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EP 5 Discussion
« on: October 14, 2003, 03:20:20 PM »
Okay here is a thread to discuss this week's episode.  I have started looking but have not been able to read alot.

Blows has vid caps of RC and IC.

RC looks liek a realy race and they are diving to get things or unhook the floating boxes.  There is a pic or Rupert and Ryan O hugging ~ is it celebrations or misdirection??

IC is gross food challenge.  Pics of Darrah doing horrible  ~ gagging ~ but remember neleh had the same look and she won.  again is the misdirection??  

Will there be a player swap again?  Some say no it was a penalty for throwing the challenge, some say yes it will be like this until merge.  Some also say they will not be able to pick Rupert again.  Who will be picked???

 ~ Who will be picked??? Darrah and Ryan O are the two talked about from Morgan
 ~ Who will be picked from Drake???  Michelle, Shawn or trish are the talked about here.  Morgan did not like Sandra or Christa, would you take Jon??

Everyone's hero ~~ most people say this means Rupert helps win both challenges...others say it is because he feed Morgan by teaching them to fish and then fishes when he gets back to Drake.

Who will be booted?  You got me!

Ryan O is top for Morgan
Christa, Jon, Michelle and Rupert are all on the radar for Drake.

Good Luck!!
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Re:EP 5 Discussion
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2003, 09:32:51 PM »
Thanks got feeling for boot is Shawn??(What do I know?)
In our CBS fantasy..Do you think that Rupert will catch more fish than say the tribe name?? ???

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Re:EP 5 Discussion
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2003, 01:29:57 AM »
Thursday can't come fast enough in our house.  My kids are hooked on survivor and they are 7 and 9.  I don't enjoy watching grossout food challenges as it makes my stomach turn.  :-[

I like the player swapping idea as it shows everyone who the other team value skill wise.  Who knows it might work for or against the person when they merge.  I would pick Ryan O or Tijuana from the Morgan tribe to be chosen in the player swap.  I would pick Jon or Trish from the Drake tribe for the player swap as they can pump Jon for information about the Drake tribe.  I can hardly wait for the show tomorrow.

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Re:EP 5 Discussion
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2003, 09:17:40 AM »
I almosted started a new thread, but figured I put it here.  Snewer has changed his score card.  I know they are talking about over at Blows, but, I haven't taken the time to read what they are saying.  So, these are my orginal thoughts:

He has moved Ryan O and Rupert , giving them a thumbs up.  He states which one of the Blondes will Join the phantoms?  Jon, Michelle, or Christa.  (This tells me he believes Drake loses Immunity)

So, that got me thinking.  At first I thought,  why couldn't Michelle leave this week.  I don't feel we have gotten a chance to know her, but she was in an "alliance" with Burton.  Did she bond well with the rest of the team?

But now that makes her a "free" agent if you will for this episode.

We've seen her with Jon and Shawn, but they both (does she know about Shawns betrayal) voted out Burton, and didn't fill her in.  So, she seems out of the know.

Does Michelle "blossom" with the disappearance of  Burton.  I think so, for now.

Jon let's face it is an total jerk, but again, he thinks he's the puppetmaster, keep him around, he won't win immunity challenges,  one can only imagine what he considers art.  (My be he checks proofs for Playboy magazine).  I feel sorry for anyone who goes on a date with him.  Still, I could be wrong here, but he won't make the jury).

That leaves Christa.  She really doesn't bother me.  but she seems to spend a lot of time on "herself"  Doing her hair, making a new outfit.  Could she be neglecting tribal chores?  She does seem kind of moody.  She hardly ever looks truely happy.

So, I will go with Drake losing IC because of Snewers site, I will narrow my choices to the blondes, and go with a Christa boot tonight, also taking in the photos of her wedding appearing in "Star" magazine (not so much because she doesn't look thin, but the timing in the magazine.)  Also Snewser down graded her after Episode 3, same time he down grade Burton.  All this is pointing me towards Christa.

Punch holes where you will.

I also go with Drake winning Reward Challenge.  I'm sure Jon want's to build the shower out in the open and the girls complain.

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