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Guile In Guatemala
« on: November 10, 2005, 11:00:20 PM »
Guile In Guatemala

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2005
No lie: Bobby Jon Drinkard is gone. (CBS)

(CBS) The lies were flying in the jungle.

Gary continued to lie about his past. Stephenie lied to Gary about the alliance. Judd lied to everyone about the hidden idol – then lied about whether he was a liar.

So it should be no surprise that a competitor who embodied integrity – lovable loser Bobby Jon Drinkard – was unceremoniously booted out of Guatemala.

But it took a Hail Mary miracle by ex-NFL player Gary "Hawkins" Hogeboom.

"I'm gonna pull out everything I have," he said, referencing a dramatic comeback he staged against the Detroit Lions back when he was famous.

The man who keeps lying about his identity was on the chopping block. But the quarterback flashed his A-game by finding the coveted immunity idol in the jungle to save himself.

It wasn't all skill, though. He got a little help from the conniving but careless Judd. The New York doorman, who had earned a clue about the hidden idol, told all but Stephenie that the 6-inch Mayan statue lay somewhere "on the ground." (In fact, he had learned that it was somewhere "not on the ground.")

But he was caught in his lie when Gary spied him looking skyward for the buried idol.

"I think it's pretty amazing Judd told everyone it's on the ground," said Gary. "Why is he looking in the trees?"

Early on, the tribe mates seemed unwilling to go down the road of deception. Jamie, his feelings hurt by being called "classless" the week before by Bobby Jon, changed his tune. In a gesture of atonement, he sacrificed his challenge reward (a burger and beer) for a bowl of ramon nuts and boiled lake water.

"Nothing tastes better than my self respect," he said.

Judd, who won the challenge, earned a lobster, steak and open-bar dinner. But the thrill of victory would not last long. Judd stumbled home drunk, vomited in the shelter, lied about the idol's whereabouts, and then got caught in his lie by Gary.

Still, bumbling Judd had numbers on his side and it appeared that Jamie or Gary would be the next to be voted off. But Jamie, perhaps inspired by his repentance, won the final immunity challenge, racing across a balance beam and rope bridge.

All eyes turned to Gary.

"He's a huge physical challenge and he's always in game mode," Stephenie reasoned.

But it was "game mode" that would save Gary, as he miraculously produced the long-lost idol at tribal council.

The mood was tense. And so was the lie-telling.

"There's definitely a lot of paranoia," said Rafe.

"I haven’t lied about anything yet," lied Judd.

"I think we're all going to be liars before it's over," said Cindy.

Except for Bobby Jon. The waiter from Alabama was voted off before he had the opportunity to shift into dishonest mode.

Bobby Jon will visit The Early Show on Friday to tell all about the deception in Guatemala.

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BobbyJons Early Show Interview
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2005, 10:39:55 AM »
Bobby Jon Believed The Lies

CBS) On Thursday night's "Survivor: Guatemala," former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom pulled a last minute "Hail Mary" on the final play of the game, sending Bobby Jon Drinkard back to the locker room for the second season in a row.

"It was just a total shocker," Bobby Jon tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "And I knew right then I was gone. I was making sure I had my shoes and socks. I knew I was gone."

And, like Bobby Jon, nobody in the tribe knew the immunity idol was in Gary's possession — especially since Judd Sergeant, as the winner of the reward challenge, received a clue as to where the idol wasn't.

"That was a daily chore, a daily game for everyone to go and do every day," Bobby Jon says. "It gave everyone something to do. Of course you want to find it. And if you don't, then you could go home. And that's what happened to me."

Judd shared his clue with Stephenie LaGrossa, but deceived the rest of the tribe as to where it could be hidden.

"If Judd would have told me it was out in the lake, I would have been swimming to the lake to try to find it. Whatever Judd said to do, if he said it's on the ground, it's on the ground."

But the idol was up in a tree. The Early Show's secret scene shows Gary finding the coveted idol.

Walking around a big tree, Gary says to the camera: "I've been looking in this tree because that's an ancient Maya — they worshipped these trees. Lo and behold, I see the idol. I do have to expose Judd, lying to the group about it being on the ground. This is highly secret. I'm going to keep it till I need it, which could be tonight. I'm going to keep it in my pants' pocket until I get back to camp. I'm excited. This is good stuff."

