Author Topic: Janie's Decision-Spoiler?  (Read 945 times)

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Janie's Decision-Spoiler?
« on: July 31, 2006, 10:45:39 AM »
Hey! I'm new here but have used these board for quite a while and they are a lifesavor! But i have a question for a good amount of the posters here. Im a HUGE James fan, but Janelle would be my second favorite. A lot of the posters are all excited that Janelle is planning on backdooring Diane and whatnot, but if James made the same deal, I have the feeling a lot of posters would be saying what a stupid move it was for the sovs. I dont know, but to me it is the right move for Janelle, but i also think it could come back to bite her in the butt. But i just dont think its fair that you only support Janelle's decsion in this situation but if James did it you wouldnt support it. So i come to my question, If James had put up Marcellas last week instead of Jase(thus taking up Chilltown on their proposed deal) would you be outraged? or would you be  :hearts: :hearts: like you are for Janelle.


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Re: Janie's Decision-Spoiler?
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2006, 11:32:26 AM »
personally i hate marci and think he weakens janie so i wouldn't be too outraged. the only thing that would bother me about the move is that he wouldn't be doing it to take out a threat but to weaken janie because in the end he has already decided he needs to take her out to win the game (he knows she is his biggest competition). the bigger floater threats are definately erika and dani.

meanwhile, i don't think janie should take out diane but should gun for dani. why? because dani openly gunned for her week 1, leads the floaters and has james by the balls. janie sees this. she also knows that james has an ivette complex which breaks his loyalty to the sovs. if you nip dani you basically have the opportunity to bring him back into the fold or he jumps ship (which he was already planning on). plus we all know that james is now conspiring with dani to take janie out. if the situation has been reversed (marci on the block) janie would have pleaded for marci and tried to get votes in his favor but i don't think she would go to anyone else and say we need to take james out next week (instead she would instead target dani or diane).

same goes with kaysar. his parachute, erika, is on the block. was he suprised? yes. does he want her to go? no. but if she does at janie's hand, he will not turn on janie and go to dani and say let's take her out. i am going to backdoor her next week.

imo james is a weak player. he is too paranoid and overextends his hand. supposedly he wantes to keep the sovs safe, dani safe and diane safe. oh he doesn't want cg to go. these allegiances all conflict. diane has said she wants janie to go. so has dani. and vice versa. he lies to janie and says no they are not targeting you, but tells them that janie is targeting them. effectively, he has chosen a side and jumped ship prematurely once again. he doesn't realize that in so doing he id screwing himself because he is giving the other alliances/players the break in the sovs they have been looking for. he has completely destroyed himself in the game as well as his alliance.