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Misty Giles /voted Out
« on: January 16, 2006, 03:54:29 PM »

Misty Giles was born in Valdosta, Georgia. The first of three children in a military family, she moved frequently during her early years. She eventually settled in Texas, where she attended Killeen High School. No stranger to competition, Giles participated in varsity sports and later won the title of Miss Texas Teen USA 1999. 
Giles' proudest accomplishment so far has been her ability to support herself through college and earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University. She is currently employed as an engineer by a premiere advanced technology corporation and is pursuing a master's degree. Additionally, she is training for her next big challenge, marathon running. 
Giles describes herself as highly adventurous, determined and sexy. She considers herself a "tomboy in high heels," as she was once the only girl on her local little league baseball team. She values her faith and work ethic as her best personal attributes. She has a passion for youth and spends time mentoring young girls to help them prepare to be strong and confident women. She has also lectured at motivational and engineering seminars. She enjoys political discussions, running, kickboxing, playing with her two Boston Terriers (Harley & Arthur), and most of all, spending time with her close friends. 
Giles believes her competitive nature and natural problem-solving skills will help her get to the end of the game. Competing in the ultimate game of survival and winning are her motivations for taking on SURVIVOR: PANAMA--EXILE ISLAND. 
Currently single, Giles resides in Dallas. Her birth date is February 25, 1981.
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Re: Misty Giles
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shes not half bad either.  Beautiful eyes. :cocky:
The Best Aliance in Survivor History!!!!

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Re: Misty Giles
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2006, 09:39:58 AM »
Misty on the EarlyShow  realone video

Misty Gile's Early Show Interview
Transcript by James Barber for  2.16.06

HARRY: ...the most physical challenge in the history of the game, and in the end, Misty paid the price at Tribal Council.


HARRY: Ohhh yeah. Misty Giles is with us this morning. You don't even look like the same person. Good morning.

MISTY (points out shorter hair): Oh, new 'do. Good morning.

HARRY: You clean up well. How surprised were you last night?

MISTY: I was pretty surprised. I'm telling you...watching that it brought up this flood of memories. It was tough going home. I was not ready. Not ready at all.

HARRY: Cause you and the blonde girl...

MISTY: Sally.

HARRY: Sally, it seemed like you really kind of had it together there. Especially watching the show last night, at times it seemed like you kind of had your own little power center going there.

MISTY: We were doing everything we could, using all the tools at our disposal to try and convince those younger men to align with us and get rid of Terry and Dan.

HARRY: Now I will pick up from what you just said. The tools at your disposal...

MISTY: (laughs) Tools at our disposal.

HARRY: You were using your feminine wiles, as it were.

MISTY: Oh, we were.

HARRY: You were trying to...I saw you doing a whole backrub, and a massage, and everything like that. Apparently it LOOKED like it was working...

MISTY: It looked like it was, but it didn't work out that way. But yeah, we were natural flirts. Last thing to do - logic wasn't working to convince them to...

HARRY: I'm not sure if I were a guy and I were in that situation, I would have cast you out.

MISTY: See, that makes me feel better.

HARRY: Under those circumstances...

MISTY: You should have been on my tribe.

HARRY: That's a whole other conversation. Let me ask you about this. The immunity challenge last night. We've never seen -- we've seen some pretty physical stuff, but we've never seen anything quite like this with the wrestling and the -- do you kickbox?

MISTY: I kickbox, and this was Jerry Springer meets Survivor. There was no kicking, no chokeholds, nothing that you could really do. It was sheer mass.

HARRY: For people who didn't see the show - you dig in the sand, you get this black bag out of there, and you have to bring it back to your spot. When you're in the middle of that, what is this like?

MISTY: Oh, my gosh. When you're with Cirie, she kind of tosses you around like a loaf of bread. That woman was strong. (laughs) She was pivotal in their win. She was a power player. Her and Bobby, at the end when he picked up Ruth Marie and dropped her on his mat. It was just so surreal, sitting there on the line and watching that. "Oh my gosh, I cannot believe we just lost."

