now on your name shall be Michele in homage to one of the greatest movies of all time.

On the race: Bickering sisters have not done well in the past, and except Kisha/Jen, sisters have generally not well at all. Romi seems shy and bookish. Are these sisters going to do it for themselves?

Dana and Debby

Current nickname: D/D, Mom/Daughter, Team Lipstick

Dana: Younger one
Debby: Older one with WAY too much makeup on in her pictures.

The scoop: Extroverted mom and introverted daughter from Jerusalem (hell yea!) and basically the polar opposite of Nancy/Emily. Dana is a club owner, so she must have some social savvy. Debby is a 46 year old real estate agent who doesn't leave the house without lipstick, in contrast to her daughter. Dana dislikes makeup, and if you've seen other pictures of her, I think that she actually does look much better without makeup. I'm expecting a lot of laughs from them.

On the race: I think they're actually a pretty good balance. Both are physically fit and people-persons (people-people?) by the nature of what they do every day. Although Debby appears prissy, I could see her letting her hair down and not fizzling out early like Tal of Tal/Mor last season.

Herut and Yoftut

Current nickname: Girl Scouts, Rooty/Tooty, Rue/Rom

Herut: Bangs
Yoftut: No bangs, making a hand gesture in their profile picture

The scoop: These gal pals from Petach Tikva are 20 years old and are the religious team this time around. Their names sort of rhyme. They are both part of a youth group, as evinced by Yoftut's shirt in the pictures of them. I could imagine them showing up at my door to sell me cookies. Herut, who I think looks like Sara Rue, wants to be an actress. Yoftut (real name is Yael), looks like 90s Disney Channel actress Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens FTW!). She comes from a religious family with 10 brothers and sisters, drives a motorcycle, and works at a school. She also looks like she'd fit right in with the Duggars.

On the race: Judging by how many times we see them in the promos (exactly once), don't get your hopes up for these two second bananas. They seem sunny, but also ditzy - probably the definition of lulzy. Their local newspaper did an article about them that spoiled their placement, which I will not mention here. These girls must not have gotten their "keeping secrets" badge.

Ma'Ayan and Batel

Current Nickname: Ma/Ba, Cousins, Persians

Ma'Ayan: Taller, curly hair
Batel: Shorter, stick-straight hair

The scoop: Cousins of Persian descent who have a preference for patterned wrap dresses. I wasn't able to find too much on them. They're from a teeny tiny town in southern Israel that I've never heard of (population 500!), so I guess that makes them just small town girls living in a lonely world. Ma'Ayan is a communications student and works at a convenience store, and Batel is a customer service representative. So maybe they'll annoy the competition and then slow them down with cheap and crappy snacks. Sounds like a winning strategy to me.

On the race: Their relationship seems rather solid and they seem like a whole lot of fun. Coming from a small, laid-back town, I am wondering how they will deal with the "go-go-go" pace of TAR, culture shock and being away from home - I predict that those will be this team's make-it-or-break-it factors.

I started this post on Thursday and now it's Friday. Coincidentally, it's also my college commencement in about 12 hours (lolwut?) so I probably should be in bed or else I'll fall asleep at the ceremony the minute I sit down. I already did that for my first degree, so I'll be trying my best tomorrow to remain conscious the whole time this time. Couples bios and info will come when the excitement dies down, so either tomorrow night or Saturday pre-premiere.

Do you think these chicks have what it takes to be the next Bar and Inna?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 10, 2013, 07:51:35 PM
Tomorrow is TAR-morrow! Are you ready?

Fun Couples: The M/F teams

First at bat:

Talia and Koby

Current nickname: TaKo

The scoop: This clever twosome are newlyweds from Givatayim. Koby is an electrical engineer. Talia has degrees from the University of Chicago, Columbia University, and Kings College London. She also has 2 mutual Facebook friends with me. I'm getting a strong vibe from these two.

On the race: I think they're in it to win it. Smart, in shape, and have travel experience.

Lior and More

Current Nickname: LiMore

The scoop: They are a married couple from Eilat, on the southern tip of Israel.  They have been married almost exactly five years - their anniversary is May 28. These parents of two run a tire shop.

On the race: They are a little older, but not much (28 and 33), but their profile doesn't reveal that much. I don't know what to make of them, but they seem sorta fun.

Shimi and Yasmin

Current Nickname: ShiMin, The Lovers

The scoop: Probably the best looking team this season, looks-wise. Though they could be models, they are not. He's in the restaurant business, she's originally from Ukraine and is in IT. They live in Tel Aviv with Shimi's mother...we might see another Tom-like mama's boy, but for now, hopes are high. They seem SO IN LOVE...will we watch them self-destruct!

On the race: As long as they pick it up and don't rest on their laurels, I think they'll do just fine for themselves.

Liran and Ronit

Current nickname: LiRonit

The scoop: They are besties from Afula. Liran (the boy) is a lawyer originally from Netanya and a bit over-the-top, but in a good way. Ronit (the girl) is originally from Naharia, works in logistics, and apparently has 50,000 Facebook fans. She must be a big deal.

On the race: They seem like the type to prance around and lose focus. I see them being more in it for fame and fun rather than going far and winning. I wouldn't put all my eggs in their basket.

Andrea and Ronney

Current Nickname: Rondrea, Oldsters, Overalls

The scoop: Grandparents who met later in life, a "second chance romance." They live in Jerusalem (J-Town represent!!!) They're the oldest team by far, but what makes them fascinating is their background: neither is a native Israeli! Andrea, who works with disabled children and has a gig at a bridal shop, comes from Oceanside, NY, USA and holds a degree from Emerson College. Ronney is from Johannesburg, South Africa. I do not know what he does, retired perhaps. Their anniversary is also soon (2 years on May 22). I usually find older teams meh but I really, really like these two.

On the race: On paper, they're unstoppable. They have already experienced different kinds of relationships, so they know where they are in life. They're a little long in the tooth but not down for the count. They probably speak WAY better English than anyone on this whole season (or past seasons, TOM AND ADELE), host included, which could really benefit them in, well...most of the world outside Israel. In this situation, however, their competitors seem to be looking to go the distance and these two just might get left in the dust if they can't keep up. They also have silly fashion choices, opting for overalls which I like, but we know that oddly-attired teams can be the butt of jokes and stick out like sore thumbs. I hope they go far and prove that age is not a number.

Okay...late for dinner here and I still need to shower (still sitting in my sweaty cap, gown, and master's hood as I type! hashtag commitment) but I got through all the teams. YAY.

One day more...who's going to be the first out? Who's going to win? Who's going to annoy the hell out of us?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Maxine Rama on May 10, 2013, 10:09:21 PM
Omw the female teams sound fierce, especially bickering sisters and mother/daughter.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: georgiapeach on May 11, 2013, 09:34:35 AM
Thank you SO much!! Looks like fun!
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: georgiapeach on May 11, 2013, 10:37:52 AM
Is there a cast list with the pics somewhere? I could try to add the pics in if I was sure who was who! :lol:
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 11, 2013, 04:51:18 PM
Is there a cast list with the pics somewhere? I could try to add the pics in if I was sure who was who! :lol:

georgiapeach - go to Someone has kindly uploaded pictures there, albeit using my ****ty initial English translations of the team names. The team names are CORRECT in this thread, according to how the contestants themselves spell their own names on Facebook.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: georgiapeach on May 11, 2013, 05:16:28 PM
Okay, thanks! Then if you don't mind I'll just add in a the pics into your thread?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 11, 2013, 05:16:54 PM
No prob!
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 11, 2013, 05:17:40 PM
Good...morning...afternoon...something, everyone. Hope you enjoyed the first episode. Jai Ho was a bad Jai Ho last night and went out partying until all hours to celebrate graduation and woke up just a few hours ago and is a hot mess right now. Also, my bathtub drain is clogged and I can't get a plumber until Monday. Hashtag minor life inconveniences when your sleep schedule is messed up due to your bad life choices and bad luck that always happen at the most inopportune moments.

Recap is coming...when I regain the ability to write coherently (which might be 5 AM Sunday)...

Off to bale out the bathroom. Any love, coffee, real food, etc would be excellent right now.

And if you live in the Houston area and have a working shower/bathtub, and I could come over and use it, that would be nice too.

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 14, 2013, 02:36:05 AM
It's 2:32 AM CST. I thought I was done with all-nighters...apparently not. Here's to you guys...hope this helps your viewing experience! Let me know what you think of this leg, the teams, or the recap by giving me a PM or posting here.

Episode 1: “Peace Out, Girl Scouts”

Port of Haifa! Boats! Baha’i Gardens!

Ron’s at the Port of Haifa. 11 teams competing, blah blah…they’re getting there by TRAIN???? Wow, they’re really going all out for this race.

First out of the gate (literally): Romi and Coral (Michele), sisters from Petach Tikva. Never were there two more different sisters! Romi is “boring” because she reads plays such as Waiting for Judo (lol, silly Coral). She also collects stamps. Coral has lots of nail polish. They do not hate each other, and show their love for each other by going tanning together. Well, Coral tans, as Romi reads The Diary of Anne Frank by the light of the tanning bed. Ah, history.

Next up: Talia and Koby, newlyweds from Givatayim. Zooey Deschanel plays the ukulele as we go through a wedding montage in stop-motion. They do lovey-dovey romantic things. Talia has lots of degrees from American schools – I sure hope her English is up to par. They debate fine art in a coffee shop and ride off on a pink motorcycle. Koby says he can lean on Talia. I sure hope she can support him – she’s so thin she looks like she’s about to fold over. Koby does a Muppet voice and they giggle.

Third: Dana and Debby. Oh boy. Dana calls her mom Debby. Dana interviews that people think Debby’s her sister not her mother. Debby is an independent woman who needs her lipstick. Debby interviews that she keeps Shabbat and kosher, and they can’t stop from cracking up as Dana calls her mom a liar. They work out at a gym and Dana hopes she’ll meet her real mother on the race. That would be an interesting twist, and Dana’s father would have much explaining to do.

Next: Shimi and Yasmin. They are a couple. They play pool together. Shimi comments that he “made” Yasmin, and they have a “magical connection.” Yasmin tries on clothes and Shimi is a bit anal. Hope that won’t become a recurring theme. They bowl in slo-mo to passionate string music as Shimi comments that love softens his heart. Sheesh, just get a laxative! Shimi comments that they fit like a glove. I could make a colonoscopy joke but since this is a family show I will not.

Doing the funky chicken down the aisle, here come Herut and Yoftut, youth-group friends (similar to Girl Scouts) who admit to acting like teenagers. First, Herut must talk about Yoftut’s strange family with their made-up names. They pray in a park. They claim they don’t represent all religious people, as their books magically change to fashion magazines. They do a funny little back and forth about Harel Skaat (Yoftut’s pop star crush) and then, in true Girl Scout fashion, sing into hair straighteners. Now, shift to them dancing at a wedding. Of course they love weddings, even if there is a giant panda bear attacking the bride and groom (?). Being religious, they dance with the other girls, but admit to mingling with guys on their way to the bathroom. Weddings are also their workout of choice, Herut commenting that she loses 4 kilos a week dancing.

Next up: Eliran and Itzik, childhood friends. They are from Carmiel, and cheer about that. Itzik explains that Eliran is his brother since he has only sisters. They sell falafel and inspect the quality of the beach. Of course that means the ladies. Eliran also needs slow down his speech, I have a hard time understanding him. Itzik is electric at making falafel, until Eliran shows up in an unfortunate tank top. They don’t give up with the ladies or in life.

Now, it’s time to meet Andrea and Ronney. Andrea speaks Hebrew with an American accent, and occasionally breaks into English, conveniently for me. If I was on the race, I would do the same, which is why I am not. She is your stereotypical New York Jewish mother and I love that about her. They are grandparents who met and married later in life. They have a really bright green phone. Andrea types on an old-timey typewriter and they tell their love story, he takes photos of her with an old-timey camera, as if they’re actually from the 1920s. Way to make them feel old, show. They run in striped shirts and headbands, doing a “nursing home workout.”

Uh-oh, here come Ronit and Liran. They are wearing a lot of pink. Would it surprise you to learn that they are fag and hag? Not me. They play backgammon, which is the only intelligent thing they do in their whole segment. Liran was Ronit’s birthing coach. They shop and Ronit oohs and aahs over…everything. They go to a medium, who predicts they’ll be besties forever. Moving on!

David and Eliran, friends from Ashdod, are construction workers at a port. They have a dangerous job. And they can’t get no appreciation. When David meets girls, they are unimpressed and ask him what his actual dreams are. Seaworthy music plays as they eat their lunches. They work out shirtless and are boring.

Lior and More, our married parents from Eilat. They are “stuck together.” That’s either really good or really bad thing to say about a relationship. They sing karaoke in their living room with their two cute but uninterested children. Now they play in a ball pit with their children. I could imagine them excelling in the Washington DC final task from last season. They don’t have much else to say.

Finally, Ma Ayan and Batel, who sit Indian style in purple sweats and do a handclap game. They are cousins from a moshav in the South and they are also of Persian descent. Ma’Ayan might be a little too in love with her cousin as she almost crushes her. Ma’Ayan explains what cousins are to those of us who don’t know. Thanks for wasting a few minutes of our lives, Ma’Ayan. Now she drums while Batel dances. Ma’Ayan is the angel and Batel the devil. Ma’Ayan says an assortment of random English words she knows. A person in Seattle is watching this right now and saying “ahhh, it makes sense now…so THAT was the random girl running through Pike Place Market a few months ago yelling “Dog cake fish!” at all the shoppers.

Time for the parade of teams. More rides on Lior’s back, Ronney salutes with a hat.

Bags! Port! Line of teams! Wooo! Let’s go!

But wait…twist time! Only NINE teams will make it out of Israel. WTF, producers? First the dumb train opening and now this? Money must REALLY be tight. Dana is scared. Andrea clarifies “two YOUNG couples.” Oy vey indeed. And they’re off!

First task: Human Chutes and Ladders, where the teams must get their clue from the top of a huge shipping container.

Theme song: Coral rudely pushes her sister. Andrea does a goofy pose with a phone.

Port of Haifa. Teams run. Well, all but Andrea and Ronney, who are doing a speed-walk.

Rip and read. The teams need to choose items wisely to get them to the top – both physical and mental. Actually, a pretty awesome opening task, all things considered.

Port of Haifa. Talia takes the candy cane and mimes  grabbing a rope with it. Correct. Itzik grabs the little key which opens a secret door, containing a stepladder. Correct. Romy and Michele? Arguing over a yoga ball. Romi wonders how a yoga ball can possibly help them climb. Mom and daughter? Doing it itemless. This should end well. Itzik and Eliran, our Falafel boys, are crossing the first bridge.
Aaaaand, here to comment are Liran and Ronit. They think the other teams should just go home and the show should just give them a million for being fabulous.

D/D. Dana’s climbing and Debby’s whining. Talia motivates her partner. Romy and Michele? Still bitching and plotting to block each other on Facebook. No, they actually say that. Deb’s climbing now and complaining about her manicure. Lior is climbing. D/D are stuck at the top. Oops. Falafel, on the other hand, brought the iron ladder and have no trouble at all, as do TaKo and LiRonit. D/D hurry back to the start for the iron ladder. Falafel boys swing and get their stepladder…victory for them as they officially complete the task in first. Now, the clue directs them to Kibbutz En Shemer. Then it’s detour time.

Falafel in the car, Eliran can’t read a map. That’s promising. Back at the port, Talia zips to the finish and her team and LiRonit finish at the same time. Koby, in 2nd, can read a map. They leave as Shimi screams at Yasmin. Construction guys are doing well and cooperating. Yoftut waves a giant toilet plunger at her partner, and says that this’ll look good on her marriage resume. LOL. Grandpa Ronney is now across with Andrea not far behind.

On the road. Falafel boys are literally sitting in the median strip, doing nothing. Totally lost. Eliran gets out and walks into incoming traffic hoping to flag down a truck.

Port of Haifa. Sisters and ShiMin get the clue and leave in fourth/fifth. Shimi hands his partner the map…who promptly rips a huge hole in the map. Back at the task, the cousins are flailing and failing. Debbie and Dana have the hang of it now. David/Eliran and LiMor do the swing, get the clue, leave in sixth and seventh.

On the road. ShiMin and Bickering Sisters are lost. Shimi gets out and asks for direction. Romi is annoyed. Liran/Ronit, on the other hand, arrive at En Shemer in first. Darn.

Detour, En Shemer. The tasks each have to do with a children’s story. In the first, the teams must carry 12 bags with one member on his/her knees, until the conductor turns around a sign. In the second, teams must convince some people to donate their clothes to make a rope to pluck a giant carrot from the ground. So basically, I’m calling them Carrot or Carry. Funny how that worked out.
LiRonit debate which task, then choose Carrot, running and recruiting random people, including an elderly kibbutznik named Chaim who agrees under the condition that they don’t make him late for lunch. TaKo arrive in second at En Shemer and debate the pros and cons for…quite a while. They are still deciding as Romy/Michele, Shimi/Yasmin, and LiMor arrive. TaKo? Still deciding. The lovers pick Carrot, while the sisters opt to carry, as do LiMor. Romi remarks that her sister looks like Gepetto. Coral and Mor are on their knees for their teams. TaKo join the others in Carry.

Port. Rondrea and Girl Scouts are at the rope swing. Andrea jumps on the rope…boom. Ouch. They almost beat D/D to the top but the ladies get there first. They depart in eighth. Debbie immediately checks her makeup. Andrea yells down support to the remaining teams as they get the clue in ninth, and the Girl Scouts in tenth. Ma/Ba? Still bumbling around.
On the road. Girl Scouts seem to know where they’re going. D/D find a friendly driver named Issam to drive them there.

En Shemer. Construction boys arrive and do Carry. Falafel boys arrive in En Shemer, having dropped from first to seventh. Not a good sign. Over at Carrot, LiRonit are collecting clothes, and one girl donates her bra. Ronit yells at lunch guy to take off his underwear. Just let the man eat his lunch, for crying out loud. She gets the underwear and they make a rope.

Carry. Congrats, Romi and Michele, you finished first. Romi rips, and it’s a pit stop: the Roman theatre in Caesarea Maritima. They jet off, with LiMore and LiRonit right behind them. Lior is singing and not paying attention to the road.

Port. The cousins FINALLY get their clue.

En Shemer. D/D arrive thanks to Issam, and choose Carrot. Falafel boys? Totally not understanding the point of the detour. Eventually they choose Carrot and break a bunch of people through a fence and into the kibbutz. Breaking and entering much? Rondrea arrive next and do Carry, with Andrea singing “Old Man River.” Never thought I’d hear a Show Boat reference. TaKo and Construction are done in fourth and fifth and leave.

On the road. Romy and Michele are bickering again. Usual topics.

Pit stop. Who will it be? LiRonit are getting close, as are LiMore. Both arrive. It’s a footrace, and…congrats Married Parents, you are team number one. They are pleasantly surprised. Lior comments that he’s never run like this before. Fag and Hag…team number two. Ronit babbles on and on about Miss Universe and being blonde and having lots of Facebook friends.
En Shemer. Girl Scouts arrive and choose Carrot. They have little luck, unlike D/D. Over at the Carrot field, ShiMin and Falafel finish, and over at Carry, Andrea leads her team to victory. ShiMin and Rondrea hit the road. Falafel boys? Can’t find the cars. They finally do, get in one…and it’s not their car. They bleed a lot of time trying to start it, but alas, it’s still the wrong car. They finally get into the right car and leave.

Caesarea. Romi/Michele, Talia/Kobi, David/Eliran close in, but it’s the sisters who get there quickest, and they are third. Boys are in fourth, and TaKo in fifth.

En Shemer. Cousins finally arrive and fumble at opening the clue box. D/D get their carrot. Cousins picks Carry. Girl Scouts? Getting frustrated with the people who refuse to help them at Carrot.

Caesarea. Rondrea close in, with Falafel and Lovers not far behind. Falafel see Rondrea and realize they need to pick it up. Rondrea limp in, only to be passed by Falafel. Eliran trips his way to the finish line and they arrive first, with Rondrea right behind. Momentary panic, but then they get told that they’re in sixth and seventh. General singing and celebration.

En Shemer. D/D get their carrot. Ma’Ayan and Batel finish as well. Girl Scouts finally gather their people and get their carrot. All three teams depart, with Girl Scouts behind. Cousins and D/D play chicken with the cousins passing the mom/daughter. Elsewhere, Herut is crying her mascara out because she knows they screwed up at the detour and should’ve done Carry.

Caesarea. Mom/Daughter and Cousins close in. The editing makes it seem like the Girl Scouts are close, but it’s clear that the other two teams are there as they are shown running, with Ma’Ayan in the lead. And…the cousins in purple take the lead and hit the mat. They are team number nine, and Batel collapses in a flurry of emotion. They hug Ron. Here come Debbie/Dana. They make small talk with Ron as if they’re already eliminated. They indeed think they are last. Awkward pauses. Crying. Blather. They’re team number 10…but wait! There’s going to be another leg in Israel, so they’re safe for now! Much relief. Ron warns them that if they come in tenth next time, they will not be as lucky.

In walk the Girl Scouts. Yoftut has her brave face on. They know they’re done for, and Ron confirms it. Herut is heartbroken. They are both disappointed and they know it sucks, but they hug anyway. Awww. In their defense, they cooperated well and tried hard on a leg that was pretty much linear with no chance of pulling ahead other than Eliran/Itzik’s massive navigational fails. However, they were solidly in 10th for pretty much the whole leg, and that’s not a good thing. Peace out, Girl Scouts.

Next episode: Still in Israel. More hijinks. Another team will join the Girl Scouts on their Israeli staycation.
Who impressed you this leg?
Who didn't?
Who do you like?
Who do you hate?
What do you think of the Girl Scouts?
Who's going home next?
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Post by: georgiapeach on May 14, 2013, 10:26:08 AM
Wow!! That will make understanding so much easier!! Thank you! You really made it come alive!
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Maxine Rama on May 14, 2013, 11:12:02 AM
Love the recap. I thought this leg was awful, though. I mean, startline task, drive, detour, more driving, pitstop? Umm... Ok then.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 18, 2013, 05:06:26 PM
Presenting Episode 2.

Don't ask me HOW I managed to watch it, it's a matter of national security. That and the fact that I don't know how it happened.

Episode 2: "Chicken Soup for the Clueless."

Previously. Credits.

Beach! Roman Theatre at Caesarea!

LiMor in first – but it’s time for a double battle! They head off to Kibbutz Yakum, in disbelief that they’re in first. Crazy religious guy runs up to their car.

LiRonit, Sisters, and Blue Collar Boys leave. They engage in some boys vs. girls ribbing. Romi and Michele are playing a car game involving singing and of course, bickering.

Kibbutz Yakum. Double battle! It’s hugging in mid-air over a big trampoline. First match up: LiMore and LiRonit. Ronit comments that her grandmother would disapprove, so she’ll call her and tell her that her partner is gay. Ronit’s grandmother groans.

Caesarea. TaKo head out, with Talia commenting on how competitive she is and how lax Kobi is.
On the road: Blue Collar Boys and Romy and Michele both see the signs for Yakum (or as it is spelled on the signs, Yaqum, which sounds like the name of a tribe in Survivor: Guatemala). Boys exit, Romi tells her sister to keep going…whoops a daisy, Romi.

Double battle. LiMore are struggling, and LiRonit are plotting. And the parents fall. LiRonit open the clue, and it’s a doozy. They must go to Tel Aviv and do a nostalgia task that promises to take them back to the 1930s. David/Eliran arrive and hug, not knowing the task ahead of them. LiRonit head out. They must go to HaYarkon 155.

Double battle, construction boys vs. parents. David comments to a smiling Lior that it’s bonding time. And…now there are ducks. WTF, task? The sun goes down, and Lior comments that it’s time to pray afternoon prayers. Mor is crying but it’s clear that they’re both struggling so they drop. David/Eliran open the clue…and they are mystified.

Caesarea. Falafel Boys head out, full of hope that they will improve but apparently not knowing how to control their windshield wipers. Rondrea are right behind them. Andrea comments that they need to calm down. Falafel boys? Lost again, with a broken map.
Shimi/Yasmin are in an even tougher position as Yasmin has completely destroyed their map. She tries to get it together, in more ways than one.

Double battle, couple on couple. Talia strategizes by telling her partner to imagine that they’re in bed. Yowza. Don’t take it too far guys, this is a family show. More engages in a kiss attack on her husband since she has nothing else to do. Kobi is losing balance and Talia is flailing. Unlike More, she falls flat on her ass. Ouch. The next shot shows some pretty bad-ass bruises as she cries. LiMore are thrilled they don’t have to do it again. Blue Collar Boys? Still in the parking lot, clueless.

Caesarea. The final two teams (Cousins and D/D) depart. As they are women, of course they talk about each other. Batel calls them, “Debi and Deba.” It takes her a couple tries. Dana thinks that the Cousins are Arabs; Debby thinks that the Cousins are Bedouins. “But half Arab?” counters her daughter. Cousins talk about how Debby is not like their moms, who live in their pajamas and go to bed early. Hey, you don’t know what Debby wears to bed, ladies.

Kibbutz Yakum. Blue Collar Boys and LiMore are still stumped by the clue. Lior suggests that Herods refers to a hotel in Tel Aviv. The boys are all, “this better be right or we’re in trouble.” That’s a new one. Speaking of Herods, Fag and Hag are there. This is a complicated one. They must find Chana Rubina, and listen to her to find a specific suite, sample a soup, and then find a matching soup. To her credit, Ronit successfully deciphers what the actress says, and identifies the song as one of Natan Alterman, and off they go.

Double battle at sunset, Falafel vs. TaKo. Yum. Itzik tries to get the couple out by talking to them. Talia takes another tough fall, and it’s Falafel in fourth. They are, however, stumped.

Tel Aviv. Both teams arrive and listen to Chana Rubina’s olde Hebrew with a European accent. At the Alterman Suite, here’s Alterman himself, composing a song. They must find Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv…and they do, in the Dizengoff suite! Irony? They taste the soup and head off.

Kibbutz Yakum. Here come Romy and Michele, who usually do not hug at home. I am not surprised. Talia and Kobi get their clue and they’re off, with the Falafel boys cluelessly tailing them. Talia calls them “the idiots” and “Max and Moritz.” The hell, Talia? ( I have a feeling that that’s going to be the new “The hell, Fifi?” from last season). The “idiots” are following whom they call “the librarians.” Ooooh, burn. In other news, my apartment is gross. Excuse me while I go swat some flies. Ok, I’m back.

Herods. LiMore and Boys taste the soup. One of the boys calls it Cabernet; the other, pee. They all join LiRonit. Ronit thinks she has it but she doesn’t.

Double battle, Sisters vs. Rondrea. It’s going well at first, but Andrea starts to slip and they are dunzo. They are quite gracious and hug and kiss. Romi notices and, the hopeless romantic she is, admires their love and comments that they’re like sixteen-year-olds. Awww. They get their clue and Romi redeems her earlier mistake by knowing that Herod’s is exactly the place to go.

Tel Aviv. TaKo talk about how smart they are. Falafel boys stop them and ask. Talia tells them to go away. They start asking people on the street, but wait…bye bye, Talia and Kobi, zooming down the road away from the idiots.

Double battle, Rondrea vs. ShiMin. The young couple is obviously in better shape, so the battle’s over pretty quickly.

Tel Aviv. Falafel boys get directions from a local and head to the hotel. Kobi has stopped for some reason and is confused, although they’re right outside the hotel. Both teams get the clue, and Talia immediately knows that Chana Rubina is the first lady of Israeli theatre. The more you know! The boys are mystified (shocker) and Talia is thrilled (shocker). Talia gets the clue immediately, and the boys need a hotel employee to help them.

Double battle, Rondrea vs. D/D. Oh boy, this is a rough one. Debby starts yelling at Ronney to fall, with absolutely no subtlety. To no one’s surprised, they do fall (but Andrea sticks her dismount, so 10 points for her) and crazy Debby kisses a photo of her father, the rabbi. Bet family dinners are awkward for them. To Debby’s credit, however, she quickly figures out the clue and she steers Dana towards Tel Aviv. Back at the kibbutz, Andrea is in tears. They go up against the Cousins, and Ronney gives Andrea permission to drop. Andrea drops, and it’s sad, but the Cousins are very complimentary. Humorous music plays as the girls tear up their car in search of the clue, which is on the windshield. LOL. Batel picks it up and puts it back, having no idea what it is. Ma’Ayan then gets it, reads it, and realizes that it’s not a parking ticket but a clue. They freak out and purple their way into the car and on the road.

Tel Aviv. Falafel boys meet Alterman. No idea. TaKo meets Alterman, and Talia fangirls out and admits it. Next up, Dizengoff for both. Itzik comments that the soup clue is his type of clue, and has been waiting for this clue all day. Plus he’s hungry, and likes soup. In the soup room, they think they have it but they do not. Shimi and Yasmin are at the hotel and are thoroughly freaked out by the Chana Rubina actress lady, complete with horror movie soundtrack. Romy and Michele politely step aside for a nice old lady to exit the elevator before rushing in. Yasmin, on the other hand, almost knocks herself silly exiting the elevator. All three teams find Alterman, and Dana is surprised he looks so young. Debby explains to her daughter that he’s dead. All three teams find Dizengoff and the soup clue. Shimi sticks his face in the soup. D/D get in the elevator, it stops and Debby explains to a confused Asian lady that there’s no more room in the elevator and to get the next one. To her credit, there are four people in the elevator, and two with heavy production equipment, so she’s probably telling the truth. She still laughs evilly.

Soup room. And now everyone is here but the Purples and Rondrea. Soup soup soup. Debby attempts to channel her grandmother, who is probably enjoying some soup in heaven with Charla and Mirna’s grandmother, and she thinks she has it. Tense music plays as if something big is going to happen. Rapid camera pan. Ronit. Eliran. Itzik. Sisters. Chef. Mother and daughter, hoping it’s right. And…it is! They jump from 8th to 1st, just like that. “Don’t mention it,” says Debby’s grandmother. But of course, they must gloat and shout and annoy everyone else before they Cruella DeVil their way out of there. Debby is so proud of herself. Enjoy it while it lasts, hag. The clue is to go to the littlest airport in Israel – Mini Israel, in Latrun. Also the pit stop. Elsewhere, Rondrea and the Purples head out.

Soup room once more. Disappointment. Next ones to succeed…Romy and Michele, who freak out in second. Third and fourth are LiMore and David/Eliran, the latter of whom smashes the bowl in excitement. On the road, D/D are lost and somewhere on the way to Jerusalem. Debby proceeds to slam her daughter with insults and Dana actually gets bleeped out for the first time in the history of Israeli television, ever. Now, Dana proceeds to lose it on her mom, probably something that’s been accumulating for years. They are clearly in a power battle. Of course, Debby cares more about her lipstick. Debby apologizes.

Tel Aviv. Cousins and Rondrea get the clue. Cousins run in, asking for Chana Rubina, and…for some inexplicable reason, Ma’Ayan thinks that a random old woman in red sitting at a table is her and gives her a huge hug. Said lady has no clue what the crazy girl in purple is doing, and eventually they find the right lady. Whoops. Rondrea do the same, and Andrea comments it’s like “Shakespeare on steroids in Hebrew.” They get the Alterman and Dizengoff clues and they’re off to the soup room. Andrea asks for some bread. See, that’s what I would have done. No real reason, but I like bread with soup.

Soup room. Ma’Ayan and Batel run out of the elevator, screaming “soup soup soup,” as you do. Soup montage. LiRonit, who came in first, get another no, and head to Dizengoff for a picker-upper. Yasmin thinks she’s got it, and she does. LiRonit get it next. They know where it is. Yasmin has map trouble, as usual.

Mini Israel. David/Eliran and Sisters get there first, followed by D/D.

Soup room. More soup fails. Purples get it, freak out, head out in 7th.

On the road, Shimi insists on following blue and white markers, which are leading him nowhere.

Mini Israel. LiRonit and LiMore, the previous top two of the day, enter in fourth and fifth. Lior looks in a trash can. D/D notice all the teams filtering in. Ronit spots a clue and reads it. Next stop, Madrid, Spain! Spain montage. LiRonit run to Ron, and they are first. But…there’s a salvage pass, which they can use to save the last team or get an advantage.

Soup room. Falafel and TaKo get the soup clue. Eliran has no idea what miniature means.

Mini Israel. Teams are wandering. David sees something. Dana sees a clue and grabs it for her team, as does Romi. More finds another. All teams run to Ron. LiMor run. Sisters run. Dana…stops for lipstick. LiMor arrive, in second. They are thrilled to go to Spain. Sisters get there next, and Romi is moved to tears by her sister Coral. They are in third and scream. D/D are up next, and they’ve jumped from 10th to 4th. Debby still has poor grammar as the subtitles correct her.
Back at the soup room, Rondrea get the correct soup and head out in last, hoping someone else is lost. And those someones are Ma’Ayan and Batel, who appear to be in a slum, with a stray cat loudly growling as they pass. In other news, Batel’s earrings must weigh a ton, they’re huge. The girls apparently know this road well and are frustrated at being lost. Elsewhere, Shimi and Yasmin ask for directions.

Mini Israel. Falafel enter Mini Israel. David/Eliran find the clue and end in fifth. Lots of looking. Shimi yells at Yasmin quite violently. In an interview…Yasmin gets up and walks away. Talia and Kobi comment that they are sweet, sweet, sweet, and then…boom. Heh. More yelling from Shimi as Talia spots a clue. Ma’Ayan spots the sign for Mini Israel, as do Rondrea. Talia and Kobi, you are in sixth. Falafel Boys and ShiMin find the clue. Yasmin is crying. Shimi asks why she’s crying. Because you screamed your guts out at her, dumbass! Anyway, they’re in seventh and Ron asks Yasmin why she’s crying. It’s been a rough for her, and that’s an understatement. Falafel run up, and they’re in 8th. The final two teams, Cousins and Rondrea, are on the hunt. Ma’Ayan spots one, then Ronney. The Cousins have no clue where Spain is. Batel insists Asia, but Ma’Ayan insists Europe. Wow, and they say Americans are bad at geography. Running, running…and it’s the girls, after literally running around the whole country. They have never left the country, but now they’re about to because they’re in ninth. Batel is sad at first, but then…whoops, they miscounted, they’re safe.

Bringing up the rear, Ronney and Andrea. They know they’re last, but they’ve got tickets to Spain, so…but wait! Here come LiRonit with their salvage pass. Andrea is confused. Ron explains the terms of the salvage pass. Andrea wants to continue but understands. Ronit comments that it hurts her to see Andrea’s blue eyes crying. Ronit goes on to say that Rondrea are survivors, and it’s a race, and they all deserve to be there, and they choose to save the grandparents, with much hugging. Yay!

Next time: Spain! Coral gets knocked over by a bull. Romi gasps.
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Post by: Air on May 18, 2013, 08:54:41 PM

That is *so* worthy of a promo. :lol:

Great recaps Jai Ho <3
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 18, 2013, 09:03:00 PM

That is *so* worthy of a promo. :lol:

Great recaps Jai Ho <3

Thank you very much <3

Some questions for readers:

1. Who do you love?
2. Who do you hate?
3. Can Rondrea make a comeback?
4. Should we petition for Ma'Ayan and Batel to dye their hair blond?
5. Of whom will we get rid in sunny Madrid?
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Post by: Maxine Rama on May 19, 2013, 05:58:41 AM
lol I'm so glad Rondrea got saved. Andrea is SO dramatic. That story she told about her father during the double battle. My god. I love them to death.

Also, loving the Debs. They are lulzy. I cackled when the mom told the random asian hotel guest "NO MORE ROOM" and let the elevator door shut in her face. She is SO catty. I hope they go far. Coral/Romi are hilar too. So are Batel/Ma'Ayan. LOL @ them being the clueless female team of the season. Maybe they bumble their way into the F5 somehow. <3

Everyone else were pretty good. This cast should really deliver!
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Good morning Internet friends!

Woke up unintentionally early this morning to find that Episode 3 is up. It took me only 2.5 hours to do this 1.5 hour episode, not bad. Hope I can get quicker.

But now, let's go to Spain!

