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Nicole on Radio 9/25
« on: September 25, 2003, 09:02:59 AM »
Heard the interview with Nicole from Survivor this morning ~ Misses JP yesterday, will try to catch it next week.  These are on 100.3 KILT in Houston.  I was driving in the car so I do not have notes on the whole call ~ sorry

Nicole (N); Radio Announcer (RA)

She said she was exhausted for all the media she has had to talk to she was not ready for this.
RA ~ When you were told you were on survivor what did you do to prepare? Your bio shows you to be a great outdoors person that this would fit well with.
N~ She agreed she should have done well. She said she was in the gym for a couple hours a couple days each week.  She prepared physically but not mentally.  She should have kept her mouth shut and she could have made it farther **she mentioned how she just can't keep her mouth shut about 20 times!**.  She said she did not watch any of the other survivor shows and so she did not know how to strategize.  **I thought this was funny since she said she talked to Lillian to get an alliance in her web chat**

RA ~ Well in your bio you went to college on a full academic scholarship and you were a communication major and then changed it to massage therapy.  You could have used your massage skills to keep you around a little longer.
N ~ Yes I could have used my skills, but I just did not feel right about it.  I take my job very seriously and I do not just give it (massages) out for free.  ** Silly boy they could have paid her with the money they did not spend in the market :) **

RA ~ Do you think that JP sits back and laughs at you guys?
N ~ giggles Yes he laughs out loud at us.  When the guys took off their shorts JP said What on earth are you doing that for?
RA ~ What was your reaction to the guys taking off their shorts?
N ~ I was Disgusted **will hold back my comments!!** I have not idea why they even did that.  
RA ~ Did all of you harass them back at camp?
N ~ Yeah I made comment on what were you doing and what was the point, I think this was part of the reason I was voted off.

RA ~ Does it  hurt or embarrassed that you were the first to be booted off the island?
N ~ Yes it hurt, but it was a good thing because I got to have a great vacation because of it with fun people.
RA ~ Where did you go?  Are you sequestered the whole time, did you sit around and play cards?
N ~  No (to being sequestered ) We got to travel all around Panama ~ white water rafting, horseback riding, *she mentioned a couple of other things too that I do not remember*

RA ~ Asked if she was going to watch the rest of the show and see  how it is edited?  Are you a excited about watching?
N ~  Yes I am going to watch, where else can you watch a show where you know all the people on it.  ** I thought that was interesting choice of word ~ where you know everyone**  She said she was especially excited to watch the show tonight that it will be hilarious.   *How would she know that this show would be hilarious? She seemed to emphasize this point.  Wonder what that means**

RA ~ Well people are saying they voted off the best looking one.
N ~ Oh thanks that is sweet.

My opinion, this girl would not have made merger…she seemed full of herself and did not communicate very well in the interview.  She talked about how she was ready for all the physical parts just not the mental part.  Constantly said how she is just not someone to keep her mouth shut.

I will try and take better notes next week.

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Re:Nicole on Radio 9/25
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2003, 03:33:20 PM »
Texan thanks for the update.  I'm Dying for 8PM to get here. LOL

Did you miss me?

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Re:Nicole on Radio 9/25
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2003, 11:25:18 PM »
Texan, thanks for posting the interview.  I think it is interesting that she never saw the previous survivor shows.  I think that should be a pre-requisite if you plan to be a contestant.  Watch what works and doesn't work for other contestants. duh!!! :P

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Re:Nicole on Radio 9/25
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2003, 04:19:10 PM »
Thanks for the interview ;) I thought this was interesting??(as if I'll ever get through ::))
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