HARRY: What was the experience like for you? What was it like to be out there?

MISTY: It was completely amazing. If I could do it again I would go hands down, no questions asked. I loved - I'm a huge fan of the show. I went into interviews to try and get cast, and I had all my spreadsheets - the engineer in me. I had every episode, all the players, and I had really studied the game, and was just looking forward to having my opportunity out there; wish it lasted longer.

HARRY: Unfortunately for you, it is not rocket science. Let me - you were really bitten up out there. You look like a different person, because you were covered with all of these bug bites.

MISTY: Eaten alive.

HARRY: We have a secret scene we want to take a look at that was not (realizes the clip showing is of Misty eating worms on Exile Island) - well that's a whole other...we'll get to eating worms and everything else, but let's take a look at the secret scene.

RUTH MARIE: Which type of bug?

DAN: This type. (says a name) They're the ones that give you a red thing like that (points to his hand)

MISTY (laughs): Like my hands?

DAN: Yeah.

MISTY (solo): I'm amazed at how many of these noseams (?) keep biting me. These bug bites are just...ugh. I feel like I'm being eaten alive. I look like some sort of strange patient who should be in a hospital somewhere with all these welts all over me. Scary. They don't itch too bad, but they make your skin really sore. So it's not a good situation.

MISTY (in camp): Ugh, bugs.]

HARRY: Whoo. really bad there.

MISTY: Want to go to Panama?

HARRY: But you were also the first one to go off to Exile Island. We were starting to show that. There's no water there, right?

MISTY: No water.

HARRY: There's no food. How long were you there?

MISTY: I was there for three days, two nights.

HARRY: What was that like for you?

MISTY: It was at first overwhelmingly disappointing, stuck alone...

HARRY: Right at the beginning of the game.

MISTY: Right at the beginning of the game, and I'm not getting to play, but when you step back and take the time for yourself, it was really kind of a neat experience.

HARRY: What did you eat?

MISTY: Whatever I could find. Roly-polies, ants, termites...

HARRY: Roly-polies? You mean like grubs?

MISTY: Yeah.

HARRY: Did you have any - did you feel like you were getting anywhere close to the idol, cause if you'd found the idol...

MISTY: There were so many times I'm digging, going, "I'm close...oh yeah! No. Didn't get it." Unfortunately, did not get close to the idol.

HARRY: Pleasure to meet you.

MISTY: It was a pleasure to meet you, too.

HARRY: Fun to watch you play. Misty Giles, thanks so much.

transcript thanks to survivorfever~

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Re: Misty Giles /voted Out
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“I Know I Wasn't Physically Weak”: An Interview with Survivor: Exile Island’s Misty
by David Bloomberg -- 02/17/2006

Misty was voted off for being too smart and not strong enough – what does she think about being classified in that way? What strategies did she try that we didn’t see? Was the tribe as united as they claimed? Misty answers these questions and more right here in this interview with RealityNewsOnline.

Misty was surprised to be sent packing, and further surprised by the reasons. In this interview, she tells RealityNewsOnline why she used flirting as a strategy, whether she thought she stood out in her tribe, and much more.

RealityNewsOnline: What was your original strategy going into the game – and was flirting part of that plan?

Misty: Flirting was not part of the original strategy but it was apparent that I needed to take drastic measures to stay in the game.

RNO: When the tribes were reshuffled so soon, did you feel it put you into a better or a worse position in the game?

Misty: Initially I felt in put me in a much much better position in the game. I was so nervous when we started the game when I noticed I was with three younger women. I work with men, a lot of my friends are guys, and all of my females friends are in their 30s so it was nervewracking, and searching for a shelter location would have driven me bonkers. They turned out nice though.

RNO: Do you find it a bit ironic that you were apparently voted out both for not being strong enough in physical challenges and also for being too strong in the brains department?

Misty: I did. The game of Survivor is trying to stay in the middle and not stand out too much. I didn’t think I was standing out in any one category of being mentally strong, but also, I know that I wasn't physically weak. That's just not true.

