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Title: Racing Report Leg 9
Post by: mswood on November 30, 2008, 07:16:28 PM

Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season 13, Episode #9
Title:  “ That is Studly” from Andrew
Provided Funds:  $ 175 per Dallas, Toni and Dan
Pit Stop:  12 hours
Start Date:  May 10th, 2008

BY GOD I will be caught UP!!!!!

Teams leave the Pit Stop in Altamy in the same order the arrived.
1.   Nick & Starr 9:21pm *
2.   Toni & Dallas 10:47pm
3.   Ken & Tina 11:17pm
It is now the 11th of May
4.   Andrew & Dan 12:41am

* Nick states on the 10th of May that today is his birthday, but his birthday is in fact the 11th.  I assume he is stating it meaning that it a few hours it will be his birthday.

RI:  Fly to Moscow, Russia (see I told you Terence & Sarah made it this far)

Teams must now fly nearly 2,000 miles to the city of Moscow, Russia.  When they land they’ll travel by taxi to this place, Krutitske Podvorye Monastery.  Once here, they must enter the church and light a candle to receive their next clue.

Dan & Andrew start the leg wearing slippers that they “jacked” from the maids at the hotel.  (The Hotel!  What happened to sleeping out in tents….).

All teams make their way to the airport and arrive in the order they left the Pit Stop.

At the airport Dallas tells Andrew & Dan about a 24-hour shoe store.  They ere and purchase two sets of tennis shoes for a total of $160.  They started with $476, they paid $160 and are left according to Dan $300.

Teams all get the same flight. It is.

Kc871 departs ALA at 605 and arrives at Moscow (SVO) at 845

Teams get to Moscow and find taxis in the following order.
1.   Andrew & Dan
2.   Nick & Star
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Ken & Tina

Toni & Dallas quickly pass Nick & Starr.  Nick & Starr are following Toni & Dallas.

Quote from Nick:  “It looks like our cab driver doesn’t know the monasteries so we are following Toni & Dallas.  I would like to set ourselves apart from them.”  Be careful what you wish for Nick, you might get it.

Teams get the Krutitske Podvorye Monestary in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas
2.   Nick & Star
3.   Andrew & Dan
4.   Ken & Tina

Teams are already having language difficulties with the cab drivers.

Teams get their clue after lighting their candle in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas
2.   Nick & Star
3.   Andrew & Dan
4.   Ken & Tina

RI:  Travel by taxi to the Kolosok Camp in the village of some damn place.

Teams must now travel by taxis through crowded streets to the outskirts of Moscow and find this decommissioned military base, Kolosok Camp.  Once here they’ll search the grounds for their next clue.

Teams arrive at the Kolosok Camp and find the clue box in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas
2.   Andrew & Dan
3.   Ken & Tina
4.   Nick & Star (After everyone has left but Andrew & Dan, beat you wished you weren’t separated from Toni & Dallas no Nick).

Detour:  Boots or Borscht

In this Detour teams have to choose between two activities that will entrench them in Russia’s strong military tradition.  The choice:  Boots or Borscht.

For both Detours teams must properly don a military uniform, including these traditional foot wraps.

In Boots they’ll join a training squad and learn a traditional parade march.  When they think they are ready the teams must fall in line with this troop and march one full lap of the parade ground.  If the drill sergeant is satisfied with their performance they’ll receive their next clue.

The task is physically demanding, but teams with stamina and coordination (he, he…he, he) could find themselves double-timing it to the lead.

In Borscht teams must find this mess tent and serve Borscht to a company of 75 Russian soldiers.  Once each soldier has received a bowl full of Borscht teams will receive their next clue.

The Task doesn’t require much physical strength, but teams with a sloppy serving technique may have to repeat part of the tasks and ultimately find themselves in a losing battle.

All teams initial choose Boots.

Teams go into a changing tent to change into fatigues. 

Andrew is the only person who has trouble with the foot wraps spending more then 15 minutes and still not successfully mastering them.

They decide instead of wasting more time to switch to Borscht.  They go change back into their clothes and search for the mess tent.

Teams finish the detour in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Nick & Star (Who are in fatigues with the wrong names)

Andrew & Dan find the mess tent and put on the apron and hat, when they realize that they must also wear the full uniform.  They return to the start of the detour and change into the fatigues.  At this point hey decide to try the march since they are right next to it.

