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Survivor Panama Insider: Episode 01
« on: February 03, 2006, 12:40:30 PM »
thanks to Psprecinctprez & mollysgrama

I only have time to transcribe the Tribal Council votes, which I figure most people want to read anyways.

Melinda (votes Tina): Tina, my vote is for you, but the only reason, it's nothing personal, is because I was merely approached by the other girls and I just felt the need to be sure that it wasn't me but it's nothing personal, I think you are fabulous.

Ruth Marie (votes Tina): Tina, you are a remarkable woman with a wonderful work ethic but Survivor has a lot more elemnts to it. I wish you well.

Tina (votes Cirie): Somebody has to go and I think it was the inability to swim today that was my biggest factor in potential future challenge and your fear of leaves, kinda got me cause we have to go on a leaves (???)

Cirie (votes Tina): Uh, I learned a lot from you in three days, I wish I could learn more about you, we just didn't click.

only have time to do a couple but will try to get her Final Words and Day After done. There are also:
Don't Call Them Older Women
Got Protein?
Tell Us How Your Really Feel

I'm also having trouble with RP cutting the clip off before it's finished but will transcribe what I can hear.....

Tina’s Final Words

Right after witnessing Jeff Probst snuff her torch, Tina feels pretty good about her performance in the game & is glad she won’t have to sleep on bamboo for another night.

Grama’s note – you can tell she’s responding to a few questions. She’s got a lot of self confidence and is fun to watch – she has quite abit of facial expression and animation to her voice. I wish she'd have stayed longer.

Tina: That was truly a great experience. I say I’m likely not going to miss sleeping on bamboo one.. more.. night. I wouldn’t have changed a thing that I had done out there – I enjoyed building the fire, I enjoyed building the shelter, working with the girls, and catching the fish. Working hard is what I do and I think it worked against me on this one but I would not have been able to change a thing because that’s just who I am.


Actually I think I did better under duress than I thought I was going to do. When it came time to…. we got dropped off on the island and we have a short amount of time to build fire, and find the water, and build shelter. I think it went better – you know, we didn’t even know we were going to be in a group of 4 women so, honestly, I felt I had to take the lead straight away. It wasn’t... you know, I thought I was the most capable to do that. I think sleeping out was the hardest for me – learning how to be outside all night (grimacing) and have little bugs crawling all over you all night and stuff.


I learned I’m a bit of a, I don’t want to say loner, but maybe perhaps around new people, who aren’t doing exactly what I think we should be doing in that situation is something about myself. But I wouldn’t change it – I couldn’t change it and that’s about it.


I think it’s the ability to do what I did. I never, myself, thought I could do as much as I did. It just felt to me like we should be out cruising for food, keeping the fire going and to do that on an island where you – you don’t even know where you’re at. You don’t know if it’s going to rain or shine or if you’re going to eat for days. I just thought I did better than I thought I was going to do. (Wrinkles nose) I was just with the wrong girls.


I think the girls made a huge mistake voting me out, but that’s my opinion. Obviously they didn’t think so. But I was providing the food and you know, helped design the shelter, got the water, built the fire…. It was interesting how they all called me the strongest person in the tribe but yet their social aspects ruled out over island…


I don’t know if I was unprepared but it’s new – having a tribe of 4 women. That was new and I certainly don’t think I was being disrespectful to anybody out there. I may have been more on the work side, but I just felt frantic every day to continue... I mean, it’s only a couple of days but I knew it was going to get worse. I just wanted to work and make it good. I’d have been happy if they’d have worked harder at the beginning of the day so we could all sit down and talk. But it didn’t happen, but I just kept being the work mule….


I mean, it is just a little bit, but it’s not my ability to work with other people but my ability to work with the 3 other women that I was with. Our thought of what should happen on an island in a survival situation were very different. Their’s was more social, mine was more survivor-ish. So I’m surprised (cuts off)

Tina – the Day After

The morning after being voted out of her tribe, Tina feels good about her performance in the game and feels she could have stayed around if her tribe had included men.

Grama’s note: Wow, does she ever have a lot of hair!!!

Tina:It was interesting to be out there for the time I was there. I think that if the dynamics had been different and we’d have had the full 8 people, I‘d still be there, because the men would have taken me for my strength and power and knowledge of living in the wild. But because this is the first time they’d done 4 women on a tribe, obviously the strong one – the weaker ones voted me out first. I think I’d still be there if it had been a tribe of 8.