RNO: So you didn’t feel you deserved to be thought of as the weakest link in the tribe?

Misty: Absolutely not.

RNO: Besides your attempted alliance with Nick and Austin, did you discuss strategy at all with Ruth-Marie, Dan, or Terry?

Misty: I discussed strategy with Ruth-Marie, Nick, Austin, and Sally. The three women really didn't have much of a shot unless we could get on board with some of the guys. The older men seemed to have paved their path and weren't going to budge. The younger men were still wishy-washy so we were working on them.

RNO: Was the tribe truly as united as they said?

Misty: We were a very together group of people. Our camp was amazing. We didn’t have drama like the other tribe. We were all working hard, pulling our weight.

RNO: Did you play up the possibility that you might have the immunity idol beyond when we saw you hint at it immediately after your stay on Exile Island?

Misty: I did with the younger women. But when we merged tribes I thought that might hurt me, so I left it in the background hoping that it would cause people to think twice about getting rid of me.

RNO: Looking back, do you think there is anything you could have done differently to change the outcome?

Misty: Hindsight is always 20/20 and full of questions like what ifs. Of course there are things I think I could have done differently. In terms of the school yard pick, having a different group of people would have made a difference in how the game was played but what it comes down to is that we lost, someone had to go, and it was my turn.

RNO: How much did you know about Dan and Terry – did they reveal their true occupations to the tribe?

Misty: No, Dan and Terry during my stay did not reveal to me that Terry was an fighter pilot and Dan was an astronaut. I knew that Terry had a military background and that definitely showed a lot in his personality and strategy.

RNO: Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about your time on Survivor?

Misty: It was GREAT! Painful but great. I loved it. A great challenge.

RNO: Thanks again, Misty!


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Re: Misty Giles /voted Out
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2006, 11:44:43 PM »
Flirting Isn't Enough for "Survivor's" Misty
Tampa Bay's 10 - 2.17.06

Transcript of Video Interview Below >>

It takes a little more than flirting and a few back rubs to win "Survivor." But missile engineer Misty Giles certainly gave it her best shot. Even all her considerable "assets" couldn't keep her in the game.

Misty confesses she's a flirt and tried to ignite a few sparks by giving her male tribemates massages. It didn't work. The guys realized her intelligence would help her down the road and voted Misty out at tribal council.

Last night's episode also featured what is arguably the most physically-demanding challenge where the bulkier you were, the better you fared.

"Life Around the Bay" anchor Dave Wirth talked to Misty about her experience in Panama and her time on Exile Island.

Transcript of Video Interview

Dave:  Misty Giles, welcome.  The one quote I remember among others, but the one that stood out last night was from Terry from your tribe.  He said, quote, talking about you, "she's smart and she's going to be trouble down the line."  That's a great compliment but it didn't do you any good did it?

Misty:  No it didn't do me any good but thumbs up to Terry for figuring that out because I agree with him.  I would have been a lot more trouble down the line.

Dave:  Yeah, you look like you were starting to play the game well.  Let me ask you about the shoulder rubs that you gave the younger guys.  That stood out of course last night.

Misty:  It did stand out.  Everyone got a backrub on my tribe.

Dave:  Did they all?  Did the older guys get that, too?

Misty: Oh, yeah.

Dave:  Because we never saw that.

Misty: Well, we were focusing on those two younger ones, Austin and Nick.  We were really trying to work on them and get them to join an alliance with Sally and myself so that we could be saved from the next Tribal Council.  But it didn't work out.  Smart play with Austin and playing both sides of the fence.

Dave:  That surprised me a little bit.  My question was going to be, "maybe if you had given shoulder rubs to the older guys maybe they wouldn't have turned against you."

Misty:  Clearly, that didn't help.

Dave:  Tell me about the Immunity Challenge last night.  It sort of looked like fun.  It looked like it was really hard and like the bulkier you were the better you were going to be at it.

