Author Topic: NBC's "The Apprentice" Gives Viewers The Chance to Win $10,000  (Read 1460 times)

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NBC's "The Apprentice" Gives Viewers The Chance to Win $10,000 


Live Interactive "Get Rich With Trump" Can Be Played on Cell Phones and at

NEW YORK April 19, 2006 Viewers of NBC's "The Apprentice" will have the chance to roll in the dough with a weekly Grand Prize random drawing of $10,000 by playing the live interactive "Get Rich With Trump" game during each episode (Mondays, 9-10 p.m. ET/PT). Beginning Monday, April 24 and culminating the week before the finale, "Get Rich With Trump" can be played by sending a text message from a cell phone or by logging onto

During the broadcast of the show, Donald Trump will invite home viewers to participate in the promotion by stating which candidate they think deserves to be "fired" in the week's episode. The question will have a number of possible answers depending on the number of candidates left on the show. Each candidate will be assigned a "letter" (i.e. A-G) which viewers can either send as a text message from their cell phone or vote online. Viewers are ultimately in control and depending on how people vote, each time zone could end up with a slightly different version of the show.

All viewers who answer the question - whether correctly or not will be entered into a Grand Prize random drawing (as determined by the time of entry). One Grand Prize winner will be selected in each of the three time zone entry periods for each episode during the promotion period. The winner will be announced live at the end of the show.

There will be three winners each night, one for each of the three times zones across the continental United States (one winner in Eastern/Central, one in the Mountain time zone, and one in the Pacific time zone).

Viewers playing on will be able to play for free, and viewers playing on their cell phones will be charged a fee of 99 cents in addition to their wireless carrier's standard text messaging rates. The game is open to residents in the continental United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Please log onto for complete rules.

"The Apprentice" is produced by Mark Burnett Productions. Mark Burnett, Jay Bienstock and Donald J. Trump are executive producers. Conrad Riggs and Kevin Harris are co-executive producers.


Source: NBC Press Release