And let the funny begin.

Andrew has marching experience from marching band and has no problem with the detour.  Dan on the other hand, well Dan is apparently a special needs child.

I honestly thought Toni & Dallas the cow was one of the funniest things TAR has ever had in its 13- season history.  Now we have Dan, and well he’s good at something.  That something is making me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself.

It’s like watching Frankenstein on crack trying to march.  The reactions from the Russians are unbelievable as they burst out laughing over and over again at Dan.  This, what is often called the coldest and most reserved people that racers encounter on the race.

After several absolutely pathetic attempts (and intense stomach cramps from laughing so hard) they switch back to Borscht where they apparently make quick work of that side of the detour.

RI:  Make your way to the town of Zhukovsky

Teams must now make their way to the twon of Zhukovsky and find this bakery where their next clue awaits.

Teams arrive at the bakery in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Nick & Star
4.   Andrew & Dan

Roadblock “Who has a strong back”

A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform.  In this Roadblock that person will join the ranks of the working class by becoming a delivery person.

They must unload 50 55lbs bags of flour and deliver them to this bakery by placing the bags horizontally on the floor.  Once delivered the shop owner will hand them their next clue.

Team members that perform the Roadblock are:

Dallas has delivered over 12 bags before Ken & Tina arrive.  When he first puts the bags down unorganized the shop owner tells him “that won’t do, follow the instructions”.  I love her.

She also says, “He’s not fit” in regards to Nick’s physical shape.

Teams finish the Roadblock in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas (8 bags ahead of Ken & Tina)
2.   Ken & Tina (they are leaving as Nick & Starr arrive)
3.   Nick & Starr
4.   Andrew & Dan

Nick & Starr have released their cab (who they have had great difficulty with), they now have a hard time finding a new taxi.

Quote by Dan after finishing the task:  “Give me caveman tasks, I can do those all day”

I love the shot of Nick & Starr walking right past as taxi as they look for one.

They finally manage getting a cab, but quickly switch to another when that new driver doesn’t know the location they are going to next.

Teams must now make their way through Moscow’s infamous traffic to this popular park in the cities center, Neskuchny Sad Park.  This park, or fun garden as the locals know it, is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.  The last team to check-in may be eliminated.

Teams make their way through Moscow looking for the Library at Neskuchny Sad Park, specifically gate 14.

Teams check-in to the Pit Stop (which is located at Neskuchny Garden, behind the Russian Academy of Science on Propeckt Leninsky) in the following order.
1.   Toni & Dallas who win a trip to the Dominican Republic
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Nick & Star
4.   Andrew & Dan

Quote from Phil:  “Andrew & Dan you’re the last team to arrive.  I’m sorry to tell you….your still in the race (Damn it give the  man an EMMY already).

Sometime in the next leg you will encounter a Speed Bump. A Speed Bump is a task that only you have to complete

Quote from Dan, I think:  “I’d rather be the under dog.  Being the under dog is always more fun.  People like seeing the underdog win.”

If they win it will be the worst winners in the history of the race.  Even Flo & Zach had Flo who deserved to win.

Title: Re: Racing Report Leg 9
Post by: georgiapeach on November 30, 2008, 07:32:43 PM

mswood is ALL caught up!!  :hearts: :jumpy: :hearts:

Can't wait to read them all and savor the snark!

Title: Re: Racing Report Leg 9
Post by: apskip on December 01, 2008, 02:19:37 PM
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Title: Re: Racing Report Leg 9
Post by: mswood on December 01, 2008, 07:01:16 PM

I thought they raced the early morning of the 10 in Almaty (leg 8) had a 12 hour Pit Stop taking, the first teams to a starting time still on the 10th.  Most are out of the Pit Stop on the 10th, butt of course their flight isn't until the morning of the 11th and also arriving in Moscow on the 11th.

What am I getting wrong.
Title: Re: Racing Report Leg 9
Post by: apskip on December 01, 2008, 09:39:39 PM
Deleted due to non-relevance.
Title: Re: Racing Report Leg 9
Post by: mswood on December 02, 2008, 11:11:08 AM
I think that is what I have put up there.