Misty:  You hit the nail on the head right there. It was a sheer mass situation.  It was fun, WWF.  It was a tough challenge.  It was a very physical challenge.  In that sense I liked it a lot but it wasn't kickboxing, it wasn't karate.  It's not like you were in a fight.  You've got to play with these people and get along with them later down the road and get them to vote a million dollars for you, hopefully.  So Cirie and Bobby...I mean...Cirie really, she dominated that challenge and brought home the win for Casaya.  It was a crushing blow to my tribe, La Mina.

Dave:  Was it sort of like full contact Twister?

Misty:  You know, that's a good analogy. Full contact twister.  I'm gonna have to steal that one.

Dave:  Help yourself.   Tell me about your time on Exile Island.  I think you spent a couple of days there.  Was it that long?

Misty:  Yeah, two nights, three days.  I was the first person on Exile so I thought that was pretty neat.  At the time I was not happy about it, being the first person exiled, being away from my tribe.  Not knowing what is going on with the game and the game is all about the strategy and who you're making contact with and who you've got an alliance with.  Exile was tough.  It was really hard, I'm not going to make any bones about it.  I did not like being there, I didn't like being alone.  I didn't like not having water.  I was so thirsty.  I spent my days looking for that Immunity Idol.  To be honest with you, I didn't have much of a  clue where it was buried so I was kind of searching a little bit of everywhere.

Dave:  How big is that Exile Island because I'm trying to figure out how many places they can hide that Immunity Idol.

Misty:  The island itself is not very big.  At low tide you can walk around the whole thing in probably less than 10 minutes.

Dave:  Wow.

Misty:  Yeah, it's pretty small.  It's like a big rock jutting out of the ocean.

Dave:  How long did it take you once you got back home to recover from all those bug bites in Panama.  They looked like they were eating up everybody.

Misty:  Yeah, it took me awhile and I have some fond ???? to remember my experience out there.  Thank goodness for vitamin E cream and calamine lotion.

Dave: Misty, sorry you didn't make it longer.  Happy birthday next week.

Misty:  Oh, thank you, I appreciate that.  It'll be a fun birthday, I'm going to run a  marathon.

