Author Topic: May 14, 2006: Survivor: Panama---The Final Showdown  (Read 13122 times)

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Re: May 14, 2006: Survivor: Panama---The Final Showdown
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No way anyone would take Cirie to the final 2 , she'd be a shoe in for the win .

well well lookie here , i wonder if it's laminated .........

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(5/12/06 2:24 pm)

   Watching parts of the final TC right now...
 I'm at work and our company is working on some bits for the finale and I just got to see about 2 mins of the final tribal council.

Aras & Danielle are the final 2... I saw Terry's vote, he votes for Aras.

Somebody goes up to vote and you see them write "J and then it cuts away.

Sally has her hair in princess leah buns.

I'm going to go see if I can watch anymore of it

And so you know I'm not lying, I also got to see the S13 preview and I posted the Cook Islands logo in the S13+ forum