Gary had followed Judd and noticed that Judd was looking up, not down, when searching for the idol.

"He has a lot of experience about working hard. So he found it. It paid off," Bobby Jon says about Gary.

It paid off because, behind Gary's back, Jamie Newton was plotting against him, telling the tribe it was Gary's plan to get rid of him. Though it was a lie, Jamie still managed to convince the tribe it was time for Gary to go home.

For his part, Bobby Jon tried to convince Judd and Jamie that it was better to keep him in the game because Stephenie will vote against them in the end. And Bobby Jon was assured Gary was the one going home.

Bobby Jon believed them.

"I'm pretty gullible when it comes down to it," he says. "They told me I wasn't going home, so I believed them. That's pretty much the way I went with it."

It may seem odd that Bobby Jon would trust Jamie since they had such an explosive relationship during the game.

"I think Jamie and I, were a lot alike," Bobby Jon says. "We're friends now. We moved on. I could pick up the phone and call him right now, and vice-versa. He's a good guy. I think just being some of the places we're from, we're a lot alike. When that happens, you tend to butt heads."

At one point during that giant ball challenge, it looked like they were going to tear each other's flesh off. But Bobby Jon says, "I didn't think it would ever get that far."

He did think, however, he would stay longer in the game. But like the Guatemalan heat, the lying has intensified.

"You're not out there playing for five bucks. It's a million dollars," Bobby Jon says. "People do what they got to do. That's the name of the game. There's no rules. There's none."

And Stephenie is playing her cards well this time around.

"She's a mover and a shaker," Bobby Jon says. "When you're competing, you use the best strength that you have. She has a lot of them and she can do it."

Even if the conditions are tougher this time around than when they competed in Palau.

"The heat and the humidity, which I'm sure a lot of the contestants have told you thus far, it's brutal. You can say it, but until you're there it's hard to deal with."

Well, Bobby Jon may not have won the game but he made it to the jury.

"I was hoping," he says. "But I guess it happens to the best of them."

And there are no regrets. The experience he says was "definitely very benefiting, inside and out."

Now that he is out of the game he is living in Los Angeles, he says he is pursuing acting and modeling work.

"Hopefully it works out," he says. "But, I still love Troy, Ala., and might move on back there. Who knows?"

So would he consider competing in another "Survivor" if he is asked to play a third time?

"It might be time for me to hang this up this time," Bobby Jon says.

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Re: Guile In Guatemala
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2005, 10:58:14 AM »
thanks for the BJ article....I would have loved for him to stay another week then win IC and stay.

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Bobby Jon TV Guide Interview ,Second Time Not the Charm for Survivor
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2005, 06:31:02 PM »