Episode 3: You Gotta Boogie with the Bull that Brung Ya

No previouslies. Credits.

Ron VOs that we left Mini Israel and are now on our way to Madrid, Spain, on two flights. Once there, teams must drive to Plaza San Miguel Archangel in Moralzalzel (?) for their next clue.

First flight is: LiRonit (who I actually am liking better these days, and who wisely saved Rondrea last leg…if the Oldsters get eliminated, they’re none the worse for wear, and if they don’t and a stronger team like LiMore or TaKo get eliminated, well then power to them), LiMore, Sisters, D/D, and Blue Collar Boys. They can choose to either self-drive or hire a driver. LiRonit, LiMore, and the Boys head out driverless, and Romy/Michele immediately opt for a curly-topped driver. Debby and Dana try to figure out their car, which goes in reverse, then starts the windshield wipers. Debby claims she has no clue how to drive stick. They, like the Sisters, opt for a lady driver who can actually, you know, operate the car. A wise choice. Sisters complain about their slow driver. D/D’s driver is going at quicker clip, but clearly does not care as she nonchalantly pops her gum.

On the road. In his car, David makes a homeless sign reading MORALZALZEL and flashes it at a truck driver, who motions to follow him. Lior is marveling at some faraway snow on a mountaintop. Mor comments on her husband’s lack of focus. Indeed, Lior is taking it all in. Mor comments that Europe sucks, and nothing happened here but the Holocaust…ooh, trains! D/D are stopped and asking for help, Sisters stop and get help from a curly-haired toll collector. They tell the guy to not tell the other teams. They get back in their car and sing in Spanish, and lo and behold, they are the first team to arrive in Moralzarzal. They reach the clue in first, and it’s a roadblock. Romi reads, “who looks good in pink?” The task is bullfighting, including three passes and pinning a ribbon on the bull. At the sight of pink, Romi’s all, “Coral, it’s you.” And not even because of her name. Coral protests but Romi makes up her mind for her.

They reach the stadium and Coral gets suited up to play. Romi likes the matador’s hat. She shouts encouragement, and Coral shouts at her to shut up. “Sorry.” Heh. Matador teaches Coral the ropes, and Romi makes up a song about how Coral can handles the bulls. I swear, the producers must be armed with knives and threaten the racers to sing, or else…Israelis do not sing this much in real life. Coral, once again: “Quiet, Romi.” Coral gets scared, but in comes the bull. It’s a real bull, and Coral freaks out. Romi says to just think of him as a puppy. A large, angry, drooling puppy. Romi begs Coral to do it, and will give her a massage when she is done.

Moralzarzel. D/D arrive at the clue box in second. So that’s 2/2 for the driver-choosing teams. They get the clue and Mom is immediately dubious and elects Dana to do the task. Third to the clue box are David/Eliran are next. They flip a coin, and it’s David.
Stadium. Debby coaches from the sidelines as Dana learns from the matador, but Dana’s actually listening and doing well. Another demo, and now Dana and David get apprehensive. And now, it’s time for the racers. First up is Coral. On her first try, the bull drags away the cape. Second try, and Coral wishes not to die. But then she gets steamrollered to the ground by the bull, who jumps over her. Wow. Ouch.

Second flight: TaKo, ShiMin, Falafel, Cousins, and Rondrea. Falafel chooses a driver and they sing the Macarena. Eliran does not know how to say “stop” in English. Fortunately, Itzik does, and they ask a toll collector for directions, a different one than the girls’. Eliran is out of the car and asking directions in Hebrew. A local teaches them how to say “donde esta?” although I’m not quite sure that the guys know what it means. Eliran says that Itzik’s the smart one, which he denies. Oh, you two. Elsewhere, Talia has a map and Koby’s doing the driving. In another car, Yasmin is cheering for her team’s driver. Shimi claims he looks Latino, which Yasmin’s all like…”no, dude.” Fast-paced guitar plays as the Persians choose a driver and call him Princess (?). They fawn over him, and admittedly he is really, really cute. Ma’Ayan insists that there’s a love connection, and even gets a twinkly-star confessional as she sings. Rondrea have chosen to self-drive. Ronney does a Spanish accent and Andrea comments that he sounds like a Mafioso.

Moralzarzel. LiRonit hit the box in 4th. Ronit, clad in pink, happily chooses the roadblock and is unfazed by it, commenting that it’ll probably be baby bull and they’ll be in and out. LiMor are in fifth, and they pick Mor for the task.

Stadium. Coral takes a another faceplant, and then another, and is sobbing uncontrollably. Romi has no idea how to help her. David has a try, but fails. Dana’s up next, and she completes her first pass like a pro. She is in complete disbelief, but no time to think, as it’s time for her second pass, which she does with an “olé!” More, looking fearful, gets a cheer from dear husband, who dreams of being a matador. More is like, “WTF who does that?” Even so, she completes pass one. Now back to Coral, who is scared ****less. But do it, she must, and she completes two passes at lightning speed, as does David. Dana does her final pass beautifully, with Coral not far behind. Coral heads back in for the ribboning, as does Dana, albeit with more confidence. She gets pretty close on her first two tries. David’s
next for the ribbon, and runs like a cartoon characters. Coral? Ass-plant. Dana gets another close one, then…bam. Mom is proud beyond belief. Dana returns to the sideline and Debby tells her to get the clue “with honor.” Awww. It’s a detour, Flamenco or Macarena. Los Del Rio rakes in some royalties. In Flamenco, they must learn a combo and perform it for the judges. In Macarena, they must dress up a la MC Hammer (LOL) and 90’s it up in a store window. Wow, I’ve never seen such a high embarrassment factor in a task, ever. They must get 15 people to slap a button to complete the task. But first, time to vote for Prom Queen! Debby, of course, compliments her and Dana’s picture. They waffle between the Persians and the Parents. Because girls hate each other, they pick Ma’Ayan and Batel. Then they are off to Flamenco. Debby complains her legs hurt. It’s probably because of all the bullfighting you did…oh wait.

Stadium. David slams the ribbon on with ease, and Coral does…with less grace. David/Eliran pick Macarena. Coral is on the floor as Romi does the rip-and-read. They note that flamenco needs coordination so they choose Macarena. At the Prom Queen board, the boys pick the flirtatious (and ass-kicking) Debby and Dana. Romy and Michele go for the kiosk-lady cousins, so that’s two for them.

On the road. Cousins get directions and so do ShiMin. Shimi nearly tackles an old lady. Somewhere else, TaKo hit up a café. Talia explains that telenovelas are a “waste of time” and beneath them, so Spanish is not their forte. Koby wonders about the Spanish lisp.

Moralzarzel. Talia/Koby in sixth, Falafel right behind. Talia and Eliran choose the task. Talia is in for a surprise, as she defends animal rights to the matador. Heh. Mor? Still working on her passes, which she does well. Ronit does her second pass well, but freaks out and falters on the third. She comments that her bull must not have taken his Ritalin today. The bull actually follows Ronit out of the main stadium. Somehow, they must have counted the third pass so Ronit gets her ribbon. The bull gets her leg.

Moralzarzel. The final three teams close in: Rondrea in 8th, then ShiMin and Cousins. Andrea suspects something’s up.

Stadium. Ronit freaks out again, but she gets it. Talia is petrified. LiMor finishes, the final team from flight 1. LiRonit choose their competitors Lior and More, and LiMor opt for Mom/Daughter.

Madrid. Romy and Michele’s driver points out the stadium of Real Madrid. Eliran gets a clue from a fellow motorist. Sisters are out of the car and on the streets, and they find Macarena, putting them back in first. Coral is excited for the clothes. Romi? Not so much. They stand in the window and gesture to the button. People are mystified and start taking pics until one guy bravely taps the button and the girls dance. David and Eliran arrive and dress up as well. A girl in a white jacket presses their button and the construction workers make like the Village People. Both teams comment on the ridiculousness of the situation and all the people taking pictures. Eliran needs to pee, but an old lady wants them to dance, so they get another press. She cabbage-patches along with them and David gives her an ass-flash. Elsewhere, D/D are taking in the view. They find the Flamenco school. Debby, of course, picks a pink outfit, and makes Dana her man. They pick up the steps rather quickly, and LiMore are hot on their tails, Mor in a blue gown. They are…less graceful than the girls. At least they’re enjoying themselves.

Stadium. Talia and Eliran are hard at work, getting their passes. Eliran trips, then jumps over the bull. Talia takes a hard hit but gets right up. Eliran jumps and lands on the bull, backwards, heh. Talia goes for it and gets it, followed by Eliran. At the Prom Queen board, TaKo pick D/D and the boys go for the cousins. Speaking of the cousins, here they are at the stadium. Andrea cheers on her husband who does two good passes, then gets hit. But he gets up and gets the third pass. Shimi completes the whole task in no time at all. They too pick the cousins, calling them the Druzes, as Ma’Ayan does the bull task. Yasmin is racist. They head for Flamenco. Talia and Koby are lost and arguing. Back at the stadium, both Ma’Ayan and Ronney are at the ribbon task. Ma’Ayan gets it, but not before she does this awesome flip in mid air that is totally unintentional and probably quite painful, but she does it and they leave in ninth, eating a PowerBar. Ronney gets it, and he and Andrea are in last. The cousins pick LiMor, and Rondrea pick the cousins, who are near them (true) and now the cousins are officially U-turned. Ma’Ayan proposes to her driver.

Streets of Moralzarzal. TaKo are hopelessly clueless. They finally get a clue from a cabbie who points them to Madrid.

Macarena. A skateboarder gives the boys a tap without stopping. Sisters get tired.

Madrid. Ronit wants to go shoe-shopping. And get ice cream. And give something to a homeless guy, which they do. Aww. Is this their redemption arc? Ronit tells a tale of her father and finding him on the streets. Whoa. They stumble to Macarena, as both Sisters and Construction Workers finish. Next clue tells them to go a market. But first, U-turn board. Romy and Michele hit it first, and in true sister fashion, freak out as they run away. David/Eliran are initially confused, but get it anyway.
Villa Rosa. D/D and Mor/Lior are ready to dance the flamenco. Mom and daughter do surprisingly well. Parents? Get a no. Back to the rehearsal room for you. Dana and Debby finish with a flourish and head to the u-turn board in third. They are pleasantly surprised, but find out that LiMor, TaKo, and Blue Collar picked them. Back at flamenco school, Mor starts to cry. She misses her family.

Streets of Madrid. Falafel boys babble at their driver, but they make it to Macarena and get a button press and start dancing. Itzik particularly enjoys the skirt. They pull some girls up to dance with them. Ronit spots a girl with her mom who reminds her of her little girl. Little girl hits the button to make the crazy people dance some more. They finish the task in fourth, followed by Eliran/Itzik. Both teams are safe, of course.

Flamenco school. ShiMin, Cousins, and Rondrea make it to the studio. Andrea comments that she looks like a tent. Yasmin is a queen in green. Batel is…awkward in red. Rondrea are trying their hardest, and Ronney is in extreme pain. All three teams head to Villa Rosa. Shimi gets some points for helping Ronney hobble along to the task. All three pass the task, and Rondrea get to the U-turn board in sixth, their highest ranking yet. ShiMin are right behind. In eighth are the Cousins, who see their U-turn and are actually calm about it. Ma’Ayan pep-talks her partner.

Streets of Madrid. LiMore are back in their car, on their way to Macarena now. TaKo are lost in Madrid, tied for last with the parents. In the Cousins car, they’re not worried, as karma will catch up to their competitors.

End of episode.

Current standings:

En route market:
1st – Romy/Michele
2nd – Blue Collar Boys
3rd – D/D
4th – LiRonit
5th – Falafel
6th – Rondrea
7th – Shimi/Yasmin

En route detour:
8th/9th – TaKo and Parents

10th – Ma’Ayan/Batel.

Next time: Salvador Dali tasks. Teams are in mustaches. Andrea takes a spill. Dana/Debby do something with bugs and an apple. Falafel boys are confused, again. Lior licks an apple.
There we go...leave a comment or a message.

Who's your fave?
Who's your...least fave?
Can the Cousins rebound?
Will Mor self-destruct?
and finally...
Who will we say adios to on Wednesday?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Maxine Rama on May 19, 2013, 02:06:40 PM
can't watch the latest episode. the site keeps refreshing when I'm watching the video. gaaaaaah I hope someone uploads these episodes somewhere soon
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 19, 2013, 05:22:56 PM
Any comments on the recap, maxyrama?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: mikaelj on May 24, 2013, 05:06:59 PM

Love the recaps Jai Ho.
Do they air twice a week ? Found episode 4 up now.

Keep up the good work. I normally watch the episode first and read them afterwards (I can't speak a word of hebrew), so they help out alot.

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: mikaelj on May 24, 2013, 05:26:05 PM
Found it myself.
Airs wednesday and saturday 2100 local time.
Almost made me miss an episode .....

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 26, 2013, 09:43:34 AM
TARI Fans:

Bonjour and good morning from New Orleans, Louisiana AKA The Big Easy! A friend and I drove here this weekend to meet up with another friend for some fun and quality time together. I've caught beads on Bourbon Street, eaten beignets at the Cafe du Monde, had my tarot cards read, and looked for ghosts (unsuccessfully). Wednesday's recap is almost done and should be up later today.

Vieux les bon temps roulez!


Jai Ho
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on May 26, 2013, 10:18:53 AM
Episode 4: Hello, Dali

Welcome back to Madrid.

We open on the teams (sans LiMore, TaKo and Persians) en route a vegetable market. Shimi/Yasmin, Romy/Michele, and D/D get there first, with Romi using some Spanish. They must don mustaches and deliver cauliflowers. They mustache up and load up. Blue Collars arrive and are tickled by the mustaches. The veggie load up continues. Coral comments on Romi’s strength in carrying the whole crate, which is probably more efficient than one-at-a-time. Next, they walk back-to-back to the car, which I like to call “spider walk,” as it reminds me of a crazy spider). D/D and ShiMin have it down, but Sisters do a funny little dance as they go around. Debby comments that she is swimming in a sea of cauliflower. Romi piles veggies onto her sister’s lap.

Macarena. TaKo have arrived, at last. Talia almost takes a tumble but recovers. For some reason, the store is closing (?) and they must finish up outside in the cold. In their Los Del Rio-wear. Seems odd for a task to do that, but there you go.

On the road. The top four teams are all en route their next destination. Debby confesses her hate for cauliflower. THEY CAN HEAR YOU. She also comments that when she’s out, she requests for the cauliflower to be taken out of her dish. I know what I’m serving her should she come to visit me in Texas.

Streets of Madrid. Itzik and Eliran falafel their way there, currently in 5th place. In the midst of being all friendly and happy, they forgot where their car is. Actually…it’s right there, with their bespectacled driver peering out at them with a look of pure confusion. Elsewhere, Ronit whips out the Spanish, asking for directions to the Market on Doctor Castelo Street. The guy, Manuel, turns out to be a Hebrew speaking Jew, but for some reason they switch to English as the guy agrees to navigate them to the right place. Ronit shares her heritage, and then the status of her body hair. TMI, Ronit. Somewhere else, Rondrea are back on the road. Falafel? Still wandering. They finally find their car and driver, exactly where they left them.

Market. Rondrea and LiRonit arrive in 6th and 7th. Ronit talks about her Georgian heritage and how the mustaches are. Andrea grabs the crate, and…whoops, down she goes. She appears to have hit her head, but I think it’s just a bad camera angle as she says she’s fine, and indeed she looks fine. Well, as fine as one can be under a pile of cranium-sized vegetables.

Macarena. TaKo get a guy to dance with them…after which, he feels Koby up. Talia comments that he’s drunk, but maybe she’s in denial about her partner’s ability to use his chest to attract men. Cousins and LiMore arrive together at Macarena, and now it’s a dance-off. The ladies and TaKo seem to be doing just fine, but LiMore is struggling. TaKo finish and head to the market in 8th place. Talia’s in a Zen mindset, telling her partner that things come and go, but it’s just you against the world.

Mansion. The teams must solve a fairly complex puzzle. At the flip of an hourglass, they must figure out that each of the items, anagrammed, become the words “Salvador Dali,” which is then the “open sesame” for their next clue. If they don’t get it before the timer, they must do a puzzle before continuing. D/D arrive first and do a skipping dance to the room, and start touching random objects. ShiMin and Blue Collar do the same. Sisters arrive unleashing a cavalcade of cauliflower to the ground, and enter the mansion. Romi, a mystery lover, is excited but stupefied at the task.

Macarena. A team finishes, and it’s the Cousins. Congrats, ladies, you’ve completed 2 detour tasks before the Parents have completed one. They head off in 9th. As for LiMore, the store appears to be shutting down completely for the night so I think they get sort of a pity clue, and after a long run, find their car. More announces that she’s not here to see the world, but to get the money first, then travel. That’s not the way it works, lady.

Mansion. Dana admits to loving crosswords and Sudoku but even she can’t get this game. David has the right idea, writing down all the words for him and Eliran, thinking that that’s part of the puzzle. Back at D/D’s room, it all becomes clear to Dana, as she realizes that the mustache belongs to Salvador Dali, and that that must be the answer. It is correct, and the door opens for them. Debby reads the next clue, which tells them that they must eat an apple covered in honey encased in a cage full of flies.

Market. Both Rondrea and LiRonit seem to tackle the task well, with Andrea really showing her stuff. Ronit tells the driver not to get distracted by her sexy mustache. She’s beginning to grow on me.

Mansion. Romy/Michele, for some reason, pack all the things. Blue Collar notices the common letters, and get it right, as do ShiMin, who head to the next clue in 2nd and 3rd. Over at Camp Clueless, Romy and Michele are not only increasing my love for 90s movies, but babbling a monologue at the doors to get them open. They fail, becoming our first team to be relegated to the puzzle.

Apple Room. Debby is still in shock at the task, but Dana convinces her mother to get started. Dana finds it funnier than her mother. Blue Collar Boys are playing tetherball with their apple. Debby is now laughing, but in pure “what-the-****-has-my-life-come-to” intent. Over at Shimi and Yasmin’s room, Yasmin starts bawling over the task.

Market. LiMore, TaKo, and Cousins arrive and start to load up. Ma’Ayan has no clue what surrealism is. Falafel boys, having fallen woefully behind, are officially last to arrive at the market. Talia wonders if they’ll eat them or cook them or something.

Mansion. LiRonit and Rondrea. Andrea says “doody” about fifty times in a minute. She’s thinking a little too far outside the box when she comes up with David ben Gurion. They are relegated to the puzzle. The Sisters have a complete breakdown, and it gets a little nasty, with them starting to think of quitting. LiRonit get Salvador Dali, and enter their apple room. Yasmin is scared of entering the cage. LiRonit, however, are laughing and having the time of their lives, as are Blue Collar. Mustaches are flying all over. The boys almost kiss. In D/D’s apple room, Debby starts to whimper, and Dana feels her mother’s overwhelming pain. Back at Blue Collar Boys, Eliran grabs for the core and they are done. LiRonit catch up quickly. In the next room waits Salvador Dali with their next clue and a large lollipop. They will go to Brunete and do a task a la Tomatina, the tomato festival.

Market. Cousins and Falafel get in their cars and head out. Itzik offers their driver a leaf as a token of his affection.

Mansion. The sisters appear to be cooling off about one iota from when we last left them, but they’re still at that stage where they’re all “I’m not talking to you, blah blah blah.” LiMore and TaKo arrive at the mansion and start on their rooms. Koby immediately comments on the arrangement and frequency of letters, and he and Talia start writing down stuff, and bam, they’re back in fifth place from almost last. Coral gets Salvador Dali, and their door opens for them this time.

Apple Room. ShiMin are in the cage and to the giggle stage.  Sisters and D/D are attacking their apple. Debby is actually encouraging Dana now. Talk about a role reversal. I did not, however, need to see them exchange a piece of apple orally. Ew. They exit the cage and collapse in exhaustion. At least they’re hugging and not fighting. They leave in third. Debby wastes no time in enjoying her apple.

Mansion. Andrea suddenly gets the puzzle, as do LiMore. Both enter the apple cages. Andrea pushes the apple to Ronney, who does the eating. Romy/Michele have mad up crazy amounts of time and leave in 4th. In the cab, Coral offers a defeated apology, which her sister smilingly accepts and offers her a piece of cauliflower in exchange for her love. Aww, vegetable love. They interview that family is more important than money, or anything. Romy refers to them as “friends,” but Coral’s all…”let’s not go to that step yet. Family works for now.” LOL.

Mansion. Persians and Falafel arrive at the mansion. Oh boy, this is going to be a long one. Falafel boys proceed in tearing up the room. Persians are similarly confused. Neither of them get on the first try, obviously.

Apple Room. Koby grabs his apple by the mouth. Yasmin’s makeup is smearing. Both finish and leave in 5th and 6th. After a commercial. Rondrea keep up their 7th position, finishing their apple. Back at the puzzle room, Persians make quick work of it followed by Falafel. Now, the boys are…wandering? For some reason they fail to find the apple room. In the apple room, Lior/More are done and depart in 8th. In the apple room, Falafel walk in on the Cousins finishing up their apple. They do so and head out in 9th. Itzik finishes the majority of the apple for his team, and gets the giant lollipop he never got to have as a kid. We end on Itzik attempting to explain surrealism.

Next time: Fun with flying red fruit! Debby beans her daughter with a tomato. Whoops.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on June 05, 2013, 10:16:27 AM
Well hello there. I see you've all missed me dearly.

Finally back after over a week of travel, including a trip on the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. You must try it, it's delightful.

Now, it's time to play catchup...or...ketchup? LOL

Episode 5: Is That Tomato Juice? Oh No, It's Just Blood.

Aaaand…we’re still in Madrid.


We open on the teams on their way to Brunete. Romy/Michele provide us with background music.

Morning. Blue Collar Boys look awfully tired and comment on how they think the other teams perceive them. Ronit makes a Speedy Gonzales joke. Groan. Debby is wearing her Marilyn Monroe t-shirt. Dana wants no crying today. Amen.

Hotel room. Uh-oh…Ronney looks like he’s down for the count. Indeed, we see the bull in the previous roadblock take him down hard, and him limping during the detour. Andrea tries, to her credit, not to freak out.

Brunete. First two teams arrive, and it’s a double battle. This involves teams searching through tomatoes, while being pelted with them, for a tomato with a clue.

Double battle. Coral and Dana are searching for their clues, with Romi and Debby joining the tomato throwers. Dana gets so mad she starts to throw tomatoes back. Las Ketchup plays as Dana actually catches a tomato…then gets beaned in the eye. One brunette down in Brunete.

On the road. Talia and Koby…argue about something pointless. LiMor speculate about the double battle, bringing us to…

Double battle. Coral starts to break down and runs out of the tomato patch in tears. Romi yells at her sister to get her butt back in the game, and Debby offers a blithe apology to Coral. Not the time, Deb, not the time. Dana is getting tired as well, and Debby throws another tomato…directly at her daughter’s head. Dana is now in tears as well. This is the most depressing task ever. There is literally nothing the two girls in the middle can do to get out of this. Debby prays to her grandfather…and Dana’s red-painted nails uncover the clue. Debby politely issues some hugs to the sisters and says good games, and they’re off in first place to Puerta del Sol.

Double battle. It’s Coral vs. Ronit. Ronit immediately gets tomato stuck in her earring, and spends remarkably little time searching and most of the time yelling. Ronit comments that Coral looks pretty pathetic at this point, and she actually feels bad. Both girls are suffering, Coral crying and Ronit shouting in Spanish. Ronit finds the clue and does a little dance. Coral exits the tomato pile and wraps in a towel.

Puerta del Sol. D/D arrive and are greeted by suits of armor. This task involves wearing them a la Don Quixote and Sancho “Pancho.” Teehee. Not quite sure what they’re supposed to do but we will find out. Apparently they must carry someone. Debby looks for someone thin.

Double battle. Coral’s in for her third round, against Eliran. Romi goes a little crazy with the tomato throwing, but it works and they’re off to Puerta del Sol in third.

Hotel. Holy crap, Ronney’s legs are two eggplants, they’re so purple. Ronney says he’s reached his limit.

Puerta del Sol. Spongebob is here, apparently, as well as LiRonit. D/D find a woman and her little boy to carry. Liran carries for his team. Lots of singing. Here coming bickering sisters, with Romi almost leaving Coral in the dust. Romi actually knows who they are and starts to tell the whole story before Coral shushes her up. They do the human bridge part of the task, and apparently Minnie Mouse is also there. Brunete…is strange. Debby sets her woman down…less than gracefully. Oy. Liran is done as well.

On the road. TaKo? Lost and upset again. Shimi/Yasmin? Road to nowhere.

Double battle. Cousins vs. Blue Collar Boys. New strategy: they’re not even looking, just pelting each other. Ma’Ayan serendipitously gets it with no problem. In the celebratory cab ride, Ma’Ayan’s cab dancing almost knocks over her partner’s drink. Next up: Blue Collar vs. Falafel, and there is no mercy shown. Itzik gets it as screwball Rocky music plays, and it’s actually kind of endearing. David and Eliran are pretty forlorn at doing so badly.

Puerta del Sol. Cousins arrive and freak out at random passersby. D/D now have to find someone to ride their hobby horse thingy. It
looks…strange. They finally get a girl in a black coat to do it for them, and ride it to the princess. These tasks just keep getting stranger and stranger. Their next clue is an identity card  which is Pablo Picasso, and go to the Picasso tower. LiRonit get their clue.

Double battle. Eliran vs. Mor. This time, the boys aren’t playing around. More searching, and finally the boys get it. David responds by launching himself into the tomato pile, after which his partner follows suit. Shimi/Yasmin’s road to nowhere apparently took them somewhere, and it’s Mor vs. Shimi. Predictably, Shimi’s rage gets the better of him and he loses focus, which is all the better for Mor, who’s all “…I can’t find it…wait, here it is.” They joke about how silly this will all look on TV. Are they talking about just this task or the entire race? Hard to tell.

Puerta del Sol. Romy/Michele are skipping to the finish for the task. D/D, having previously gotten the answer of Goya, are corrected and sent to the Casa de Picasso, logically. LiRonit follow suit. Falafel boys arrive and get suited up. Eliran comments that he feels like Dana International, the transsexual pop star. Cue Dana International music. This is such a cluster of a task…now teams are carrying grocery bags. Ma’Ayan and Batel’s new friends speak some Hebrew. Falafel boys are singing and dancing with their people. What a surprise.

On the road. TaKo are…so far behind that the tomatoes are starting to congeal. It’s Shimi vs. Talia. TaKo try to strategize, but Shimi gets it. He also confuses tomatoes with peaches. They take a fifteen-minute penalty…but wait, where are the grandparents?

Voiceover. Talia and Kobi get the penalty, but they have no idea that Rondrea are out of the race, as we cut to Ronney getting out of an
ambulance and Andrea helping him hobble into the ER. Aww.

Puerta del Sol. Blue Collar Boys are escorting some girl named Maria Jose across a red carpet, something we have not seen as of now. Falafel lead a purple-haired girl to the clue giver, whom they proceed to fall in love with LiMor arrive and Lior does the carrying. Persian girls get to the clue giver. And of course they know who it is, instantly! Just kidding. We get blank stares. Falafel boys enlist some police to help them, they think they have to drive to Malaga. No…don’t do that. Time for a Falafel fight. Itzik is having none of this going to Malaga crap. Elsewhere, TaKo get the clue and are off in last-ish.

Streets of Madrid. D/D are in a cab and negotiating where to go – Prado? Plaza Picasso? Torre Picasso? We’ll see. Back at the square, Falafel see LiRonit, and as Ronit has figured out where to go, Falafel boys just follow them there.

Plaza Picasso. Pit stop. D/D run in…congratulations, you’re team number one. Well done, ladies. They compliment one another, and it’s time for a prize. Falafel and LiRonit are out of their cabs and racing on foot. Falafel run like maniacs, and it pays off, as they beat LiRonit to the pit stop by a few seconds. And…now they’re arguing? This is ugly. Ronit starts bitching about how much the rotten boys mooched off them. This…is pointless. It’s a race, Ronit. There are little in the way of hard feelings, because they’re in 2nd and 3rd, and nowhere near last.

Puerta del Sol. Blue Collar Boys have a parade. They, as well as LiMor, get their Picasso mystery clue. Mor wants to find an old person, because maybe, since the birth date is 1881, they’ll know him. Sisters and cousins find out it’s Picasso. Both teams arrive, and Romy/Michele hit the mat in fourth. Ma’Ayan and Batel? In fifth and ecstatic, as they’ve done very little right this leg, or in general.

Puerta del Sol. Time for ShiMin and TaKo to start their task. LiMor recruit some excited locals to solve the clue for them, and they get Picasso. David/Eliran are also off with the Picasso clue.

Plaza Picasso. LiMor run in sixth. David/Eliran do a Macarena on the mat and they are in 7th. Gee, that tasks seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

Puerta del Sol. Talia makes a Monty Python reference. Shimi looks like he has to pee. Both teams get the clue. ShiMin get the clue and leave TaKo in the dust. And TaKo…are the first team confused, heading off to the Reina Sofia Museum. ShiMin have a little moment in the cab, thinking that they could be last today.

Reina Sofia Museum. Wrong place. TaKo get redirected, but Yasmin sees flags. And…wonder of wonders, here come Talia and Koby. They are worried that they’re out today…but they’re in 8th. Whuuuut? LOL. Talia hugs Ron, then her husband. Enter ShiMin. Yasmin immediately starts crying because she feels like a loser. To his credit, Shimi does pick up his partner in her momentary depression. And…they’re in ninth. Yasmin makes with the waterworks again. They need to bottle that stuff up and put it in the Sea of Galilee.

Plaza Picasso. Here come Rondrea, limping in in extreme pain. Andrea says she’s learned a lot, and says it’s just the prologue of their relationship. Due to Ronney’s leg, they cannot complete another, so they are officially out.

But wait! Ron has a surprise for them. All the teams at the pit stop come out to greet them, Dave and Margaretta, with tons of applause. Debby steps up to hug Andrea, Ronit hugs Ronney, and both Elirans interview that they will miss them. Blue Collar Eliran adds that he saw them as mom and dad figures on the race. Yasmin wants to be them in fifty years. Andrea sends them off with a nice message of kindness, if a little dramatic. Debby sends us off with a final nice thought. Ronney is grateful to have met everyone, and they get another round of applause and 3000 shekels. Everyone cheers. Aww.

Next time: Dungeons! Mysterious pots! Girls washing each other. Eliran gets a bucket of ice over the keppie.

What did you think of the episode?
What did you think of the recap?
Will we ever leave Spain?
Will Yasmin contribute anything to the show other than her tears?
Do you love and will you miss Andrea and Ronney (hint, there is only one correct answer to this question)?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on June 07, 2013, 10:16:38 PM
Hey, I'm building Wiki pages for TAR Israel 3 and I've just made the contestants page:

There's a few empty spaces, such as Last Names, Ages, Occupations and Hometowns. If you could fill any in, that would be spectacular :)
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on June 08, 2013, 05:06:46 PM
Saturday = Catch up day! Hooray.

Is anyone reading these? Comment if you are!

Episode 6: Gloves Would Be Nice

Tonight: Yay! No more Madrid!


Pit Start. D/D, in first, read the clue which instructs them to ride the train to Cordoba, 300 km to the south. Their clue is waiting at the Hamam Andalus, an ancient bath. D/D get tickets and get on the 4:35 train to Cordoba. Following them are Falafel. Now comes the part of the episode where Debby flirts with a local. She asks him to guess her age, a question which never has a good answer. We learn that Debby is 46. Next up to leave the pit start are Sisters and LiRonit. Just when I’m wondering whether it’s going to be a bunching, the train leaves and gets the label “First Train.” Debby flirts some more.

Cordoba. Teams detrain and get taxis. Romi immediately notes all the religious presence here. Falafel compare it to Carmiel.
Hamam. Romy/Michele arrive in first and get the clue, which instructs them to wash one another with soap in order to reveal a clue. At random intervals they will get splashed with buckets of ice water. The girls emerge in bikinis, and Romi gets to scrubbing Coral. Romi scrubs Coral a little too hard, and Romi’s all “shut up and take it, bitch.” Next to arrive are D/D. Astonishingly, Debby emerges in a bathing dress rather than a bikini. She starts scrubbing and compares it to scrubbing a child. Falafel boys arrive in third, and Eliran gets a back full of ice. Of course, they are turned on by Coral, Romi, the MILF (LOL) and her daughter. Said MILF is scrubbing. Everyone gets the ice water treatment. Itzik gets a little intimate with the soaping.

Pit start. The final five teams get the clue and head to the train station. Talia and Koby start researching Cordoba, hoping to get a jump on the competition. Shimi is yelling at Yasmin to hurry up, of course. Second train leaves.

Hamam. In come LiRonit, hoping to catch up to the other teams. More scrubbing and splashing. D/D get the first clue in the soap, a piece of plastic saying “inquisition.” Romi gets it next. They must go somewhere and carry some heavy logs. D/D encounter the logs first. They opt to carry them one at a time, on their shoulders and move off at a good clip. Sisters head off next in their yellow jackets. Romi compares it to carrying a ten-year old girl.

Second train arrives. Shimi/Yasmin jump the line for cabs, leaving Talia/Koby behind at the station. Talia notes the lovely scenery. They join the other teams at the spa. Yasmin is in an adorable one piece and is actually enjoying herself. Talia starts giving the entire history of the baths, and the other teams just want her to shut up. Falafel see the clue but can’t quite get it. They get it followed by the very soapy Ronit and Liran in fourth. Eliran and Itzik each take a log, hoping to get it in one trip. LiRonit opt to do it the girls’ way at first, until Ronit decides she can probably get one by herself, and they switch to the other way. Elsewhere, D/D are both in tears. The boys seem to be making good progress. Romi and Coral find the drop spot with their first log, but Eliran and Itzik get there with both, so they are officially in first place. Time for a Roadblock. In this torturous task, the racer must reach into one of three pots to get a number, and that number will determine how long they must hold up buckets in order to complete the task. Itzik is scared by the mice which he sees. He relates a nightmare about mice. Itzik asks Eliran to hold his hand, but he still is too scared.

Hamam. LiMor arrive in 7th and Mor starts scrubbing her husband. Shimi gets the clue for his team and they are in fifth, followed by Koby. The final two teams arrive start scrubbing. Eliran tumbles off the bench. There is much ice water splashing. LiMor get the clue.

Streets of Cordoba. Shimi and Yasmin carry one and argue. For some reason triumphant music plays. Talia and Koby are doing it one each, giving them a chance to catch up. Romy/Michele pass up D/D by carrying it one in front of the other, and D/D realize they made a mistake in not carrying it this way, so they’re going to have to hustle in order to catch up. The sisters are now at the clue, having dropped to 2nd. Romi chooses to do the roadblock.

Roadblock. Eliran and Itzik are yelling like there’s no tomorrow. Itzik finally gives in and puts his hand in the mice. Romy/Michele arrive and are spooked by the “Taliban guy.” Romi is more scared by Itzik’s screams than by the contents of the pots.

Streets of Cordoba. LiRonit arrive at the clue box with their logs. Liran will do the roadblock, and he starts without much complaining. Romi? Throwing worms everywhere.

Hamam. Batel uncovers the clue, allowing them leave the Blue Collar Boys in last. They get the clue in last.

Streets of Cordoba. Lior promises his wife a massage of a lifetime. Shimi and Yasmin make their first drop, kiss, and go back for a second. They actually start cooperating. Talia and Koby take a brief break.  Talia is all a-whimper. D/D reach the Roadblock. They argue and Debby is afraid of getting tortured. Dana says her mom’s probably worried about her fingernails. Romi comments that she’s starting to act like her sister. More reaching and freaking. Romi gets her number, a 10, and her partner must now hold the buckets about a red rope for ten minutes. Ma’Ayan and Batel get Super Mario music as they carry their first log. The Blue Collar Boys carry 2, of course, and wonder how the girls will be able to do it.

