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Survivor Panama Insider: Episode 02
« on: February 10, 2006, 09:39:54 PM »
thanks to Psprecinctprez,James Barber,mollysgrama for transcirbing @ sucks  


Cirie (votes Shane): I could never vote for Melinda, sorry.

Shane (votes Melinda): I cannot wait to get to know you, you seem like a wonderful woman.

Melinda (votes Shane): Shane, you made me promise you twice today that I would vote for you, and I don't go back on a promise.

Bobby (votes Melinda): Wish we could have won everything and kept everybody, kept it tight (?), you know where this is coming from, somebody's gotta go, you know how Survivor works, hope to catch you on the outside.

Danielle (votes Melinda): Good luck, I was outnumbered, you know how I feel about this.

Aras (votes Melinda): Melinda, we're just gambling on athleticism right now, not because you are a bad person.

Courtney (votes Melinda): I'm sorry Melinda, you're a beautifil spirit, I wish the best for you tonight (inaudible whispering)

These are the final words, or most of them, the thing cut off at the last second (I couldn't get Day After to play all the way through). If anyone is upset about my posting the final word transcription here, I apologize, hopefully it's legible.


"Yeah, we talked earlier today about the fact that it's not over until the fat lady sings. I'm the singer on the island.Well, yeah I think I just sang, apparently.


First of all - Cirie, you're my girl. We will definitely be lifelong friends. As far as everything that happened tonight, I just found myself on the tribe that's like, 'Hey man, yo, dude, whatsup, this is rockin!' and that's just not me. It won't ever be me, nor do I think I want it to be me. So that's what happened. Now I'm gonna go eat something and drink water.


I learned I'm a lot tougher than I actually thought I was. I mean it's awful out here. When I said it was Panamian hell, I was not kidding. This is the worst thing I've ever been through in my entire life. But I made it. 6 days, but I made it!


I'm taking away from the experience a lot of bug bites, a bruised foot, about 10 blisters on my feet, my mouth is falling apart because I haven't had water, and I guess a little bit more knowing who I am. I mean, I got along with those people who were my new tribemates, but they are not somebody - not all of them - most of them are not somebody I would choose to hang out with in my normal life. And I think that's fine, and I'm not sorry for it at all.


I'm very proud of myself. I think just making it here is huge, honestly. And I've done things - I ate a fish! A raw fish! Me. I licked leaves this morning. Who would've ever thought? So yes, I'm very proud of myself. I wish I could've made it longer, but it was out of my control.


I think Casaya is going to go down like a ship filled with lead, very quickly. They want to say they're one big (uses cartoonish voice) 'happy family', and they're not. I mean they're all already plotting against each other already, and some of them know it. So whatever.


I wasn't ready to leave. I will admit it's been hard, and the first couple of days I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into?' But the longer I stayed the longer I wanted to stay. No, I wasn't ready to leave, and I think I made that quite clear to them.


I'm not disappointed in myself that I didn't learn how to make fire before we got out here. The first couple of days the women, the (uses finger quotes) older women who people seem to underestimate, we had fire in ten minutes. Once we got back with the new tribe, I never touched the fire again, because they wouldn't let me. They are like - they're the ones that hacked it to death; the flint was fine when they got there. They got themselves into that situation, and I'll tell you another thing too - they won't make fire tonight. There's no way in the dark they'll be able to find all that stuff and get it together. And if they do make fire, they won't keep it.


I didn't really mind being on the older women tribe, because I actually think age is a very - this is all about life lessons and reasoning and all of that kind of stuff so I actually think it's a benefit. However, let's remind ourselves that Bob was on the younger men tribe - we're the same age. Just wanted to point that out.


I would just like to say good luck to Cirie, because oh my God, I honestly can't imagine going back to that camp at all. I didn't want to be voted out, of course, but Lord have mercy, how many times - I swear to God if that one girl [Courtney] says, 'like', one more time I could strangle her. She did it like 100 times here tonight. It begins to get comical, when you use, 'Yeah like this like man uh-huh like...' Hello! Stop it! Just stop saying that word. And the whole, , 'Hey dude babe what's up.' Whatever. Can we get some normal people out here? So I just want to wish Cirie good luck, because I know...(cuts off)

Hi all - sorry I'm late - real life intrudes..... Thanks Psprecinctprez & James Barber!!! I, too, am not able to get the Day After clip to play all the way through (grrr) but here's what I could get of it. Here's a list of the clips but the only other one that wasn't part of the show is Like, I Mean, Yo, What Up? and I transcribed it below.
Melinda, Final Words - done
Melinda, Day After - done
Reward Challenge - a Reptile Dysfunction - on show
Vote Me Off. No, Wait! - Shane's flip flopping on whether to quit or not - on show
Immunity Challenge - Anchor Management - on show
Casaya Votes Melinda Out - done
Like, I Mean, Yo, What Up? - done

Melinda, the Day After…..

Having had a night to rest, Melinda reflects on her time in Panama and tells us why she thinks her tribemates voted her off. Would she change anything?

Melinda: When it was just the girls, we got along very well. I think that we are family oriented individuals. Even though we were different people, we had a lot of the same values, I think. And then once the tribes merged, they were younger, and even though some of them weren’t younger, I think that they were just in a different place in their lives than a lot of us were. There were a lot of them from California. A lot of them from LA. And most of them were just the ‘Yo dude.’ ‘Hey, what’s goin’ down’ ‘ Rockin.’ That’s just not me. I’m just not that type of person. So that’s the way they were most of the time. And I just didn’t really fit in with them.


I actually had a really good time the day I was voted off. Cirie & I went out and we sat on the rocks and let the ocean come in and hit us. It was a really sunny day that day and it was very pleasant. At the time, we thought that Shane was quitting and going home so we weren’t really very concerned about that and it was a really pretty day - a pretty time.


No, I’m not surprised at all. I’ve always thought Cirie was very capable. I thought that she & I were both capable when we were still out there, even though they told us that, basically, it was going to be one of us that was going home. And whoever it wasn’t, was going to be the next one. So, I never (clip cuts off here. But the first time I played it, it went a bit further and I got the following sentence as well.) If I could change one thing, it would be that I would be on the other tribe.

Like, I Mean, Yo, Whatup?

Melinda (confessional): My new tribemates – most of them are not somebody that I would choose to hang out with in my normal life. You’ve got Danielle, Courtney, Aras, who are young. You’ve got Bobby who was on the younger tribe, even though he’s my age (raises eyebrows and makes a moue). Then you have Shane, who is older but doesn’t act like he’s older. We are completely different people.

(Shot of Shane, Aras, Danielle & Courtney trying unsuccessfully to start the fire – Melinda & Cirie are standing behind them) Shane: 'Who was the (bleep) who said they could start the rain. ‘Cuz that’s (bleep) dumb.' Danielle laughs. (Shot of Cerie rolling her eyes.)

Melinda (back to confessional): Their language is just horrible. It’s lifestyle and attitudes in that type of a situation. It was an invasion – definitely an invasion!