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TH Finale ..
« on: August 16, 2006, 04:00:48 PM »
Monday, August 14, 2006
Released by NBC


BURBANK August 14, 2006 This summer, ten teams searched the globe on a wild ride to find a hidden treasure. For the final three teams, Air Force, Geniuses and the Southie Boys, their hunt will finally reach its thrilling conclusion as one team unlocks the final puzzle, and the worth of the treasure will be revealed live from Washington, D.C. on Monday, August 21 from 9-10 p.m. on NBC.

All 30 cast members will be reunited for the first time since they began their hunt, with Laird Macintosh hosting the finale.

In addition, ten people from the Genworth Financial Treasure Challenge online game will conclude their treasure hunt live on-air. The one-person teams, who have already won $10,000 each, by correctly solving the season-long online game, will try to outwit and outpace each other as they are sent on their own treasure hunt in Washington, D.C. The first person to cross the finish line will be awarded $100,000. The finalists are: Luann Bruce of Watertown, CT; Rita Calm of Lakewood, CO; Catherine Gough of Newport News, VA; Scott Gray of Brandon, MS; Helen Hull of Chanute, KS; John Jordan of Eugene, OR; Karla McGuigan of Clearfield, UT; Jeffrey Martin of Baltimore, MD; Gabe Whited of Pleasant Grove, AZ; and Marissa Woller of Aliso Viego, CA.

The "Treasure Hunters" teams are:

AIR FORCE *finalists
Matt Rillos, 28, Highlands Ranch, CO
Brooke Rillos, 28, Highlands Ranch, CO
Matt Zitzlsperger, 28, Plymouth, MN

GENIUSES *finalists
Charles Taylor, 22, Dallas, TX
Francis Goldshmid, 20, Dallas, TX
Sam Khurana, 21, Dallas, TX

SOUTHIE BOYS *finalists
Matthew Mullen, 37, Los Angeles, CA
Martin Mullen, 37, Los Angeles, CA
John Collins, 33, Boston, MA

Tonny Brown, 38, Garland, TX
Keith Brown, 43, Corvalis, OR
Terrance Brown, 40, Fort Worth, TX

Jacob Porter, 34, McLean, VA
Mark West, 36, Pensacola, FL
Todd Moore, 32, Sterling, VA

Brad Fogal, 48, Orange County, CA
Margie Fogal, 47, Orange County, CA
Kayte Fogal, 25, San Clemente, CA

Jessica Schilling, 27, San Diego, CA
Melissa Schilling, 27, San Diego, CA
Kathleen Krapfl, 26, San Diego, CA

Melissa Witek, 25, Cocoa Beach, FL (Miss USA Florida 2005)
Kaitlyn Christopher, 20, Indianapolis, IN (Miss USA Indiana 2005)
Kristen Johnson, 24, Evanston, IL (Miss USA Kentucky 2005)

Taryn Brown, 29, New York, NY
Drew Brown, 27, Boston, MA
Chandra Lewis, 26, Edgewater, NJ

Josh Hanlon, 19, Copperas Cove, TX
Patrick Hanlon, 39, Copperas Cove, TX
Ben Hanlon, 50, Lampasas, TX

From the producers of "Last Comic Standing" comes NBC's "Treasure Hunters," a fast-paced adventure/mystery reality series where multi-player teams try to stay one step ahead of each other as they are mentally and physically challenged in their quest for a promised hidden treasure. The teams must avoid elimination as they travel to historically significant locations around the globe where they decipher cryptic codes and puzzles, each with a clue leading them closer to solving the ultimate puzzle, and obtaining the coveted grand prize.

Laird Macintosh ("Ultimate Playground") hosts the series, which is produced by NBC Universal Television Studio in association with Magical Elves Productions, Imagine Television and Madison Road Entertainment. Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz (Bravo's "Project Runway," NBC's "Last Comic Standing") of Magical Elves Productions, along with Imagine Television's David Nevins ("Arrested Development," "24"), and Tom Mazza, Danica Krislovich and Jak Severson of Madison Road Entertainment, serve as executive producers.

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Re: TH Finale ..
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2006, 11:03:19 AM »
So the ten winners are also going to race around Washington DC LIVE  tomorrow night.  Yeah, sure.

See my other post in the longer thread above.

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Re: TH Finale ..
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2006, 12:23:35 AM »
I literally just finished watching the season finale of “Treasure Hunters” and I NEED to vent.  The finale sucked!! 

First of all, the actual meat of the show was only fifteen minutes, twenty TOPS.  Sadly the most stupid geniuses I have ever known won!?!  So from the get go I was fuming.  (I hated them.)  They then paraded around the treasure room for five minutes of the fifteen, and we heard the lamest, most scripted confessionals. 

After that, still at least 35 minutes left in the show, the have this “Treasure Hunters Reunion.”  Now I was interested to see how they were going to do it, but it was horrible.  That host guy tried to be Jeff Probst.  Well because he never actually interacted with the cast, he could not connect on the personal level Jeff could, which immediately degraded the reunion show. 

As the “reunion” continued we hear that there is going to be a live? competition for the ten winners on the weekly quiz thing to compete for 100,000 dollars.  Well, it was the cheesiest thing I have ever seen.  It was basically ten people running around Washington DC on a scavenger hunt.  There was no mental work at all. 

Oh, I failed to mention the “look back clip” they showed.  Basically they took all the “Previously on Treasure Hunters” clips and picked a few interesting/funny scenes, and slapped them into a lump and called it a look back at the season.  HUGE TIME FILLER!!!! 

The questions asked by the host, whose name I STILL don’t know (some Macintosh thingy), were not great.  They were so general and because they was no connection between the host and the cast there was hardly any candid and personalized moments that one gets between Jeff and the Survivor cast. 

I almost forgot… the product placement was horrendous!  The guy who won the $100,000 dollars from the scavenger hunt sat next the some Exec. in Genworth Financial.  Then that Mac. guy made some lousy segway and pointed the both of them out, providing a huge add for Genworth and the two of them, winner and Genworth Exec., shook hands. 

All in all, as an advocate for the show, I have lost a lot of respect for Treasure Hunters.  I used to want a second season but after tonight’s show… I could care less.

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Re: TH Finale ..
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2006, 10:11:04 AM »
With the premise of the show, I don't think that they could have a second season at all.  At least, I'm not expecting to have one.  This season was great, but I wouldn't watch the second season because it would get too repetitive. 

As for your venting, I think that they did have alot of time filler, especially in the end before they told the winners they won $3mill.  They just recaped what they showed us in the beginning of the episode.   I was disappointed by the mini-competetion they had, all it was was just them spotting out details and going to various locations.  But I was happy that that guy won, he got laid off and I felt sorry for him. 

The reunion was useless too.  I could careless about the Fogals being the most talked about on the internet.  Who Cares?  They were hated, thats all.  We aren't interested in them. 

The first act of the sow was the best part of it.  I'd say for anyone who hasn't watched it yet, just watch the first 20 minutes, and the last 5 minutes.  That's all you need to see, the rest was just to extend a 30-minute show into an hour.  They could have done that last week as a 90-minute finale.  The only reason why I still watched the show to the end was because I wanted to see what they would do at the Live Show.  I was disappointed.