Roadblock. Koby takes it for him and Talia wonders where the nearest doctor is. Itzik pulls a 2, and Eliran must hold the buckets for 2 minutes. Liron gets a number, but we don’t see it. Ronit seems happy about the task, as she is dancing. Eliran gets the clue, and they must find a statue of the famous Spanish Jew Maimonides, or Rambam in Hebrew, in a place called Tiberias Square. The boys have no idea who it is, and attempt to use a broken combination of Hebrew, Spanish, and English, to find out who and where it is. Sisters get it next, and Coral immediately identifies the man on the note as Rambam, and off they go. They ask directions from some local girls and head out.

Roadblock. Debby is here, and freaking out, and praying to her grandparents. She reaches into the first pot, and it’s worms. She is in hysterics. Dana even starts to crying. So much for no more crying on the race. Ronit, at the buckets, seems to be having very little trouble. They get the Rambam clue quickly. Back at the roadblock, Koby seems unfazed by the mice as Talia gives another history lesson. Yasmin pulls out some guts. Mor wonders what is so bad about these pots. She gets a fistful of guts. Yasmin pulls out a mouse without looking at it. Shimi immediately comments that she’s holding a mouse and of course, she screams and cries. Shimi learns his lesson, not to identify the situation.  Debby and Dana are arguing.

Streets of Cordoba. Batel has hair in her face, but they get their first log. The boys pass them like it’s a walk in the park, and the girls comment that they need to pick it up.

Roadblock. Nothing much going on here, same people freaking out.

Streets of Cordoba. Falafel happens upon a random wedding party and find out it’s Maimonides. They must sing, dance with a rabbi around the statue 4 times and make a wish at the statue. They are happy that they’re in first. They pass the Falafel Boys on the way out, with their clue telling them to go to Sevilla in the morning.

Roadblock. Eliran takes it for the Blue Collar Boys. Mor is still hard at work, but she pulls a 5 and Lior makes with the buckets. Debby is not happy, refusing to do it. But after a pep talk from her daughter, she goes back in and grabs a 10. She is ecstatic that Dana now has to hold the buckets for 10 minutes. Lior is done, and now they’re officially in the top half, in fourth. They know it’s Maimonides as well.

Maimonides. LiRonit arrive in third, and start the song and dance.  Sevilla clue, and they’re in third.\

Roadblock. We know we’re here by Yasmin’s whimper. Koby is less freaked out than annoyed, but gets a 5. Talia gets off to a rocky start. Debby is laughing at her daughter. Eliran pulls a 2. Talia and Dana finish. TaKo gets a taxi…and their bad luck has followed them here as they arrive at a Hotel called Maimonides. D/D happen upon the square with the help of a local and they are now in 4th.

Streets of Cordoba. The cousins get there in last and argue over who will do it. Ma’Ayan does her second roadblock in a row, and in an interesting turn of events and luck, casually dips her hand into the mouse pot and comes up with a 2 on her first try. It takes all of 30 seconds. Wow, and Yasmin’s still here freaking out. Meanwhile, David finishes and they head out. Talia and Koby arrive at a gay club, and “It’s Raining Men” plays as they find out how to get to the square. Batel easily finishes the task and they actually know who Maimonides is.

Roadblock. Yasmin finishes, then Shimi does. They head out.

Streets of Cordoba. TaKo end up at a statue, but it’s one of a Muslim instead. They end up at the right place at the same time as David/Eliran, and they all dance together. ShiMin get it next. LiMor are wandering, but they discover the cousins and their local and team up to get the Maimonides clue together.

Next time: Sevilla! Teams take a siesta but are in for a rude awakening, Bedknobs and Broomsticks style. Yasmin sings, and the sound is actually less harmonious than her crying.

Team Rankings:

1st - Romy/Michele
2nd - Falafel
3rd - LiRonit
4th - D/D
5th - TaKo
6th - Blue Collar Boys
7th - ShiMin
8th - Ma'Ayan/Batel
9th - LiMor

Oddly, not a huge change since the beginning of the leg. Then again, this is TAR Israel AKA TAR linear tasks, so go figure.

Thoughts on the episode?
Thoughts on the recap?
Take your pick - ice, worms, or guts?
Will the Blue Collar Boys get any less boring?
Will Debby find her next husband?
And who will we say adios to in Sevilla?

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on June 08, 2013, 09:12:17 PM
Yes, I'm reading these, and they're so awesome! No only do they help me understand what they're saying and answer questions I have, but they really really help me write the wiki pages for these races! I hope you can get 7 and 8 done soon :)

You mentioned Facebook pages for the teams. Which ones have you seen Facebook for? I still need last names for David, Eliran, Mor, Lior, Itzik and Other Eliran.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on June 13, 2013, 12:30:53 AM
I'm 2 behind but today was just not my day.

Here's Eppy 7.


Episode 7: Linens N' Sings

Flamenco music leads us to Sevilla, Spain.

Pit Start. Romy/Michele exit the station, and beckon to Falafel behind them, teeming up for the time being and wondering where D/D are. Cutting to them, wandering and wondering at what a beautiful day it is. LiRonit get a cab.

Cordoba Station. LiRonit are pulled aside by some locals, who hand Ronit a newspaper…that has her picture in it. Apparently, someone took a picture of them racing and it got published in the local paper. First train is here, and on it are D/D, LiRonit, Falafel, and Sisters.  D/D have a heart-to-heart…er…something like that. Ronit looks at pictures of her daughter and wonders if she’s being a bad mother by being on the race. Eliran and Itzik…miss their coworkers. And…Debby’s still in tears. At this point even like “dude. Save it.”

Sevilla. Train arrive and Falafel are the first to bolt out of the station and nab a taxi. The other teams are not far behind them. Debby observes that the streets are empty, maybe everyone’s taking a siesta? Foreshadowing!

Streets of Sevilla. All four teams arrive at the same time to the task, which are to wear funny hats, sit on a bed, and convince locals to carry them on said beds to a square, which is also the site of a Prom Queen board. The teams pick beds and it’s every bed for himself. And the first life goes to the Falafel boys, who are off…and then deposited on the other side of the street outside a Starbucks, where their men abandon them. They get some men, including a boy with a Nemo toy…who put them right back where they started, but eventually got going. D/D are off, turning the corner toward the Falafel boys. LiRonit get a lift, with Ronit blowing kisses. D/D pass Falafel, only to be put down shortly before the boys, with LiRonit parallel parking between them. Romy/Michele get some tough girls to carry them, and then some men, but they too get deposited, albeit further down the line.

Cordoba. Persians. Blue Collar. TaKo, with a pep talk from Talia. And now we’re at the station, with all five trailing teams (Shimi/Yasmin and Lior/Mor) on the train. Blue Collar Boys have ugly sweaters. Cousins are praying.

Sevilla. Taxi time for everyone. TaKo, Blue Collar, and Persians hit the beds. Ma’Ayan says this task is perfect one for her, since she can sleep until November. Blue Collar Boys? Are 85 kilo each. The first lift of this group go to TaKo. They defend themselves by attempting to appeal with “haven’t the Jews suffered enough? Persians get a lift, as do the other two teams. David/Eliran’s boys drop them and go back for Romi/Michele. LiMore arrive and seem to do it right, recruiting locals before they even start. But…whoops, their bed breaks and one of their people is on the ground, and they lose interest.

Prom Queen board. Romi/Michele have charmed their way back into first, and choose the cousins for the second U-turn of the race. Man, girls just hate each other. More on that soon. Their next task is to make funny faces and take pictures of themselves doing it. Romi declares herself an expert at making faces, and she demonstrates.

Streets of Sevilla. Falafel and LiMore get lifts, passing up an angry Yasmin, who actually yells at Shimi (a first!) as well as all the other teams, who stare on jealously. But it’s LiMore who get there, and are now in second. They opt for D/D. Falafel, who have just stopped short, summon a veritable army of ladies to carry them, and give the Persians their second vote of the day.

Funny faces. Mor seems to have the funny face in the family. Falafel? Are arguing of all things. About the position of the finger on the nose. They inadvertently flip off the camera, and stomp away. Romi is good at crossing her eyes, and the sisters are done and head out in first, and it’s a detour. We haven’t seen one of these in a while. First choice is King of Rugs, where the teams must clean rugs piggy-back style. Second choice is King of Serenades, where they must sing, along with troubadours, a song about violets and hand over a violet every time the word “violet” appears in the card. Reading the clue, Romi goes absolutely crazy, since the violet song is her favorite. They unsurprisingly choose Serenade. In a confessional, Romi sings while Coral looks unimpressed. They choose an older lady in a reddish-brown coat. To her benefit, Romi actually sings pretty well. They hand off their first flower and switch. The lady grows bored and gives the girls back all the flowers, so now they’re back to square one. Or note one.

Streets of Sevilla. This looks like either a performance art piece, or the weirdest orphanage ever. LiRonit are getting no love, and not attracting any with their fighting. Over at D/D’s bed, Dana’s the one in tears this time, maybe to test her mother, maybe because…I don’t know. This has been a long leg. She collapses on the bed in tears. Up next to them, TaKo appear and use their mojo to help the girls feel better, and indeed they do get a lift, with Debby recording with some guy’s digital camera. TaKo get a lift and start singing Hava Nagila. Persians get a lift as well, and we have a bed race.

Prom Queen board. D/D arrive, and the men all want to take the u-turn cards with Debby’s picture on it. If I were her, I would’ve said take them all, but the show probably frowns upon that. They vote for the Cousins. Next up, TaKo opt for D/D.

Faces. Kobi is art directing Talia to the nth degree. Falafel seem to be getting it together. Lior doesn’t know his right from his left, but they get it and are in second. They pick Rugs and proceed to what looks like an awesome palace with a fountain to greet them. Mor gets on Lior’s shoulders and starts beating the rug, which is really gross and dirty. Why didn’t they give them any goggles? The mind, it boggles. They ask for approval and are denied. Back at the faces, TaKo have passed Falafel, but they’re both on their way to Serenade.

Serenade. Romi/Michele attract a lady in a bright orange coat and are notably more excited than before. TaKo and Falafel arrive. TaKo go up to a couple of ladies at an umbrella table, which is actually a good choice, since they appear to be either eating or drinking something and less likely to leave, unless they’re planning a dine-n-dash, they have no choice but to stay. Neither Talia nor Koby, however, can sing. Eliran finds a little old lady, and his singing gives me horrible Tom Kashty flashbacks. Go away, Tom. Over at
Romi/Michele, they finish up with their orange lady, and it’s time for the Prom Queen board. Off they go.

Streets of Sevilla. Little Orphan Ronit is living the hard-knock life, weeping with frustration. ShiMin geta lift, as do the Blue Collar Boys. The cousins have reached the Prom Queen board in fifth, and choose D/D. In sixth, LiRonit also pick D/D. Blue Collar Boys consider the Cousins, but go with D/D, officially making them the U-Turn queens for this leg.

Serenade. TaKo and Falafel are done and get the Sol y Sombra clue.

Faces. Eliran and Batel are hard at work for their teams. Ma’Ayan worries about her marriage prospects. Dana can roll her tongue, but Debby cannot. Ronit talks about disabled people. D/D are now finished and in fifth, choosing Serenade. Little do they know, but they’ll be doing both. Racist Yasmin and her partner are now at the board, U-turning Cousins but it will not make a difference. Now in sixth and seventh, LiRonit and Blue Collar pick rugs. Speaking of which…

Rugs. LiMor are still not done. LiRonit and Blue Collar get there in no time at all, tackling the stairs like there’s no tomorrow. Predictably, Ronit gets on Liran’s back, but with the boys it could be either – it turns out to be David doing the beating on top of Eliran. LOL. LiRonit take a break. The boys talk about their weight some more, and get a no. LiMor take a break now, and resort to arguing, but it doesn’t seem too bad.

Serenade. D/D pick a blonde in a trendy black coat. Debby sings like Ursula from the Little Mermaid. As one might expect. Elsewhere, Falafel are running, as are TaKo. TaKo, as usual, struggle with navigating.

Tower. Romi/Michele are first at the u-turn board, and apparently there is a revenge u-turn as well. Let’s see how that plays out. They are not u-turned, so off they trot into the next episode. Falafel do the same, in second, with slightly more celebration. TaKo approach the board with trepidation, but are pleasantly surprised, and off they go in third, having made a huge comeback.

Faces. This is not too interesting to recap. The Cousins finish in eighth, and ShiMin bring up the rear. Both choose Serenade.
Serenade. Shimi asks a man, then Yasmin corrects him that they need a woman. They find a gray haired lady in a colorful scarf over at the umbrella tables. Apparently, their singing is so bad that they get a huge confessional over it. Hee. The Cousins find a blonde with glasses. Batel sings, and Ma’Ayan dances like a fool. And…now here’s Yasmin, sounding like a dying squirrel.

Rugs. LiMor are getting frustrated with the guy, who tells them to keep cleaning, and do it stronger. Ronit and David are pounding away, but it’s the parents who finish first, getting the clue and heading to the U-turn board in 4th, another excellent comeback. Back at the rugs, David almost has a nasty fall. Liron gets tired so he and Ronit take a brief back, but get scared that the boys will beat them, so they get right back up. The boys beat them anyway, and are now in 5th. Ronit angrily pounds away, and it works, putting her team back in the game, albeit in 6th.

Serenade. Debby is dancing, and the girls finish in 7th, and are off to the U-turn board. Debby’s already fluttering with frustration and anticipation. The final two teams finish the task, and head to the board as well. Cousins hope that history does not repeat itself.

Prom Queen board. D/D offer a prayer, but it’s not going to change the facts. Debby summons grandma and granddad. But U-turned they are, by Blue Collar, LiMor, LiRonit, Cousins, and TaKo. But wait! Here’s the second U-turn, and here they are. Better use it wisely. They waver between LiMor and LiRonit, and wish they could do both. LiMor it is, however. Off they go to beat the rugs…and here come the lucky parents. They’re not U-turned by the board, but they are U-turned by D/D, so they must serenade.

Rugs. D/D arrive and argue over who will be on top, but Dana wins. There seems to be some wind blowing the dust away, so that helps a little. Elsewhere, LiMor search for the Serenade spot. Back at the rugs, Debby’s wheezing and whimpering. They get a no and are disappointed. Debby’s all “everyone hates us,” but they’re back to beating.

Serenade. The disappointed parents arrive and proceed to sing their hearts out. Back at rugs, Dana beats for her life. End of episode.

Next time: Pit stop mat! FINALLY. Also, soccer.
Who do you like the least?
Who do you like the most?
Are we EVER going to get rid of anyone else?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on June 14, 2013, 11:59:13 AM
Ooh! Revenge U-Turn! Nice!
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on June 16, 2013, 10:05:59 AM
We continue in Spain.

Episode 8: Goal Yeller

The episode clues us in that D/D and LiMore have been u-turned, and the top teams are on their way to their way to the tapas bar, Sol y Sombra. Falafel Boys are in a cab. TaKo, in a cab, interview how the u-turn board is just a part of the game. However, it’s Romi/Michele that beat them both to the tapas bar. The task here is to eat 2 kg of Spanish chorizo. Coral asks how many calories it is. Romi says, “a lot.” Thanks, Romi Deen. Falafel boys arrive next. Note that even though it’s spicy and hot, none of the four seems to be complaining much, except Coral, to whom Romi’s all “just don’t stop and think about what we’re doing.” Enter Talia and Koby. Talia: “When I saw the sides of meat hanging from the ceiling, I knew we were in trouble.” So it was trouble when you walked in? Go tell it to Taylor Swift. Talia does a remarkable transformation from seemingly normal and fairly intelligent racer to the biggest mess on the race. As a vegetarian, she equates this task to taking a bite out of Koby’s shoulders. I get her argument about where the meat comes from, but read The Conscious Omnivore, buckle down, and say to yourself, What Would Nat and Kat do?

U-turned teams. D/D’s rug is still a mess, and LiMore can’t sing. Moving on.

Cabs. Persians sing a song about coffee and cats. I wouldn’t expect anything less. LiRonit’s cabbie talks to them in Spanish and Ronit may or may not understand. Elsewhere, ShiMin are on foot. And…now they’re skipping?  Whatever floats your boat.

Meat. Coral is starting to wobble. Falafel boys are doing fine. Talia takes a bite but can’t even break it with her teeth. Sisters finish and get the next clue, as do Falafel. They must now go to the Olympic Stadium of Sevilla for a task involving soccer. One team member must score a goal, while the other yells “goal” the whole time. This will be murder on my ears.

Meat. Talia tosses some as all the other non-u-turned teams arrive. David and Eliran have no problems. Yasmin is fretting a little but at least Shimi is quiet. Cousins relate how they usually order one hot dog and split it. As for Ronit, she’s channeling her inner fat kid big time for this challenge and shoving it down like it’s a long strand of spaghetti. Even the girls notice and comment on her throat’s capacity. Erm…not the right imagery, ladies. Ronit dances and sings in front of a largely empty bowl and Ma’Ayan cabbage patches nearby. In the back of the restaurant, Talia is a blubbering, vegetarian mess, and Blue Collar David and Eliran are trying to convince her it’s tofu. They could be all Globetrotters, but unlike the American race, on this race people don’t like to see other teams suffer, at least as far as the tasks go.

Cabs. Sisters are debating who will do it, with Romi insisting that she’s got the stronger voice, much to Coral’s consternation. In the Falafel cab, they are more than excited, making it clear that Itzik will kick and Eliran will yell. They beat the girls to the stadium. Heroic music plays as they run in and belly flop on the turf. Itzik is literally shaking with excitement. First try for Itzik, and he’s doing some fancy moves, but he showboats a bit too much and Eliran stops about five seconds prematurely, which now means they must yell.Sisters arrive, and Coral takes the field in her pink pants and insanely tiny and non-functional jacket/top combo. She bombs the first try, and on the second, gets intercepted. Romi calls her sister “a stupid girl,” which of course goes over well.

Stragglers. Both are shown finishing, with D/D arriving at the meat first.

Meat. Predictably, Debby takes a bite and spits it out, much to Dana’s chagrin. They go outside, Dana’s all “The little girls and Talia all did it!” Well, half right, Talia’s not yet done, and after a few seconds head back in to do it. Debby actually says that it would be idiotic to go home over some meat. LiMore arrive, and Lior…is having the time of his life. Talia’s entire face is dripping with tears. Koby sings to her. Cousins, Blue Collar, and LiRonit head out in quick succession. Blue Collar gets a cab immediately, and Ma’Ayan flags one down, but in come Liran and Ronit who swoop in for the kill, heading off with the taxi, leaving the girls in the street. However, their driver takes them to the National Stadium, not the Olympic Stadium, and now their cab is gone, so…one point for karma, I guess. Back at the meat, the Persians grab a cab who almost drives away while they’re loading in (LOL) and then get in, with Ma’Ayan yelling random words “Stadium! Olympic! Football! Goal!” until the driver actually says to her, “Be quiet.”

Stadium. Blue Collar and Persians have arrived as teams 3 and 4. Inside, Itzik and Coral are failing. Ma’Ayan skitters on the field, instantly in love with the soccer players. I am beginning to think that Ma’Ayan falls in love with everything and anything, including inanimate objects. Pansexual, maybe? Anyway, she purples her way across the field and appears to get close to the goal when she trips and falls, and the soccer goalie helps her up. In her brain, however, she’s picking out centerpieces for their wedding. For Blue Collar, Eliran makes a decent attempt but kicks a bit too short the first time. Eliran’s all, “I’m better at basketball.” He does a couple almosts, but this ain’t horseshoes. Back at Coral, her microphone must be really hurting her tush because I can actually see it through her pants. Ouch. She gets intercepted by the goalie. Romi proceeds to unravel, as Coral does a repeat performance. Romi actually lets loose a wild tantrum-like scream, and Coral’s all, “you crazy.” Over at Itzik,it’s looking good…and he officially gets it first. After much celebration, they open the clue, and it’s a needle/haystack task, looking for a clue beneath the stadium seats, and some clues are fake. They start the task.

Meat. Lior is singing, Talia is tortured, and Debby and Dana do a double vomit, coming up from under the counter at the same time. More, who is standing next to Debby and having no trouble at all, starts to taunt her and for the first time in the race, two teams actually have an argument. Debby and More will not be going shopping together. Whereas Dana tells More to grow up. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Talia has cried out more kilos of tears than meat she’s eaten. They finish in sixth, with ShiMin and LiMore right behind them.

All head to the stadium.

Stadium. Eliran and Coral get intercepted again. The Cousins are having fun, but Ma’Ayan kicks it a little too far. As the next group of teams arrive, Coral and Eliran head towards the goals. Coral seems to almost flash the goalie as she gets her goal, though it looked like they went easy on her. Eliran, with a bit more skill, gets it as well, and they join the Falafel boys in searching.

Cab. Shimi instructs Yasmin on the finer points of yelling. Yasmin tries it once, and she’s not bad. Shimi immediately starts playing with the ball instead of doing the task. Yasmin wants him to stop so they can get started, but…his ass looks amazing in those white trousers, so, play a little bit more, Shimi. They start the task, and Shimi’s legs propel him to a quick victory. Yasmin: “That’s it? We’re done?” Apparently so. They have now jumped from 7th to 4th in a matter of seconds, but let’s see if they can hold on to that lead.

Meat. D/D, alone at this point, finish and head out.

Stadium. Lior takes to the field, and has a few false starts. Talia won’t eat meat, but she’ll kick around a leather soccer ball.

Seat Search. David finds the first envelope…but it’s a false clue. ShiMin commence their search. More looking…and Itzik finds one. It is, however, a false clue. The boys are losing hope.

Stadium. For the first time, Debby and Dana fight over who gets to do the physical task, but Debby wins out because as we all know, she has no voice. Lots of yelling and kicking. A ball goes in the goal, and it’s Ma’Ayan’s, followed by Lior and Talia. Up at the seats, the cousins have absolutely no idea what they’re looking for. Romi finds something, and we have our first success of the day. Coral opens the clue, revealing it to be their pit stop, the Metropol Parasol, a large art installation or something. They head out as the Blue Collar Boys and Mor find their clues, and they are indeed clues. They head out in 2nd/3rd.

Seat Search. Talia is exhausted, and the Cousins walk right past a clue. Debby and Liran are doing pretty badly on the field.

Metropol. It’s a three way race for first, and Romi/Michele continue their reign of dominance, getting their second 1st place of the race.
Next up are Mor and Lior, who are officially team number 2. The Blue Collar Boys in their ugly holiday sweaters are in third place.

Stadium. Liran gets intercepted again, and Debby’s legs hurt. Both go again, and make their goals. Debby can barely walk, whereas LiRonit are swing dancing. Montage of teams searching as D/D and LiRonit read the clue. Everyone is searching. TaKo encroach onto where the Falafel boys are. Frustration. Eliran and Ma’Ayan make the grabs for their teams, and they are off. The girls find a cab that is waiting for someone (Ronit and Liran, I believe), and offer more money. Falafel boys argue pointlessly about who can speak Spanish.

Seat search. In a shocking twist, Debby actually contributes to her team by finding one, pulling them out of last. Shimi spots one, and both teams are off. Debby is disappointed in herself for the whole day, but Dana’s not so quick to judge. They beat ShiMin to a cab.
Metropol. Falafel boys and Cousins arrive. Boys run, girls take an escalator. Lots of girly yelling – nope it’s not Falafel, but indeed the

Cousins. They have no clue what place they’re in, but it turns out to be fourth, and they are ecstatic. Falafel checks in, in fifth. General disappointment.

Metropol. ShiMin arrive and are confused. D/D arrive, and even though Debby’s exhausted, they beat the lovers to the pit spot. Dana interviews that it was a rough day for all. They are not hopeful, and are floored when they’re announced as sixth, very far from last, where they thought they were. ShiMin enter and jump on the mat in seventh.

Stadium. We’re down to TaKo and LiRonit. LiRonit are banking on the Bad Luck Bears to continue to follow the newlyweds. And the next clue is found…by Talia. Ronit soon follows, and TaKo exit the stadium, with LiRonit not too far behind.  They’re searching for taxis, and…the episode ends. WTF, Reshet? Thanks a lot for going all Sopranos on us. For the record, this is 3 episodes in a row with no elimination – a record for TAR everywhere, I think.

Next time: A team finally gets eliminated. A funky accordion remix of the theme song introduces us to France, where Ma’Ayan and Batel are cold and Shimi and Yasmin kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Mmm…I could go for a crepe right about now.
Who did you like?
Who did you hate?
Who's gone next - TaKo or LiRonit?
Are you ecstatic that we're done with Spain?
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Post by: G.B. on June 16, 2013, 01:50:33 PM
"she purples her way across the field"

You are so awesome...XD

(btw, still waiting on Ma'ayan & Bat-El's last names, if you got 'em)
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Post by: Jai Ho on June 16, 2013, 02:04:59 PM
Check your inbox GB.

Thanks for the love! Will try to get one more episode done tonight.
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And here's eppy 9...really really late. Why does my boring life suddenly become exciting at the most inopportune times?

Episode 9: Your Finest French Wax, Please

We get clued in that all teams but TaKo and LiRonit are safe. Good grief, let’s get this show on the road. Should go without saying, given the nature of the beast.

Sevilla. We open on TaKo and LiRonit leaving the stadium to head to Metropol, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Split-screen taxis.
Ronit spots the pit stop. Both teams are on foot. The sky is clearly darker for LiRonit, so it’s not a surprise when in come Talia and Koby. They are pleased. In come LiRonit, under a much darker sky. Goodbye Fag and Hag! You were mostly awful, but you had your moments and were good competitors. But time’s a wastin, so off we go.

Pit start. Romi/Michele open a music file on their tablet, and it’s “La Marseillaise” or the French national anthem. Indeed, as we get a snow Paris montage with the race-theme played on accordion, accordioningly. (Bad pun, Jai Ho. Bad pun). Let’s see if the teams can get the clue. Coral thinks it’s Mozart. Romi thinks it’s the opening to “All You Need is Love.” Actually, that’s what I thought it was as well, initially, so maybe I’m no smarter than the racers. Possibility? DISCUSS. The girls eventually get it. Mor thinks it’s Argentina. David/Eliran get France immediately, David interviews that he speaks French. Let’s see how far that goes…foreshadowing! LiMor correctly predicts that the boys will be happy, and indeed they are singing a song in French. Here comes the purples and Falafel – will they know it? Of course not! But the prize of the night goes to Debby, who guesses “England” without a doubt, and they get tickets. A guy (production, I’m sure) kindly tells them it’s France, and they rebook. Wouldn’t it be funny if D/D did go to England? ShiMin know it’s France. Will Talia and Koby know it? Of course! All teams are now en route Paris.

Paris. Mad taxi rush. Clue: head to Debilly Bridge, to find a mime. He will give them a clue. But wait! “They MUST NOT speak any other language than Hebrew until further instructed!” That’s an interesting twist. Blue Collar Boys are in a cab and rightfully pissed about this new, screwed-up instruction. Romi/Michele’s cab driver asks them if they speak English or Spanish, and they can’t, so this sucks for them. TaKo’s cab driver is completely silent and expressionless, and looks like a librarian who’s just been handed twenty overdue books. ShiMin are being lovey-dovey, for a change. Blue Collar Boys are shocked at the snow.

Bridge. In first in a huge comeback, here are Talia and Koby. The mime acts out can-can dancing, and they must say “can-can” to get their next clue, to a theatre to do said can-can. Talia narrates the mime’s action, and is pretty spot-on in her recap. No, Talia, you cannot have my job. The word is on the tip of her tongue, but she’s all, “Moulin Rouge.” The hell, Talia? They must go away and come up with the answer. Elsewhere, ShiMin are “ooh, Eiffel!” and they kiss. It’s…surprisingly forced and unromantic. They are second at the bridge. Here are Romi/Michele, and of course Romi Know-It-All guesses ballet. Next up are Blue Collar Boys, who get close with “cabaret.” Romi/Michele get the first clue of the day, a garter instructing them to go to Ranelagh Theatre, to do a can-can task. Blue Collar Boys soon follow. But first…yield board! Sisters pick David/Eliran, who opt for Dana/Debby. Cut to said team, struggling to get a cab.

Airport. Some pantomiming is going on here, as Parents, Cousins, and Falafels, all attempt to get their point across.

Bridge. ShiMin get their taxi driver to clue them in, and they’re in 3rd. TaKo return in 4th. The former team picks the Purples, and are still racist. TaKo pick D/D. Surprises all around! D/D arrive at the mime. Debby goes forward with “Folies Bergere,” goes in for a victory hug…DENIED.  Hee hee. They get can-can anyway and Debby gets the garter. They choose the Cousins as well.

Theatre. Blue Collar Boys arrive first. This task involves learning and performing a can-can routine to the satisfaction of a judge. The boys have to put on fishnets, and it’s funny and disturbing at the same time. Eliran adjusts his junk on camera. Ew. To their benefit, they fill out the dresses quite nicely. The sisters arrive at the theatre as well. They get dressed up and start learning.  Romi Know-it-All comes out to play, and of course she’s an expert dancer. David/Eliran? Not looking horrible.

Stage. First up: David/Eliran. Eliran hits a pose a la Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls. My love for them just increased exponentially. Let’s see how they do. I thought they didn’t do too badly, but the judge lady gives them a no. Despite their energy, the judge tells them they have no rhythm and they get denied. Next up: Romi/Michele. They get a yes, and they’re back in first. Detour! This one: Cake or Candy. In Cake, the teams must eat all the ingredients in a cake, raw, including a small white candle. Salmonella city! In Candy, they must eat a huge cone of cotton candy in a 3 minute spin around a carousel. I know which take I’d choose, and Romi/Michele choose the other, heading for Cake.

Streets of Paris. Ma’Ayan and Batel’s cab driver drops them…in the middle of the street. They are cold and walking down the correct street, but otherwise relatively aimlessly.

Bridge. LiMor arrive. Mor dislikes pantomime, writing it off as boring. Mimes everywhere put Mor on their **** list. Falafel’s Itzik has it on the tip of his tongue, but that tip says “Marilyn Monroe.” Face, meet palm. They walk off in defeat. Purples randomly happen upon the mime.  They  try imitating the mime, to no avail. Ma’Ayan feels sorry for him, but it’s LiMor who get the clue. They vote for D/D. Falafel do their own pantomime to get the correct answer. They still can’t remember it, so they go back to the people to remind them. They vote for the Cousins, who miraculously get it and choose D/D, making them the official recipients of the yield. In the words of that crazy Russian mom from Toddlers and Tiaras, “zey hate her! Zey hate them!” Speaking of the devils, they are at the Moulin Rouge, which is not the right place. Falafel gets pronunciation tips. They cannot say “can-can” “Ranelagh” or “theatre.”

Theatre. Talia is tickled to be in a pretty can-can dress. Shimi begs to differ. Both teams head off to practice. They should’ve made this the double-battle, it would’ve been pretty epic. Talia does a weird squat thing. They are up next, and though Koby shouldn’t quit his day job, they get a pass, putting them in second place. They head to Cake. Sisters, however, are still seeking a cab to take them to the

Cake. Up next: ShiMin, followed by David/Eliran for try number two. Both teams get it and head out in 3rd and 4th. ShiMin kiss and it looks awful weird in the dresses. Both teams pick Candy.

Streets of Paris. D/D are completely lost and gone forever. They get a kind lady to direct them, but all Debby can think of is jacking the lady’s baguette. They get a Hebrew speaking cab driver, lucky devils.

Cake. Talia and Koby arrive in first. They dress up in corsets (again with the lady-wear?) and do their makeup. First up is flour, and Talia might have her master’s but she clearly does not know how to eat flour raw. The trick is to tuck a spoonful into your cheek, and suck it down. Do not ask me how I know that. Sisters arrive, suit up, and proceed to puff flour clouds. They do the same with the baking soda.

Carousel. David/Eliran arrive. Eliran makes horse noises, but their joy is stanched when they see the mountain of cotton candy they must eat. They valiantly attack it, but their three minutes chime before they’re done, so they must try again a second time. In walk Shimi/Yasmin, and they are already terrified. Well, Shimi is. Yasmin’s excited for once.They go at it, and are very close, but no candy cigar.

Theatre. LiMor are in fifth. They get in their dresses, and Lior is too big. D/D enter the theatre in 6th, with the cousins right behind. Debby and Dana do look quite cute in the outfits. Ma’Ayan and Batel’s instructor has a big brown mole on her butt. LiMor, who if you’ll remember, completely bombed the flamenco dance task in Spain, are in need of some redemption. I wouldn’t bet on it. Debby reveals she’s a lefty, and that is negatively affecting her can-canning.

Stage. Fancy sax music plays as the Purples enter. They look like idiots, which is normal for them, and works to their benefit, ratcheting them up to fifth place. They pick Candy. D/D, up next, smile as if they have no idea what they’re doing. Which…yeah, that pretty much says it all. They get a swift and immediate no. Back to the studio in defeat for them. Up next to the stage are Mor/Lior. Lior’s cream cheese thighs are the highlight of this dance, and even though they’re a mess, they get a yes and go to Cake in sixth place. D/D? Looking dejected.

Candy. Cousins arrive and get their cone of cotton candy. They are confused, but attack it wholeheartedly. They chew as fast as they talk, however, and finish with time to spare. And…now they’re in first, which is a first. Good job, you crazy cousins. Next clue: Montmartre, location of the Prom Queen board, Yield edition. On the carousel, Blue Collar are on their second try. They get it and head off to Montmartre in second. Yasmin looks defeated. The boys also read that once at Montmartre, the language ban is lifted, about which they are ecstatic.

Cake. Entering next are LiMor. TaKo and the Sisters are still struggling. Lior drinks the egg and shovels down the flour like it’s chocolate pudding and he’s Bill Cosby. He interviews that in all seriousness, he was hungry. Not for that, I suppose. TaKo reach the candle. The sisters do too, and Coral’s all, “who eats a candle?” Well, now you’ll know! Both teams are mystified but they get the wax treats down in 3rd (TaKo) and 4th (Sisters).

Theatre. D/D, second try. And…fail. Mother and daughter are disappointed. And, whinnying like horses, in come Falafel. Where have they been all this time? Window shopping? With little fanfare, the boys get it and are off in 7th, leaving the lefty and her lackey in dead last. They choose Candy. Dana is trying to keep it together, but she’s frustrated, pissed at her mom, and on the verge of tears. Debby gets the idea that they should switch sides in the dance, and they do, and finally get their Detour clue.

Candy. Shimi and Yasmin almost get it again, but fall just short.

Cake. LiMor are finishing up. Mor is stymied at eating wax, but they eat it anyway.

Candy. ShiMin head back on the horse for a third try, and this time they’re not even close. Yasmin wants to switch, and after much nudging, they’re off to Cake. Falafel arrive, and aren’t even close when they hear the buzzer. D/D, having picked Candy, arrive. Maybe girls are made of sugar and spice, because they ace the task. As ShiMin head off, Falafel try again at the cotton candy and fail again. Their next attempt goes better, but they’re mad at each other for some reason. We leave on ShiMin struggling at cake.

Next time: Modeling! Puppies! Ma’Ayan gets peed on.

1.   Cousins (Candy)
2.   Blue Collar Boys (Candy)
3.   TaKo (Cake)
4.   Romi/Michele (Cake)
5.   LiMor (Cake)
6.   D/D (Candy)
7.   Falafel (Candy)
8.   ShiMin (still at Cake)
What did you like?
What didn't you like?
Will we see more men in women's clothing?
Will any racer get peed on?
Which racer would you pee on?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on June 21, 2013, 04:46:52 PM
"Why does my boring life suddenly become exciting at the most inopportune times?"

Story of my life, Jai Ho, story of my life...

Is Lior much more religious than the others? Kinda like Anaelle from season 2? I've noticed that he sometimes treats the "dressing up" parts of tasks differently than others. (Plus, he's usually wearing his Kippah, although I noticed he took it off for the bath house).

Anaelle will still be my favourite contestant of TAR Israel, because I like teams who are "unique" in some way, or distinct from the crowd.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on June 22, 2013, 12:51:03 AM
"Why does my boring life suddenly become exciting at the most inopportune times?"

Story of my life, Jai Ho, story of my life...

Is Lior much more religious than the others? Kinda like Anaelle from season 2? I've noticed that he sometimes treats the "dressing up" parts of tasks differently than others. (Plus, he's usually wearing his Kippah, although I noticed he took it off for the bath house).