Second Time Not the Charm for Survivor
by Angel Cohn
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Not many people get a second chance to win a million dollars, but Bobby Jon Drinkard — who was on the constantly losing Ulong tribe on Survivor: Palau — got such a shot during Survivor: Guatemala. While the sweet 27-year-old from Alabama didn't become the sole Survivor, he did achieve his goal of making it to the jury. asked Bobby Jon about his feud with Jamie and tried to find out why he and Palau pal Stephenie just didn't get along. On your first day in Guatemala, you were hiking through the jungle and ended up dehydrated with your eyes rolling back in you head. Were you thinking, "What the heck did I get myself into?"
Bobby Jon: You totally hit the nail on the head. I didn't know what in the world I had signed up for. After that, I was thinking, "Is this worth it?" Is a million dollars worth your eyes rolling back in your head and you cramping up like you never have before? But I know me and I knew if I got hurt that I would bounce back. That is a confirmed deal there. It just took me a couple of days. But then you had to deal with all these open sores and wounds.
Bobby Jon: It got pretty rough out there. My shoulders were eaten up and I had a lot of bites and scratches, but everybody did. It wasn't just me. I definitely thought I could use a heap of Neosporin. I hope you got some when you got kicked off.
Bobby Jon: Yeah. That, some warm food and a Diet Coke and I was in heaven. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I really wanted to smoke one then. What was your reaction when they called and asked you to do another Survivor?
Bobby Jon: "Hmm… wait tables or Survivor?" The answer was definitely Survivor. I had told other contestants that they'd have to beat me with a whip to get me to go back again. But it does affect you in a positive way, if you swallow it that way. If you go into it angry and go out of it angry then it is a waste of time. But I think you can savor the moment and learn something from everybody. Were you surprised that they picked you as one of the returnees?
Bobby Jon: Honestly, I have never really asked myself that question at all. I just felt like I'm the one getting picked here and I didn't want to sit on my pride and think, "I'm great because they asked me to come back." I'm just a person out there, just another contestant. I was honored and felt respected by being there. Were you upset when you saw that Stephenie was back as well?
Bobby Jon: No. Stephenie is just another person, like me. She puts on one pant leg at a time like I do. You two don't seem to get along so well.
Bobby Jon: We're kind of hot and cold with each other. I annoy her sometimes, and she annoys me sometimes. I think when it is all said and done, we don't have a lot in common, but some of the things we do have in common are our determination and our ability to work hard. We connect on that note. She's strong and I think she deserves to be there. You did try to warn the Yaxha alliance that Steph was a threat. Did you think they listened to you when you saw some votes being cast for her?
Bobby Jon: Honestly, I didn't think they did. I thought to myself that they either came from myself or Danni or somebody. The [Yaxhas] had the numbers by then. You don't have to be liked or not liked. You've got to be on the side with the votes, and she was. Was there anybody else from Palau that you would have rather seen in Guatemala?
Bobby Jon: Well, contestant or not, I really enjoy Ibrehem's company a whole lot. On the island, off the island, he's just a stand-up guy. I would have enjoyed spending time with him. Do you think you would have gotten another three days if Gary hadn't found that hidden immunity idol?
Bobby Jon: I would have. I don't know if I would have gotten another four or five. When he pulled out the idol, I knew I was done. I had no clue he had it. I don't think anybody else did, either. He seems pretty sneaky.
Bobby Jon: Phew, does he! [Laughs] When he pulled it out of the bag, I was like, "I'm going to take the walk of shame." It seemed everybody around you was lying this season. Were you surprised?
Bobby Jon: It is not like you are playing for five or six bucks; it is for a million dollars and people do what they've got to do and don't think twice about it. I did a little bit of lying here and there — like with Blake, I told him I was going to vote for Brian. But I knew he was going home and my vote didn't matter either way and I still had a game to come back to. I would have wanted him to do the same thing. But that is the nature of the beast out there. Sometimes you've got to lie and sometimes you've got to bluff — it just depends on which one you want to choose. Did you try to change up your strategy from Palau?
Bobby Jon: One of the biggest lessons I learned is that being yourself, no matter what, is going to take you to the top through the most evil and hard circumstances. Even if you do have to scheme or swindle your way around a little bit, you still want to be yourself while doing it. If you sit at a coffee table and play cards with people, bluffing is part of the game, but you can be yourself while doing it. What is the deal with Jamie? What started your big feud?
Bobby Jon: I just think Jamie and I had a lot of the same qualities. We are from the same place geographically. So wouldn't that make you friends instead of enemies?
Bobby Jon: We are friends now. We've totally patched things up and I could call him right now if I needed to. [On Survivor] your nerves are running strong and the lack of nutrients and sleep and stuff take a toll on you and you get aggravated. It is like having a bad day at work and you just want to go into your coworker's office and rip his head off and throw it across the room. But then you go back in there and check on him to see if he's doing OK. [Laughs] It's just one of those things. Your bio says you are single. Is that still true?
Bobby Jon: Yeah… [I am] still single for the most part. Did you find any of the Survivor: Guatemala girls cute?
Bobby Jon: You can always pop your eyes at somebody here and there, but I'll tell you what, you are so doggone nasty out there that you would rather lie down with a pot-bellied pig than another person. You are a wreck. I know some people do, but it must be love at first sight if they do. I tell you, I couldn't do it. Would you do Survivor again?
Bobby Jon: I've been given two chances to do this thing, so I'm pretty sure it is time for me to hang up my buff. But if I were asked to do another Survivor, I'm pretty sure I'd be the first one on the boat.

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Re: Guile In Guatemala
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2005, 11:57:37 PM »
Thanks for the article.  That Bobby Jon cracks me up with some of his comments.  But that is why he is so likable. {|

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Re: Guile In Guatemala
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Bathfizzy  {|  ]**]