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Final Picks From Across the Boards ! /TDT is Up !
« on: May 12, 2006, 11:44:03 AM »
  • TDT

    Episode Fourteen
    F4 boot : Still Cirie
    F4 IC: Aras?
    F3 boot: Terry
    Winner: Danielle?  ( still with a ?)

  • Sucks Polls  

    Winner : Aras in the lead

  • survivorfever

    Survivor Fever
    Official Episode Picks
    Episode 14:
    RC:  Aras
    IC:   Aras
    Boot Order:
    4th: Cirie
    3rd:  Terry
    2nd: Danielle
    Winner:  Aras
    (Our writers have a tie vote between Aras and Danielle so we flipped a coin) :lol:

  • Blows polls
    Winner : close between Aras and Danielle but last count Aras was in the lead


    EXILE None (All go for "Fallen comrades rememberance")
    REWARD No RC Held
    Order of Finish Cirie - Terry - Danielle - Aras (Winner)

  • Harry's House/The Highlighter
    Even the SEG crew agrees:

    Nobody likes a self-entitled crybaby tittysucking momma's boy.

    4th Place: Cirie
    Final IC: Aras
    3rd Place: Terry
    2nd Place: Aras
    Winner: Danielle

  • Corvis/Survivor Thoughts from Iowa (mostly)
    Final prediction

    I know there's two episodes left, but I also know I don't want to have to come here and post after tonight's episode. Besides, I remember how boring much of Survivor Two's finale was with only three people. Can you say filler? So in protest, I'm doing my prediction now. (And also I'm lazy.)

    I think Danielle gets booted next. Aras wins the final immunity challenge and takes Cirie to the Final 2 ending Terry's run.

    Austin votes Aras.
    Sally votes Cirie.
    Bruce votes Cirie.
    Courtney votes Cirie.
    Shane votes Aras.
    Danielle votes Cirie.
    Terry votes Aras.

    Cirie is the Sole Survivor!

    Hey, it could happen.
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Re: Final Picks From Across the Boards !
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2006, 02:06:52 PM »
might as well add some other picks ( thanks to anti's thread at sucks for the links )


Spoiler] Inside Pulse Crystal Ball Boot Picks - Survivor: Exile Island - Finale
Posted By Murtz Jaffer on 05.14.2006

Who takes home the million? It's time to find out.
4th Place

3rd Place

2nd Place

Winner Of Survivor: Exile Island

The time has come again. The Ball has a blurry vision inside of itself, this time around. And the image that continue to swirl is that of Austin's. Will he side with his gut and vote yoga? Or will he just go with the babe? That is the ultimate haze for tonight's proceedings. Ultimately, tonight will not be remembered for who claims the big prize. Instead, the Ball will look back to the twelfth season of the show just like a courtroom. It is the jury that people are always talking about. Not the charge.

Damn Terry. All you had to do was win one more.

Congratulations Aras.

See you in the Cook Islands.

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Re: Final Picks From Across the Boards ! /TDT is Up !
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2006, 06:09:49 PM »
Just wanna say congrats to Aras

Cant wait for the Cook Isalnds
Aras the first person to try to meditate fire.......... "Just a little longer guys................. ???? you feel the energy now................????? what about now?????"