Anaelle will still be my favourite contestant of TAR Israel, because I like teams who are "unique" in some way, or distinct from the crowd.

LOL GB. My buddy <3.

Lior is religious, but not to the extent of our dear darlings Anakiva. I think the dressing up tasks make him uncomfortable mostly because of his weight and shape, not the actual garment. The producers seem to be really lax about getting clothes for the bigger people (Lior, Andrea, Ronney). If you noticed in the can-can scene, he was being pressed into that dress like he was being shoved into some Spanx.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on June 22, 2013, 03:06:29 AM
It just occurred to me, while making the above post, that there might be Jai Ho recaps for HaMerotz 2...AND THERE ARE!

brb, gonna read them all :3
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Post by: Jai Ho on June 28, 2013, 12:58:43 AM
I'm falling off the wagon, help prop me up!

Just read and comment on Episode 10. Starting on 11 tonight and will have it up by tomorrow.

Episode 10: Do My Little Turd on the Catwalk

Vaguely Parisian-sounding race music leads us to Paris, France. Again.

Streets of Paris. First team we see is Blue Collar, who are speaking French very nicely on their way to Montmartre. Elsewhere, Ma’Ayan and Batel are excited about having passed a bunch of teams. They happen upon Blue Collar and the teams decide to self-intersect. Batel is surprised at Blue Collar’s handle of French. The group runs through some doves, with the boys leading and the girls lagging. In another place, TaKo are taking a speed-walking tour of Paris. They give a confessional in which they state that basically everything here is beautiful. Sisters appear and self-intersect with TaKo. In another Parisian street-like location, the Parents hop into a cab. Montage of everyone looking around. TaKomi/Michele head up some stairs, and Purple/Collar finds another set of stairs. Batel drama-queens out in an interview, comparing the stairs to Jacob’s Ladder…they’re not that tall, dear. Maybe they don’t have staircases in Moshav Zrahia? The boys tackle the stairs three at a time and the girls…do not. They stop to admire the vista of Paris below them, and it is very pretty.

Montmartre. Blue Collar hits the Yield Queen board, hope for a green, and they get it. They see that Romi/Michele have yielded them, but they are not mad. Cousins are next, and there’s been a trend of a Cousins and D/D split, but due to Romi/Michele being Switzerland in this kind of pointless alliance system, the Cousins are spared this time around. A cute can-can ensues between the two teams, who separately interview how much they love each other and they’re brothers and sisters. Now that everyone likes each other, let’s move on.

Dogs. David/Eliran, in first, are ready for this task, which involves cute puppies. They must transport the dogs to a local caricaturist, and along the way, feed, brush, and sing a song to their puppies. The dogs will remain a factor in the next task as well. The boys choose a Boston terrier wearing some bling and a black and white checked sweater. They learn his name is Dudu. Their song goes like this: “Dudu loves to sleep/Eat lots of sweets/He loves us/And he will never go hungry.” So random. Cousins arrive next, and as predicted, flip out over the cuteness. They choose and brown and white puff named Sophia. Ma’Ayan tries to make up a song, but it consists of mostly, “vai vai vai.” Batel comes up with “She walks the streets/breaking hearts/wiggles at the dogs/making them blink.” Well, that song certainly made me blink!

Streets of Paris. Falafel are flying solo at the moment, and climb the stairs. I wonder where TaKomi went? Elsewhere, D/D recruit some young guys to help them. They hit the stairs.

Montmartre. Romi/Michele? Safe. Same goes for TaKo. Mor/Lior appear out of nowhere, and stumble over the names of the team they yielded, “Debi and Deba.”

Dogs. Talia turns into a sentimental mess. The girls argue. TaKo pick a grey poodle with a Jewish star dog tag. Romi/Michele pick a puffy poof named Tundles. Talia comes up with a song and Koby has trouble with it. Lior/Mor and Romi/Michele sing as well.

Cake. ShiMin are still not finished. Yasmin chokes down the egg and they finish.

Plaza. David/Eliran can’t find the caricaturist. Purples are busy feeding their dog. Finally, Blue Collar arrives with their dog. Double-battle! In this one, the teams must dress up (or down) and model some underwear for two gay guys.

Streets of Paris. ShiMin wander aimlessly asking people stuff in Hebrew. They eventually find the stairs. They walk up and down the stairs.

Square. LiMor and TaKo are singing to their dogs. Romi/Michele have their dog sitting on someone’s car. It looks like a police car. Purples ask for directions and are told they’re there. They find the caricaturist and it’s them, as a devil/angel combo, only Batel is the angel and Ma’Ayan the devil, instead of the other way around. Whoops. Romi/Michele pass by the cousins, who exchange a look and then decide to help the sisters and direct hem to the caricaturist. Romi/Michele get their clue in 3rd, and the parents in 4th. All head out for taxis, and the parents box out the sisters. Mor argues that there’s no line in public, and she’s right, but it doesn’t stop the girls from yelling futilely as the cab passes them.

Taxi. Blue Collar find out their little guy is a lady. In the Parents cab, their dog passes some gas.

Salon des Miroirs. Blue Collar arrive in first to meet Tony, aka Jesus in High Heels. They comment on the strangeness of the model, who admittedly is pretty strange. They practice walking and I can already tell that this is not a promising roadblock in terms of excitement. Prove me wrong, Race. LiMor arrive and similarly note Jesus in High Heels. Jesus tells the parents that they’ll be walking in underwear. Lior walks like Sandra Bullock at the beginning of Miss Congeniality, you know, before she gets all hot.

Double-battle. First up, Blue Collar vs. LiMor. The boys take the stage first, and admittedly, the gay guys are into them. They do look great walking away. In come Mor and Lior. Lior has his shirt on, unlike the guys, and Mor’s in more of a strappy dress. Who wins? We’ll wait and see.

Montmartre. Falafel are not yielded. Debby prays, but we already know she’s not gonna be happy. The usual suspects are behind it: TaKo, Cousins, Parents, and Blue Collar. They bitch about all four teams.

Double-battle. The judges pick Blue Collar. Mor calls them out in a confessional, and Lior’s all, they should pick us to win so they can see the boys again.” LOL. They walk off in underwear and victory. Next up: find a famous bridge with locks.

Streets of Paris. Sisters and TaKo look for cabs. TaKo chew gum.

Double-battle. TaKo arrive, and their dog looks ready to pee. They try practicing and they are…really bad at it. LiMor vs. TaKo. This time around, LiMor look happier and more relaxed. Talia looks adorable and doesn’t do that badly. Then…Koby. They put him in a sort of boxer-brief/diaper combination. It’s not pretty. He does get creative though. Judging time. It’s a close one, so they do a sudden death for the ladies, Mor vs. Talia. I personally thought Talia did better, but the judges go for Mor’s naturalness and the parents part ways with their dog and head to the bridge.

Dogs. Falafel pick a dog that looks like Happy from 7th Heaven. D/D pick a dog with painted nails and a leopard printed coat. Falafel sing and it sounds like a gumball machine. Debby tells us she’s not good with rhyming, singing or animals. Wrong show to be on, Deb. Falafel’s dog’s dish says Glamour on it, but they call him “Gribble” or something. D/D find the caricaturist, and Debby comments that her face looks warped. Dana tells her mother that that’s the point, and the Debby gets her caricatured face pasted over her real face. The editors must really hate her. In other news, Ma’Ayan is getting peed on. Yay!

Double-battle. In come the sisters. Coral looks natural, Romi goofballs it up. Battle time: TaKo vs. Romi/Michele. They don’t do half bad, but I’m betting that TaKo get a pass to put Koby out of his misery. Coral shoves Koby. Romi has a back tattoo I never noticed before. The judges comment that the girls look “bitchy.” Um yeah, they’re trying to be models. The girls are heartbroken after losing to Koby, but it’s better for us viewers.

Double-battle. Ma’Ayan/Batel arrive and it shall be a chick battle. Requisite making fun of the model. Ma’Ayan wants to be funny, but the model’s not having it. Battle time: Romi/Michele vs. the Purples.The sisters do pretty much the same as before, and unlike normal girls, each team compliments the other and Ma’Ayan even gives the sisters a smile. Judging time – they give the Purples advice in English that they probably don’t understand, and they backhandedly call Coral a bitch again, but the sisters win and give up their dog.

Streets of Paris. ShiMin still haven’t even gotten their dog yet. Falafel worry about being models.

Dogs. ShiMin are left with a dachshund but fortunately, because Yasmin is a horrible singer (or we are running low on time) we see them getting the clue.

Double-battle. Purples vs. Falafel. No surprise when the girls win. Ma’Ayan compares herself to Bar Refaeli, because they have the same last name, and they’re off.

Double-battle. Falafel vs. D/D. Dana comments that Itzik looks like Gumby and she’s not wrong. Debby walks down the catwalk and for one of the first times this race, aces the task. Dana’s got a wicked side pony and a smile knowing that she and her mom have it in the bag. Until Debby loses a shoe. Whoops. Even with that misstep (LOL) the girls win and leave the guys in the dust.

Streets of Paris. ShiMin are bummed and in a cab.

Double-battle. Falafel vs. ShiMin. This one’s for all the marbles. Yasmin’s in some granny panties, and she trips too. Here comes Shimi and…wow, I could watch him walk all day. Then his partner points out that he’s leaking a trail of poo down the catwalk. The worst has happened, and it’s hilarious. Even through all that, it must surely be Falafel who wins, but apparently they were worse than a tripper and some dog poop, because ShiMin win. The guys are the losers of the day, and sit on the catwalk in defeat for their penalty.

Next time: Nighttime leg in Paris with lots of locks and bells. David/Eliran are asked to sidestep the mat. Someone’s in trouble.
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I was up almost all night catching up, and now I'm only 2 episodes behind - hooray!

Leave me a comment!

Episode 11: Pop, Lock and Drop It

Aaand…we’re still in Paris.

Taxis. All the teams are on their way to the bridge with love padlocks. Blue Collar is happy to be in first, but the parents are on their heels. Lior is still impressed with Paris. I am not. Romi/Michele are happy about the snow. Talia is giving a lecture on history. In other words, normal activities.

Bridge. It’s a roadblock, and the teams must dress up as Quasimodo and try to unlock a lock. Every time they can’t open a lock, their partner must ring a bell. David is taking this one, and they start their search. His fingers are freezing. Parents arrive, are summarily shocked at the locks. Lior and Talia will be taking this one. Mor can’t stop criticizing her husband. Granted, it’s been a long leg, but this can’t end well. Talia comments that she feels sexy in her burqa. Blue Collar finds a lock written in Hebrew, but that’s not the ticket.

Taxis. D/D talk about their master plan. Purples are proud of themselves. Yasmin has a good feeling despite Shimi Downer.

Bridge. Sisters arrive, and Romi takes the hump. She reads the key, which apparently says “Abus,” which is a lock brand. Koby notices something’s up with the girls, but they don’t give it up. Romi gives the couple a huge fakeout. Hee. At least she’s not fighting with her sister. Blue Collar are already frustrated. Mor tells her husband to sit rather than kneel. And the first lock is opened…by David. Blue Collar boys keep their lead and get their next clue. Mor congratulates the competitors, and Lior starts to pray. His first lock after the prayer? Nope. But the second one does the trick, and they also maintain their placing. They both read the next clue, a Route Info. At the
Pavilion Kleber, they must make a champagne tower, and every five minutes, drink more champagne. A recipe for fun!

Streets of Paris. For some reason, Falafel are listed as 5th, when we obviously know they’re last.

Champagne. Just like that, Blue Collar arrives in first and starts to build. Hopefully their construction background will aid them here. This task becomes fun for them, and fast. Parents see a statue of children – a statue! – and Mor has another cry, missing her children. At least this time they’re in second instead of last, so they can whimper away. She dries her tears and they enter the champagne room.

Bridge. Cousins (who are actually in first) and D/D arrive, and it appears that Batel and Dana will be attempting this challenge. Ma’Ayan seems more interested in something on her finger. It gets later and later. Romi and Talia are cold. All the ladies are struggling, in a general montage. Who will get the next lock? Debby’s crying and she’s not even unlocking any locks. Coral, seeing her sister cry, gets teary herself. Talia comments that she wants to throw all the locks off the bridge. Coral gives her sister a kiss. Debby and Coral bear hug to keep warm. Coral interviews that Debby’s a wuss for not supporting her own daughter, and indeed, Dana’s fed up with her mom’s BS. Debby storms off.

Champagne. Blue Collar are drinking. Parents are drinking. Mor snaps at her husband. Eliran tells her to shut up. Blue Collar finish their tower, and Eliran starts to pour. Mor/Lior stop to watch, and the boys do indeed have it. They celebrate with – what else? – champagne. Rip and read, and it’s finally pit stop time. Their greeter, however, is a big black blob, and they have to ask 20 questions before checking in. And he’s a baguette. I could not make this stuff up.

Bridge. ShiMin arrive in seventh, and Shimi’s in the hot seat (er…cold cloak) tonight. Back at D/D, they’re fighting, and Dana is, once again, doing all the work and Debby is completely failing at…life. This team would be much more functional if it was Dana and Dana. More crying. Dana finds the bright side, but tells her mom to believe in her. The boisterous Falafels make their way in, yelling their hearts out. Itzik is on lock duty, and Eliran is on annoying duty. A hand unlocks a lock, and it’s Batel. They are officially in third. Romi gets one next. The sisters comment that their mother will cry when seeing this episode. The cousins, for once, as speechless.

Pit Stop. It’s the Arc d’Trioumphe. In first place, it’s Blue Collar. But…Ron tells them to step aside, because they have to play 20 questions. I would have punched someone. Also I would be drunk at this point. They have 2 minutes. They get the baguette, and are officially team number one, for the first time this race. They call the Arc d’Trioumphe their personal arch of victory. (Arch: “No problem, I’ve been called worse.”)

Champagne. Sisters arrive and make a toast. Romi’s cold fingers prove to be butterfingers and she drops some. Purples arrive, and are confused. They barely have a base before they get their second serving of champagne. Ma’Ayan already feels hungover. Mor places the final cup on her tower, and Lior pours. They get their pit stop clue.

Bridge. Talia gets a lock, and they’re off in fifth. D/D? Still miserable. Debby starts whining again, but Dana finds her lock. Debby emits a strange shriek and Dana looks like a dead person she’s so white. So, we’re down to Shimi and Itzik. Itzik comments that he’s from Africa so the cold is especially hard for him. Itzik opens a lock, and the Falafel boys are out of last place. They blow past D/D and get a cab.

Pit Stop. Parents. Lior almost has a fall. 21 Questions time. And…they’re out of time. 15 minute penalty until they can guess again. Bummerific. Mor comments that they could be there a year and a half.

Champagne. TaKo arrive and have their first drinks. Talia’s already tipsy. In walk Falafel, having made up major time. Lots of dropping going on, most of it by the Purples. Falafels are doing it completely wrong. Talia is…drunk. D/D arrive, and they’re yielded. Fortunately, they can warm up and get ready for a task that several teams are already struggling with, so they’ve got a chance. With less of a chance are Shimi/Yasmin, who just opened their lock. Cousins comment on Koby the librarian’s OCD. Romi/Michele’s tower takes a small tumble, but it stays up and they start their pour. Coral completes it and they’re back in third.

Pit Stop. Mor/Lior find a guy who looks like Bobby Moynihan to help them. Romi/Michele arrive, but Mor/Lior beat them to the punch and guess correctly, and they are officially in second place. They hug and are happy. Until Mor starts to cry again. Sisters arrive at the mat, and Coral randomly guesses the right answer with about 5 seconds to go, and they’re in third. It’s been only four legs, but they’ve been in the top three for three of them, something no other team can say. They head off for some rest.

Champagne. ShiMin join the party, Shimi yelling to add to the ambiance. The yield runs out, and D/D make a fashionably late entrance. Predictably, Debby is a goner from the beginning. Shimi is frustrated and blows his stack…over. Falafel has risen to the top, but their base is wrong and they must start over. Next to them, TaKo are closing in on a win. Batel comments that their tower looks more like a Leaning Tower of Pisa in comparison to Talia and Koby. The girls pick up a bottle that’s already open. Whoops. Their Leaning Tower stays erect, as does Talia and Koby’s. TaKo get a cab first. Talia is speaking in English. Ma’Ayan is yelling “Harry Potter Harry Potter.”

Pit Stop. Rolling up to the mat are the Purples. They try valiantly, starting with Nicolas Sarkozy, but only get up to food as the time runs out. Here come Somewhat-Sober Koby and Drunk Talia. Drunk Talia guesses baguette, and they’re so drunk that they’re all giggly and, “of course it’s a baguette! This makes total sense!” I love that time when you’re so drunk that everything’s funny and/or makes sense or both. They are delighted to find out that they’re in fourth and walk off in victory…well, for Talia, it’s a stumble. But at least you lightened up a little, Toots. Can we have Drunk Talia on every leg?

Champagne. Dana has enjoyed puzzles since childhood. Indeed, she’s doing a great job. Falafel boys’ tower takes a tumble. Itzik tells Eliran that if he doesn’t want to do this, sit over there. Dana’s done, and of course she’s pouring, and they’ve now passed two teams and depart in sixth. Shimi takes a pour, and Falafel are starting over. It’s getting pretty sad for the Falafel boys as ShiMin leave, and then Eliran does, in frustration. Of all the tasks this leg, it’s this one?

Pit Stop. D/D are on their way. Cousins are still clueless. D/D get a pretty blue cab, and their driver does not respond to Debby’s silliness. Shimi is yelling. It seems like Purples and D/D are racing to the pit stop. Purples are up for their second try, and get it. Ma’Ayan hugs the giant baguette, as you do. They are quite excited at being in fifth. In come D/D, and Debby is drunk as a skunk, but she gets it after remarkably few tries. 6th place for them. They’ll take it.

Champagne. Falafel have gotten it together and complete the task but they’re still in last.

Pit Stop. ShiMin guess, and they get the penalty. Falafel boys have a chance to catch up…can they? Both teams arrive at the pit stop, and ShiMin gets it on their second try. They rejoice in being lucky seven. In come Falafel. Hungry Hungry Itzik gets baguette, and we hear the Guitar Chords of Bad News. The boys know that they are in last. Ron doesn’t immediately say that they’re eliminated, and indeed it’s a NEL and the Falafels live to roll around the world for another leg.

Next time: Goodbye Europe, Hello Rio, for the franchise’s first trip to the Americas.
Who do you love?
Who do you hate?
Should Drunk Talia come out and play again?
Can the Falafel Boys make a comeback?
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Post by: G.B. on June 29, 2013, 01:43:21 PM
More races need drunk tasks.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 02, 2013, 02:31:53 AM
Episode 12: Sun's Out Buns Out

We open in Paris. For the last time, hopefully.

Pit start. David/Eliran rip and read, and they’re headed to the samba-loving South American nation of Brazil. All the teams do the same. Talia clues us in that we are headed to Rio de Janeiro. Ma’Ayan wonders if she can take a train to Brazil. We get a tickets/driving montage. Purples are asked what city in Brazil. I sure hope they know. All teams are on the same flight.

Brazil. We see the Purples in the mob of teams, so at least they got there. They all flurry into cabs. In the Blue Collar Cab, David is looking forward to extreme sports, but Eliran’s more into extreme butts. I have a feeling that that is going to become a recurring theme. In the Sisters cab, they sing a song about bikinis. Coral likes warm places, and Romi confirms that this is a refresher. TaKo cab – Koby dislikes water and getting food stuck in his teeth. The parents share some orange juice in their cab. Ok, this is getting boring. Debby reveals herself to be a butt girl as well.

Samba dancers. They dance around flags, so it must be the site of a clue. Up in first: TaKo. Talia reveals the first task, in which they must pick a scantily clad samba dancer, who will take them to the beach, where they must samba the whole way to the Prom Queen board. Unfortunately, not even being in Brazil endows this team with rhythm, but at least they’re having fun. In second are the neon-clad sisters, who pick a hot mama in metal. In third, D/D arrive at the dancers, and they must ask the dancer if her boobs and butt are real. Turns out the boobs aren’t but the butt is. Inquiring minds want to know! They happily head off behind the other two teams.
Streets of Rio. Romi/Michele catch up to TaKo and are within about a block.

Cabs. Ma’Ayan and Batel’s cabbie goes full throttle. Batel notes how different the people look here. Falafel sings a song about the sun. It’s refreshing that this is actually a new leg, and the teams are all on equal footing again. Eliran is looking forward to erasing their earlier mistakes.

Samba dancers. Blue Collar pull up in 4th and get a lady in blue to accompany them. LiMor arrive in fifth and choose a chick in gold. They have some trouble keeping up. Falafel boys, now in 6th, must note their girl’s booty as well, and Itzik can’t stop staring. But here’s a twist! Eliran and Itzik must wear their winter gear for this leg. Living in Texas, I sympathize with them, but it is a good NEL punishment.

Beach. Barry Manilow plays as TaKo arrive at the beach, and now it’s a beach hunt. Romi/Michele arrive as arrive and start their beach search. I sure hope they’re at the right beach. They are, and pass up TaKo to be first at the Prom Queen board. I’m hoping that everyone’s over the Cousins/Dana/Debby thing. Romi/Michele mix it up by bucking the trend, voting for TaKo, but TaKo stick with the
Cousins. The teams arrive at a sand sculpture of three tanning ladies with hot heinies. Their next clue awaits them on the beach. Both teams arrive, and they must complete a butt workout with the locals. Coral’s got the hots for the instructor, and Talia translates her feelings and transmits them to the appreciative teacher. Koby compares the task to Jane Fonda in the 80s. The three girls are feelin’ good, but Koby’s feeling the burn. Talia shows off her ballet moves to the sisters.

Cabs. ShiMin are stuck in a spot of traffic, as are the Purples, but the girls get there first by a mile. Poor ShiMin and their horrible taxi luck. The girls, of course, pick a gal in purple. ShiMin finally get their dancer in last place.

Beach. LiMor are lost, allow Blue Collar to pass them up, and they choose D/D. Speaking of the devils, they dance up to the board in 4th, and vote for the Cousins, as they believe that they’re stragglers who need to go. Blue Collar and D/D pass the asses, and of course Debby must touch the sand. Both teams join the class already in progress. They all do some leg lifts, with David notably distracted. Falafel arrive in 5th, apparently having passed up the U-turn board. Whoops? They join the party on the beach. Debby touches one of the ladies’ rears, bringing the count up to 5. Then the workout ends.  I sure hope that the three late-joining teams (D/D, Blue Collar, and Falafel) don’t get to skip out on this early. Doesn’t look like they get off the hook, as only the Sisters and Ta/Ko are seen with the clue, which tells them to samba the whole way on a bus ride to San Conrado beach. Blue Collar and D/D complete the task, heading off in 3rd and 4th, but it doesn’t matter much because all four teams catch the same bus, making the task infinitely easier as they basically fill up the bus, what with 4 dancers and 8 cameramen. Koby declares it the samba bus. At the Prom Queen board, ShiMin seal the deal and officially u-turn Cousins. Said cousins arrive next, and u-turn D/D, but not before actually complimenting them (well, Dana) on being strong, which I can’t argue with. They pick the D/D card up, with Ma’Ayan saying “nothing personal,” but Batel being like, “but it is kinda personal,” Ma’Ayan: “Yeah, I guess it’s personal.” Um…what? Having fallen way behind (2nd to 2nd to last), in walk LiMor up to the u-turn board. Obviously, they pick D/D. ShiMin appear at the butt task, and he’s got quite a roving eye. Could just be bad angles.

Party Bus 1. It lets out the top four teams (Sisters , TaKo, and Blue Collar) and it’s a Fast Forward/Roadblock. Fast Forward: Play beach tennis on a nude beach, nude. Coral votes for FF, but Romi says it could be really far away and impossible, and then they’d be screwed. Plus, they’re already in first, so they might as well just stay there. Roadblock: It’s a two-parter. Roadblocker must hang glide to their partner, who is sitting on a surfboard just off the beach. They must land, then swim to find their partner, collect them, and paddle back. Lots of stuff to take care of. Coral takes it for the Sisters and heads up the mountain. She’s a little unnerved. Romi is actually struggling more in the rough surf. Up on the mountain, Coral gets a pep talk from her gliding partner, who warns her that she could die. Great job, gliding partner. Back at the harbor, Romi looks pretty Rip Girls as she paddles out. Atop the mountain, Coral has a last minute minor freakout. Elsewhere, TaKo and Blue Collar do the rip and read, and David and Talia will be the air partners, leaving Eliran and Koby at sea. Eliran is pissed that he won’t get to glide, and David’s not pleased that he has to. Talia is super excited to fly, Koby…not so hot on the swimming.

Beach. Ma’Ayan/Batel join the beach workout party, so that’s everyone but LiMor…but here they are. Itzik almost kicks Mor in the face. Falafel are deemed done and collect their clue. Itzik is obviously attracted to the big booty Brazilian mama. They get back in Paris gear and head to the party bus.

Harbor (AKA where the roadblock is, which is also a beach, so I will be calling it harbor). Eliran wants to fly so badly. Both men head out on their boards.

Mountain. Coral is still in her mini freakout mode. Here come David and (possibly drunk) Talia, who does a weird little swaying dance. We know that Coral is not going back out, so here she is, jumping with a huge scream but then enjoying the view. She yells that she’s coming for Romi, who hears her sister’s screams.

Beach. ShiMin get their party bus clue in sixth. They are joined on the bus by D/D and Falafel. Yasmin is taking care of bus fare. That can’t be a good thing.

Mountain. Talia’s all, “shut up and throw me off this mountain.”  She seems to enjoy the ride, and switches to English briefly. David flies off as well with little fanfare. In the air, Talia takes time to appreciate God and his creations. “God: Don’t mention it.”

Harbor. Coral comes in for a landing, but is kind of stumped as to how to find her sister in the big, big ocean. She is afraid of drowning and hesitates.

Beach. LiMor and Cousins get the party bus clue.

Roadblock Marker. Falafel hit the clue in first, and Itzik opts for the FF. They’ve had a lot of bad luck this past leg, but they’re willing to take the risk and head to the nude beach, knowing that they’re dunzo if anybody beat them to the punch. ShiMin and D/D reach the marker, and a much more chipper Debby actually volunteers to do the roadblock, and Shimi guilt trips Yasmin into doing it because he’s running out of roadblocks. Yasmin is the first of the flyers to be afraid of heights. Debby, on the other hand, is rather excited. Yasmin gets suited up and wants to cry. Debby gets suited up and ready, declaring that she’s not afraid of heights…until it hits her that she’s actually doing this for the first time. Of course, she must first flirt with the copilot, because if the worst happens at least she’ll die tryin’.

Harbor. Dana and Shimi are struggling against the waves. Talia comes in for a landing. She is unaware that she must find Koby from one of the now 5 racers in the water (Koby, Romi, Shimi, Eliran, and Dana). Unlike Coral, Talia runs right into the water. David lands and dives in and Talia, who is panicking, needs his help, and they head out together. Unfortunately for her, Koby is far, and Eliran is right here, and Blue Collar zips past the other teams, heading back to the beach. And they of course do the stupid, playing in the water before getting their clue. They do look hot though…well, mostly David. Route Info: They must do a last samba with their lady and head to Rocinha, one of Brazil’s toughest favelas, and search for their next clue there. Back at the beach, Coral finally gets the grapes to go into the water. She must have been either quick or lucky because we see her reunite with Romi a minute later as Talia’s still treading water. Both teams race in. TaKo do the “strategic” thing, or the natural thing, riding the waves in rather than doing paddling. Both teams arrive at the same time and are off following the Blue Collars.

Mountain. Debby makes her jump, and she seems to enjoy a task for one of the first times ever. Yasmin, however, is looking like she’s about to be tortured. She makes the jump…and doesn’t stop running. Her legs keep going and she’s doing a midair running man while breathing heavily and yelling. Debby comes in for a soft landing, as does Yasmin. Yasmin thinks that Shimi will be all proud of her, waiting and smiling on the beach…not so.

Party Bus. LiMor and Cousins are dancing. Ma’Ayan is pulling the arms of a clearly bored woman who probably just wants to contemplate her life choices. LiMor arrive next at the Roadblock, and get ready cause now it gets weird to the max. Apparently, Mor is forced to do this, since Lior’s over the weight limit. Mor refuses to even consider doing it. Ma’Ayan takes it for the Cousins, which was the correct choice because this is what Batel DIDN’T want to do. Good race ESP, ladies. Ma’Ayan heads up, flies, “tickles God” (her words, not mine), and is down on the beach lickety-split. Mor? Still refusing. At this point she actually responds to every single thing her husband says with “I am not doing this.”

Harbor. Debby stumbles into the water to rescue dear daughter and is actually being a champ at this. Ma’Ayan also heads into the water and finds Batel before they both take a tumble into the water. They beat D/D back to shore by riding the waves like Ta/Ko and are in fourth all of a sudden, because Falafel are fast forwarding, LiMor are being cranky, and Yasmin seems to have disappeared. Cousins and D/D depart in 4th/5th. Back at LiMor, she’s just plain yelling now.

Ocean. And…here’s Shimi, puking, complete with sound effects. Cue Yasmin looking dopily into the water. Shimi pukes. Yasmin bobbles. He paddles a little closer to her and she gets on the paddleboard that her boyfriend just puked all over. Ew. LiMor watch from a distance as Shimi/Yasmin ride in on the puke board. They embrace and Shimi seems appreciative and caring, and they kiss. We saw this guy throwing up a minute ago. His breath must be awful.

LiMor. Sad music plays as Lior walks off in anger and Mor is sitting teary-eyed. Finally, Mor gets up and says, “Let’s do this,” and end of episode.


Heading to Rocinha:
1.   Blue Collar
2.   Romi/Michele
3.   Talia/Koby
4.   Cousins
5.   D/D
6.   Pukemi and Girlfriend
Contemplating whether to do the Roadblock or not:
7.   LiMor
Status unknown at this time:
8.   Falafel.

Next time: Poverty! A dog stuck in a wall? Debby and Talia have officially sobered up and there will be much drama.

Are you happy that we’re finally out of Europe?
Is the samba music driving you nuts?
Do you like big butts and cannot lie?
Will Mor get up in the air?
Will anyone get naked? Or arrested?
Find out more (soon, hopefully tomorrow) on Brazil, ep. 2.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on July 02, 2013, 02:08:25 PM
Oh wow, so Falafel wearing their winter gear was a NEL penalty? I thought they were wearing it 'cus they had to give up their bags for this leg (Because of the hang-gliding) and they figured they might need it at some point.

I'm not sure I like this penalty. It's not really enough of a penalty for arriving last. It's more of a moderate inconvenience.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 02, 2013, 03:45:41 PM
Oh wow, so Falafel wearing their winter gear was a NEL penalty? I thought they were wearing it 'cus they had to give up their bags for this leg (Because of the hang-gliding) and they figured they might need it at some point.

I'm not sure I like this penalty. It's not really enough of a penalty for arriving last. It's more of a moderate inconvenience.

Yes, indeed GB, it was a penalty, kind of similar to a Handikap in the Norwegian version. I like the fact that it's leg specific, but it doesn't compare to a time penalty or being deprived of stuff.

 The bags probably didn't make much of an appearance this leg, and I think that this is what happened:

Teams arrive in Rio with bags and put them in cabs. At the first task (butt workout) the cabs could have conceivably led/followed them to the beach and waited there. The teams aren't seen with bags on the bus, but they very well may have stowed them there and gotten them upon leaving the bus at the RB/FF marker but that's not that interesting to watch. Cabs are seen taking the Roadblocking racers up to the mountain, and the bags could conceivably be in the trunks of THOSE vehicles.

Also, if you notice, at the butt workout, Itzik/Eliran are seen in Rio gear, so they must have been allowed to change for the task, or at least stow their Paris gear somewhere because we don't see it at the beach, only after they read their clue and head off to the FF.
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Post by: Jai Ho on July 05, 2013, 01:45:47 AM
Happy independence day, fellow Americans, and everyone else...happy Thursday. I have some time off this weekend so hopefully I'll get caught up.

For your reading pleasure:

Episode 13: Don’t Be A Messi in South Central While Drinking Your Coffee in the 'Hood.

Lots of yellow and green bring us back to Brazil, specifically, Rocinha. There, the task is for the teams to find Peniel the Jewish locksmith, who will give them the “Keys to Heaven.” All teams are en route, save for LiMor (still at the detour) and Falafel (FFing)

David comments on how quiet Brazil is…let’s see how long that lasts. Sweeping vista of crowded houses. Blue Collar and then TaKo drive into the favela, through the piles of trash and poor people. Talia points out a dog that appears to be stuck in a wall. All are scared.
Blue Collar wonder how the girls (presumably, the sisters) will do. And here they are, singing Lady Antebellum as they turn into the favela and things get weird. Romi yells out the window, seemingly not understanding that this is Rocinha. The girls exit the cab and enter the favela, passing poor people along the way as well as a dog that looks possessed. Strangely, Coral is cool as a cucumber, but Romi’s nervous because they’re young white girls with money. They find a local guy to lead them to Peniel.

Rocinha, elsewhere. Blue Collar and TaKo de-cab, and TaKo are the first to find Peniel. Ron tells us that the teams will receive a set of keys which will unlock a specific, labeled door. Peniel is a perky little Brazilian who speaks rapid-fire Hebrew and is proud of it. Talia compliments him on his Hebrew, they get their key, and they’re off. Blue Collar come up in 2nd. They think Peniel is adorable and get their clue. Romi/Michele arrive next, and the sisters are surprised to see a Hebrew speaker.

Taxi. Falafel are on their way to the site of the Fast Forward. Eliran suspects it’ll be a bungee jump. He would fail as a detective. Itzik is afraid of a head-shaving as they continue to their destination of mystery.

Harbor. Dana has a sunburn. They head to Rocinha, and Debby actually tries to see the beauty in the rubbish, pointing out a cute swimsuit in a shop window. In the Purples cab, they are highly concerned upon entering Rocinha. Batel says that she’s all alone at the end of the world, and Ma’Ayan goes, “you have me!” ShiMin look exhausted and just want to get to the task.

Harbor. Mor is still not having this about the whole hang gliding thing. But, after some serious thought, she heads up the mountain, angry and bitchy. They take off, and Mor is even worse than Yasmin, refusing to even open her eyes and look at the awesome scenery. At least she can make fun of herself in the post-leg interview. Next thing we know, they’re paddling back and getting their Rocinha clue.

Rocinha. Blue Collar and TaKo are on the move. Talia is suffering more than most, describing everything around her but at least not
giving us a history lesson. Blue Collar pass a huge pile of trash. Koby compares it to Tel Aviv, which gets a laugh from Talia. Romi/Michele are a bit more complimentary, deeming the street children “cute” and “sweet.” Then comes a scary moment – Talia and Koby get briefly separated by a woman in green who is either insane or a student of Martha Graham. TaKo pass this temporary obstacle and find the door, opening it to reveal a vista of the mountains, several young boys, and the detour clue. This detour comes down to Soccer and
Coffee. In Soccer, teams must pass the ball and score against a team of street boys. In Coffee, teams must match ground up coffee to the drinks they make. Koby opts for Coffee, with the reasoning that he and his partner suck at sports – and he’s not wrong. They head off to Coffee. They start the task and things do not look good. All the coffees look the same and Talia is starting to get nauseous.

Door of Heaven. Blue Collar and Sisters open the door. Romi notes the kites flying in the air and speak of the joy of a piece of paper. Both pick Soccer. The soccer field looks like a scene from West Side Story, buffeted by fences and perched on the edge of a cliff. David/Eliran arrive and suit up. They have a good start, but their goalie deflects their ball. Sisters kidnap two little girls to be their “cheerleaders.” They start, and Coral is getting owned by the little boys and running in circles. The small children are laughing at her.

Falafel Cab. They’ve apparently been driving for quite a while, but emerge at the beach. The clue box, behind a rock, tells them their poison: they must play beach ping-pong, with two locals, and all four of them must be naked.  This fact is exacerbated with shots of the locals from the tribe of Fuzzy Blur. After being in their cold-weather clothes, they are somewhat enjoying stripping down, and pretty soon they too are blurs.

