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Cindy Hall's Early Show Interview
« on: December 09, 2005, 10:39:33 AM »
{ thanks to survivorfever }

Cindy Hall's Early Show Interview
Survivor: Guatemala
Episode 13 Boot
( 12.09.05)

Transcript by James Barber

RENE: It is down to the Final 4 on "Survivor: Guatemala". In last night's episode, Stephenie once again turned on a member of her alliance. This time the victim was Cindy Hall, who might have sealed her own fate by winning a car and tempting the "Survivor" gods.

(clip package)

RENE: Spoken a bit prematurely, perhaps. Cindy Hall, good morning.

CINDY: Good morning.

RENE: I guess we should start there, with the car, because Jeff told you last night, he said, "I just want to let you know that the person who has won the car has never won 'Survivor'", and he wanted to give you an opportunity to give up the car and you said, "No, I'm not gonna do it." Why did you do that?

CINDY: Just like I said on TV, I'm about beating the odds. I've been trying to get on Survivor for five years and no one thought it would ever happen, and I did it, and at that point I was still following through with that same theory. It's not the curse of the car, it's the curse of winning. Any time you win a reward, you're a threat, so it had nothing to do with the car.

 RENE: And you said, before we went on camera, "How stupid would I have looked to America if I had given up the car and THEN got voted off?" You thought this was in the works all along.

CINDY: I do think it was in the works, because I called it when they voted out Judd and didn't tell me. Before that they had voted out Jamie and didn't tell Judd. I mean there was definitely a pattern forming there. I think it was in the works all along, and I would have felt like an idiot and looked like an idiot for giving up a car and then losing the game, all at the same time.

RENE: Who's running the show there? Who's really, really in control? And why are you here?

CINDY: Rafe is running the show, and I know that he...

RENE: Really?

CINDY: ...and you have to give him credit because he's playing very smart by making Stephenie look like she's running the show.

RENE: Yeah, because that's what it looks like.

CINDY: ...a target on her, because everyone expects Stephenie to be running the show. She's played the game before, she's the power player, she's in control. He's the one coming up with the ideas, and she's just the messenger. She does the delivery, and it makes it look like she's the bad guy.

 RENE: Yeah, but if he's running the show, why didn't you fare better, because at one point he took you on a reward challenge. I thought you guys were tight.

CINDY: I took him on a waterfall challenge because I knew from his background that he would enjoy something that's of a natural wonder.

RENE: Were you trying to get in tight because you knew he was running the show, you were trying to sort of side up next to him?

CINDY: Yeah. Stephenie and Rafe are the two people I obviously took on my rewards for a reason, because they ARE the power couple. And if you leave them back at camp to conspire while you're away with someone else, that's just sealing your own fate. So I had to bring them whenever there was an opportunity, so I did. Now the fact that I actually enjoyed the time I spent with them, that was just a bonus, but I definitely wanted to keep them away from each other as much as possible when I wasn't around to know what was going on.

RENE: Whenever I watch "Survivor", I always see people kind of chatting off to the side and then they take a shot of somebody over - I'm thinking, "If I saw two people off alone talking, I'm gonna beat feet over there and find out what's being said."

 CINDY: And it's really hard to not have people hear your conversations where we were, because we were so very confined to a specific area, and no one wanted to go out into the jungle, because of the mosquito situation. So you try to have your conversations around camp, and it's close quarters, so you always know there's somebody talking about somebody when it's happening.

RENE: You're a zookeeper, I wanna play a real quick game with you. Word association. I want you to assign an animal to each of these players. Rafe, who would the animal be?

CINDY: Oh gosh, he would probably be some sort of primate.

RENE: Stephenie, who would she be?

CINDY: I think Stephenie would be a cat.

RENE: Lydia?

CINDY: Lydia would a puppy. (laughs)

RENE: A puppy? OK. What about Danni?

CINDY: Danni would be something tall and lean and athletic...

RENE: A giraffe?

CINDY: A giraffe. That's a good one.

RENE: OK, I wanna talk about a scene. This is part of our secret scene people did not get to see last night on the show, including you. So this is Cindy and Stephenie, enjoying their little reward snack together.

[(nightvision; shots of Cindy and Stephenie eating)

CINDY (solo): There was so much food, it was ridiculous, and Stephenie and I are both in real life big eaters.

STEPHENIE (shoving food in her mouth): Oh my God, it's perfect.

CINDY (solo): Our plan was to cook it all, and have a drink, and eat a little bit. Take a break, and then eat a little bit more, and then reheat it, and take a break. Then we would cook the eggs and eat those and then maybe go to bed, and then whoever woke up first in the night, whoever stirred in their sleep, would wake the other one up so we could eat some more. We literally ate all night.

STEPHENIE (after more shots of eating): We are fat.]

RENE: OK, that's very funny. So does food take on this larger-than-life significance when you're out there eating nothing?

CINDY: I wasn't that hungry, so to speak; it wasn't like I was in starvation. It was the variety, the lack of variety, and you have this smorgasbord before you, and you can't help but take every last bite that you possibly can fit in your mouth. It really does take control of your brain.

RENE: You look like you had a good time. Cindy Hall, thanks for coming by and sharing with us.

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Re: Cindy Hall's Early Show Interview
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Cindy sound like she is not bitter... that is great