Author Topic: Convicted 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch wants change of prison  (Read 3183 times)

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Convicted tax evader and "Survivor" TV series winner Richard Hatch wants to be moved from Oklahoma to a prison in Rhode Island or Florida, his lawyer says.

"He'd like to either be near family in Rhode Island or family in Florida," Michael Minns, Hatch's Texas lawyer, told the Providence (R.I.) Journal-Bulletin.

Hatch, 45, won the CBS reality program's $1 million jackpot in 2000. He was convicted of tax evasion and filing a false income-tax return, both related to his show winnings and earnings he gained through his "Survivor" fame. He was sentenced to 51 months in prison in May of this year.
The former corporate trainer and bartender was held in the Plymouth County Correctional Facility in Massachusetts until recently.

Hatch "should be in a camp," Minns said. "The camps are the most comfortable of the uncomfortable. They are still jails, but they get to see the sky and be outside. It's bad for Richard, who is an outdoor person."
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Re: Convicted 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch wants change of prison
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Awww, he doesn't like his prison cell.
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