Rocinha. Purples arrive and are entranced by the little locksmith man. Ma’Ayan immediately invites herself over for dinner. D/D head up next. They get the key, and foreboding music leads them into the favela, so we know something sketch is going to happen to them. The purples speculate that the locals will steal their teeth. Dana is a bit fearful, and indeed the woman in green is back, with another guy, and it looks like they actually kidnap her for a moment, but they just chase her down a small alley. The ladies take a short break to catch their breath and their sanity.

Cabs. LiMor and ShiMin are riding to Rocinha.

Coffee. TaKo are beginning to regret their choice, and when they get the coffee order wrong, they begin to really regret their choice. They bail and head back up to Soccer.

Soccer. David scores a goal for Blue Collar, and they are done, donating their clothes to the locals as well. Next clue: U-turn board ahead! David/Eliran leave. They can’t believe that they’ve just experienced this. Before long, they arrive at the U-turn board, and they’re safe, no other team having voted for them.

Rocinha. Twinkly piano music leads us to the LiMor cab, where they notice a photo of a little girl on the driver’s console, and take a closer look. Missing their own children, of course…moving on. Shimi knows what the favelas are and he and Shimi think that they smell bad. LiMor see the poverty and give their own poor-children commentary. Both teams exit cabs. ShiMin, with some purpose, LiMor wandering. Yasmin starts to freak out, par for the course. D/D’s break is over and they continue their journey through the favela. Debby spots the door, and they are instantly happy once again. Purples arrive as well. Both teams choose Soccer. Purples arrive to see Romi/Michele in their bickering glory. Purples enter the ring, with Ma’Ayan showing a little more fight than Coral. D/D are shown starting as well, with the boys really giving Dana a runaround, making her very dizzy.

Nude beach. Our Falafels strut down the beach as Naked Falafels and start the task. They seem to do pretty well at first, but they each have a few drops.

Rocinha. ShiMin reach Peniel. Shimi wonders why the locksmith is in Brazil rather than Israel, where he could get more work. As quick as they arrive, LiMor arrive at the door and choose Coffee, with the local boy making their choice for them. ShiMin arrive at the door as well, with a funny moment where Shimi doesn’t realize that Yasmin is in front of him rather than behind him. They choose Soccer, because they do not like coffee.

Coffee. Lior will be eating, and Mor drinking. Neither of them like coffee, so of course they picked this task. They comment that all the coffees taste the same after a while. They deliberate the finer points of coffee, and this will clearly take a while.

Soccer. TaKo arrive and Talia side-coaches Koby, and he successfully passes it to Talia, who misses the goal. The ball goes back in play, and Koby promptly kicks it out of the field. You kick it, you get it! Yasmin is less than happy and is scared that the little children will laugh at her. Don’t worry, they will anyway. As predicted, Yasmin runs and Shimi yells. The sisters seem to be working well, and Romi scores a goal, after which she goes ballistic, dancing, yelling, and borderline-molesting a local boy. Romi may not be able to leave the country after this. They leave, accompanied by Coral’s Brazilian boyfriend from before. Romi doesn’t see what he sees in Coral, and when she suggests herself, Romi gives an eye roll. Sisters are always sisters.

Nude beach. Falafel have their balls in the air and before you know it, they get 30 each. Congratulations, Itzik and Eliran, you have won the Fast Forward. You are also still unclothed. After a celebratory romp in the sea, they get the Pit Stop clue. Back in their winter gear, they head out.

U-turn board. Romi/Michele are safe.

Soccer. Ma’Ayan pins the ball against the wall and though it looks like the boy steps aside, Batel gets a goal. Dana is going hardcore and actually body checks a little boy before passing it to Debby, who scores. Both teams head to the u-turn board, both scared. Since TaKo switched sides, however, D/D are safe. The cousins, however, will not find themselves so lucky, with their three usual suspects + TaKo, in whom they are disappointed. Over at soccer, Talia is attempted to psyche out the goalie, but she gets it in. ShiMin somehow complete the task (again, dubiously).

Coffee. LiMor get a no. Ma’Ayan/Batel meet them at the coffee shop.  Batel drinks her coffee in pur misery, but it’s LiMor who get the clue. They get a round of applause from the Purples and Lior has lots of sad feels for the u-turned girls. Batel is now shutting down even though it’s her partner who’s shoveling down the raw coffee.

Next episode: Bodybuilders! Brazilian waxing! Lior gets bleeped out for a full thirty seconds, so he must’ve really been mad. Someone gets proposed to, which means that it’s probably Yasmin, upon their overdue elimination.
Who's going to look the best in a speedo?
Who's going to look the most different without leg hair?
Will Batel finish her coffee?
And finally...
Who's going home?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: hotriceguy on July 07, 2013, 01:34:12 AM
Hello, did anyone find out that this season was kinda scripted? The placement of their arrival to each tasks maybe incorrect and I doubt about that will they even script the placement of teams arriving the pit stops. Please prove me wrong. =]
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Air on July 07, 2013, 04:30:47 AM
TAR isn't scripted, this has been gone over many many times before.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on July 07, 2013, 02:13:54 PM
Hello, did anyone find out that this season was kinda scripted? The placement of their arrival to each tasks maybe incorrect and I doubt about that will they even script the placement of teams arriving the pit stops. Please prove me wrong. =]

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 09, 2013, 01:37:35 AM
After an eventful weekend, I am back and bear some important announcements.

1. TAR Israel is real. Poor pun, I know, but TAR's been around for long enough and as just about anyone on the board can testify, it's real and unscripted (except for the host). No proof needed. Nada. This is a moot point. End of discussion.

2. There will be no recap of Episode 15. It was a clip show, and we saw nothing new other than a bunch of rejected auditions, so that means I'm actually only 1 episode behind, so, at this point, catching up seems likely :)

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dana, one of the toughest and awesomest girls to ever run TAR. According to the show's Facebook page, it is indeed her birthday. For what it's worth, Herut of our dearly departed Girl Scouts turned 21 last month, I just forgot to mention it. So here's a birthday smiley for each of you  :conf:  :conf:

4. This is the fourth announcement.

5. Get ready to read Episode 14 in the next post.
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Post by: Jai Ho on July 09, 2013, 01:44:27 AM
Episode 14: Let Me Ask You, "Skintimate - Or Not?"

Bet you thought I was going to make a Brazilian wax joke.

We open on Rio. Just to catch up: Everyone’s on their way to the next task, sans Falafel who have FFed and Cousins who have been U-turned.

The first to arrive at the clue box are Blue Collar, who discover that the task involves bodybuilding and poses. But wait! They must get Brazilian body waxes to compete. Inside, the boys strip down and Eliran’s the first of the two on the table. He’s covering his face as the lady oils up his leg, and this promises to be painful for him and fun for us. An excellent combination that we don’t get from this show often enough.

Streets of Rio. LiMor get a cab, and their driver has no clue where the university is, even when Mor gallantly tries Portuguese. They forsake their driver, but not before Lior gets some yummy caramel popcorn! A funny moment. Talia brushes off a kiss from Koby, but Yasmin is more than happy to kiss her partner, and they are notably cuddlier in the interview.

University. As Romy/Michele arrive, Eliran gets his first tear, and David’s feeling the pain for his partner. Eliran’s too far gone at this point that he must laugh at this sticky situation he’s found himself in, moaning a la 40-year-old virgin. They have a new appreciation for women after this. Romy/Michele enter their waxing chamber, and as they are hairless ladies, the wax comes off less like Velcro and more like a banana peel. The girls wonder how Koby will deal with this, and speaking of them, here they come. Koby is obviously the first up for being waxed. Talia comforts him by singing, and it seems to work as we barely hear him say a word.

Streets of Rio. Falafel are now on their way to Arpoador, a rock between Ipanema and Copacabana beaches that serves as this leg’s pit stop, where indeed Ron is standing along with a lovely local in lemon yellow. The boys chatter in excitement, hoping that it will be the first time they’ll win a leg.

Coffee. Ma’Ayan/Batel are looking and feeling pretty darn hopeless.  Whether it’s to put them out of their misery or not, they get the correct arrangement and get the clue. In the taxi, Ma’Ayan is her usual chipper self, but Batel is starting to crack. They talk about Romi/Michele, and how they’re in a similar boat, but Romi/Michele are better racers. Way to talk yourself up there, Ma’Ayan.

University. Romi/Michele lotion up while it’s David’s turn to scream and yell. In an interview, they do show off their smooth long legs. And now we have a moment where Sisters and Blue Collar rub on lotion in slow motion and lust over one another. This is simultaneously straight, gay, and lesbian erotica. Cool? Blue Collar is ready to pose, and they choose a rather old guy. D/D show up just then, and Dana must really not be a girly girl because she screams and stamps like a maniac when being waxed. ShiMin arrive, and hearing Dana’s screams, Shimi begins to sweat. LiMor arrive, and commence the sequence of the waxing of Lior. He’s a big guy so this’ll take a while. He starts to curse up the storm as heard in the preview, and Mor can’t stop laughing. Lior sees Shimi totally zenning out during his wax while breathing slowly while twinkly teahouse music plays, so Lior gets back on the table. More of ShiMin being lovey-dovey – foreshadowing much? TaKo oil up, and Koby looks like a teddy bear. Blue Collar learn their poses and look pretty good while doing them. Romi/Michele start the posing work as well. Romi comments on the weird eye thing their bodybuilder lady has going on, and it truly is weird. They bicker, and micromanaging Romi is told to simmer down.

Stage. Blue Collar are the first up. I don’t think they did too horribly, but we’ll find out soon, because we cut to the sisters doing their routine. Both teams complete their routines.  Coral comments that the judges look angry. Surprisingly, the speaker of the panel speaks perfect English almost without accident, and the panel is not messing around because the boys get a 7. Only a 7? Man, these judges are picky. The head judge likes Romi, but the panel as a whole doesn’t like them, as they get an 8 and it’s back to the practice room for them.

Streets of Rio. Falafel comment on scenery on their way to the pit stop. They run up to the pit stop. Ron talks to them about the fact that they’re in winter clothes, and came last in the last leg, and get on with it…wait for it…a little more…first, just like we all knew. They are surprisingly reserved and calm about it.

University. Cousins arrive, and are shocked that almost everyone that was ahead of them is still there. This gives them a second wind – Batel can’t stop giggling, and Ma’Ayan hams it up, first pretending that her partner is giving birth, then asking the waxing lady to wax Batel’s mustache (teehee), and then singing a song which ends in her hugging the lady as she waxes, who probably just wants to get home to her kids. D/D oil up, and Debbie gets an odd boob blur even though she’s clearly clothed – I don’t know. They pick a rather young and cute guy in purple posers to train them, and of course they must drool over him and touch him. Elsewhere in the room, TaKo practice their posing. Talia looks like a walking skeleton. At the same time, Romi/Michele/Blue Collar decide to practice together, but it’s TaKo’s turn to take the stage.

Stage. Talia shows off her ballet moves as she Nutcrackers her way on stage. Head judge backhandedly calls Koby tubby, and despite their high energy, they don’t crack 10. Up next for their second try are Blue Collar, as Star Wars music plays, inexplicably. They get a round of applause and 11 points, which is a pass so they get the clue. Back outside and fully clothed, they get the next clue, which is an audio clue leading them to the pit stop, by asking them to find the place between the two beaches based on music clips from “The Girl from Ipanema,” and “Copacabana.” They figure it out in no time, and get the correct location from a local. Back at the stage, Romi/Michele are on their second try and they merit an even 10. Hugging their weird eyed bodybuilder lady, they get their musical clue…but they think at first that it means to go to Copacabana, but they get the clue in the same manner as the Blue Collar Boys.
Aproador. It’s not quite a footrace, but the two teams at the pitstop are clearly within a few minutes of each other. Blue Collar get there first. They must, of course, play show and tell before finding out that they’re second. Indeed, the sisters arrive next, while the guys are still on the mat, and are pleased to be in third.

Practice Room. D/D use this opportunity to ogle their bodybuilder some more and probably purposely screw up so they can have more bodily interaction. Debby, of course, comments on the butt.

Stage. Dana seems to do all right, but uncoordinated lefty Debby is all wrong. The judges think that the girls are sisters, which makes Debby very happy, then they give them a 9, making Debby very sad. Off to the practice room with you!

Practice Room. LiMor are with Romi/Michele’s weird-eye girl, Mor micromanaging as usual and telling her husband he’s all wrong. They argue about arguing and it’s all quite pointless. To her credit, Mor is a quick learner and her husband is not, so there’s that. ShiMin seem to be getting it quickly. Purples in purple dresses rather than bikinis, prepare rather quickly and seem to coordinate well, as we saw on the catwalk in Paris.

Stage. I guess there’s no queue, because here come the Purples. They do quick, sharp moves in perfect unison, and it’s looking pretty good. Their math skills momentarily leave them, as they fail to add 3, 3, and 4, but then realize that it’s 10. Congrats on the first first-try pass, ladies. The caption tells us that just like that, they’re in 4th, having been 8th at the beginning of the leg. Back onstage, TaKo take it on with much less  ballet and more focus, and it pays off with a total of 13 points, including a 5 from the very impressed female judge. TaKo exit and are surprised to see the Purples there. The Purples get the clue, and TaKo do not. Talia stops the Purples’ cab and tries to bum the answer, but gets the brush-off, so they play follow-the-Persians. Remember, it was this leg that TaKo turned on the Purples, so in a way, they get what’s coming.

Taxis. TaKo have a funny sequence in which their cabbie knows where they’re going, and despite repeating the name of the place twenty times, they don’t get it. Both teams de-cab at Arpoador (well, only the Purples know that, TaKo are just chasing them at this point). It is indeed a footrace, with the Purples slightly leading TaKo. An out-of-breath Batel needs a short break to get some air, so the couple takes the opportunity to pass the girls, within sight of the pit stop. TaKo, you’re fourth, and Purples, you’re fifth. Same placings as last leg, but neither team is eliminated, so I guess everyone’s happy.

Stage. D/D are on their second try. It looks better than the first try. An 11 is what they get, and they’re off. ShiMin are up for their first try, and maybe the judges are getting tired or lax or both, because their routine is kind of boring. Cut to LiMor, who have a false start but quickly get it together. Back to ShiMin, they finish and earn a 10. Head judge likes Lior, and they merit an 11.

Taxis. After some randomly inserted Rio shots, we go to D/D, who are kind of in meh moods after having a day of more-than-normal arguing. They exchange some strong words and have a mom/daughter moment. They arrive at the pit stop smiling, however, and like those who came before them, repeat their placing, and it’s down to the two couples. LiMor get the answer, and ShiMin hop in a cab, hoping the driver will understand their broken English and hand gestures. LiMor get into a cab as well, fully aware of where they’re heading.

Arpoador. The editing makes it appear like the cabs arrive at the same time, but it’s clear that LiMor are there before ShiMin, and they are, earning them 7th place. Solemn music leads us to ShiMin arriving at the pit stop, and they know they’re hosed, but Shimi is at least complimentary of his girlfriend. Ron officially eliminates them. Yasmin hopes that she didn’t let Shimi down, and…end of episode? I can go to bed now? Please? And…Shimi keeps talking. He asks if he can put his bag down for a minute. We know what’s coming, but Yasmin does not. She explodes in shock as Shimi kneels down, and of course she says yes because she’s on national TV, but they do seem to be more affectionate to each other than in earlier legs, so I hope it all works out for them. We hear the clapping of many hands, supposedly the other teams as this great love story comes to a close, even though it’s clear that no other teams are around, or else we’d actually see them, since it’s not that dark. We close on a rare shot of the crew cleaning up the pit stop as Shimi and Yasmin have another kiss.

Next time: Havana! Old cars! Cigars! Tutti Fruit! Talia and Koby almost get run over by a pedicab.
(Does anyone read these?)
Who do you like?
Who do you dislike?
Have your opinions changed?
Will Shimi and Yasmin's love last forever?
Does this race seem like it's taking forever?
Will Little Richard make an appearance in Cuba?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: hotriceguy on July 10, 2013, 12:11:57 AM
TAR isn't scripted, this has been gone over many many times before.
Yeah. Maybe the way they editing the episodes makes me feel like that the show is scripted. Especially when teams are voting in front of the U-turn/Yield board. I always focus that how many votes has been stuck on the board. I know that the American version is definitely UNSCRIPTED, just this season of the Israeli version. Well, even though IF it's scripted, it looks all good. Jai Ho, Thanks for the recaps anyways. =]
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on July 10, 2013, 12:07:26 PM
Those Yield/U-Turn thingies look very flimsy. They probably fall off all the time. Producers don't care and just remember who's been voted for.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 10, 2013, 06:16:22 PM
Actually, regarding the U-Turn/Yield/Prom Queen Board, I think it's not rigged but deliberately staged. Just like in TAR USA where the producers sometimes put extra clues in the clue box, I think that they sometimes put on/take off stickers from the board so teams are a) not tempted to look at their competitors' votes, b) not tempted to count the photos to see how many of theirs are missing, and c) so the teams don't know what place they're in. For example, an overconfident team who is gliding through in first might see three stickers up, and not rest on their laurels knowing that (or that's it's possible that) three teams are ahead of them. Likewise, a team that might be in dead last might see only a few stickers up and get a spark of hope that they might still have a shot.

Or as GB said, it could be flimsy to the point where they just fall off and the producers remember who picked whom.

As far as scripting (and this is the LAST thing I'll say on this topic, I think) some of the teams are naturally funny and over the top ALL THE TIME (Ma'Ayan/Batel, Itzik/Eliran) and some are rather reserved (David/Eliran, Mor/Lior). If it really was scripted, we'd have zingers coming from all over the place. 3 out of the first 4 eliminations were not shockers: Herut/Yoftut were pretty bad at just about everything but navigating, Andrea/Ronney were older and out-of-shape, and Shimi/Yasmin only started to cooperate once they got to Brazil. Liran/Ronit was kind of a fluke, I think, because they were in the tippy top for the whole race and just had a rough leg with some bad tasks. All four situations have happened on other versions of TAR: I'd compare Herut/Yoftut to Maiya/Misa (TAR USA), Andrea/Ronney to Anita/Arthur (TAR USA), Shimi/Yasmin to Anna/Roman (TAR Ukraine), and Liran/Ronit to Lorena/Jason or Aaron/Arianne (TAR/USA), or even, to some extent Monica/Edwin of TAR Asia (remember how they were saying that they were going to be the next Rob and Amber, and then the race started and they were completely incompetent at EVERYTHING despite being a young, strong, intelligent couple?).

Plus, if they REALLY wanted ratings, I think Israel would've loved to have seen Herut/Yoftut scrub each other in Spain/get waxed in Brazil (as they are very religious and modest and would probably have complete breakdowns when it comes to shedding clothes), Ronit spaz out in the favela in Rio (because she's so prissy), and Liran flirt with the judges in the Paris task (because he's, to my knowledge, the only gay racer this season).
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Post by: hotriceguy on July 13, 2013, 05:33:02 PM
Thanks for the detailed explanation! Overall, TARI is a very successful and enjoyable show. =]
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Post by: Jai Ho on July 14, 2013, 02:14:42 AM
Thanks for the comments, y'all! It's been a busy week and a strange one for me, and I've fallen behind again, but here we are:

Episode 16: Sometimes  A Cigar Is Just A Cigar

We open on Falafel. Eliran completely butchers their next destination, calling it “Hawaiiana, Coba,” and Itzik steps in to correct him. Blue Collar, Sisters, and TaKo all depart on the same flight, with Eliran voicing over that he thinks he and Itzik can win this thing.
Havana. The top four teams arrive and are presented with their pimpmobiles for this leg of the race (Random Fact: according to Microsoft Word, “pimpmobiles” is a word). Blue Collar and Falafel are entranced by the ancient cars. Romi/Michele pick a red one. TaKo read out the clue, telling us that the teams must take their vintage vehicles to the Upmann Cigar Factory. Plenty of “a-HOO-ga”s abound. The factory’s not too hard to find, but the cars tend to break down on the way. I just HATE it when I’m going to my local cigar factory and my car breaks down. Ruins my whole day.

Cars. Montage of teams having no clue how to operate the cars. Itzik and Eliran discover a baseball bat in their trunk. An interesting mystery. Talia breaks her car’s starter. The hell, Talia? (It’s been a while since I got to say that!) Itzik gets his car started, but it refuses to move. Eliran finds it funnier than his partner in the driver’s seat. Eliran of the Blue Collar’s interesting in mechanical engineering benefits them, as they depart first. Sisters get scared and jump in their car. Blue Collar Boys straight up say that women can’t drive. Note the gay hands. Back at the cars, Coral spazzes and can’t figure out a thing. Little Richard sings as Falafel hit the road, attempting to sing “Tutti Fruit,” but just making sounds. They pass a guy who does an awesome backflip for the camera. They are the first to notice the fact that they’ve traveled back in time to the 60s or 70s. Koby gets in the driver’s seat and he and Talia are off like “Gran Torino,” or something.

On the Road. Falafels pass Blue Collar, and Eliran’s hair blows out the window like a model’s. This is stupid. David totally screws up the usage of the word “caramba.” Eliran and Eliran yell across the road at one another. The road splits and they each take different forks. Suspense! In the Falafel car, Eliran still can’t say “Havana” correctly. We see the Blue Collars passing under a Havana sign, so obviously they made the right choice. They also note the “frozen in time” ness of Havana, as do TaKo, who appear to have made it to the city as well.

Cigar Factory. It is raining, and Blue Collar retains their lead, getting their clue from one of three old ladies in white dresses smoking cigars. Route Info: One team member must roll a Cuban cigar – blindfolded! Oh, you naughty Israeli producers. Side Note: Why isn’t this a roadblock? Oh, and there will be a random lady reading to the teams in Spanish over a loudspeaker, because that’s what Cubans have to deal with while they work. They enter the factory and immediately notice the smell, and the young age of all the workers, as well as the old age of all the machinery. Eliran picks a guy with dreads to teach him how to do this task. The actual assembling of the cigar is pretty visual, so forgive me for not recapping everything that happens. TaKo have passed Falafel and arrive in second place. Talia picks a lady in grey to teach her. The two teams hear each other yelling and become increasingly more worried. Eliran screws it up and starts over, and Talia appears to do the same. Both teams are yelling at each other. A Cuban blows a puff of smoke in frustration.

Cars. Second flight has landed, which is D/D, Cousins, and LiMor. But Romi/Michele? Still at the cars. D/D pick a sunny yellow car, and Dana must have a magic touch because she gets going with absolutely no help. Take that, Eliran and David. They almost hit a car but don’t. A split screen takes us back to the cars. Sisters? No luck. Ma’Ayan and Batel? On the road. Ma’Ayan plays with the horn as we get a fun transition to Lior driving his team. Side note: These two run a tire shop for a living, so they know a thing or two about cars. Let’s see if this helps them. Lior starts to clap…hands on the wheel, mister. He says that his car has a soul. Hopefully it won’t go to heaven on him. We go back to Cousins car, and of course it’s stalled, with smoke everywhere. This can’t be good for them. A local in a plaid shirt tells the girls that they were riding the clutch too hard – a logical explanation. They thank him and are on their way.

Cigar Factory. Falafel arrive in third. Itzik will roll the cigar. Bob Marley reference. We get a few seconds of some random girl’s boobs. The boys get a guy in a blue beret to help them. Eliran picks up a cigar and smokes it…what? Touching the merchandise? Sheesh. At least Koby and David are paying attention to their partners. Speaking of David, here are Blue Collar, making good progress. Talia complains some more. D/D have made up crazy amounts of time and arrive at the factory in fourth. Meanwhile, Eliran cuts and ties his cigar and gets a yes from the lady in orange who is serving as the judge. They read the next clue, and it’s a Double Battle at Floridita, a bar frequented by Hemingway in his time. The task: transport a tray of full cocktail glasses to a nearby hotel. But before that, they must start their car. They manage to fix it with a waterbottle and Eliran’s foot.

Cars. Romi/Michele…still there. There is an extra vehicle there, and Coral immediately tries it and breaks a piece off of it. So now, there are no cars left. The sisters are not doing it for themselves. They have no choice but to sit and look sad and hope that they’re not out of the race because production screwed up.

Cigar Factory. Talia finishes hers. It is so good, apparently, that the judge offers her a job in the factory. They head out, and it’s time for a Talia history lesson, where she proceeds to name the titles of every Hemingway book ever written. We do not get to find out what happens in the end, because we cut right to the Double Battle. The teams head off with their glasses. Blue Collar are doing very well and moving at a good clip, but Talia and Koby are doing it completely inefficiently. A guy runs in front of TaKo shaking some purple maracas, and then they almost get run over by a pedicab. They seem to be getting harassed more than Blue Collar.

Cigar Factory. LiMor arrive in fifth. Lior has done this before, so he will give it a go. Mor’s claws come out just about immediately. Purples arrive, and Batel takes it for them. Montage of teams arguing. It’s refreshing to see some real competition, with four teams in the same boat. Dana strategizes by imagining that she’s making grape leaves just like she does at home, and it works, bumping them up to third. Itzik, on the other hand, proceeds to self-destruct and they have their first real breakdown of the race.

Double Battle. Both teams seem to be wandering. Koby looks a little shaky, and boom goes a glass. Blue Collar arrive at the hotel with all their glasses intact, and Talia immediately and reluctantly concedes defeat. Route Info: Go to the home of a Santeria priestess and take part in a traditional Santeria ceremony. They stop for a quick dance, and Eliran slaps David on the ass but they head out.

Cars. Romi/Michele are informed that indeed, there is no car. Romi inexplicably starts laughing at their horrible luck entering Cuba. A somewhat nicer car appears, and the girls are off. They have a small advantage in that they get in while the car is already running, so they don’t have to deal with starting it up.

Double Battle. TaKo vs. D/D. Probably easier this time around since everyone knows where the hotel is. Dana wisely bypasses a pedicab and some distractions. The teams keep passing up one another, until one of D/D’s glasses drop, leading to a TaKo win.

Santeria. Blue Collar arrive and are welcomed by older ladies in white that look suspiciously like those at the factory. They don orange smocks and get whacked by the lady, who hits them with tree branches and sings. David is quite uncomfortable. They get crosses drawn on them. Eliran gets spit on with some sort of holy water, then David. It’s all just…a lot. Route Info: Find a tarot card reader on

Hospital Street. Cool! TaKo show up next and are more enchanted by the ceremony. Talia compares the ladies to alpacas.

Cigar Factory. Lior has a sleep mask on, but no rest for this one. He and Lior appear to finish at the same time. They get the clues and leave in 5th and 6th. Eliran of the Falafels wonder where the sisters are. And finally, here they are at the cigar factory. They seem to cooperate well, maybe they’ve worn out their yelling voices for the day.

Double Battle: Girl on Girl Action (D/D vs. Purples). The purples are shaky, due to the height difference, and they allow D/D to get way ahead. They start over. Elsewhere, D/D lose a few cups, but that doesn’t matter because the Purples have completely given up. D/D are at the hotel and deliver their glasses. Despite only having five, they get the clue. Dana’s arm is in pain but Mom tells her to shake it off. Good on you, mom.

Double Battle: Purples vs. LiMor. It’s actually looking like Mor might be doing an illegal move by balancing her free hand on her partner’s shoulder, but apparently, it’s kosher. The girls’ tray wobbles, leaving only one (Ma’Ayan: “It’s okay, we’re fine, just one”) then BOOM. The girls launch into a huge battle as LiMor go off to the Santeria. At the cigar factory, Coral finishes up and the sisters head off to double battle, not quite out yet.

Santeria. Dana is expecting shantis and yoga, and is rudely awakened with holy water. It’s almost comical, but they get the clue anyway.

Double Battle: Purples vs. Falafel. Purples employ the Mor strategy but look shaky nonetheless. Falafel are cruisin’ like it’s their job. A frightened Batel starts to waver and the girls lose one. As Itzik/Eliran arrive with all glasses intact, the Purples show up with three intact, two of which break upon being set on the counter.

Santeria. LiMor get some blue outfits to wear, and seem to have fun, dancing with the ladies. Lior is particularly getting into it. Falafel arrive and get slapped with brooms. The ladies seem to get rougher with Eliran (who is white), than Itzik (who is black).

Streets of Havana. Sisters comment on their crazy day, and being in last for the first time. Purples bicker.

Next time: Dance party! Lior asks a woman if hair is in his future. I’d say…only if you join the Broadway cast.
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Post by: G.B. on July 14, 2013, 02:48:53 PM
Ugh, this race really needs to cut it out with the "three episodes for one leg" thing...I love TAR Israel, but they are REALLY overstaying their welcome. Is this going to be even longer than Season 2? I complained back when I found out that season 1 had 22 episodes :I
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 19, 2013, 02:41:58 PM
Busy week, along with two pretty awful episodes and one that I haven't yet seen. Here comes last Wednesday's episode...

Episode 17: Party Like It's 1962

Previously, Cuba. Today, more Cuba, and a detour along with some other tasks.

Blue Collar. They comment that everyone smiles here. TaKo are in second. Talia smells smoke. Talk about something interesting, please?
So, I’ll take a moment to wonder just how the racers got around the fact that Cuba doesn’t formally recognize Israel. Debby comments about the importance of teamwork and that they’ve been going up and down all day.

Route Info. Teams must get their tarot cards read by a Voodoo priestess, then, with her advice, vote for the u-turn board, then go to a square for their next clue. First up:  David/Eliran. They comment on her insanely long and intricate fingernails. She has David mix the cards, and then he draws some. And now, I must refer to my dictionary, because I can’t think English, hear Spanish, and read Hebrew at the same time. She predicts that he’ll be married in two years. To his partner? But then she clears it up by say that Eliran will be married by May or June. Well, it’s July, and according to Facebook he’s still single, so shows you how much this lady knows.

Priestess. TaKo are next. Koby is a Capricorn. Priestess tells Koby that he had problems with love and talks too much, and that Talia will be a good mother in her next life. Not a promising predilection for their current life. D/D are shown with the priestess next, who tells them not to fight – to relax and come together. I’m thinking the producers may have given her at least a tip sheet. This launches both a long interview in which Debby talks about love and mothers and daughters and then they hug and cry and declare their love for one another.

Streets of Havana. LiMor are just happy to be here, and Falafel are watching for girls. As usual.

Priestess. And now…we’re back to Blue Collar? Ah, now they must ask her which team to u-turn. She says something about the one with a spirit of truth and evil in their eyes. This makes them select D/D, which makes sense. TaKo debate between D/D and LiMor. They opt for LiMor, for their strength in doing tasks. D/D are told that they are threatened by the team that wants them out. Well, that’s specific, considering who’s U-turned them so far (hint: everyone) but they opt for LiMor, remembering Sausagegate back in Spain.

Double Battle. Ma’Ayan is reasoning with her partner, and mixes up her pronouns, which is refreshing to hear an Israeli do. In the Sisters car, Romi is giving a history lesson. But they admit that they’ve still got a shot, which is always true, but maybe not on this leg.

Detour. TaKo arrive first, leading the pack for a change. I’m calling this detour Shake It or Shave It. In Shake It, the teams must gather 40 strangers in the square and have them dance in a circle while waving their team’s colors’ bandanas. In Shave It, they must find 2 men to shave, wash, and give a scalp message. Miami Sound Machine plays in the background as TaKo choose Shake It. D/D, having passed Blue Collar as well, arrive and do the same. At the square are dancers, stiltwalkers, and musicians – it’s quite a scene that there are already people gathered around. TaKo arrive and start distributing yellow bandanas. Talia feels like a grade school teacher. Finally,
Blue Collar arrive, opting to Shave It, which actually sounds like a better option , considering you only have to find two people. David and Eliran, however, are finding it difficult but finally get their first customer. On the other hand, if two strange people asked you if they could give you a scalp massage, I’d probably turn and walk in the other direction. We learn that David’s mother is a hairdresser. They
head out in search of their second customer.

Priestess. Lior shuffles the cards, and the priestess blurts out immediately that Mor’s a raging bitch and a control freak. Maybe she’s a better fortune teller than we thought. They ask if Lior will ever grow hair, and the answer is no. A fair assessment. They are told to u-turn the “slow and steady” team. Falafel arrive and shuffle the cards. Eliran is a butterfingers. Or he can’t count to 1. She predicts a big event in their near future. She basically tells them to start being smart. We’ll see how that works out for them. They’re told to watch out for the team that “wants the money,” so they are confused. LiMor pick D/D for the millionth time, but the Falafels decide to go for LiMor because they’re race-bots and always worm their way to the front. They aren’t happy about it, but they choose the married parents anyway and now they lead D/D 3 votes to 2.

Square. D/D arrive with 40 people in tow, and of course pick the red bandanas. Talia and Koby grab their 40th person and begin to dance. Koby shows off his salsa skills. He admits to missing dancing because Talia doesn’t dance with him. I could see Talia as being the “no fun” wife. She does, however, get picked up and spun by some locals. The trumpet player gives them their next clue, which instructs them to pick up a hitchhiker and take them home. Wow, really? They’re relegating the teams to being makeshift taxi drivers?

Double battle. Night has fallen. The Purples have conceded defeat to three teams and now they’re in their final face off: Ma’Ayan/Batel vs Romi/Michele. The cousins take off quickly and fend off people using the LiMor strategy. We learn that Romi has never waited tables, but Coral has. I don’t know if Coral had to do anything quite like this at her job. The cousins, far ahead, have already dropped a bunch of cups, while Romi/Michele have them all. Just as Romi starts to sing a song about focusing, they tip and it’s over for them. The cousins, even though they lost half their glasses, lost 50% less than the sisters, so they’re off to Santeria, which already feel like ages ago. And…their car won’t start. Once they get started, they lament that everyone passed them a thousand years ago, which is true. Well, all except Romi/Michele.

Square. LiMor opt to Shave It, and jacket up at the barber shop. Their local is very good-natured about it all. Falafel have found their second victim, and he wants a little more from the young men than they want to give, which I found pretty hilarious. They get the clue and head out, having dropped to 2nd. Falafel arrive at the square, choose to Shake It, and find a local boy named David to help them find people. They choose pink bandanas and start off with a small group of kids that grows.

Shake It. Debby and Dana are getting their groove on with the locals and get their clue. Elsewhere, Romi/Michele’s legs hurt as they head over to the Santeria task. They are annoyed and disappointed in their luck. Romi carries her tired sister on her back through the streets of Havana and it’s awfully cute. Back at their car, they lament being last again.

Santeria. Cousins arrive, this should be entertaining. Sisters arrive and are put in pink smocks. Both teams are shown getting spit on. Coral is clearly not a happy camper, as is Batel, but Ma’Ayan is just laughing it off, even grabbing a broom and hitting the ladies back with it. They leave with their fortune-teller clues. For some reason, we see a large fire.

Shave It. LiMor are on their second customer, who has little emotion.

Shake It. A lady in a pink dress demands that Itzik/Eliran supply all the children with drinks and candy, and when they do not, she takes all the kids and runs away. Back to square one for you. Elsewhere, Romi/Coral flirt with some other drivers.

Priestess. Ma’Ayan is given tarot cards to mix. She is asked what astrological sign she is, and she initially has no clue, but says “fish.” The priestess predicts that she’ll come into money, which is a pretty good sign considering the fact that she’s on a reality show. Romi/Michele enter  and Romi is handed the cards to mix. Coral talking-heads about how she’s afraid of dolls. Romi shocks me when she correctly pronounces her star sign, “Sagittarius,” perfectly. Most Americans can’t even pronounce that. The priestess tells Ma’Ayan and Batel that they will win, which earns her a hug and kiss from Ma’Ayan, which probably would’ve happened even if she’d predicted a fiery death. They u-turn D/D, which means that it’s up to Romi/Michele to break the tie. They are told to fear the “black turkeys.”  They choose LiMor, so the deed is done.

Square. Ma’Ayan/Batel arrive and grab the Detour clue. They decide to party.
U-turn board. No dice for TaKo, so time for them to exit this episode. Blue Collar uncover the same fate. D/D stumble up to the board, commence their usual prayers, and…they work for once, with only the usual suspects (LiMor, Cousins, Blue Collar) picking them.

