Author Topic: I need the words to the opening of the show!!! Can you help?  (Read 8989 times)

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Hi Amazing Race fans...

I have some friends visiting me in the States from New Zealand, and while they are here we are planning our own version of the Amazing Race!!!

Aptly entitled, THE UNAMAZING RACE!

To prepare, I am trying to get the exact words to the opening credits...

Can anyone help?


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Re: I need the words to the opening of the show!!! Can you help?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2006, 05:04:26 PM »
 :welcome: Hello Boulder. Will Season 1 be OK? The speech has been polished over the seasons (less "now" and "OK") but it's still basically the same.

I'm standing high above the center of New York city
for generations, the crossroads of the world
a world that will soon play host to 22 people
  who have decided to take a break from their everyday lives
  and embark on a race around the world for one million dollars
contestants will be racing without the benefit of personal computers or cellphones
they've been stripped of all money, credit cards and maps
their greatest resource will be each other as they circle the globe in teams of two

team descriptions follow


Can these couples withstand the stess of traveling together across almost 35,000 miles
who will muster the right combination of brains, brawn and teamwork to win the one million dollars
these are the questions weighing most heavily as we get ready to begin...the amazing race


Well in just a few minutes you'll be leaving on a race that will circle the globe
along the way, you'll be required to complete a number of tasks
now some of these will be physically challenging, others will challenge your mind
now listen carefully: there are eight elimination points in this race
the first one is going to be happening very soon
now once you start, you need to complete your tasks as fast as you can
because the last team to get to the elimination point will be out of the race
Does everybody understand that?
OK, this is a travel packet (holds up amazing fanny pack) now inside is all the
   information you need to get going along with some cash
how you use the money is completely up to you; but remember, you won't be getting any more
   of it until you finish this leg of the race so...if I if could give you any advice, make sure you
   spend it wisely
now your travel packets are attached to the luggage you brought with you which is at the top of these stairs
when I give you the word, you'll go up there, open up your packets, and what you do after that is
   completely up to you.
Alright everyone, the world is waiting for you! I want to wish all of you the best of luck
travel safe

Also, Phil's credits voice-over (unique to Season 1, I think)


It's the most daring competition ever attempted
eleven two-person teams, bound by friendship, love or family
will race around the world
they have no idea where they're going, what dangers they may encounter,
   or how the journey will affect their lives
most of the teams will be eliminated, but the team that reaches the finish line
   first will win a cash prize of one million dollars
this is a race like no other in history
this is the Amazing Race

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