Author Topic: Man ticketed, sent to detox for holding door open at Real World Denver house  (Read 1712 times)

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There’s been more overaggressive action against those who dare interact with The Real World Denver. Walking home after a night of drinking, a Westword newspaper staffer was ticketed and then sent to detox by Denver police after he held a gate open for a group of people at The Real World Denver house.

Matt Lawrence tells the paper that as he walked by, he saw “a young woman with a baby in both hands. The door is ajar, I grab hold of it to pull it open so they can leave.” That’s when an “off-duty uniformed Denver police officer doing security for the show … issued Lawrence a ticket for disturbing the peace” and sent him to detox. The police report says,

    “As parties were exiting the residence, the RWD film crew was filming the parties. [Lawrence] made his way over to the gate as parties were exiting, took hold of the gate as exiting parties were opening it, and stood in amongst them, interrupting the filming. [Lawrence] then made his way up the block and was contacted.”

He’ll go to court August 9 and plead his case. Ironically, a Real World Denver cast member was sent to detox just a few weeks ago. Denver PD’s spokesman Sonny Jackson said, “He basically had been arguing with his girlfriend, then it continued on outside. They went ahead and called detox.”
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Well I am sure the film footage will show what happened . . .