Square. Romi/Michele get the detour. Coral wants to do the shaving and get it over with, while all Romi wants to is dance.
U-turn board. LiMor approach as tension builds. Lior knows it’s them, and they briefly acknowledge their oppressors (Falafel, D/D, Romi/Michele, and TaKo) and head off to dance.

Shake It. Falafel are doing their second try at that task. LiMor arrive and start distributing white bandanas. One of Itzik’s ladies runs away, and they run after her, only to find a little boy riding away with another one of their bandanas. Cousins arrive and start with their green bandanas, Ma’Ayan gets to crowdsurf. Mor gets to go upside down. Cousins complete the task, as do LiMor. So much for the u-turn inconveniencing them. Back at the square, the sisters decide to Shave It and not only find two guys, but get them to give them a free lift to the task in their pedicab. That’s the way to do it. Coral hopes that the guy doesn’t give them headlice. Back at the dancing detour, Falafel are desperately trying to make up some time by handing out more bandanas, hoping no one’s planning to punk out on them, giving their 40th to David, who refuses to dance. We get a quick back-and-forth montage of Romi/Michele shaving and Eliran/Itzik dancing, and they get their next clues. The latter team is so moved by David that they give him some money, which is a nice goodwill gesture. “Stress is the name of the game,” says Itzik. Elsewhere, the sisters get in their car and lament about their sad situation some more, trying to stay positive.

Next time: A fancy hotel. PIT STOP. Everyone is shown crying.
Are you glad that this leg is almost over?
Will anyone ever get eliminated?
Are you over this season yet?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Maxine Rama on July 19, 2013, 10:47:42 PM
Lol this season sounds like a trainwreck...
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on July 20, 2013, 02:32:12 PM
This season's tasks and teams are just as Amazing as the previous seasons of HaMerotz LaMillion. It's still really good and really entertaining with engaging and unique tasks.

However, it's this goddamn 3-episode-per-leg structure that's really hurting it. They're showing off waaaaay too much and overstaying their welcome, leading viewers like me and Jai Ho to get bored more often.

(Also, the tasks in Cuba sucked. There were four dull ones almost in a row)
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 24, 2013, 03:52:56 PM
It's been a very busy week for me, but over the past 48 hours, I've managed to recap 2 of the 3 episodes I'm behind on (and the other I'm not really going to recap, but you'll understand why when I post it).

Meanwhile, tonight begins the much anticipated HaMerotz trip to the USA!!!!

Granted, it's to Las Vegas, which is probably the most artificial and least historic place in the country, but let's hope they do tasks that actually feature American culture rather than useless filler stuff that could happen in any big city.

When I first heard that the race was coming to America, I had some unique/interesting ideas for places for them to go/tasks to do:

1) Come here to Houston (so I could have found them). Tasks: Rodeo (trick riding/roping/being rodeo clowns/selling stuff/betting on pig race or muttin' bustin); getting a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream and having to find the location of the Girl and Cow Statue depicted on the cartoon, in nearby Brenham, Texas, and make or sell ice cream; learning two-stepping and doing country-line dancing; teaching some local kids Hebrew words; going to the Art Car Museum and decorating art cars; play baseball with the Astros at Minute Maid Park; go to NASA and do astronaut training tasks/virtual moon walk; eat chili, cactus, steak, or roadkill or other Texas treats. Pit Stop: Reliant Stadium or Water Wall or on an oil rig :)

2) Go to Miami (a TAR USA favorite city) and do some of the tasks TAR's done there, like the tricycles or the trailer park decorating; learn the Golden Girls theme song and perform all the words correctly for the judge, Betty White; ride through the Everglades on a fan boat; club-hop in South Beach to find a specific clubber with their clue; go to Cape Canaveral and do astronaut tasks/fire model rocketsl go up to Orlando to do Disney World tasks. Pit Stop could be the Florida Keys, Disney, or maybe some retirement home where they have to win at bingo in order to check in :)

3) A Midwest leg: Find Monowi, Nebraska and gather the entire population of the town for a group picture (actual population, 1 lady named Elsie Eiler  :funny:); play baseball at the Field of Dreams in Iowa; make or eat cheese in Wisconsin.

4) A New England leg: Boston tasks like drinking at Cheers or delivering mail (like Cliff in Cheers); reenact a Revolutionary War battle; dump tea into the harbor; do some intelligence-related task at Harvard or Boston Latin; do a Paul Revere task "the British are coming!"  :funny: ; witch trial tasks in nearby Salem; bake chocolate chip cookies (Toll House, invented in Massachusetts); Dr. Seuss tasks (Dr. Seuss is very popular in Israel). Pit Stop could be the Green Monster or Faneuil Hall, or the battlefields at Concord/Lexington.

5) A leg in Pennsylvania like Family Edition, with encounters with the Amish/Mennonites, Gettysburg or Valley Forge tasks, Benjamin Franklin tasks in Philly, eating Philly cream cheese or cheesesteaks, going to Hershey and doing chocolate-themed tasks. Pit Stop at Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell. Or Intercourse, Pennsylvania for the laffos  :funny:

6) A leg in Seattle/Washington state with visits to Experience Music Project, Pike Place Market, Space Needle. Ultimate Needle-In-A-Haystack Task: find a specific Starbucks and drink venti mocha cookie crumble Frappuccinos with a clue hidden on the inside bottom of the cup, there are more than 300 Starbucks in Seattle and I could imagine multiple teams breaking down after drinking Frappuccino after Frappuccino, and then asking clueless and overworked baristas where their clue is :funny: Pit Stop: Gas Works Park (because it's TAR).

7) A leg in Alaska (when I told Israelis I'd been to Alaska once, they were like "wtf how did you get there? did you stay in an igloo with Eskimos?") Alaska is on the clear opposite side of the world from Israel, and the distance is incomprehensible (like us Americans and India/China). Tasks like dog-sledding, igloo-building, glacier-trekking, polar bear plunge, learning words in a language native to Alaska. Pit Stop Greeter: a very confused Sarah Palin  :funny:

...but of course, I'll probably be disappointed.

Where in America would you like to seem them go to/do?
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 27, 2013, 07:27:23 PM
Let me preface this episode by saying:

This episode highlights some of the biggest differences between the American and Israeli versions of the race. On TAR USA, we rarely see/hear outside people mentioned (family/friends/people from home), yet here, we have a whole episode basically devoted to people who we don't even know.

As an American, I'm used to traveling. I took my first plane ride at age three. When I graduated high school, like many if not most Americans, I went away to college and lived in a dorm. Since then, I've lived in varying states and countries, and have been on my own for the majority of the last decade. Sure, I talk to my parents all the time, but I've gone weeks and even months without seeing them (currently, it's July, and I haven't seen anyone in my family since March since we live so far apart). When I do want to see my parents, I have to either a) book plane tickets and fly across the country, or b) get in my car and drive for a few days. I've also been fortunate enough in my life to have traveled both inside and outside these here United States and am used to having disruptions in my routine. In fact, I can't remember the last time I actually had a routine.

For Israelis, this is not the case. Israel is about the size of New Jersey. Picture all your friends, family, and everything you know and love within a three-hour drive, max. And, not only that, but you don't even have to drive - you take a bus, train, or taxi. Distances that we find relatively short (for example, 2 hours between Houston and Austin, or 3 hours between Houston and San Antonio) are impossible to conceive for them. One weekend, I stayed with some family in Ashkelon, a small town right near Ashdod (where David and Eliran come from). I had recently graduated college, and one of family's friends was grilling me about what going to college in America was like. When I told her that it was about a ten-hour drive from my parents' home to where I went to school, she was shell-shocked at a) what 10 hours in a car would be like, b) why I chose to live so far away from home, and c) why I would drive that distance regularly (well, on winter and summer breaks).

When I lived there, most people I knew either didn't have licenses or had licenses but no car. Almost all of them disliked driving and would take public transit, given the option. Notice that some racers, (Batel and Debby, in particular), are rarely seen behind the wheel. People in Israel thought that it was bizarre, when asked what I missed most, replied "my car." My family could come visit me (and they did) but as I'm not from a place like New York City, Boston, or Chicago, public transportation was a bit of a nuisance and I missed the freedom I had to go anywhere, any time, on my own schedule.

When Israelis travel, they tend to go on short 'tiyulim,' or trips within their own country, either to visit family in another city or to visit a natural park or a kibbutz. Leaving the country is a very big deal, and for most Israelis, it's very hard and culture shock sets in pretty quickly because there really is no place like Israel. I have Israeli friends who are grown adults who cry every time they leave the country even if it's just for a few days. Except for Talia and Koby, who went to school abroad, for the racers this is probably the longest and furthest they've ever been from home. Those racers who attended university in Israel probably all lived at home. Ma'Ayan and Batel even admit in this episode that they've always lived at home, and never anywhere else. Romi is a soldier and probably lives on a base somewhere, but in the Israeli Army, it's not inconceivable that Romi's mother or father would call her unit leader on the phone and ask her what the hell's taking their daughter so long to get home for Shabbat. In America, we tend to be more comforted by material possessions - for me, it's my car and my apartment - but in Israel, family is more important than anything (even friends, sometimes) and being without them for an extended period of time with no contact is like having all your arms and legs cut off.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 27, 2013, 07:36:32 PM
Episode 18: “The Seinfeld Episode”

This episode was basically the show about nothing. No tasks featured. Teams pick up locals and spend some time at their homes with them and are presented with gift boxes sent to them from Israel. It’s very nice for them and very touching and emotional, but also very unexciting. Then they go to a completely arbitrary pit stop in the same order they were in the beginning of the episode. Romi/Michele are last, but not eliminated, in what should’ve been a TBC leg/superleg.

The highlights (what few there are)
•   Talia/Koby get a lady named Marlene. Her house is gorgeous and they clearly lucked out. She’s a dress designer with a huge closet. They play dominoes around the table. Their box includes Talia’s white teddy bear, which bears the creative name of “White Teddy Bear.” They get their cat’s collar as well.
•   Blue Collar pick up a chick named Amber. Eliran is super cute with a little baby girl. Their box include David’s mother’s scarf and a letter.
•   D/D get a guy about Debby’s age named Jorge. She flirts with him of course. Jorge’s house is lovely and pink. Their box includes pictures of Debby’s two other children, and Dana’s wedding picture and a letter from her husband.
•   LiMor choose a girl who looks about twelve. We learn her name is Amarilis. They get their package and much emotion all around. Apropos of nothing, either Mor’s makeup is smeared or she has a bruise on the right side of her face. Their box contains baby clothes.
•   Cousins pick up a guy named Lazaro. Ma’Ayan proposes marriage to Lazaro in front of his mother, who either doesn’t understand or does understand and thinks that Ma’Ayan is insane. Both of which would be true. They call him about 12 different names, all of which wrong. They get a photo album.
•   Falafel chooses a lady named Diamelix, and of course they botch up her name. At her home, they look at photos and postmodern-looking wall art. They also take advantage of the free booze. Their box contains a large jar of sand from the beach back home. Well, that’ll be useful, especially in a “build a sandcastle with your own sand” challenge.
•   Romi/Michele get an older man named Eddie and this would be creepier with producers not around. Romi jokes that they’re going to get eliminated today so their guy should come with them to visit Israel. They also play dominos. Their box has a letter from their parents – only one letter for the team, because they’re sisters.

Pit Stop: Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

Arrival Order:
1.   TaKo
2.   Blue Collar
3.   D/D
4.   LiMor
5.   Cousins
6.   Falafel
7.   Sisters

More to come later!
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: omeroz on July 28, 2013, 05:07:42 PM
I don't usually write on forums but I had to correct a few things you said about Israel.
first off it takes 9 hours to cross Israel from north to south (not 3).
In Israel life starts a bit later then in the united states. After the army service Israelis usually save some money and then travel the world for a few months. In fact Israelis like to travel a LOT.   
After that they start university and usually can't afford to buy a car (which is more expensive then in the US). Most people buy a car at the end of their schooling.

However I will agree that in Israel the most important thing is your family  :)

Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on July 28, 2013, 07:57:53 PM
I don't usually write on forums but I had to correct a few things you said about Israel.
first off it takes 9 hours to cross Israel from north to south (not 3).
In Israel life starts a bit later then in the united states. After the army service Israelis usually save some money and then travel the world for a few months. In fact Israelis like to travel a LOT.   
After that they start university and usually can't afford to buy a car (which is more expensive then in the US). Most people buy a car at the end of their schooling.

However I will agree that in Israel the most important thing is your family  :)


Welcome to the thread omeroz!

It does take 9 hours to cross Israel from north to south completely, true (from, like, Golan Heights to Eilat), but I don't know many people that routinely did that. I actually never ended up doing the whole cross-country trip, the longest I ever needed to go to get anywhere was about three hours (except for the time when I made a 3-hour trip into 5 hours because I forgot to get off the train once and ended up going the long way around when I could have skipped 2 hours by switching to a different bus line).

Israelis do love to travel, and the "Southeast Asia" year or the "Machu Picchu" year (as a cousin or uncle of mine who went to Peru for his year called it) is very important - a lot of people do this, not all, but a lot. I have a lot of religious friends/family members who didn't do it after army/national service and just went straight into college or into the workforce, but that's just people I know personally, who don't represent the majority of the young population of the country. And yes, you're right, having a car is super expensive in Israel - if I did live there, I'd probably want one but only as a complete last-minute option.

Thanks for reading my posts and stay tuned for more! Thoughts and opinions are always welcome here :) and it makes me seem like less of a narcissistic bitch so post on!
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Post by: Jai Ho on July 28, 2013, 08:10:53 PM
Episode 19: Animal Misbehavior

Neighing horses and angry crocodiles lead us back to Cuba.

Pitstart. TaKo reveal they must go to La Cienega del Zapata National Park to meet up with some crocodiles, who will hopefully not eat most of them. General “yay we’re first” talk. David/Eliran and D/D leave as well. David admires Talia and Kobi’s strong relationship. Debby is proud that they’re moving up the ladder.

Morning. Talia remarks on the tropical scenery, as does Eliran, Debby and Dana. Foreboding music plays as Debby reveals her fear of crocodiles and hopes she has to deal with coconuts instead.

Park. Two-sided task. First, transport 4 baby crocodiles per hand from the water into a box. Second, wrangle a crocodile. Talia, Koby, David, and Eliran show up first. Koby asks Talia to imagine them as gummy bears. David, though entering the pen after Talia, is shown catching his first croc. D/D show up as well. Dana tries to get Mom to go, “ladies first” but she ends up attempting first and though she screams, she seems more entertained than scared.

Streets of Havana. LiMor and Purples head out. Batel asks her driver his name, which happens to be Alejandro, and of course Lady Gaga starts to play.

Crocodiles. Fearless Koby gets 8 crocs like it’s nobody’s business, followed by David. Eliran is grossed out but gets it anyway. They move on to stage 2. Meanwhile, Talia is shown picking up some, and she finishes quickly because we flip to them at stage 2.
Streets of Havana. Itzik shouts “Good Morning Cuba!” several times. (Cuba: “Thank you but we need the sleep.”) Sisters leave as well and are extremely relieved at not having to drive.

Crocodiles. Dana freaks out a little but gets it done quickly. At Stage 2, Blue Collar enters the cage with the big crocs. Foreboding music plays as the boys prepare. In a truly frightening moment, David slips and falls, angering the crocodiles. Talia and Koby get closer to the crocodiles, but Koby’s first few tries don’t result in a catch. David (now standing) quickly nabs a big croc and they are off in first, to the town of Soplillar. Unexpectedly, it’s Talia who nabs the big one for her team and she and Koby head out in second. Back at stage 1, Debby’s still freaking out as Purples arrive. While Dana asks Debby to imagine them as little hot dogs, Ma’Ayan freaks out over how cute the babies are and grabs them lickety split, even having time to dance with them before inviting Batel to do the same. Dana comments that Ma’ayan is fearless. LiMor shows up. Lior picks up eight like he’s picking up his kid’s toys, and Mor quickly follows. Batel gets eight. Debby can’t even get one – come on, Ma!

Soplillar. Footrace to the cluebox between Blue Collar/TaKo. Double Battle! And it’s a chariot race, Ben-Hur Style! Talia checks the horses’ genders and chooses a mare, while Blue Collar opt for the filly. And…they’re off! Talia takes her team to an early lead, but Eliran overtakes her towards the end and leads Blue Collar to the win, putting them back in first. Their next clue? Campismo Beach, for a u-turn vote.

Crocodiles. Falafel show up, and Eliran dutifully starts grabbing the little ones and even tries to comfort Debby a little. Debby gets one but drops it, and Itzik knows that this is their chance to pass them. Dana goes and picks up one for her mother, but she’s still unconvinced. At the big crocs, the Purples are apprehensive, and Batel makes a valiant effort but her croc goes right through the loop. Her second attempt is a success, however, and then they humorously flee while Ma’Ayan threatens to have them made into Louis Vuitton handbags. Lior gets a croc, lickety-split, and Mor is turned on by this. I hope the camera is turned off for their next taxi ride. Falafel are slightly more apprehensive, but Itzik gets it, putting them up in fifth.

U-Turn. Blue Collar pick, for the 7th consecutive time, D/D, saying that they’re strong, while we watch Debby cower in fear at the baby crocodiles. At the beach, Blue Collar finds their next clue on a table full of fruit. Their next task is the highly competitive one of…eating fruit and throwing a note in a bottle into the ocean, intended for their families in Israel. Let’s see those guys make it through the Cuban trade embargo. We get treated to watching David and Eliran eat fruit on the beach and argue over who to write a letter to. What is this?

Double Battle. Purples arrive next, and feel like they have an advantage because they are from a small moshav, a country town where sometimes they like to ride horses for fun. Batel takes the reins and Ma’Ayan loses her helmet, but Talia and Koby (who’ve switched to Blue Collar’s filly) win. LiMor appear to have gotten very lost, because Falafel arrive next and we are treated to spaghetti Western music. The purples race to a win, on the faster horse, of course.

Crocodiles. Romi/Michele arrive and Romi does a relatively good crocodile impression. Coral does it like a pro, comparing it to picking up dropped French fries (LOL). Romi does it, but not before having fallen into the mud, judging by the brown stain on her butt. D/D, now in last, sends Debby in for one more try, and of course they get it, with much nudging from production and handlers.

U-turn board. TaKo choose LiMor again. Talia writes to her father in America. They talk about Talia’s father, and then Talia reads her letter to us in English. Apparently they didn’t tell him that they were going on The Amazing Race. Whoops. David throws his bottle into the ocean, while Talia and Koby gently toss theirs into the surf. More shirtless shots of Blue Collar. Next stop: Green Bar.

Double Battle. Falafel vs. LiMor. The couple are on Slowpoke, so of course Falafel are going to win. Lior starts to pray. But wait…we get a slo-mo shot of Falafel’s horse doing a side-step, and shockingly, allowing LiMor to pass them on Slowpoke, going on to take the win! They do not know that they’ve bucked the trend, and now Falafel are pissed off. Itzik hops down and walks away without a word to the parents. Cue the ugly moment. Mor instigates it by asking Itzik why he walked away without saying anything, Itzik says he doesn’t want to talk, but that’s not good enough for Mor, who catches up to him and fuels the fire (bad move) and then Itzik launches into full-out sore loser mode against both Lior and Mor. Itzik whines how unfair it was, Mor calls him a sore loser, and no one comes off looking particularly good. Well, not everyone – Eliran (playing the UN, according to Itzik) wisely walks away from the group. The whole fight was too stupid and grade-school to recap every single word, and you can probably figure out what happened. Conclusion: Mor is a bully, Lior is her lackey, and Itzik doesn’t play well with others. The parents leave but not before telling the camera that Itzik behaves (and drives) like a little girl. I think the show wants me to feel sorry for Itzik, but I’m actually siding with Mor a little because frankly, Itzik is being a brat and a bad sport and we (as well as Itzik) already know that Mor’s a loudmouth and he should have just ignored her in situations like this one, knowing that she’ll go away, and THEN cry and whine and hate her and call her a bitch for the cameras for all the time in the world, if he is still mad. A race is a race, Itzik, and although they had a stroke of pure luck, they won the horse race fair and square so just move on and wait for the next team.


Crocodiles. Sisters and Mom/Daughter head to the big croc cages. Dana is rightfully disappointed at being in front of only the sisters. Romi makes a couple of good tries but her croc is very snappy, while Debby redeems herself about a half an iota for nabbing the crocodile. Romi gets it as well and both teams leave.

U-Turn board. Purples pick D/D, again. They enjoy the fruit and Batel tearfully writes to her mother and they (her and Ma’Ayan, not her and her mother) hug on the beach.

Double Battle: Falafel vs. D/D. Falafel have stuck with their horse and give D/D the former loser’s horse, figuring that lightning can’t strike twice, and they’re right, winning easily, but now down in 5th.

U-Turn board. LiMor stick with D/D – what, no Falafel vote? Mor writes to her mother and Lior eats fruit, then they lie on the beach for a moment before getting their clue and exiting the episode another with the other. Falafel stick with LiMor. Eliran is dyslexic. Nothing else interesting.

Double Battle. D/D vs. Romi/Michele. D/D have learned nothing, and stick with Slowpoke. It’s the closest race yet, but it’s obvious that Romi/Michele won by a half-length. D/D are initially confused, but disappointed when they find out they lost.

U-Turn board. Sisters choose LiMor, again. They have a stupid argument because Romi wants to sit in the shade. Moment ruined. It was bound to happen. Elsewhere, D/D head to the beach. Romi reads her letter, telling their parents that they’re being sisterly and nice (even though it’s not always true). D/D pick LiMor and the deed is done, same as previous leg. Predictably, they enjoy the siesta. Dana uses the quill pen to write her husband’s name in the sand. We don’t see what they wrote, but they toss their bottle into the sea.

Next time: Pirates! Ahoy! ELIMINATION, finally. Oh, and some distracting birds.
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So, newsflash - I'm actually up to date (!!) so here's Episode 20. 21 + 22 coming tomorrow. Also, coming soon...The HaMerotz LaMillion drinking game I recently created to get us through the rest of the season! Yay!


Episode 20: Hit The Road (Captain) Jack, and Don’t You Come Back No, Mor, No, Mor, No, Mor, No, Mor

A lone seagull flies over Cuba, an island on which LiMor have just been yielded.

Route Info: As told to us by David and Koby, teams must dress and act as pirates for the rest of the leg, with their next clue waiting at Playa Shackleton. David is the first to reference Johnny Depp.  Both teams taxi up. Talia thinks that eye patches are sexy. The hell, Talia? Eliran is singing 99 Bottles of Beer and this whole leg just seems like one long car trip with the family. Remember Detours and Roadblocks? Ah Oy indeed. Purples pirate up as well, and learn that Johnny Depp was indeed in Cuba filming the movie.
Shackleton. Hey look, endangered species sighting! It’s a Detour! Approach with caution, guys. This time, it’s Sea or Air. In Sea, teams must rescue items from a sinking ship, and in Air, it’s a pirate-themed ropes course. Blue Collar choose Air and get suspended in a giant hammock. They go back and forth and are finding it tougher than they initially thought, with neither leverage nor gravity on their side. TaKo also choose Air and get raised up. Talia gets pretty close, and nearby Blue Collar are having a rare argument. TaKo successfully harnesses the laws of phyiscs and gets it with a good swing. Eliran uses brute force to claw his way up the rope and grab the flag, but after placing it between his teeth, he loses focus or something and the flag flutters away and lands nearby. Blue Collar climb down from the hammock and contemplate switching.Elsewhere, LiMor and Falafel suit up in pirate duds. Ma’Ayan/Batel arrive at the clue box and are the first to pick Sea. They wade out into the surf and find that the little boats are chock full of random stuff, from pots to drums to a bicycle. Because pirates don’t go anywhere without a bicycle! This task actually looks easier than I first thought, because the boats are not that far off shore – as you can see, the girls are barely waist deep. I would’ve probably gone with this one.  They start with the oversized lawn chair as the drum hits her in the head.

Air. Talia tries to grab the sack with brute force but is inches away. Back in the saddle, the boys grab the flag successfully and use that momentum to steer David to the sack, which he grabs but drops. The Butterfingered Blue Collars are lowered. Talia is still trying to grab the sack, and after a music build, she does, as David/Eliran clap for them gamely. They head to the next task, which starts with the U-turn board. Talia is scared since they’ve gotten such a nice lead, but of course it’s not them, so they march to the next task, which we’ll find out about soon, I guess. Elsewhere, Sisters and D/D get suited up.

Detour. Falafel show up and are their usual incredibly indecisive selves. As they go back and forth, Blue Collar go back and forth and finish the task, and Ma’Ayan/Batel, having found a crate, complete their first back and forth. Finally, they pick Sea, and start their carry just as the parents show up. Their second trip includes the bike and the drum. Itzik’s pants keep falling down.
U-Turn. Blue Collar are safe.

Detour. Mor/Lior get raised, and I’m think that the weight disparity is not going to help them here. In jog the Purples, who’ve apparently switched over to Air. Lior makes the flag, and I think Ma’Ayan grabs it for the purples. Both teams get very tangled.

Sand Piles. Apparently, one team member must get buried in the sand, while the other pours things on them, looking for a pearl which will open a treasure chest and a map. Blue Collar arrives as well. Talia and Eliran get buried for their teams. Koby’s first bottle contains confetti, while David’s contains honey. Ducks show up, and Talia completely flips out at them.

Detour. Falafel, despite their indecision, appear to be going along swimmingly, ferrying their captain across. At Air, Mor uses the brute-force strategy to grab the sack. They head off to the U-turn board. Cousins complete the task as well.  Romi/Michele arrive and argue about whether they need their bags or not. D/D arrive and choose Air, as do Sisters. No love for the Sea task. Dana tries to use gravity as  her pendulum but Debby can’t help her because she is an idiot so they swing aimless. Sisters use brute force to grab the flag, and Dana does the same. Both teams start screaming – the sisters because of rope burn, Dana because her mom sucks.

U-Turn board. Batel/Ma’Ayan? Safe. LiMor? Not so much, back to the Sea for you.

Detour. It appears that Falafel has had to start over, since they brought their person back too soon. Over at Air, Romi makes the grab with force while Dana uses gravity to grab their sack. Well done, ladies, you’ve managed to make it to the middle of the pack despite your car trouble and Debby sucking at the crocodile task. Over at Sea, Lior and Mor transport what looks to be a baby cradle and head out for more stuff. Lior climbs in the boat and takes a hard tumble. Falafel finish their task and head out. The sky gets dark, and just as LiMor hit the beach, Mor tumbles and the crate drops right on her head. Lior asks if she got a bruise, and she’s like, of course you loser, you just dropped a crate on my head. They take a break on the beach watching the rain come on.

Sand Piles. Ducks are still torturing Talia. Purples come in, with Batel plopping down in the hole and Ma’Ayan burying her. Ma’Ayan is thrilled at burying her partner in the sand and even tries to goose her further by sticking her sandy fingers in Batel’s mouth. Revenge, thy name is wet sand. TaKo gets their pearl, and Talia and her pink bikini wash off as Blue Collar watch and get their own pearl. Both teams head out, treasure map in tow. As they race to the pit stop, the teams get separated.

Detour. Mor and Lior head out for the last time. Lior, used to carrying children on his back, gets their man, and Mor carries the bike. They head off to the Sand Piles.

Sand Piles. Coral climbs in the hole. She calls her sister a disappointment and she spits out sand. D/D arrive and finally, the perfect task for Deb – sitting in a hole in the ground. What could go wrong? Dana pours the first bottle, which is just water, until gross black crap comes out, and she’s all, “ugh.” All three lady teams are pouring as Falafel arrives and Eliran gets in the hole. Ma’Ayan gets their pearl, and hilariously runs off, leaving Batel in the sand. Whoops. She comes back to get her, though, so it’s all good.

Pit Stop. Both leading teams arrive, but Koby is the first to emerge in the hut where the mat is, and he and Talia are team number one, our first repeat leg winner of the race. Congratulations, you two. David/Eliran are team number two and are not disappointed.

Sand Piles. Debby’s hair gets a pineapple juice treatment. Finally, they get the pearl, and afterwards, Debby laughs at herself good-naturedly, saying Dana was probably pleased to see her trapped there. Dana’s all, “okay, I’ll get you out of there.” Like she has a choice, LOL. Romi gets the pearl as well and they’re off. In their cab, Purples have trouble reading the map and make a Dora the Explorer reference. Dana sees this as a chance to pull ahead. They see the Pit Stop, but it’s Ma’Ayan and Batel who arrive next. They are third, and Ma’Ayan must give Ron a poo hug. D/D and Sisters both approach the pit stop. Mom and Daughter get turned around looking for Ron, allowing the sisters to slide in in fourth. They don’t appear to be serving their penalty, however, because Debby and Dana get fifth. Itzik finds his pearl as Lior is still pouring stuff on Mor. But wait! The boys lose the pearl in the sand. Oopsie. The camera shows that it’s rolled a foot or two away. Eliran heads to clean off while Itzik looks on hands and knees for the pearl. Eliran does not seem to understand the importance of the pearl. Itzik comments that they could conceivably lose because of this, as they’re second to last, Lior just found his team’s pearl, and Eliran is being lackadaisical. Lior offers Mor a hand and she’s all, am I supposed to dig myself out? LiMor appear to leave while Falafels are still fretting over the map, so they might have a chance.

Pit stop. Both teams are shown running. Please, don’t do to us what you did in Spain (LiRonit/TaKo). And…the Falafels save their fannies again. Before they find out their placement, Itzik complains about his partner’s laziness, but at the end of it all, they are still friends and still in the race. Sad music leads us to Mor and Lior hitting the mat. Lior, for some reason, is in civilian gear rather than pirate. They blame their loss on the other teams and not themselves – not the best way to exit the race with grace, guys. And with that, we’re down to officially more women than men in the race, with only one mixed-gender couple remaining. They get their loser lotto tickets and off my computer screen.

Next time: Rihanna brings us to Vegas, where Debbie is in a pretty wedding dress. Showgirls! Roulette! Bellagio fountains! Motorcycles! Ma’Ayan proposes to a hobo.
So, who’s your favorite as of now?
Did you want LiMor eliminated, or someone else?
Are you wondering how the teams are going to get from Cuba to the USA, given the political circumstances?
How many times will we hear someone say “Vegas, baby!” or “Viva Las Vegas”?
Finally, to whom will we say hasta la vista in America (in three to five episodes down the road)?
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Episode 21: Party in the USA

We open on Ron standing in front of Circus Circus. He says “welcome to Vegas, baby!” (drink).

Back in Cuba, Talia/Koby open their clue which reveals that they are going to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. An incredibly politically inaccurate graphic shows a plane taking off in Cuba and landing in America, which we all know has been impossible since the Bay of Pigs. Just putting it out there, Reshet Art Department. After a Vegas montage, we are treated to a montage of excited teams. Coral points out that Romi can’t gamble since she’s 18. Teams are shown on a plane. We do not, however, see their connection in Canada or Mexico.
Vegas. Frank Sinatra welcomes us to America, where the teams get their first clue in the airport. Coral uses “rapido” and then realizes that she’s in the United States and Romi interprets into English for her. Given that it’s America, Spanish can’t hurt either. Romi/Michele and David/Eliran enjoy the lights of Vegas from cabs as Elvis plays. Debby is feeling the Vegas spirit and the adrenaline. Keep your top on, honey. (SPOILER ALERT). Talia admits that she’s not a gambler. Yawn.

Fremont Street Experience. Blue Collar appears to be the first team to arrive, with the sisters not far behind. The sisters run past Darth Vader, then Elmo. Talia and Koby show up as well. Talia describes it as Alice in Wonderland-like. Are we going to get Acid Trip Talia on this leg? I would be both thrilled and terrified at that. They ask a lady if she’s seen a roulette wheel.  D/D arrive next and pass some showgirls and have fun with living statues.

Roulette wheel. First up: TaKo. They start their spin. We are also shown Blue Collar spinning. The roulette wheel stops, and TaKo land on 1, so they earn the right to leave right away. David/Eliran? 5. Next task: Harley Café. Here, they must arm-wrestle a local and drink some beer. D/D pass the wheel, instead, looking at a display of iPhone cases. Not the time, ladies. Romi/Michele approach, give it a spin, and get a 2, so they get to leave as well since Talia/Koby got #1. David/Eliran? Still waiting.

Streets of Vegas. That sounds wrong, until we get to the streetwalker task (spoiler alert…not really). In the purples cab, their driver impresses them by speaking in Hebrew and knowing what “Batel” means in English, correctly. In the Falafel cab, they wonder if they’re also in Hollywood. How do they even put their shoes on in the morning?

Harley Café. TaKo and Sisters arrive pretty close to one another. TaKo pick a table, and Koby starts to arm-wrestle a man in yellow. We also learn that apparently, Koby has a British accent when he speaks English. Who knew? Talia starts to tickle the opponent. Nearby, Romi prepares to armwrestle, with Coral’s help.

Fremont Street Experience. Falafel  and Purples arrive. D/D? Still wandering around. Get it together, ladies. Falafel arrive and spin the wheel. They get a 3, so they may leave as well. They run off yelling at the tops of their lungs. David/Eliran acknowledge their bad luck. Elsewhere, the Purples are running around a random casino, hilariously failing with the English. Both teams are then shown at the wheel. Purples take a spin, and it’s a 6, so D/D are 4. It doesn’t really matter, since they’re all there and I guess they can all leave at the same time, just in that order. D/D snap a pic with a showgirl and they head out. In a cab, Itzik informs Eliran that “café” is not an English word, and it’s pronounced “Harley Coffee.” Oy.

Harley Café. The girls win at arm wrestling while Koby struggles. Eliran takes the challenge for Falafel, and loses almost immediately. Debby flirts with her opponent, earning her brownie points, but not any mercy. Romi/Michele get their beers and must chug them. Um…Romi’s not legal and I don’t think Coral is either. Is that fact completely escaping everyone’s minds? Or is it just ginger ale or something? Or will their next task be, "bail yourself out of jail to continue with the race and then spend the next leg with an ankle bracelet"? TaKo get their beers, and Talia relates that this is not at all like her university experience, because she went grad school at the University of Chicago, “the place where fun comes to die.” I can relate, since I went to the University of Houston, aka “America’s largest community college,” and “the place where the sun vaporizes you while walking to class.” Falafel get beers as well. Romi, Koby, and Eliran are shown finishing, but their partners are failing. Itzik caves and hits the floor, literally. Coral and Talia finish just under the wire and leave in first and second. Route Info: Little White Wedding Chapel. Outside, Romi and her sister suit up and ride on Harleys to the next task. Romi is either giddy or very, very drunk. TaKo get on their bikes as well and head out to the chapel as well. Koby is hanging on for dear life. Is Talia drunk yet? We’ll see.

Wedding Chapel. First to arrive: Talia and Koby. Did the girls get lost or arrested or something? They rip and read their clue. They must find a couple willing to get married, get a wedding license from the Clark County Clerk’s office, and then bring the couple back to the chapel and get them married. The Vegas “weddings of celebrities” montage includes Britney Spears. I’m guessing that the Las Vegas Tourist Board had little to do with the PR here. Talia looks flustered because this task is messed up. She tells their driver to take them to a public place to find a couple. Romi rips the clue and knows what the task is already. Smarty drunky pants.

Harley Café. Both trailing teams arrive. Eliran is shown no mercy. Ma’Ayan fails as well. Dana, now in her sports bra, helps her mother
win with the good ol’ “distract the big guy with your boobs” method. Itzik gets another glass of beer, and finishes it without sharing his boobs. He looks sick. Debby freaks out over the beer. Eliran reads the clue a language that is neither Hebrew nor English.

Somewhere in Vegas. Talia and Koby are asking people with little success. Elsewhere, Romi and Coral accost a Filipino-looking couple outside a Starbucks, who look horrified. Their sales pitches kind of suck, with Coral not understanding that it’s a real marriage and not just “for fun.” She clearly didn’t follow the Ross and Rachel storyline too closely. Then again, she was probably in grade school. Kids. They then find a young couple with a lady who’s celebrating her birthday today and her boyfriend, and what do you know, they convince them. Now in first, the sisters head to the courthouse.