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Re: Misty Giles /voted Out
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Survivor Grounds Gal Rocket Scientist
by Allison Corneau
TV Guide - 2.22.06
Misty Giles' hesitation to reveal her occupation on Survivor: Panama — Exile Island (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) just may have contributed to her ouster last week, when the La Mina men surmised that her smarts offered an unfair advantage. spoke with the self-described "tomboy in high heels" about hanging with the boys, doling out those, ahem, strategic massages, and dining on the tribal delicacy of snail soup. What have the reactions been like since your elimination on last week's show?
Misty Giles: My friends were like, "I know how competitive you are. You have to have won," and all I could say was, "Watch the show." Everyone's pretty bummed and shocked. Last week we saw your tribe feasting on snail soup after entering your seventh day with little food to be had. What exactly does that taste like?
Misty: It's terrible! You take some seawater, throw some snails with all the sand and shells in there, and then add some hermit crab. We drank the broth — sand and all — in hopes that it was going to give us some kind of nourishment. I don't know how bad the food choices could have gotten, but I'd rather eat worms! Who had the idea to cook up that concoction?
Misty: The whole tribe figured that we could eat this as food, and we were constantly collecting snails.... It was our nightly ritual to eat snails. Was there a lot of talk after Sally lost the spear and thus La Mina's chances at real food?
Misty: There was a lot of talk. If only we had that spear, we would have been eating. When the tribes gathered for the reward challenge, Bobby praised Bruce so openly for being the key to the improved morale at the Casaya camp. After learning of the role he played, which La Mina member was most vocal in deciding to send Bruce back to Exile Island?
Misty: They made a detrimental move telling us Bruce was the strong one. I didn't want to send him back, mainly because I knew I didn't have the idol and I didn't want to give him a second chance to look for it. I wanted to send one of the younger girls, because I thought by themselves, they'd crack. It was a smart move at the time, but they came back angry and strong. Having been the first one stranded on Exile Island, what was it like? Did you find yourself doing a lot of searching for the hidden immunity idol?
Misty: That's one thing you miss on the one-hour show: my searching for three, four or six hours a day, as long as I had daylight. It was a challenge, emotionally and mentally, to stay focused. It was rather strategic on your part to fool the women on your first tribe into thinking you did find the idol.
Misty: I thought that was a good backup plan. Danielle walked up to me and said, "If we have to lose, let's get rid of Sally." It really helped me get in with Danielle and Courtney. When I talked to Melinda last week, she said there were times she'd rather have been alone on Exile than be with her tribe. Did you experience any similar feelings?
Misty: We were all smart, hardworking and diligent people. There was no drama. We were starving, but we would have great conversations every night at campfire. They don't show this, but we would sing ourselves to sleep. It was a great comfy, cozy environment, as opposed to the dysfunction that was going on at Casaya. That said, who on La Mina did you bond with most? And which person not as much?
Misty: I bonded the most with Sally, and I'm cheering for her now. I didn't expect to have that much in common with her. The person I bonded with least was Terry, but sometimes when you have a lot in common with someone, you just seem to repel. I was trying to scheme in my head, constantly thinking about how to get him gone. Prior to tribal council, the La Mina men said they were intimidated by your intelligence. Do you feel that played a role in your oust?
Misty: Man, that's why I didn't date in high school. That was the problem! [Chuckles] Terry, for one, said you were "smart as hell and could cause some trouble."
Misty: It stinks to be gone because I didn't just walk around going "Oh, please, dear Terry, show me the way." That's not me and that's not ever going to be me. I thought, "Gee, Terry, if you thought I was that smart, why didn't you get an alliance with me?" Can you pinpoint a key factor in your getting voted off?
Misty: Maybe they realized I would have been harder to get rid of later. I wasn't physically hurting, but after all the bug bites I got, maybe they thought, "She's getting eaten alive, it's starting to look gross and we should let her go now." Were you strategizing while giving the guys on your tribe massages, or simply having fun?
Misty: It was definitely having fun. You want to have a good time out there, but my goal was to stay in the game as long as possible. I knew the young guys were faltering and were on the fence with their alliance, so we started working Austin and Nick. I got absolutely nothing out of it. In your biography, you describe yourself as a "tomboy in high heels." What amenity did you miss most on island?
Misty: My toothbrush! I have this oral-hygiene fixation and now I walk around with one in my purse all day. I didn't get any luxury items. Other than brushing your teeth for a good long time, what was the first thing you did when you arrived home?
Misty: I have two Boston terriers that I absolutely love and missed so much, so I've said I went out for pizza and Italian food, but I really ordered in and watched movies. As far as your occupation, viewers were let in on the fact that you are an engineer but saw you hesitating to tell your tribe at first.
Misty: I didn't tell the younger women, but when it came to the other tribe, I figured that because Dan's an engineer and Terry's a pilot, we could bond [over it]. We all got along fine, but it definitely did not aid me in making the right alliances. Did you struggle at all telling La Mina?
Misty: I just came right out with it when Dan said he was an astronaut, explaining how working for NASA has been my dream since I was a child. We were talking for a while and I told him I work on a rocket program, but until then no one knew. You've certainly proved your worth, showing that you can hang with the boys!
Misty: I do it on a daily basis in my job, but it didn't work on Survivor. Go figure!

Thanks to SurvivorFever

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Re: Misty Giles /voted Out
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2006, 01:11:32 AM »
thanks Mike- , this is what made me switch to RuthMarie for the boot  :-* That said, who on La Mina did you bond with most? And which person not as much?
Misty: I bonded the most with Sally, and I'm cheering for her now. I didn't expect to have that much in common with her. The person I bonded with least was Terry, but sometimes when you have a lot in common with someone, you just seem to repel. I was trying to scheme in my head, constantly thinking about how to get him gone