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performance night march 21

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 :lol: yeah Jeff, earn your keep around here  :lol3:

Jeffrey Scott:
It got to much for me the past few weeks. I was craving the opportunity to do so last night but never had the time. I'll try to get back on it next week.

Sounds good Jeff , for as little as I watch AI , I did enjoy your recaps  :kuss:

 :ythat: what puddin said, Jeff!  I've missed your recaps!  :waves:

PD, my list was purdy close to yours, just didn't get around to posting.

1. Katharine
2. Mandisa
3. Chris  (absolutely LOVED Chris's rendition of "Walk the Line"!)
4. Taylor
5. Ace (awesome falsetto ending!  Loved his performance)
7. Elliott
8. Paris
9. Lisa

I figured Kevin's luck would run out tonite.  Picked the same bottom 3 as you :  Lisa, Bucky, Kevin.  (Kevin has a good strong voice, but definite pitch probs.  Actually, I picture him as a DJ!  His speaking voice would be perfect for that.  If he keeps singing, he needs voice lessons & other coaching.  He's not ez to look at, yet his voice has potential, imo. He's a good wholesome guy.  I wish him the best!)


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