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Re: EP11 Title: I Think This Monkey Likes Me!
« Reply #250 on: May 11, 2006, 09:39:50 AM »
Production really makes it easy for teams here:

Phil's watch says 11:32 am for BJ&T's win of the leg.

But then it says 11:17 am in a shot where BJ&T are actually in it so...I guess the 11:17 is more reliable.

Got that!  Maybe the 11:32 is E&J's time.  That clip gets used fro their finish too.

And here is Ray's watch at the finish, looks like 1:28 pm.

When the Hippies were racing to the pit stop, a clock was shown for a few seconds. If I remember correctly, the clock showed about 2:40 pm.  (Hopefully someone will check this for me).  Based on these watches, that clock shot was misleading.  Hmmmm.

I'm watching that part right now and the clock DOES say 2:40.  But we really don't know if that truly is the time that BJ&T are still racing.  Could just be the editing to throw us off.

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Re: EP11 Title: I Think This Monkey Likes Me!
« Reply #251 on: May 11, 2006, 09:44:25 AM »
Phil's Blog

   Luxury, I have some time to go to a local boxing class with a 210 pound trainer. My driver has arranged for me to get a good old fashioned boxing workout. Paying for some pain. Of course, I’ll need to avoid any black eyes, but I know it’ll recharge me.

This part of Australia is so extreme. We really are getting noticed here. We are trying to keep it a secret, but I don’t think that if people find out we were here and hear what we’ve done that they will be any less likely to watch. That said, it is nice to keep the challenges a surprise for viewers. With the internet that kind of information can be global in seconds…more hype and exposure for the show I guess.

Ah, some relief from the heat. When it rains here it is awesome. All of a sudden the temperature plummets, the sky blackens, there’s spectacular lightning, thunder and then this wonderful smell when the rain covers the bush. Let it rain!

My crew is suffering a bit today, our soundman with his back and the camera operator has picked up some food poisoning. I joked with him that we can now keep accurate time because he is throwing up on the hour. Man, it’s tough being sick when you still have to work. Both of them are pushing through. Especially hard at this stage of the Race when we are all tired. Leg 11 is like hitting the wall on a marathon. You can see the end, but it’s still a long way to go.

BJ got some help from the other teams, some pants from Yolanda and flip flops from Eric & Jeremy. Just as well as BJ would have had trouble getting through the airport. These guys are so relaxed and had no trouble getting some money from the locals. At one point BJ exposed his chest, but everyone is OK. They missed the first flight, but managed to find another option. Long night ahead.
   The monkeys at the Roadblock were unbelievable. They have no fear whatsoever. When we got there they had just finished a feed and it looked like the aftermath of a serious food fight…think Animal House. We had to clean up to get our shot…can’t wait for the teams to experience this one.
   The Fast Forward was tough. Talk about a mouthful. BJ & Tyler getting through that one is a little like the Caviar in Russia, season five. I really thought it was going to get the better of Tyler, but I got to give it to them--they went all out. One of them said, “What are we eating this for?” The other said, “A million dollars, a million dollars.” From first to last, they sure picked the right time to use their Fast Forward. I think Ray & Yolanda just realized BJ & Tyler were crazy enough to go through with it.
   Waiting for the rest of the teams to come into The Marble Temple. It is truly mind blowing. I found out that the Buddhas here were collected from all over Thailand. The big one closest to the mat is over 2,000 years old. The white marble came from Italy about 200 years ago. The attention to detail is staggering.
   Found out that Monica is really having a tough day. They were the only team to pick the ‘Move It’ Detour. It is very physical. Monica chose to carry the board, loaded with pots, the same way she carried the fish in the ‘Big Fish’ Detour in Sicily. That kind of weight on the biceps is just not practical, no matter how strong you are. That’s what the shoulders are for. Those on location said Joseph was very understanding when Monica got upset. In the end nothing could help MoJo stay in it and I had to eliminate them. Now Yolanda is the only woman left in the Race.

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Re: EP11 Title: I Think This Monkey Likes Me!
« Reply #252 on: May 11, 2006, 02:49:14 PM »
Some final thoughts on one of the better episodes in this TAR go around:

MO/JO just had all kinds of bad luck today.  They got to the Bangkok bus station and got the wrong advice about where to get tickets for the bus to LopBuri so they did not catch the midnight departure which they could have done.  Then they were told that the first bus left at 5:20AM while another bus line left at 4:20AM.  And when they got to Koh Kret they were given the wrong directions to the Buddah Gardens.  And then, of course, they picked the wrong detour task.  Their luck just ran out today.

Some strange editing going on at the pit stop.  Phil receives travelocity envelope from Tyler and his watch reads 11:33.  When he tears it open it now seems that his watch now says 12:15.  A little re staging of events no doubt (and if his watch reads 11:15 as some think, it still is a strange edit).  When the Hippies arrive at the mat it is close to the temple wall - only two squares away- and in the shade.  When the Beach Boys arrive the mat is now out in the sun a good distance greater from the temple wall.  It may have been that by the time Phil got there after doing his standups in LopBuri and at KohKert the crew did not have too much time to set things up properly before the Hippies arrived.

Also did you also hear Yolanda say "Come on Gold Gnome" even before Phil opens the envelope?  Now how did Yo know that this was what was in the sealed envelope?  A little creative editing after the fact?

Notice that the bus that The Beach Boys and RaYoYo left at midnight and they did not arrive in LopBuri at the monkey temple until 5:45AM. That's a trip of 5 hours and 45 minutes.  But the Hippies left at 4:20AM and arrived at the temple before it opened at 8:00AM so they took only 3 and a half hours to do the same trip.

Nice gesture of Eric to give BJ a pair of his blue jeans

It took the Hippies only 40 minutes to clear through immigaration and customs and get to the bus station after arriving in Bangkok, while on the other hand it took MO/JO one hour and 23 minutes. (Obviously having no baggage to check in customs does speed things along!!)

The Hippies must have really collected a pile of money in Darwin to pay for the bus to LopBuri, taxi to the restaurant, and then taxi 95 miles back to Bangkok!!!

And the clock in Bangkok showing 2:40 most likely was shot earlier by the local crew doing background and atmospheric shots.
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Re: EP11 Title: I Think This Monkey Likes Me!
« Reply #253 on: May 11, 2006, 10:10:29 PM »
Story here about filming around Perth .