Harley Café. Eliran/Itzik scream all the way to the chapel. Eliran, having two brain cells rub together for the first time ever, tells the camera that this is a ridiculous and nearly impossible task. I would have to agree. They try a begging tactic and offer new shoes (?) to an obviously weirded-out couple. They then approach some more random people in the street. They manage to get a couple for a while, but then they leave as well.

Harley Café. David scores a legit win, while the girls get a fake win and babble to the bikers in Hebrew. Batel asks for a smaller glass. D/D, Purples, and Blue Collar are all shown drinking, with Eliran sucking it down like it’s nobody’s business. Dana finishes as well. Batel manages to finish. David has very little left and he finishes, as does Ma’Ayan, who gives a huge belch. Also: 2 of the 5 people who just drank are underage. Just putting it out there. Debby proves that she isn’t a downer, as she gives up halfway done with some of it coming back up. Both winning teams head off on motorcycles, with David asking to drive. He is denied and America thanks the producers. After a screaming ride, both teams arrive at the chapel. Blue Collar asks for a public place. Now, a montage of Ma’Ayan and Batel ambushing embarrassed people including a pair of divorcees and a mother and son.

Casino somewhere. Talia and Koby, in a stroke of brilliance, hype the crowd by getting a microphone and announcing the challenge, after which an engaged couple comes forward as volunteers. They skip away gaily as the Dixie Cups sing “Going to the Chapel.”

Streets of Vegas. Romi/Michele. Their couple has cold feet and runs off, taking their lead with them. Aww. It happens to the best of us, even Julia Roberts. Ok, so maybe not the best of us, but it happens. 

Wedding Bureau. It’s really happening for TaKo, whose couple signs the papers and then goes to the chapel with them. We learn that they’re Jessica and Andrew from Canada. The four of them tux and gown up and Talia asks Jessica if she’s ready. Talia holds the bride’s train as they enter the chapel.

Harley Café. Debby gets a second try. Dana coaches from the side, and Debby finally finishes. And now, she’s afraid of the motorcycles. Oy. They head off, with Debby surprisingly enjoying herself. Good for her. They head out.

Somewhere in Vegas. Ma’Ayan and Batel are still wandering around. Ma’Ayan approaches a hobo who rolls his eyes at her. Itzik/Eliran are at the Bellagio fountains (I think) and working the crowds there. They get turned down by some Asians.

Wedding Chapel. Talia and Koby watch Jessica and Andrew get married, and it’s actually more cute than awkward. Talia is about to either cry or pee herself with excitement. They’ve prepared a speech, too. Elton John sings “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” They kiss and the deed is done. As do Talia and Koby. Next clue: find the Limousine Inferno and get the hell out of this episode.

Fremont Street Experience. D/D approach a man in an army uniform and his girlfriend, and they actually sound interested. They stupidly give the couple up because they don’t already have the license. WTF? That’s part of the task! Bad move, girls. Blue Collar find an Israeli guy named Omri who will do it if they find him a wife. They get a lesbian couple, and hopefully they’ll soon find out about gay marriage in America. Elsewhere, the sisters find a couple and they look game for it. They manage to gather a cheering crowd, and the girl demands he kneel. He does, shockingly, and she accepts. This is absolutely nuts.

Marriage bureau. Apparently, the guys have gotten the lesbians a wedding license. I call BS. Something’s gotta go wrong here. Sisters get their straight couple a license and head out as well.

Wedding chapel. Oh, wait…Omri’s with them. The black lesbian chick is marrying him. But now both the lesbians are in wedding dresses. This is all kinds of awkward. We find out that Romi/Michele’s couple has been dating seven months. Coral is decked out in a ridiculously large crown of flowers – actually, my grandma wore the same outfit at her wedding, so I guess it’s a timeless look. Either that or she’s going to perform a la Isadora Duncan at the reception. Romi steps out in a white tux instead of a dress, and the couple has one final kiss before entering the chapel. For a minute there the sisters look like they’re about to kiss, but the lesbian incest moment will have to wait, ‘cause it’s time for their couple to get hitched. And…what happens next is beyond weird. David, Eliran, Omri, and the lesbians approach the minister. That’s one of the oddest sentences I’ve ever typed. Eliran wipes away fake tears before completely losing it. The vows are shared, and we learn that Omri’s black lesbian wife’s name is Meiko. What, no LaNiqua? Other Lesbian looks dubious. Romi/Coral’s couple, Sharon and Joshua (who get Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind”), exchanges vows as well. At the fake Israeli black lesbian wedding (OMG, where is my life right now?), Eliran laughs again and is given a warning by the minister. When a 24-hour wedding chapel minister tells you you’re being disrespectful, you’re in big trouble. Eliran gives a speech after he’s collected himself but he still comes off sounding like an incredible jackass. At least pretend you care. Other Lesbian is like, “can I be anywhere else right now?” Then they laugh again. Over at the actual wedding of Sharon and Joshua, Romi and Coral are actually somewhat respectful. Omri and Meiko get married. I call SHAM and they’re so getting divorced in ten minutes. Nonetheless, both teams qualify for the clue and they head out.

Streets of Vegas. Tense music brings us to a very serious looking Itzik. Amazingly, they find a bride and groom to take to the marriage bureau, only to discover their couple’s ditched them. Suckers. End of episode.

Next time: Strip poker. America continues to get a bad rap as a nation full of stupid people who do stupid things all day and all night. What's going to be the next task - working for minimum wage at Waffle House? Comforting an old person while giving them their social security check? Seeing how many laws you can break before you get arrested?
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This might be kind of random- sorry if I’m unpatriotic, but I hate it when foreign races come to America! It seriously infuriates me D:<  why on Earth would they want to come here when there are such more beautiful places elsewhere in North America (Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, anywhere in Canada, Panama, Guatemala, the D.R.)! These foreign shows should just skip coming here and spare the racers the heartbreak of visiting such a suckish place. This is just imho
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Jai Ho, you mentioned Romi and Coral not serving their penalty, but my translation of Ron's speech at the end of the Non-Elimination Leg seems to inform me that Romi & Coral served a penalty BEFORE departing on the second Cuba leg.
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Post by: Koby and Talia on August 02, 2013, 10:14:54 AM

First I'd like to express our thanks for your great recaps. They allow Talia's family in the states to follow the show's progress.

Regarding the beer - it was non-alcoholic, which was noted, explicitly, in the challenge's title during the broadcast. BTW we didn't know it was non alcoholic.

Keep on "the hell, Talia"ing - it's a killer   :yess:

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Post by: G.B. on August 02, 2013, 01:26:06 PM
Oh my goodness! Koby!! Talia!!! I love you!! You're one of my favourite teams this season!! Talia, you're so lovable that I wanna give you a hug! :cheer:
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First I'd like to express our thanks for your great recaps. They allow Talia's family in the states to follow the show's progress.

Regarding the beer - it was non-alcoholic, which was noted, explicitly, in the challenge's title during the broadcast. BTW we didn't know it was non alcoholic.

Keep on "the hell, Talia"ing - it's a killer   :yess:

Hi Koby and Talia! Welcome! B'ruchim haba'im!  Ma inyanim?


I've (obviously) been enjoying the show so far - this is the best cast yet. Can't believe I missed out on the fact about the beer - when you're watching and listening Hebrew and thinking and typing English, sometimes you miss out on a word or two. I usually watch each episode twice, the first time to watch and the second to write.

I actually have a somewhat-decent reason for the recent delay - I'm at a conference at Disney World in Orlando, FL for the weekend, so I'll be back in action with the most recent episodes when I return to Houston on Monday. I am also (sadly) leaving Texas for good in 2 weeks to start my doctoral degree in another state (I know, I know, I'm a defector, but I wasn't born here so I[m not a total disappointment. That weeks' recaps might each be written in a different state as I travel to my new digs.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the randomness and ramblings of a simple American. I've been wondering if any of the racers have stumbled upon here and have been lurking around  I hope the others will read and post something about them, inbox me, or start a campaign to Reshet to get me to Israel in time for the finale/season wrap party. If you find any glaring errors or jokes that just aren't funny or whatever, just inbox me.

Anyway - gotta head to participate in an aqua-based professional development meeting (or, swim/hot tub party). I love you and Talia so much, love the show, will post more when I get a chance! Ciao for now!

PS: I thought seeing Snow White in the Magic Kingdom was the best thing that happened today, that is, until this happened.
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I've always wondered what those little blue pendants are that the teams always wear. Are those supposed to be their microphones?
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And I'm back, after a long weekend at a professional conference in Orlando (yes, Jai Ho is a real person sometimes and participates on panels and discusses scholarly stuff with professors and theorists and such...and also almost gets kicked out of the hotel for bringing vino to the pool and fangirls out in a hotel suite full of academics when Koby randomly showed up in this thread). In other news, I will be moving away from Texas next week, so this week will be full of tearful goodbyes and trying to figure out how to fit several hundred books and academic journals into a station wagon. Oh, and a few changes of clothes, a coffee maker, and a broken chair. It'll be rough but I'll try to keep up, if only to placate myself as I prepare to head to a mysterious new location where I will commence studying for my PhD so I can become Dr. Jai Ho (eeep...not ready for that yet)

Fought through the jetlag, if only to present you with this guy:

Episode 22: Fear and Clothing in Las Vegas

Glitter and Darth Vader bring us back to Las Vegas. Just to update, D/D, Purples, and Falafel are looking for couples to marry, and TaKo, Blue Collar, and Sisters are off to the double battle.

Cab. Talia and Koby reminisce over the great love of Jessica and Andrew. They also point out the international-ness of Las Vegas, and how it’s a microcosm of the world. They clearly have not visited World Showcase at Epcot (which I did last week, and it was AWESOME. I ran between countries pretending I was on the race and made a pit stop in Japan where I ate teriyaki salmon.) Sisters, in their cab, are seeking the Strip, and say “strip” about 120 times in a minute.

Inferno Limo. We see a giant honkin’ red limo, where the teams will face off in a game of strip poker. AMERICA. The losers? 15 minutes on the strip in cardboard boxes. Why don’t they just give them graduate degrees while they’re at it? AMERICA.

Double Battle. TaKo vs. Blue Collar. Teams take off clothes, and TaKo are off to a good start, then get a string of bad cards. Koby’s socks smell – more on this story as it develops.

Somewhere in Vegas. Old-timey music must lead us to the oldest lady still in the Race, Debby, and indeed it does. They are still searching for a couple, and Debby’s turning on the charm. Dana is unimpressed and her social awkwardness is really turning her into Dana Downer for the time being. Elsewhere, the Purples have an incredibly awkward English conversation with their Arab taxi driver. Now at the strip, they resort to begging and wheeling and dealing. They hold up the Hebrew clue and the American has no clue what it says. Ma’Ayan bear hugs a lady in an Ohio State sweatshirt and then a bride.

Double Battle. Elvis ft. JXL brings us back to the battle, and now all three men are shirtless. And it’s wonderful for Talia. And me. And most of Israel and the Israeli expat community. Blue Collar gets an ace so it’s ta-ta to Talia’s top. Victory music sounds as Blue Collar beats TaKo 8-2, and they get their next clue, to head to Star Costume, which opens in the morning. But first! Yield Queen board. It’s anybody’s guess as to who they’ll yield and…it’s Talia and Koby?!?! Just kidding, of course it’s Debby/Dana. He man woman haters. They head to a Howard Johnson for the night and wonder if this is the best place the producers could find.

Somewhere in Vegas. Itzik and Eliran are still dumbfounded that they got ditched instead of hitched. “MA’AYAAAAAN!” screams someone, probably Batel, and it is. They find a randomly-matched couple named Bill and Penny, and head off to city hall. Batel gets a little too trigger happy in the cab, and since they’re so packed in, the producers probably can’t reach her Xanax, so their mulleted cab driver tells her to shut it.

Double Battle. TaKo vs. Romi/Michele. Lady Gaga provides mood music. The gals are in heavier clothes, so they have more (or less?) to lose. The Black Eyed Peas lead us to a montage of stripping in which we get the sisters down to their bras and panties. All seems lost, but then…bam, the girls get lucky, and make a comeback. It comes down to a king for the ladies and a 2 for the couple, so the sisters are now in second place. Talia is not a happy camper. The free-thinking sisters will provide us with an interesting choice as always, and this time, they gravitate towards Blue Collar, who are shown exercising in their hotel room. Howard Johnson for them, and they’re out of the episode with over a half hour to go.

Somewhere in Vegas. D/D walk hand-in-hand past KISS and beeline to a bespectacled couple who look vaguely Asian/Native American, and Dana praises her mother’s chutzpah for once.

City Hall. Debby confuses “excited” with “exciting,” giving herself undue praise. The purples are also there.

Somewhere in Vegas. Falafel find a magician, and employ the “get everyone’s attention” strategy, and they ambush a random couple, about whom we learn nothing while they shove them into a cab.

Chapel. Silly music must mean that Batel and Ma’Ayan are coming anon, and that they are. Bill hugs Penny, so Ma’Ayan sees that as an excuse to hug…everyone. Not that she needs an excuse. D/D enter the wedding dress warehouse room, and Debby must, of course, look for a dress for herself. Batel claims bride, so Ma’Ayan must be the man. She then calls the bride Fiona, which is either a funny mistake or a horribly insulting Shrek reference. Over at Debby/Dana, their bride has a mini dress while the Debby is diva’d out in a floor length gown. She contemplates marriage as she applies her lipstick, and one gets the impression that this is an activity she does on a regular basis. Batel has an ugly 70s dress, while Ma’Ayan and Dana look foxy in their suits. In an interview, Debby/Dana sing an off-key wedding march. We learn that the Purples’ couple is Bill and Patty, not Penny…screw you, captioners! D/D’s vaguely Asian couple is Ira and Maddy. Wedding speech time, and if this was a double battle, nobody wins. Ma’Ayan and Batel barely speak English, lacking pronouns and making odd nonhuman noises. Debby’s got a better handle on English, but then mentions how, like this couple, she married a Canadian…and then they got divorced. Make your own Debby Downer joke here. Little Peggy March sings as the couples kiss, and of course, the purples must dance and call their bride Fiona once more, and hug everyone in Las Vegas, and Debby does another dress twirl and leads the hora.

City Hall. Badly-In-Need-of-Lipstick-License-Lady makes her last cameo, and the Falafels head to the chapel. The groom has a guitar. Eliran is bored. When he gets hitched, everyone go to his wedding and so the Makayla Maroney. This couple is seen reading their vows. He (Nicholas) seems sincere, but she (Julie) seems a little strung out. Itzik says a wedding speech that probably neither the bride nor groom understand. They get a Hebrew song. I guess the producers ran out of American wedding songs? Groom Nicholas then sings to his bride, who looks on floppily.

Limo. All we have left are three double battles, so this should end pretty quickly.

Double Battle: TaKo taking on D/D. We do not, however, get to see how Debby Does Vegas, because take off her clothes, she does not. Madonna sings “Material Girl” and that must mean the girls win. Indeed, D/D only lose their footwear, leaving Koby and Talia all “holy effing ****.” At the Yield Queen board, it’s a second vote for David/Eliran.

Double Battle: TaKo vs. Purples. Talia’s all “so lovely to see you.” She also looks carsick. You would be too if you had to ride around all night in that thing. We get Donna Summer to accompany us as Koby rapidly disrobes and Talia’s all, “the hell, Koby?” (that one’s for Talia ;-)) The tide seems to turn, and the floor of the limo becomes littered with purple garb as Hot Chocolate sings to us. We are getting a crash course in one-hit wonders tonight. The girls decide that they can take off no more, and Talia actually starts crying. The hell, Talia? (That one’s for Koby ;-)) The cameramen must be getting lax because we get two long montages where we see equipment, one with Talia telling her Ethiopian taxi driver about Itzik, and another where Falafel  practices counting with their Jamaican cab man. Practice makes perfect, guys. Maybe before this race is over, you’ll learn how many fingers old you are! Hint: get extra hands. TaKo vote for D/D, tying this thing up.

Double Battle: Purples vs. Falafel, for all the marbles. Falafel have previously done a naked task, so this would ironic if they lost. This one’s actually an interesting one, as both teams have roughly the same levels of intelligence and maturity. And…we get to see Batel in her panties! Yay! This is the girl who swam in a dress. And the final cards are drawn, giving the purples a win. They pick D/D, giving them their third vote, complete with doom music. But what if Falafel vote for Blue Collar? What happens then. SUSPENSE.

Streets of Las Vegas. Petula Clark (a BRIT) leads us to our naked Falafel friends traversing the streets in embarrassingly written cardboard boxes. A granny in pink peeks under Itzik’s box, and it’s uncomfortable for everyone but him. They go in a diner which clearly has no dress code, and get their clue. At the Yield Queen Board, they go straight for Blue Collar, giving them their first “dun dun dun” of the race. End of ep.

Next Time: Fun with obesity! Intersection! Disgustingly large hamburgers! Itzik still hasn’t learned English. AMERICA.
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Took a quick break from packing to finish up this episode - this will probably be the last recap written in the Lone Star State. This episode actually made me hungry...going to grab a quick bite at my favorite Houston diner, probably for the last time :(

Episode 23: Heart Disease Hotel

Everything’s bigger in America? Texas begs to differ. Jus’ sayin.


Vegas. It looks lackluster in the morning. David/Eliran look forward to new challenges. Romi/Michele are seething about David/Eliran. Romi says “Vegas Baby!” You know what that means. I’m drinking club soda tonight so I’ll probably have to stop and pee a few times.

Costume Shop. Blue Collar and Sisters get their clue, which tells them to dress up in one 7XL outfit, hail a cab, and go to Roxy’s Diner to eat a burger. D/D arrive and suit up. The sisters are in a wine-colored ensemble, and David/Eliran can’t help but laugh at their own purple outfit. D/D seem to get a move on in their red ensemble. Blue Collar bounces across the street. D/D get some laughs from the crowd. They high-five a jogger, and then Dana trips and falls, bringing her team to a stop.

Cab. Talia comments that Las Vegas in the daytime looks like Gymboree. The hell, Talia? In the Purples cab, they’re all “Vegas woo!” Eliran, in the Falafel cab, is homesick and disenchanted with the city. That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas.

Costume Shop. TaKo compare themselves to Humpty Dumpty as they head out in green. Talia compares it to wearing a jean skirt in religious school, which I can totally see. Elsewhere, Coral takes a tumble and TaKo gamely help them up. Fat people need love too. Here come Falafel, hopping along in yellow. In another part of town, D/D are still on the ground. They get up though, and have a funny fat person race with Blue Collar and the Sisters, claiming the first cab. Falafel get lucky and find a cab. Blue Collar wonder where everyone went off to. Sisters get a cab in third.

Diner. D/D attempt to exit their cab with grace, but fail. A friendly passerby ties their shoes, hopefully not together. Clue box. It’s an Intersection. The ladies hope a boy team comes, but it’s Romi/Michele, and the girls…don’t want to work together. Hopping in in third are Itzik/Eliran, whom D/D are quite happy to intersect with. Their task: eat a giant burger and cola together. Ah, supersizing. They walk past a bunch of diners and get settled at a table. The camera shows us a particularly corpulent American. I wonder if the producers found him specifically for this task. Mom/Daughter/Falafel get their burger and dig in. Debby’s all about the ketchup, but neither she nor Itzik can open it after some serious trying. Israelis do love their ketchup.

Streets of Vegas. TaKo ask a local pet shop owner for a taxi, and they have to resort to a phonebook. Elsewhere, Blue Collar snag a cab, as well as the Purples.

Diner. In toddle the Blue Collars, and Romi/Michele flag them over, but the boys are set on helping out Ma’Ayan and Batel, rather than start now with the sisters, because who knows how long it’ll be before the cousins show up. In come said cousins, and since the sisters want to get it over with and the boys are not cooperating, they snag the cousins. Romi Smarty-Huge-Ass-Pants calls Batel and Ma’Ayan Yemenites instead of Persians. Unlike the every-man-for-himself approach of the other group, the ladies opt to slice pieces for each team member, with Romi doing the slicing. Meanwhile, TaKo arrive and are paired with the boys by default. Debby joke that Talia won’t be able to handle the meat, but she shows her who’s boss when Koby, David, and Eliran task her with eating the buns. Montage of teams eating. Despite starting last, David/Eliran/Koby/Talia finish their burger first and get their next clue, which is to go to Dino’s Lounge, where they will dress up as Elvis and do an Elvis act. Also featured: Yield board! In the cab, David/Eliran feel bad for their friends, but a race is a race.

Dino’s. Yield board, and the newlyweds are safe. They get suited up as Elvis. On their iPad, they must learn “Hound Dog,” and dance to it.

Diner. Team Mom/Daughter/Falafel finish, with the girls soon after. Romi/Michele call over Falafel and D/D and tell them about Blue Collar’s bitch move. They engage in a dish session about the boys, about which the cousins are uncomfortable.

Yield board. Blue Collar? Yielded. They suit up in blue Elvis costumes.

Elvis task. TaKo are ready to perform for him. They clearly do not know the words, and they have little to no rhythm. Talia attempts a pose a la Saturday Night Fever – wrong decade. He tells them they need to practice. Elsewhere in Vegas, D/D are hopelessly looking for a cab when a lady in pink offers to help. Debby promptly yells at her. And Americans are the ugly ones? Back at the Elvis, the blue suede Blue Collar boys sing “Blue Suede Shoes.” They have some pretty good rhythm and skills at performing, and even get the judge to dance with them. Victory for them, and they head off in first. Their next clue tells them to head to Golden Gate Casino. They duck into several stores, hoping someone will help them get a taxi. Eliran is particularly titillated by a sex shop.

Yield board. Neither Romi/Michele nor Ma’Ayan/Batel are yielded. They suit up as Elvis. Their song is “All Shook Up.” They don’t know this song, but they pay attention to the video. The cousins get “Hound Dog,” and they don’t even know Elvis.

Streets of Vegas. D/D and Falafel are still plodding along the road in search of a taxi. In their cab, Debby offers Dana some Orbit to rid themselves of burger breath. Eliran sings and scratches Itzik’s nose.

Elvis task. TaKo are on their second try, and they shake it up a bit more this time, and even get the lyrics down. Their judge shows mercy and gives them the clue, and they head off. In their cab, Blue Collar note that the sisters are a threat, under the radar. At the task, Elvis practices with each of the girl teams that have arrived. Up first are Romi/Michele, and they get into it and don’t sound too bad, getting the words pretty well. Ma’Ayan/Batel break it down pretty well, but not so much with the English. Back at the Yield board, Falafel are safe, and D/D are not. Usual suspects. Dana even comments that this is getting old. They get “Blue Suede Shoes.” Eliran remarks how odd Itzik looks as Elvis, because Elvis was white. Oh dear, I’m already face-palming for their attempt at “Hound Dog.” Back at the task, it sounds like Ma’Ayan is singing about a hot dog. Romi/Michele get the clue and Romi Know-it-All comments on the “Elvis lives” myth. Ma’Ayan, upon getting the clue, must hug Elvis, and they get a cab, where she babbles to the driver about being from Mea Shearim with her ringlets.

Elvis task. Debby, the only racer old enough to have had Elvis have any impact on her upbringing (ok, she’s not THAT old, but she’s a little closer in age to Elvis), comments that she loves Elvis. They completely butcher their song, and get instructed to do it again. This judge means business. Here come Eliran and Itzik, and this is already a disaster. First, they don’t know the difference between “sound” and “song,” and then they think they’re singing about “Ando.” They don’t even try to get the lyrics, and just go “wady wady wa,” to which Elvis cuts them off and is all, back to square one for you. Their second try is just as bad, and now they probably wish they paid more attention in English class. Debby and Dana head up for their second try, and they do sound better. They get their clue. And…third try for Falafel. They still mumble the lyrics, but at least they dance better. Elvis is displeased with their butchering of his song, but gives them a pity clue, literally, because I think if he didn’t give it to them until they learned the song lyrics correctly, he would have to come back from the dead several more times.

Next Time: Revolving doors! Partner-carrying! Base jumping! Everyone looks pissed off because apparently this leg isn’t over – I feel you on that one.
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It's amazing how Ma'ayan & Bat-el have now won two legs on the trot after being yielded twice. Would love to be able to watch this.
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Post by: Andre on August 12, 2013, 06:49:35 PM
It's amazing how Ma'ayan & Bat-el have now won two legs on the trot after being yielded twice. Would love to be able to watch this.
Yep they're a slow starter <3
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Omg Ma'ayan/Bat-El to be the next Bar/Inna <3
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Hey guys. So apparently leg 11 of this season is going to be in Arizona (wikipedia never lies)- but I'm so pissed because I live here and I never heard anything  :'( I'm really sorry I couldn't find anything on this, I feel terrible. Although if I'd had to guess, they'd probably be going to Grand Canyon/Monument Valley area up north. Again, I'm really sorry I couldn't be there myself to find any spoilers  :(
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Hey kids, greetings from Jai Ho..meless, coming to you live from Omaha, Nebraska. No, really. As I mentioned, I've been on the road for a few days with the family, who are kindly helping me move. This is actually one of the first times I've gotten to be at the computer in two weeks, and no, I haven't forgotten about you guys, but I'm further behind than ever and I still have a few days left until I get to my new place, and settle in, so bear with me. For your reading pleasure...
Episode 24: In Which General Tasks Involving Superheroes Happen. (yeah, nothing came to me this week :( )

We open on teams heading to Golden Gate Casino in Elvis attire.

Cabs. TaKo make alien sounds, sing, and talk about their views on money and gambling. Eliran and David are worried about the upcoming yield. In the Sisters’ cab, they reminisce about a cab driver from their hometown named Elvis.

Golden Gate Casino. Roadblock. In this roadblock, one team member must change in a revolving door from Elvis gear into superhero gear within 30 seconds, and then carry their teammate and a plastic car to find a damsel in distress, who looks more like a misplaced Woodstock flower child. Heroic music plays as the guys head into the revolving door. Out comes Eliran, in a purple costume. They get a strong start, notable considering their weight. They ask a local bikini barista if she needs saving. Probably from her embarrassing job but that’s for a team from another show. Back at the roadblock site, TaKo hit the revolving door…like a lead balloon. The door could not go any slower. Their time runs out and they must try again, but for now, we go to Debby, reminiscing about Vegas…we get it, you like the city, so what else is new.

Streets of Vegas. Itzik gets a cab, and Eliran bitches at him for constantly being in last. Well, being in a country where you’re the only team who doesn’t have at least a basic grasp of the local tongue is not an Itzik thing, it’s a “both of you” thing.

Golden Gate Casino. Purples arrive in third and argue over who’s going to do it as security personnel chit chat in the background. Batel is taking this one and unwieldily carries her much taller partner. Romi/Michele arrive next, with Romi opting to perform this task. Coral enjoys this task, which mostly involves sitting for the majority of it. Romi interviews that her left arm is still sore. Back at the door, Talia demonstrates either how to become a superhero or run from a burning building. She comments that Koby dawdles while brushing his teeth and other sundry tasks. He changes and jumps out, and she…takes a tumble. Oops. They take off, but it’s only a few steps before Koby’s shoulder starts to hurt. Elsewhere, Batel is struggling. Eliran, carrying his big sack of partner, finds the lady in white. He makes a little show of carrying her. Purples, having passed up TaKo, arrive at the lady as well. David and Ma’Ayan do the rip and read, and it’s a double-barrelled roadblock, with the other member jumping from the top of the Stratosphere, so David and Ma’Ayan will be performing this task.

Stratosphere. Blue Collar and Purples arrive and learn their fate. Eliran and Batel show their disappointment at missing out on the fun jump after having to carry their partner through the streets. At the top, David tells Eliran that he will scream his name from the top, and Eliran comments that that’s gay, just do the damn jump. Ma’Ayan asks her handler if there’s an ambulance waiting, getting the ever-popular response “you’ll be fine.”

Golden Gate Casino. It’s Dana’s turn for a roadblock, so she must carry her mother. Eliran will take it for the Falafels. Eliran compares his lime green outfit to that of Peter Pan. On a street in Vegas, Talia/Koby are kind of lost, with Talia wondering if a random orange-haired dude is their damsel in distress. This allows the sisters to find her in third, with TaKo in third.

Stratosphere. Romi is thrilled that her sister must jump. Coral? Not so thrilled. Ma’Ayan has Batel sing a psalm. First up to jump is David, though, who gently falls off and lands on the ground as four random old ladies clap. Ma’Ayan is asked if she wants to look down, and she’s all “…no.” She does the jump with much screaming and flailing, being Ma’Ayan. Next clue, read by Eliran, is to find the pit stop at the corner of Ali Baba and Giles, in a suspiciously empty part of town, where a limo will pick them up. Ok…so we’re going for an Ocean’s Eleven angle? Also, Yield right before the pit stop? Not cool, show. Both teams get in cabs to the pit stop.

Streets of Vegas. Dana is struggling, not aided by the fact that Debby is probably wearing about nine pounds of makeup. Falafel passes them up on the street, with Eliran commenting that Itzik is rather light. D/D watch Falafel disappear further and further into the distance while Dana ends up literally on the ground, with Debby commenting that she should have done this one.

Stratosphere. Talia is stoked to jump off yet another high thing. And predictably, she pirouettes while thinking about it. Maybe one of these legs she’ll surprise us and do the Bump. Coral suits up. Three, two, one…and no jump, yet. At the top, Talia gives us another history lesson on women of the Israeli war team who have also participated in jumping activities. The hell, Talia? Only you. Unlike Coral, she jumps right away. Talia asks Koby how she looked, and he responds, “like a dot that got bigger.” Well, at least he’s accurate, if nothing else. Back up top, Coral just needs another minute but she’s over the edge as well, looking rather graceful and not nearly as flail-y.

Cabs. Blue Collar arrive first and turn over their sand glass. Ma’Ayan realizes that since they’re behind only David/Eliran, who are yielded, they’ve got a very good chance of being first. Their cab crosses under the Mandalay Bay, and here they are, at the flags. They run down a nondescript patch of sidewalk, and nothing happens. But wait, here’s a limo. Out pops Marilyn Monroe to welcome the ladies into the limo, where Ron waits. Ma’Ayan and Ron banter, and Marilyn actually says, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Oh, Marilyn. A linguist, you are not. Stick to welding. They get the news that they’re first, but that the leg is not yet over. Marilyn hands over their next clue and Ron says, see ya at the next pit stop, and they’re back out on the street where they must get their next clue at Vegas Western.

Streets of Vegas. D/D are plodding along, slowly but surely. They acknowledge that they’ve got a yield coming up. They find the white lady, and head to Stratosphere. In their cab, Romi/Michele realize that they’ve got little money left, and they’re nowhere near the pit stop. TaKo are also shown going to the pit stop. Eliran yells at the sand glass to go faster. Sisters arrive at the pit stop, and their driver is incensed that they don’t have the money. Like any cab driver, he holds Coral’s bag as collateral while the girls run off in search of money. Suddenly, Talia/Koby appear and run past Blue Collar to the mat. Talia immediately recognizes Marilyn, and references the birthday song, because she hasn’t been living under a rock, but we all know that. Since they speak English, they get to include Marilyn in the conversation, who comments on how handsome Koby is, while Talia comments that he’s still chubby but less so. They are second, but they get their next clue. I hope Ron knows that Talia has once again had alcohol.

Pit Stop. The sand glass runs out, and David/Eliran, now in third, meet Marilyn. David comments that seeing Ron means rest. But, not this time! Marilyn sings them a song and then they complain about Romi/Coral. Then they get booted out of the limo with their clue.

Stratosphere. Itzik comments that he dislikes heights, even going to his sister’s thirteenth story apartment. Eliran gets clotheslined by a turnstile. Ball hard, Eliran. D/D arrive and Dana whines that Mom gets to do all the fun stuff while she gets to carry stuff and fight animals. Itzik heads out on the edge. Three, two, one…and no. Eliran does not see his friend falling from the air, so he gets worried. Deb fiddles with her suit. The handler tells Debby to say hi to her kids, which she does weakly. Despite her fear, she does the jump. They head off to the pit stop, now no longer in last, but with a yield ahead. Itzik jumps now, and in a rare moment of Itzik introspection, he comments on how meaningful it is. They head for the pit stop. Eliran comments how fierce of a competitor Debby is. In the Debby cab, she begs the driver to go faster. She name-checks the fact that they’re on The Amazing Race, and their driver actually says, “Why didn’t you say so?” and speeds off. He also almost leaves them without their bags. Back at the Sisters cab, they have gathered the money, and run up to the mat. Marilyn welcomes them with champagne and they are in fourth. Romi looks forward to sleeping and showering, and of course that will not be happening, so they get their clue and go.

Pit stop. Debby/Dana sit on the corner and wait for their hourglass to run its course. Itzik/Eliran’s driver gets a little confused, but only for a block or two. Even though the ladies’ hourglass is just about out by the time the gents arrive, the latter team gets fifth place. Shockingly, Itzik knows who Marilyn Monroe is, and is surprised to see her alive. Eliran is less than enchanted about continuing immediately. Last placers Debby and Dana arrive at the mat and get in the limo, where Debby is pleasantly surprised to se Marilyn. They do the “we’re last and we know it” speech, but then get saved and live to race another day, because at least the producers know better than to have a team be eliminated by a stupidly placed yield, which I still don’t understand. They head off into the Vegas night.

Next time: Halloween! Frogs! Teams get buried alive. Yikes.
Overall, a poorly planned leg, but interactions with Americans made it worth watching. Can't wait to see what other shenanigans these teams get into here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Whopper.
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Hey everyone, Brannockdevice here again. So apparently the teams are going to Flagstaff, AZ!! I'm so mad, as I only live a little less than 2 hours away from there  :pity

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there to get pictures or anything  :'( however, I could tell you all about Flagstaff!

Flagstaff is a small college town in northern Arizona; it's home to NAU (Northern Arizona University). It's a mile in elevation, so in the winter it's a haven for winter sports buffs (yes, it does snow in parts of AZ). I believe they went here in the summer, so there won't be snow, but it's still stunning there! I don't think they'll be visiting the Grand Canyon (they would've passed it on their way to Flagstaff), but if they do its about a 1.5 hour drive north. As for predictions for the rest of the leg, I think they'll continue their journey south, and visit Slide Rock State Park/Sedona, which is about 45 minutes south (Sedona is a quaint little town right in the heart of Red Rock Country, where the mountains are literally rust red! Slide Rock is a popular tourist destination- it's a river that nature has kinda eroded into a sort of water slide. Upriver there are cliffs that you can go cliff jumping. It's really fun). It's also possible that they have a challenge in Flagstaff, then take a bus to Los Angeles or San Diego (both are about a 6-7 hour drive). I also think its possible they'll end up in Phoenix, (which infuriate me even more, as I live here and never saw them!) where they can play golf in 115 degree heat  :funny:

Again, I'm really sorry I couldn't get pictures of them. Although I hoped you all enjoyed a little bit of commentary about where they went  :)
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So, greetings from my new digs, where I'm currently sitting in a nest of sheets on the floor because my furniture won't be here until next week. Next week is also finale week, and I know I'm crazy behind, but this past one has taken me three states to do, and I have 4 days of nothing coming up until orientation so I should be good to go.

Anyway, from the beautiful Midwest, here's Episode 25.

Episode 25: Tales from the Crypt

We open on Purples opening their clue, directing them to Dig This. Ma’Ayan and Batel are happy to be first, for the first time. TaKo have a cab driver that is a bit more enthusiastic than they’d want, and they argue with him over his speed, and he tells them about his drinking problem. Maybe they should’ve switched cabs with the Purples, who seem to have a driver that’s happy enough to clap. Talia looks tired and frustrated. In the Blue Collar cab, their driver is ten kinds of crazy, triple-checking the address and talking about his fascination with Hebrew. David looks like his current fascination is exiting this cab as soon as possible.

Dig This. TaKo’s argumentative driver must have been good because they pull up just in front of the girls. A guy dressed as a ninja has their next clue, a route info. They have a Blair Witch style video featuring Ron giving them clues to a location. The X-Files theme plays as David/Eliran arrive and try to figure out the clue. TaKo thinks they’ve got it – the theme of the words is horror movies – and they are correct. The ninja gives them their next clue, and it’s a roadblock. The teammate that performs the task must be buried alive for ten minutes without panicking. I…would not be able to do this. Well, actually, maybe I could do it by lying there making lists of all the places I would rather not be, or maybe by playing a bunch of TV theme songs in my head. But back to the race. Koby will do it. The purples get the clue as well, and Batel will perform this roadblock. Koby is very scared, while Batel’s all…whatever. All the team members get their pulses, heart rates, etc. checked. Koby wonders if he can be buried with his inhaler.