In my normal life, I’m this matter of fact…things are pretty clear to me, in how I interpret situations, because…it’s like, I have my own business and I just have a nice little way of running things. I’m kind of like a no-BS kind of person. I have genuine compassion for situations and lots of people that are in the position to earn it or whatever. I have a very small part on this earth and I have a lot of really (damned clip cuts off)

Part 2

I don’t think they realize – I don’t think you get a full impression of really how bad it is. Living out there. You just see clips. Little blobs - 72 hours condensed down into 40 some minutes. I don’t think you can capture…One of the things is the aroma of the camp – and the water and your clothes and just how dirty and icky it is. Sleeping on bamboo is... It’s hard, I think it’s harder than it appears on television.

It’s like when you start out, you obviously don’t have any food and you’re lucky if you have water. And then you get… it’s called Reward Challenges.. are helpful to your spirit and your teammates keep you up. Because it is a survival thing going on out there. You want to stay on longer. There’s a lot of cliques going on. Those people keep you up. The people that are in your alliances are helpful to you. If there’s 3 or 4 of you, you keep each other going. Then it obviously gets cutthroat at the end.


When you’re up there and Jeff says your flame is out, I was just thinking 'I want to get out of here'. About it. You’ve just been voted out and you realize that the effort that you put in was for naught. That was it - get me the hell out of there. If I were approached to go on Survivor again, I don’t know what I would do. And here’s the thing….First of all, I would tell you no, sitting here. I have learned in life that you can’t expect anything. Day to day – I’m going to live today and that’s it. So, today I might say no but I haven’t been asked today, so I don’t know.


It’s the thing that affects you the most….It’s like, I miss everybody, obviously. I have an incredible family and an incredible group of friends. I have friends who I’ve had for a really looong time. I miss them all – I miss my family – I miss my dog. The person that I miss the most isn’t there so it doesn’t matter where I’m at any more. I will appreciate things as much as I did before I left. A lot. I really loved everything. And I know every moment, what it is to have them – not just being out here and being gone for a month.

Don’t Call Them “Older Women”

Anticipating the upcoming Immunity Challenge, Tina feels confident that her tribe, the ‘smart, sexy sisters’, will perform well. Adding that she doesn’t feel at risk, Tina doesn’t know that she’ll be voted off this episode.

Tina: Everybody has to do well in the challenge today, but because I don’t know what it’s going to be, if it’s going to be land or sea and I don’t know how good of a swimmer everybody is…. I..just..can’t..tell...


I’m confident in our ability to compete as a sexy, smart sisters group, we’re trying not to call ourselves the ‘older women’. We’re called the smart, sexy, sassy sisters... y’all. ‘Sassy’ (makes quotation marks with fingers). I think it’s apparent to anyone who’s been out here for the last couple of days, that there are harder workers than others and some who would rather take it easy. I hope that the take-it-easy people quit taking it easy during the challenge and that’s all I can hope for. All 3 girls on my tribe, I hope when it comes time to go….I think they’re excited and nervous and it’s kind of overwhelming. I just want to stay on an even keel and when the word ‘go’ is called, blow up, go nuts, stay focused. Don’t let the best of being here get you. Then we go to tribal challenge – we go to Tribal Council if we lose. We’ll see what happens. I think it’s very apparent that – there’s 4 of us here - but I’m the least chitty chatty and the most working, I believe. Like, even now, when we’re ready to go to council, I want to go get firewood, but nobody else is even thinking about it. So, we come back here and then we go to Tribal Council. Whether they’re thinking, boy the 3 of us are going to have more fun together – you know, we’ll vote Tina off. Or if there’s somebody thinking she’s ????, providing food, helped us with the shelter, keeps the fire going. Whether that’s a plus or a minus, I don’t know. I don’t feel at risk right now. I ‘m not worried about it – no time to be stressed about that. What is, is.

Got Protein?

Aras is sitting on the rocks, watching a fissure that’s got water running out of it. Austin approaches to see what he’s doing. Of course, he’s fishing. And actually catches a minnow with his bare hands, which he opines as being related to the blue fin tuna. He asks if anyone wants to eat it, they tell him it’s his and too small to cook, and so he swallows it then and there, still wiggling, and says he’s got his protein for the next challenge. Nick then says they should go back and gather kindling. Short, cute little clip of the Young Men having a fun moment, mildly teasing Aras. Hard to transcribe though.

Tell Us How You Really Feel

Cirie: I just really can’t stand (laughing) the Lumberjack Lady. And it’s so early!!! I never thought, this soon, that someone would get on my nerves so much! It’s just that she doesn’t value anything I have to say. If there’s a question like, well what do you think we should do? If I say that we should turn the fish on it’s side, and 2 other people say we should stand up straight, she’ll say ok let’s stand the fish up straight. And then when we stand it up, she’ll say, I have an even better idea – how about we turn it on it’s side? HA – didn’t I just say that 5 minutes ago?????