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Amazing Race stops by Banff ??
« on: March 21, 2004, 06:13:41 PM »

One of the most exciting TV reality shows recently made a pit stop in Alberta.
The Amazing Race features 11 teams on a month-long race around the world in competition for a $1-million prize. During the race to numerous elimination pit stops, teams are faced with roadblocks and detours.

Word on the street is the Banff area was the site of either a roadblock or detour on the show.
Sun sources say race competitors battled their way to Bow Falls near the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel where teepees were set up.

Apparently the shoot was quick and lasted half a day. The challenge may have been to see how quick the teams could set up a teepee before being given their next destination.

There's no confirmation from the Calgary International airport on whether or not the teams arrived or departed from there. It would, however, seem logical to go to Banff through Calgary as opposed to over the Roger's Pass from B.C. After all, it's winter and the show is about a race, it's not Survivor.