Graveyard. Koby, now blindfolded, gets escorted in with one arm around the wife, and one around the executioner. I’ll let you guess which is which. Koby comments that it’s lie Friday the 13th.

Pit start. Sisters and Falafels open the clue. Eliran/Itzik are notably beaten-down and remark how tough it is to stay in the race. Sisters’ cab driver is lost. He pulls out an old-style phone book. They trash him in Hebrew, and a completely uncomfortable conversation ensues.
Roadblock. The task starts to hit Batel as she approaches the coffin. Koby lies down in his coffin and starts to get buried. Talia is scared and hoping that she doesn’t have to do this again. Batel starts to get buried and screams out. In an interview, she comments on the sound of the dirt hitting the coffin. Ma’Ayan and Talia watch their partners on little video screens. A completely creepy girl sings “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in the background.

Dig This. Sisters and Falafel arrive and get the ninja clue while Blue Collar is still working on it. Eliran actually says the answer in his interview, inadvertently. Romi Know-it-All actually does know the right answer this time, and gets the clue for her team before Blue Collar, with Falafel right behind them. They open the roadblock clue. Eliran, Eliran, and Romi (who reveals that she’s claustrophobic) will do it.

Roadblock. Blue Collar Eliran gets led out first, then Romi. They climb in their respective coffins, and all Coral has to say about gangsters burying their victims is, “that’s sad.” Coral comments that she isn’t afraid of stuff like this and she should’ve done it. Flash over to Romi, singing Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” in her coffin. And they say dead men can’t sing. Eliran of Itzik/Eliran gets buried, and Itzik comments on how real it is.

Coffin-cams. Blue Collar Eliran is quite a chatty corpse, talking the night away. Coral comments that it’s kind of like a tanning bed, kicking herself for not doing this. Elsewhere, D/D start the leg, trying to keep positive about their non-elim, and still love Vegas, for everything that it’s put them through. Back at the coffins, Koby and Batel finish. Koby sits up with dramatic flair, Batel…is kind of disoriented, all “what’s this thing called light?” They get the next clue.

Dig This. Debby and Dana get the clue quickly, and it’s Debby’s turn for a roadblock. She turns a little white at the task.

Haunted House. As TaKo have a chat with their driver, the cousins have already made it to the Haunted House. They approach the door and a creepy man answers, asking THEM “trick or treat?” Ma’Ayan says treat, hoping for the best, as do TaKo. The man comes out with a pie for the cousins, and as Ma’Ayan reaches for  it, he pies Batel in the face. Batel has a moment of shock, then is all “Ron Shacher!!!” Valid person to complain to.  Koby also gets a baked goods facial, and Talia sees this as an opportunity to have a late-night snack. The hell, Talia? For their next trick, the teams must kiss frogs. TaKo do this with pleasure, and Batel points out that this is Ma’Ayan’s first kiss. Ma’Ayan hopes her next kiss will be outside the amphibian family.

Roadblock. Debby gets led to the grave, with much fear and freaking out and praying. Eliran, Eliran, and Romi are all done and leave. Itzik yells that they’ve returned from the dead. Well, your teammate  but who’s counting. Romi/Michele ask a hospital to order them a cab. It comes and they fight with Eliran/Itzik about the cab. The sisters get their same crypt-keeper guy from before, who finally, after a convo with Romi, picks up that they’re on the Amazing Race. Meanwhile, Debby is (appropriately) upset in the coffin because it sucks in there.

Haunted House. David/Eliran ask for a treat, and David dodges the pie which ends up mostly on the ground. Good on you. Batel/Ma’Ayan and TaKo get their final treat, a gummy bear on steroids. Batel still has a face full of pie. Talia finds all this hilarious, but the guy looks like he wants them off their property. Both teams get the clue, and one team hugs the creepy guy. Bet you can guess which. Next clue is out back, where one racer has to dunk their partner. Carnival games for everyone! Sisters and Blue Collar get the frogs, Romi is happy to get the affection, whereas Coral, Eliran, and David are less than thrilled but do it without too much commentary.

Roadblock. Debby is actually glad she did this one, in retrospect, because she’d probably be in more emotional trouble seeing her daughter getting buried, and now Dana has a renewed appreciation for her mother. They walk off without letting go of one another.

Cab. Falafel get a lesson in Halloween, which they refer to as “Elvin.” Um, he was on The Cosby Show, and he wasn’t even the scary one. That would be Denise, or Bill towards the end. Eliran says “trip or tit,” and I can’t even imagine that one.

Haunted House. David/Eliran have to bob for apples now, as do the sisters. Romi Know-It-All thinks they can pick it up between their faces. Um, no?

Dunk Tank. Ma’Ayan comments that the lady looks like Alice in Wonderland. Ma’Ayan climbs in, and Batel throws like a girl. Talia reluctantly climbs in, looking like she needs some alcohol to either numb her from the cold or from the experience. Koby hits it lightly, but not enough to tip Talia.

Haunted House. D/D and Falafel get frogs to kiss. Itzik looks like he’s smoking the frog. Debby freaks out at the frog, and I would too,
because I found one on my patio a few weeks ago and I can admit I did the same. At the apple bobbing, Eliran of Blue Collar has seemed to get the hang of it, but David mostly gets water, getting it eventually. They get the clue in third. David/Eliran draw rocks to see who will be the lucky guy to sit in the tank, and it’s Eliran getting the short end of the stick again.

Dunk Tank. Long montage of failures, broken up by Batel getting Ma’Ayan in, then Koby getting Talia in. The clue is a small yellow piece of paper which they redeem for their clue. Next clue: lingerie football. The purples pass up Talia and Koby and their chatty cabby to get the first slot at the football stadium. Blue Collar’s driver suddenly wakes up from his haze and starts to book it. It looks like they got pulled over, but they stop and are there, beating TaKo, who arrive in third and not too happy about it.

Haunted House. Debby gingerly kisses the frog before it hops away. Sisters and Falafel are still struggling at the apples. Romi/Michele bump out the apples with their heads and then pick them up off the ground with their mouths…um, you’re doing it wrong, but okay. They get their final treat, the pie, and the man does the old “smell this” trick, and picks Coral. Romi Know-It-All saw it coming, or so she says, and Coral Sour Puss is all, “don’t look at me, I’m hideous…but tasty.” They head to the dunk tank, where Romi gets up on the stand.

Haunted House. D/D get the gummy bear, and Itzik gets the hang of the apples, teaching Eliran in the process. Debby claims that because of her age, she can’t finish the bear, and Dana’s all “wtf mom, that makes no sense.” The two teams get their pies, but the guy must be getting tired because he only gets Eliran on the side, and I think he tries to get Dana but Debby’s surprisingly quick reflexes deflect the pie from hitting her.

Dunk Tank. Romi gets dunked, and Buzz Killington gets them to the next task in fourth. Eliran and Dana sit in the tank while their partners throw balls. Debby, unsurprisingly, throws like a girl, but Itzik gets Eliran down pretty quick. Just as Dana jokes that she’ll be there until August, Debby beans the button and down she goes.They get the clues in that order, and end episode.

Next time: Hoover Dam! Ladies in lingerie! Truck pulling! Someone’s on the ground – looks like Ma’Ayan.
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FINALLY got wireless in the new apartment today and finished this one which I've been working on for awhile. I will be skipping 27 and 30, since I skimmed those episodes and they're pretty much clip shows, so only two left after this.

Oh, and happy birthday to racer David!  :conf:

Orientation is tomorrow, all day, but maybe I'll skip out early on an activity to get started on Ep. 28. Until then, enjoy this piece.


Episode 26:Washing Away the Competition

For the bazillionth time, we open in Nevada.

Cabs. In first are the cousins, who are hoping against hope to stay in first. Batel looks notably fresher, with straighter hair and a face full of makeup. Blue Collar and TaKo are in cabs as well.

Longevity Sports Center. Time for the first task of the day, scoring a touchdown against the Lingerie Football League. Of course the race would do this. Only on the Merotz. Side note: lingerie football? why is this even a thing? Batel thinks that the girls are pretty, and Ma’Ayan does not think so. Koby comments that one of the girls looks like his ex. TaKo are up first and do pretty badly. Ma’Ayan and Batel have no clue (as if we expected them to) how to play American football. Ma’Ayan instructs her cousin that the whole point is that the ball doesn’t touch the ground. That’s pretty much a basic tenet of the game, so I’ll get on board with that. Also, the cousins look cute in their skirts, like they’re grade-school field hockey players who got lost on the way home from practice at Our Lady of Many Sorrows. Blue Collar are similarly unimpressive.

Cabs. Romi’s singing “We Are Family.” Elsewhere, reality has set in for Itzik/Eliran, who realize that their race could be their last. In another cab, last-place Debby shares her personal philosophy of positivity. Debby and philosophy are not two things that normally go together.

Longevity Sports Center. All six teams are now there, and Romi and Michele are on the field. Romi becomes the first racer of the day to complete a pass, only to get man-handled (woman-handled?) by the other team and turned on her head. Owch. To no one’s surprise, Itzik and Eliran have no clue what is going on. The cousins cheer on the lingerie girls, and Itzik dives for a pass but misses. D/D are very intimidated and inquisitive about the ladies and their bodies. Debby ask for some fitness tips and is challenged to a push-up contest against a girl and it’s hilarious. Time for second chances, and Batel scores the first touchdown of the day, followed by David, who looks like he’s being invited to a Sadie Hawkins dance. Next clue: hitch a ride on a truck to Boulder City (finally, no more Vegas!) where they’ll compete in a strongman task involving a truck pull.

Trucks. Ma’Ayan and Batel are overjoyed at learning that their truck’s driver is Louis, and they clap. Ma’Ayan tells the driver that her father is also a trucker. Blue Collar climbs in a truck, and for the second time in the race, we hear Eliran call himself Luke, which is in fact his last name and not something he picked out of the sky. “Country Roads” comes on, which is a prerequisite to any open-road-driving sequence, anytime, anywhere. Also look out for “Life is a Highway,” “Highway to Hell,” and “On the Road Again” (which we heard a bit of). Bonus points for “Shut Up and Drive.” Ma’Ayan stretches out, and Batel cries for some reason. They also ask Louis to take them home “but lo hayom (not today),” this season’s “I speak but not maspik.” Just as Ma’Ayan drifts off, the prerecorded radio message starts to play and the girls are genuinely and pleasantly surprised to hear Batel’s uncle and Ma’Ayan’s aunt (who also happen to be Ma’Ayan’s father and Batel’s mother) talk to them.

Football. Romi misses again on her second try. Eliran also gets an incomplete. Koby scores for him and Talia, as does Dana for her and mom, keeping the top three in the same order they left and bumping up D/D from sixth to fourth. Outside, Talia dances in the street until the truck arrives. D/D also climb in a truck. Both teams know “Country Roads,” although Debby’s a bit wrong on the lyrics. We get a crotch shot of David and Eliran. Their announcement comes on, and Eliran shouts “Sylvie!” about a half-second after David’s mom starts talking. Eliran’s mom gives a shout-out as well.

Boulder City. Cousins de-truck and we learn that they must pull a several-ton truck across a line painted on the ground. The strongman gives them their clue, and is probably surprised to see Stretch and Skinny power walk across the lot. David/Eliran arrive and get briefed by a lady in pink. Unlike Ma’Ayan/Batel, the boys don’t seem too fazed, probably since they do a lot of physical labor involving pulling on a day-to-day basis working at the port. In fact, their opening sequence in the credits shows them doing just that, so they’ve probably got a good chance of passing the cousins here. Both teams start, and the combination of wind and difficulty of task almost blows them away into the air. Blue Collar’s truck starts to move, and Eliran tells us about how momentum works.

Football. We get a brief shot of Romi twerking followed by a montage of the four remaining racers doing pretty badly. Itzik barely scrapes by the end zone and scores. Romi’s touchdown shot shows her actually going into the end zone. Both teams get into yellow trucks.

Trucks. In the D/D truck, Debby gives us her surprised face as Dana’s husband’s voice comes over the radio. Dana promptly cries her big blue eyes out. We do not hear from Debby’s Canadian ex-husband, rather from her son Adam (who has a twin named Eve), whose voice is remarkably similar to Dana’s husband. A British lady comes on the air in the TaKo truck (hehe, taco truck) and it’s Koby’s mother, followed by Talia’s mother. We do not hear from Talia’s father, who must not have gotten the message in a bottle Talia tossed into the Caribbean Sea a few weeks earlier.

Boulder City. Blue Collar gets their truck rolling quickly, with the girls still struggling. However, we don’t see the girls at all in the shots of Eliran/David, nor hear their loud voices, so maybe they took a break or something? Ma’Ayan/Batel’s truck starts to move, with Ma’Ayan doing the majority of the pulling, followed by a plotz in the parking lot. The next task for the teams is to earn money through a bikini car wash. I wish I was kidding. Whatever happened to Nevada’s natural beauty? Cousins get into their religious-chick bikinis to the sound of Miley Cyrus. Ma’Ayan talking-heads “who’s gonna stop for the boys? Gay drivers?” You’d be surprised. Meanwhile, D/D and TaKo have arrived at the task. In an interview, Talia makes dinosaur sounds. The hell, Talia? Debby calls the strongman a “refrigerator.” Koby then makes dinosaur sounds as he actually pulls the truck and does it rather quickly, as Debby/Dana stay in the same spot.
Trucks. At first, Romi seems like she knows something, but then they both react in surprise when their mother comes through the stereo. She starts off by saying, “Hi girls, it’s your mother,” as if they may have forgotten their voice. Then again, my mom leaves me voicemails tell me that she’s my mother, so maybe it’s a way for moms to validate their life choices. Since they have the same mom, they only get one voice, unless they didn’t air the second message for them. Eliran and Itzik hear their own names, but can’t understand why (really?) until Itzik’s mother’s voice starts speaking over the radio, followed by Eliran’s father.

Car Wash. Purples get their first car as Ke$ha sings to them. Batel impresses me with her knowledge of car parts. All I know about cars is that I have one, and it gets me where I need to go, except for last week in Iowa when my front right tire disintegrated about halfway between Omaha and Des Moines, leading to a fun-filled two hours at a rest stop waiting for a tow. And then a few days later, when my brand-new tire decided on a repeat performance. Back at the car wash, the purples’ customer reveals himself to be a Hebrew speaker. Talia/Koby show up, and they and Blue Collar score their first cars of the day and the second for the girls, which is apparently enough to pay their driver for gas and their next clue, which leads them to their pit stop, the Hoover Dam, which meets my criteria for “appropriate and interesting pit stop.”

Boulder City. Falafel arrives. We see Debby/Dana clearly struggling in the background as the boys make quick work of the task, which makes me further doubt that the Purples/Blue Collar were pulling at the same time. The sisters arrive, and Dana takes the lead and finally gets the game in gear.

Car Wash. Itzik/Eliran show up and flag down a pickup to clean. Nearby, Dana and Debby arrive, with Dana prancing around in a bikini while Debby holds up the sign in her little black dress. Of course, Debby must flirt with the driver of the car, as if she isn’t already offering to perform a service for money on the side of the highway. Dana is not impressed. She also probably doesn’t want a new father. Debby is also probably soaking wet when she hugs the driver. Talia and Koby finish a vehicle.

Boulder City. Romi leads the way in moving the truck, doing a little hoppy dance as she pulls the truck. They are happy learning about the bikini task, as Coral either bought or brought with her an American flag bikini. AMERICA. They manage to steal a huge, decorated pickup and pretend they’re in American Pie. They ham it up, and it works out in their favor as their second car pulls up right behind them. They even have time to pose for pictures with their clients.

Hoover Dam. Purples arrive and admire the dam, but are even happier to arrive in first for the second leg in a row.

Car Wash. Talia and Debby flag down the same car, and a chase scene ensues. The driver is a guy, and is probably tickled at the women fighting over him, and chooses the mom and daughter over the couple. Eliran/David are shown washing a pickup with Texas plates, so I’m going to take that as a shout out to me. A small crowd of guys has gathered behind Dana, which her mom takes notice of. The sisters finish, followed by Debby/Dana who get a 12 dollar tip. Blue Collar finishes as well, and it’s a three-way race to the dam.

Hoover Dam. They show up in a caravan, with Blue Collar somehow in the lead, followed by sisters and D/D. All three teams jet to the dam, and David/Eliran arrive, officially in second place. Romi/Coral check in, moving them back up towards the front of the pack. D/D arrive in fourth, with Debby asking if she can bungee, and getting a no from the greeter.

Car Wash. The two remaining teams finish pretty close, with TaKo slightly ahead. They campaign with their driver in English to stay ahead of the guys, who are kind of just sitting their truck doing nothing. To add insult to injury, the boys get stopped by a red light, but then their driver points out that the other truck is going the wrong way. General confusing shots of teams on the run, but it’s Talia’s shoes and leggings that are seen first on the pit stop mat. It’s notably darker when Itzik/Eliran show up, and are eliminated. Eliran looks surprised, but Itzik smiles it off. Their loser lotto ticket contains 7000 shekels, and of course Falafel sings us out with a montage of their greatest hits, a great many of which involve them naked and Eliran falling over things. Roll on, you crazy beach bums.

Next time: Snow tasks! Huskies! Romi complains about the weather, while Debby looks like she actually has something to complain about.
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Episode 30 of the last season was the end ;_;

I love HaMerotz LaMillion, but this is just tooo muuuch....
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Episode 28: Lovely Weather For A Sleigh Ride Together

We learn that the teams have taken a train from Hoover Dam in Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Pit start. Ma’Ayan welcomes us to Arizona, where the clue leads them to the Snow Bowl. They are driving cars this leg, and with Batel in the driver’s seat, it’s uh-oh, Grand Canyon State. They remark that this is the first time that they have no one to follow. As David drives, Eliran notices some moose. The sisters wonder if they’ll see bear.

Snow Bowl. Ma’Ayan and Batel are the first to arrive on the Snow Bowl, which is actually quite snowy. Their task? Search and rescue a doll from the snowy mountain, and sled down the hill with them. The cousins take off with their sled just as Blue Collar arrives. Ma’Ayan declares it too cold to smile. But probably not too cold to sing! Sisters arrive, and immediately Romi shuts down in the cold. It appears as if Coral ties her sister to the sled, but only because there’s no tree to tie her to. We see a montage of teams racing up the hill. David/Eliran arrive first and get instructions which are said quickly and in English. Kudos to them for understanding…I think. They argue about which way to go but it’s probably not a big deal. Next to the top are the cousins. We check in with Romi/Michele, and…whoops, their little red sled goes back down the hill. Romi sulks off behind it.

Pit start. D/D and TaKo leaving. Talia is confident that she and Koby can propel themselves above D/D and the cousins. They start off by beating at least D/D to the mountain. The newlyweds head off up the hill, with asthmatic Koby needing to stop for some air. Elsewhere, Romi has decided to play nice with Coral for the time being and head off to look for the missing sled. Red-faced TaKo make it to the top and get their receivers. We see a montage of the three top teams searching, with Ma’Ayan  beginning to shovel, followed by Koby. David/Eliran get into it as well. The boys perform some mock CPR on their doll as the girls and newlyweds struggle to dig up their friends nearby. I know who I’d want rescuing me. The boys begin their slide, with David on a shovel and Eliran on the sled. A second sled pops up next to them. Maybe it’s Romi/Michele’s missing sled? Talia/Koby start their descent as the boys complete theirs with a swivel. They get a snow globe, which contains within it their next clue, Flagstaff Nordic Center. But first! U-turn board. That picture of Romi/Michele in the bikini tops looks awfully silly against that background.

Snow Bowl. David/Eliran correctly identify the clue, as do the cousins. Talia/Koby appear to not get it right away, but they along with Blue Collar show up at the U-turn board. To no one’s surprise, Blue Collar pick D/D, and Koby/Talia agree, hoping to increase their lead. Ma’Ayan and Batel do the same, and their fate is sealed. David/Eliran leave. Koby/Talia have no clue where they’re going, and apparently all three teams end up at the right spot, ready for a…

Double Battle. It’s time to dog sled! I can attest to the fun of this activity – I did it in Alaska once back in high school and it was amazing and made me want to become a professional dog musher, and I managed to convince many gullible classmates at my school that I had withdrawn my college applications and was moving to Alaska to pursue this dream of mine. It didn’t go much further than that, but those kids were pretty stupid. First up: David vs. Talia. Talia is in the lead, but falls, allowing David to pass her. Eliran looks like a pro at this, whereas Koby spins around in little circles. Blue Collar wins, and gets the detour clue. I’m calling it Pick Up or Pile Up. In the first option, the teams must carry some ladies, piggy back, while wearing snowshoes, and in the other, build a huge stack of wood.

Snow Bowl. The sisters retrieve their sled, but they’re barely up the hill when D/D are done with the task. They pick Blue Collar, and wonder if Koby/Talia stuck up for them this time.

Double Battle. We start off with Talia vs. Batel. Talia takes off like a bullet, and Batel, who is scared of the dogs, goes quite a bit slower. Talia takes another tumble around a tree. (The hell, Talia? Drunk again, I see.) Batel briefly catches up, but it’s the couple’s to lose, especially when Ma’Ayan has a complete wipeout, watching her dogs run elsewhere.

Detour. David/Eliran have chosen Pick Up, and put on snowshoes. The task is more difficult than the boys anticipated, with them stopping several times. Koby and Talia pick this side as well, but get like five steps before realizing that this is not a walk in the park and switch. Blue Collar appears to have somewhat better luck. They talk about the ladies’ weight, and it’s a good thing that they do so in Hebrew.

Snow Bowl. The sisters finally finish, and choose Blue Collar as their u-turn victim. Coral believes they have a chance as they head to the double battle.

Double Battle. D/D arrive. Cousins tell D/D that it hurts to fall off, scaring Debby. Dana starts off strong, but hits a snag at a sharp turn, allowing Batel to pass. They pass off to their partners. Both ladies seem to be going on strong, with Ma’Ayan leading, but then Debby goes flying, just like Ma’Ayan said, although it appears a log tripped her up and not a person. Purples for the win.

Pile Up. Circus music plays as Talia chucks wood and Koby stacks it. Their pile goes up rather quickly. Ma’Ayan/Batel appear, with Ma’Ayan humorously adding that the couple’s pile looks like a house already. They start piling when lo and behold, said couple runs out of wood. Koby tries a quick fix but their whole wall crumbles down.

Double Battle. Romi shows her first positive emotion of the day as she plays with the dogs while Debby reports of her fall. The dogs show signs of fatigue, with both Romi and Dana neck and neck at much slower speeds. Coral hits a tree this time, allowing Debby to cruise in for the win. Coral looks like a yeti as she rolls up, knowing she lost. At least they have dogs to play with.

Pick Up. Debby is, for some odd reason, excited about this task, and they choose their ladies. They take a few spills. I really hope these girls have workman’s comp. Over at Blue Collar, David is suffering. It starts to snow, and it turns out to be Eliran’s first snowfall, so he makes a snow angel. They get back up, and complete this ridiculous task. Their next clue? Wig Wam Valley, Arizona. Since there’s no W sound In normal Hebrew, Ron calls it “Vig Vam Valley” which is adorable. They will meet some Native Americans (NOT Indians, politically incorrect producers), but first, find out the results of the u-turn. It’s a double u-turn. David/Eliran are affected by neither, so they exit the episode.

Pile Up. After their time runs out and little purple girl gives them their clue, the sisters start to stack. TaKo seem to have less knowledge in the way of architecture, enduring several spills and calling their pile names. The purples lose a little bit. The sisters, however, lose it all.

Pick Up. Debby reevaluates her choice of task, but she and Dana power through it. A victory for them, but wait a minute…u-turn board. At least they did this one first, which seems like more of a pain to do. They know they’ve got a good chance of being u-turned, and they are. Usual suspects Blue Collar and Purples do not surprise them, but seeing Talia/Koby’s picture flips a switch, and they proceed to become cray cray. Debby gets bleeped out a lot, so it must be pretty bad.

Pile Up. D/D show up and all hell breaks loose. Not even a wall of wood can hide Talia/Koby from Debby’s wrath.  Indeed, their wall falls as Debby cackles with glee. Ma’Ayan tells her cousin to ignore the crazy lady in red, but Debby’s evil eye collapses the others’ towers. These two.  TaKo and Romi/Michele rebuild quickly and leave. The sisters hit the road, but Koby/Talia have been revenge-turned and must go back and carry. Either gravity, Batel’s paranoia, or Debby’s witchcraft collapses the cousins’ wall, but they mobilize, rebuild, and leave in third. In a quick montage, we see D/D completing their wall and TaKo completing their carry, with Koby taking a nasty fall along the way. Both teams drive off in anger.

Next time: Native Americans, Indians, American Indians…whoever they are, it’ll be interesting to see the culture shock. Stay tuned.
Tomorrow: Moment of truth. Will I finish in time for the finale? Stay tuned.
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Episode 28: Bury My Hatchet at Wigwam Valley

Ron opens by telling us that the teams are going back to their Indian roots in Wigwam Valley. Chosen People, meet the Jews.

Cars. Blue Collar is in the lead. Romi/Michele are not, and Romi celebrates the upcoming task by doing the Tiger Lily “wa-wa-wa.” Good going, Racist Romi. Purples are on the trail as well.

Wigwam Valley. Arizona is home to 21 Indian tribes, yet this show will condense them into a general idea of “Indians.” This task requires teams to do an eagle dance and get new names. This is all so Brady Bunch three-parter. (Middle Buffalo? Sleeping Lizard?) David/Eliran arrive first, and props to Eliran for calling them Native Americans. Take that, Ron Shachar and your script writers. They encounter a dance circle and join in, marveling at the hoop dancers and their fancy footwork and colorful garb. They are given hoops and instructed in the fine art of hoop dancing. We don’t see that much of this before they are escorted to a chief, who is probably an actor. He speaks with a vague Jay Silverheels impression and gives the boys blankets, red face paint, and feathers. Eliran’s name is Ground Nut, oddly appropriate, and David will be Wind River. To make it official, they get a plank of wood with their faces and their new names painted in Hebrew, the official language of Vague Native America. At least they’re doing something cultural and not commercial.

Wigwam Valley. Ma’Ayan and Batel debate the authenticity of the Indians, with Batel dubious. Their patterned jacket fits right in, and the girls comment on how the ridiculous dancing makes them feel at home. I can imagine that. The sisters show up and enjoy dancing as eagles as well.

Cars. Talia and Koby share some gum. Why are they the only ones who are ever shown eating? Talia hopes the pit stop will come soon. D/D are also on the road and are surprisingly calmer and hopeful. Let’s see how long this rational equanimity lasts.

Wigwam Valley. David/Eliran open their clue, and their task will involve archery, spear throwing, and dancing. Eliran tries with bow and arrow. Apparently, “bow” and “rainbow” are the same words in Hebrew, which is cool. I learned something new today. He learns that this task is harder than it looks. Elsewhere, Ma’Ayan and Batel learn that their escort for the day is Janet. Coral asks what tribe their lady is from, and she says Navajo. Good on you, Coral, for actually showing cultural awareness. Racers are being all kinds of impressive today. Ma’Ayan teaches Janet her catchphrase. Enya plays as Ma’Ayan accepts her blanket with surprise. Coral gets painted and feels like Pocahontas. Ma’Ayan is now Raging Curls and Batel is Soul of the Cat. The cousins are less than impressed. Coral is Swan Feather and Romi, Moon Storm. The girls try to reason with the chief to slow up the remaining teams, and both teams head off to the games. I will not be using these names because they are even more confusing. Batel and Coral try their hand at archery, and we get a montage of general failure, followed by the dance of failure. Finally, Eliran connects and they go on to spear throwing.

Cars. Talia admires the scenery as they pull in to Wigwam Valley and start the eagle dance task. Talia reveals her love for Indian culture. They dance and get dressed for the tasks. Koby becomes Eye of the Owl, and Talia, Tiger Lily. She fails to connect it to Peter Pan. I’m surprised and disappointed in her. Also in the fact that she hasn’t changed her hair to braids. But there’s still time. Talia will be doing the bow and arrow, and for some reason, I’m scared that they gave her weapons. Koby instructs her, and it seems to work, as she scores on one of her first tries. Coral is the next to connect. Koby and Romi give their best shots at spear-throwing, but neither connects. Back at Blue Collar, David focuses and hits the target. Their next task? Sit in a sweat lodge for a powwow with a chief in their skivvies and some mud.

Sweat Lodge Task. Eliran/David enter the tent and begin their ceremony. The chief gives them a blessing in his language, and the boys exit and begin to roll in the cold mud. It starts to snow a little as they gingerly step into the cold water. If I were them, I’d just dive in and get it overwith. Eliran gets in, but David is scared.

Wigwam Valley. Debby and Dana arrive and begin the dance task, admitting to not knowing much about this subject. Debby manages to be surprised and confused and flirtatious at the same time before becoming the appropriately-monikered Red Beak. Her daughter is Dawn Blossom. I resist the urge to make a Red/Dawn joke, although that was a fun little movie. The purples are still scared with Evil Debby and her eyes. Batel makes a perfect connection and Ma’Ayan starts her spear throwing. Koby and Talia debate physics, no surprise there. They have to dance again, before failing several times and beginning to get frustrated at each other. Debby is shown with a bow and arrow – now that’s scary. Romi redeems herselfby hitting her target before Koby, but then does the wa-wa-wa thing. Boo you. Koby also scores a point.

Sweat Lodge. David hasn’t moved into the water yet, but Eliran goes for it and submerges, and even does it a second time, which convinces David to join him. They return to the tent and asked what they have learned. It’s actually a nice moment as the usually stoic boys show some emotion and head off to the next task, making fire and building a tipi to house them for the night. The boys are excited to make a fire – wait, they get matches? Laaaame. They start to build their home.

Sweat Lodge. The sisters enter and Coral finds it romantic. She also calls her sister a fighter, which is nice. Now, the true test for cold-hating Romi. She shivers and begins to waver as she nears the cold, and loses it and runs away in tears, as Coral begs her to come back.

Games. Ma’Ayan is struggling at the spear-throw, and Debby at the archery. Ma’Ayan connects and they leave, leaving mom and daughter dispirited.

Sweat Lodge. TaKo do the task, and Talia needs a sandwich, stat. Seriously, how does she stay upright with that tiny torso? Hand in hand, they walk among the torches to the ice water, both of them trying their best to stay sane in the water. In another part of the lake, Coral tries valiantly to console Romi. The couple squats in the water as the girls jump around. Back in the tent, the sisters make each other smile and get directed to the tipi task.

Tipis. David/Eliran’s tipi looks more like an alien dwelling, so they get help from some locals and before long they have a tipi worthy of How the West was Won. The sisters quickly make their fire, and get help from Eliran to build their tipi.

Sweat Lodge. Koby tells Talia that she has proven herself to be strong in many ways, and it’s really charming. They really love each other. Aww. They begin to build as the suddenly helpful David/Eliran come over to assist the couple before finishing their own tipi and climbing inside for the night.

Games. Debby is still at the archery, but the Horns of Victory sound, so of course she succeeds. Dana gets the spear on her second try, proving again that she’s awesome.

Sweat Lodge. The cousins roll around in the mud in their little dresses, Ma’ayan more enthusiastic than her partner. We don’t see Debby/Dana in the tent, but we see them in the mud and for some reason Debby didn’t get the whole “change your clothes” memo and she’s fully dressed as she rolls around. At the Lake of Icy Death, Ma’Ayan bravely submerges as Batel watches in awe. Both Debby and Dana are not pleased about the water, but surprisingly it’s Debby who shuffles into the water first, before Dana gets in and splashes around. Meanwhile, Ma’Ayan threatens to give Batel an ice hug. We don’t see Batel enter the water, but they’re both back in the lodge completing the task, so she must have done it. Nearby, D/D huddle by the fire. Dana admits that she’s hated her parents for a long time, and it’s touching seeing Debby tell Dana that she is a special girl, and Dana cries a little and tells Debby that she’s understanding her more. It’s nice to see them both embrace this task, and I think that they’ve probably changed the most out of all the teams.

Tipis. Batel admits her dislike of camping, and feminism suffers a blow when David/Eliran appear out of the darkness and basically do the whole task for them. At one point, Ma’Ayan is just watching in awe. Come on ladies. Exhausted, Dana sits by her fire while Debby starts to build, letting her daughter rest. Of course, Eliran comes over to add more fuel to the fire that is Debby and Dana Scorned. The ladies go all Mean Girls on the boys, but Eliran should know by now not to mess with Debby. Debby says that she and Dana are just fine without them, and indeed they build their tipi. The good hearted dock workers must have been feeling inspired, but, you know, yielding/u-turning D/D every chance they can basically killed their chances at starting a friendship with the mom and daughter. Make your bed and lie in it. Everyone heads off to bed. No preview.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Jai Ho on August 31, 2013, 01:45:48 PM
Aaaand here we are, finale day!  :yess:

I've been working on the final few episodes, but am taking a break to watch the finale. It's Labor Day weekend here in America, so I will for sure finish it all and have it up by Monday at the latest. Thanks for reading thus far and good luck to the three teams in the final in Taiwan.

While waiting for the finale to be uploaded, here's the long awaited finale drinking game:

Take a small sip when:
1. There is a montage of racers failing at some task
2. Ron says something mechanical or Ron-like
3. A taxi driver is confused
4. Coral tells Romi she's being annoying
5. Romi tells Coral she's being annoying
6. Ma'Ayan hugs someone
7. We hear "chaim sheli"
8. Batel puts her face in the camera
9. Talia seems drunk
10. Koby does a muppet voice

Take a big drink when:
1. Ma'Ayan/Batel double-hug someone
2. There is a task involving dressing up in women's clothing
3. Koby mentions being the only guy in the finale
4. Talia is drunk
5. Talia gives a history lesson
6. Talia/Koby says "ocho cocho"
7. Romi acts like a know-it-all
8. Romi sings
9. Coral looks embarrassed/like she wants to fall into a black hole
10. Any team says "money time," "this is a race," or "please, please, go"

Finish your drink when:
1. Racers clap at the finish line
2. A team with a woman on it crosses the finish line first
3. A team with a woman on it crosses the finish line second or third
4. The winners are officially announced.

I know who I think the winners will be, but hopefully whoever wins will buy a new inhaler for Koby, a handle for Talia, throat lozenges for Ma'Ayan and Batel, something for Romi to read and a top for Coral that actually covers her stomach. Again, good luck to everyone and watch this space for a finale recap of the best season ever!!!  :<3
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: stekay on August 31, 2013, 05:38:10 PM
No :( Wish finale had a different result :(
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Maxine Rama on September 01, 2013, 02:56:23 AM
I sorta predicted that final result
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Koby and Talia on September 04, 2013, 04:52:17 AM
No :( Wish finale had a different result :(


One thing I will say: I've seen ~25 seasons - and this has to be the closest thing to a photo finish in race history.
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: stekay on September 04, 2013, 05:38:28 AM
No :( Wish finale had a different result :(


One thing I will say: I've seen ~25 seasons - and this has to be the closest thing to a photo finish in race history.

Hi Talia/Koby  :waves: I didn't mean to be mean, I was just rooting for the cousins for no particular reason. I was tracking results on Wiki but I have never seen the show because of country restriction.
Wow! Congratulations and well done. Most wins of the season and coming from behind the pack to win.
Also there seemed to be thousands of nice comments about you on the Facebook page so you guys must have been a lovely pair.

Goodluck in the future  :cheer:
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: G.B. on September 04, 2013, 12:12:53 PM
That was a perfect example of Never giving up, Talia & Koby! Congratulations on a well deserved victory!!
Title: Re: HaMerotz LaMillion (The Amazing Race Israel) Season 3: HaRecaps (The Recaps)
Post by: Koby and Talia on September 21, 2013, 06:04:09 PM
No more recaps?? What about the end? We're hanging on a thread here!!!! (or at least our English speaking families are...)  :wohoo: