Author Topic: Survivor Finale "Thunder Storms and Sacrifice"  (Read 15926 times)

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Re: Survivor Finale "Thunder Storms and Sacrifice"
« Reply #25 on: December 09, 2005, 11:21:12 AM »
alright I am going against the odds and pickign Stephenie as the winner ~ do tno think it will really happen but hey i can not come in first anyways.

I have Cindy, rafe, Lydia and BJ voting for Stephenie.  The other jury memebers my be mad a steph, but he asked to make it to the jury and she helped.  She was nice to BJ once they merged and he knew it was numbers.  I think he will vote for her because she beat the odds.

Lydia may be mad that steph got all the rewards, but Steph kept her in the game.

Rafe if he is final 3 I think it would be because Danni wins IC and takes steph.  Danni knows she can not beat Rafe but thinks she can beat Steph.

Cindy, Well Steph did tell her they were planning on voting her out and went with her to Danni.

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Re: Survivor Finale "Thunder Storms and Sacrifice"
« Reply #26 on: December 09, 2005, 01:41:44 PM »
Good luck Texan  :smileC:

Promo is up , not much new ..same as the commercial pretty much

VO: who will win the toughest Survivor ever ? Stephanie loser turned Favorite
Jeff : ( from last episode ) Steph wins immunity!
VO: Rafe the mistake free player
Rafe: proud of every descision that I played in the game so far
VO: Danni a determined winner
Danni: hopefully my little plan worked
VO: or underdog Lydia
Lydia: why am I here , is it my destiny?
VO: now its down to 3 tribal councils . Two heart stopping hours and one ultimate winner see why nearly 60 million viewers have made survivor the # 1 reality show . The finale and live reunion CBS sunday