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Guatemala Episode 5 Insider Transcription Thread
« on: October 14, 2005, 03:35:13 PM »
copied from survivorfever :t-up:

Survivor Insider Transcripts
Survivor: Guatemala Episode 5
Transcripts courtesy of James Barber

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Clip Description:  Find out what the Yaxha members had to say as they cast their votes at Tribal Council

BOBBY JON: Blake, this is something I didn't really want to do, but given the way the votes are going tonight, you'd be going home anyway. So therefore, the only thing I can do is stick with an alliance, and that's what you'd want me to do, and that's what I'd want you to do.

DANNI: This is a really hard decision for me. You're a great guy, but I think there's so many things in life you've experienced that others haven't had a chance to yet, and that's why I want to give them the chance to play the game further.

GARY: One too many rich kid stories for me. I'm sure you're gonna turn out to be a great young man, once you grow out of your wild side. I just hope you start treating women as an equal and not as an object.

BRIAN: You may be the golden boy, but I'm platinum. I'm just trying to keep my chance in this game alive. I hope it's you.

BLAKE: Brian, you're an extremely compassionate kid, you've been an amazing part of our team. I did form a lot of bonds with my original tribe, and I think the 3 on the original Yaxha team are the weakest right now. It's nothing personal; these things happen.

AMY: I'm voting for you, Blake. Anything to deflect the heat off of me. I'm really gonna miss your stories, but I think some of your stories, your extravagant stories made people think you already have a lot of money. Good luck.

BRANDON: Brian, don't take offense man, I just had to keep my word to another person.


Clip Description:  Find out what Bobby Jon thinks of his new tribe.


I don't think it was anyone's fault today. They just did a better job. They positioned themselves better. We were all hustling. I will say that I think when Lydia was catapulting the ball, it was going a little further in their direction than when Brian was catapulting it in our direction; it was a bit single out over towards Nakum's direction. So that had a little bit to play with it. But when we lose or we win I don't blame it on anybody or anything. When we win, we won, when we lose, we lost. We were supposed to lose; we didn't do a good enough job executing it.


Storm last night was pretty much a nightmare. It rained for about 2 1/2 hours straight, constant downpour, didn't stop raining. A few of us got under the umbrella, a few of 'em stayed under the shelter, but we all got soaked. I did. We pretty much slept standing up. So...that's the way it is.


Everybody got wet but Blake said he stayed dry. Funny, he stayed under the shelter. I think he had the only place in the shelter that wasn't leaking. I think Amy asked him if he was dry over there, and he just kept staying still, like, 'I'm dry' or whatever. Things like that right there come into play in a camp cause if somebody's tryin' to get dry and you're dry, it's a team deal. You gotta share. Some things, do by yourself, but some things you gotta share the wealth.


Everybody calls Blake Golden Boy, because every time he tells a story, it's the most picture-perfect story you can imagine. It's like perfect. Like he was sleeping in the shelter last night, he was the only one that didn't get wet. Golden Boy (laughs). Always comes out squeaky clean. Amy's the one that came up with that.


Another thing I've noticed in this game, has also prepared me and it takes a little while to come out is people's true character starts coming out in this game. And it takes a little while. Maybe not on day 4 or day 5, or day 6, but on day 14 or 15, the person you supposedly had your alliance with that you went to the same college with, went to the same sorority, whatever you start seeing that that person's not so nice as they were on day 4. They're not as helpful as they were on day 4 or day 5. They're not quite as - walking around camp trying to pitch a hand around camp as they once were. To me that's when character starts showing in a person, and that's one thing that Blake maybe lacking on a little bit. Gary's definitely stepped up to the plate. Gary's been the same man since I got here, and he hasn't changed one bit. That's something that really comes into play cause we got a long way to go until day 25 comes around. We still need to be getting firewood, we still need to be getting water and stuff.


Blake started out in this game pretty sick. I did myself. I cramped up, was severely dehydrated; I was down for a coupla days. Blake was down a few more days with a breathing issue, it was really setting him back. But he overcame it and he toughed it out - but the thing is is another breathing issue gonna come into play. Cause it's gonna get harder. We ain't seen hard yet. We're eating corn and stuff, but it's gonna start runnin' thin. I just don't see Blake's character being as strong-willed as Gary's in the long run.  There's just no way.  So that's gonna play a factor in my decision tonight.



Clip Description:  Fed up with Blake's irritating stories, Danni explains why she turned against her tribe mate.


When we got back from the immunity challenge, we immediately started talking, and everybody's on the same page. We all kind of decided that Blake needs to go home. Only problem is Brandon and Bobby Jon had given him their word and said they wouldn't vote for him, and so it kinda comes down to my vote. Bobby Jon, they're all in agreement to have him go, they just don't want to look bad, obviously, which I totally understand. I told them I would go ahead and vote because I never promised him that I would never write his name down.


Blake needs to go home because he's irritating everybody. Obviously you want to keep a person who is very good at challenges, and is smart, and Blake is, but it can also tear the team down, having him around camp and irritating everybody with all his stories about parting and alcohol. It's wearing thin with some of the team members. I think it's just best that he goes home, plus I think there's other people here that deserve a better shot than he does, so I think it's just fair to give them that shot.


The hard part about voting Blake out is he is so good at challenges, and that is so important, but physically we still match up against the other team, against Nakum. But as you can see, that doesn't always turn out to be the case - strategy plays a more important role. It's just that when you have to live with someone every day, eat, sleep, drink with these people, you need somebody who keeps the morale up, and he doesn't. That was pretty much the deciding factor. He was really starting to irritate everyone.


I think Blake might have an idea that something's been going on, cause he's been quiet. He keeps asking me, 'Is it gonna be Brian? Is it gonna be Brian?' and I said, 'yeah, Brandon said Brian. I think that's the name Brandon's putting down.' I'm just trying to skirt around it so I won't have to lie to him.


Of the original 4 Nakum members, the ones that have a tight bond are the 3 of us - Bobby Jon, Brandon and myself. Blake's kind of the odd man out. Coming into this you think they're gonna be against you, you're gonna be against them, and it hasn't worked out that way at all. I really trust Gary's word, and he said he hadn't started any alliances over there, and that he's in with us. So I have to trust that. Sometimes that bites you in the butt in this game, but you gotta take your chances. Brian, I talked to him a little bit today and I said, 'I felt like you deserve to go further.'



Clip Description:  Feeling confident before Tribal Council, Blake reveals his plan to oust Brian.


I'm trying to benefit from Bobby Jon's experience. Granted he was on the losing end, but they knew who they were voting out. In Bobby Jon's case, he went almost to the very end, to the merger, which wasn't one. So he knows how to kinda play this role. This exact thing we're going today, Bobby Jon's been here 6, maybe almost 7 times, just being on the losing end, slinking your head, saying, 'Alright, yeah whatever Stephenie, we're gonna vote out this person.' So today I'm gonna take the co-pilot seat and listen to what he has to say and not stand out too much, and tonight, Tribal Council, answer Jeff's questions as directly as I can, keep my head down. If he's asking me directly and someone wants the truth at Tribal Council, I'll be like, 'Brian, you're getting my vote tonight. It was between you and Amy. I'll even say that I think you're the weaker of the 3, and we've got a group of 4 that's staying together.' I don't even want to tip that - I don't want Gary - you don't want to piss off Gary and Amy. Gary might say, 'Screw you guys, I'm never gonna make an alliance,' and you need to go back on a merger. It's a balancing act; I'm on pins and needles.


Actually, I came up to camp just now, I asked Bobby Jon, I whispered to him, 'Have they said anything yet?' I'd almost like to whisper to Amy and Gary like, 'Listen, we're all voting off Brian tonight.' And I think we might do that, just so that we're on the same page. It would be stupid if we have 4 votes for Brian, and then 3 are kind of a mixed compilation. Some might come my way, I don't know, I wouldn't doubt it. Just because they're gonna be kind of shooting in the dark, defenseless. It would be great if all the votes went Brian and we kind of thought that Amy and Gary voted for Brian as well. That way there's some unity there, and it wasn't such a tense situation for the next few days in camp.


The 4 of us are gonna vote in our majority for Brian, and I think Brian is probably not gonna vote for Gary or Amy, because he's been with them for a while. Of the other 4, it's gonna be whoever he hasn't related to the most, or whoever he thinks is threatening. Could be me or Brandon; hell it could be Danni or Bobby Jon, I don't know.


Absolutely nothing matters tonight. Brian's going home, it's a 4-3 vote, even if they all voted for me, they all vote scattered tonight, he's gonna get 4 votes for Brian, he'll go home tonight. Then it'll subsequently play out that way, if we need to, for Amy and Gary, but we don't want to.


Right now, I'm kinda morose. Yesterday, we had the day off, and that was the worst. I got kind of homesick. As bad as I felt the first 10 days, yesterday I was miserable. Today I was ready to compete and we lost - that's even worse. Tribal Council's not an easy thing to go through, so I'm not looking forward to it. Tonight sounds like it's going to be even harder. You take the good with the bad out here. Nobody wants to send anybody home. You hate to make that decision, but we're out here for a reason. I'm a competitive guy and I like to win. When it's all done I want to be the one that won ratio. (?) So we're gonna vote out Brian, and tomorrow we'll reminisce about him, and we'll miss him and his efforts around camp, but we'll all have one little extra portion of food.




"I obviously didn't humble myself enough for this game. I prepared myself physically and mentally and everything. I didn't expect to be hurting so bad the first 9 to 10 days. I bounced back, and I think that on top of some things I've done recently - "Golden Boy" - have put me in the limelight a little bit more. Made people feel a little worried.

Obviously, I don't feel like I'm the weak link that got voted off today. I think it's because of my competitive nature and they're worried. We had the odds of 4. I was in an alliance in my original group with Danni, Margaret, Bobby Jon and Brandon, and coming into this I thought I thought their word, we had an all - we had 4 on 3. First day, Bobby Jon's like, '4 to the end'; Brandon as well. To be honest I think Danni flipped on me. I didn't see it coming. I don't understand the reason for why. So I'm kind of perplexed right now, and kind of angry. I understand it's a game, I won't hold anything against Danni, but to have those odds - I know Stephenie on the other side is playing that way. I can't imagine why she wouldn't create a situation where they vote off Cindy and Margaret and Judd. To have the odds of 4, if there's a merger you have that voting advantage. Then you figure it out amongst yourselves. That was the discussion today. Danni looked at me and said, 'Brian.' I very smugly in my interview today said we were voting out Brian tonight. Today when the votes came in I knew I'd probably get the 3 votes from the other 3. Simply because of the fact that Brandon chewed through that rope - he's just a quiet workhorse. Gotta love that Kansas boy; he's a great guy. Bobby Jon's the veteran, how can you not love Bobby Jon, how do you vote for him at this point in the game? Danni's a sweet girl. She's playing the cheerleader, she's playing everybody. She played me. I don't understand why she would take that chance to take me out and create an equal tribe of 3 Nakum and 3 Yaxha on the Yaxha team. I feel Brian is the weaker of our group right now. Made total sense to me to vote out Brian and Amy and win enough to beat the other team down, try to bring Gary in a 5-way alliance, maybe get back together with Margaret. I obviously didn't see this coming. I'm just happy to be here. This is just an amazing adventure and opportunity. Wish I had played it better. I feel like I should've seen that coming out of left field and I didn't. Danni hosed me. I don't feel like Bobby Jon or Brandon went back on their word, they're honest guys. I could be wrong, I'll find out eventually. They'll tell me. Danni would be honest with me and tell me. 'Yeah I flipped on ya.'

She was in a pool of water today with Amy. Amy, Gary or Brian might have tried to turn her probably Amy. It really doesn't make sense to me. Logistically, this game is all about odds, and you want to be on the side of odds. Why would you take a 4:3 ratio and make it 3:3 instead of 4:2? It would tip our hand to the other group, but I think if we had won today, and they had lost, you probably would have seen the same thing. Cindy or Margaret would have gone home, and you know exactly what their tribe is doing. I wish them all the best of luck. At this point there's people I'd love to see win that $1 million, people I wouldn't. All's fair in love and war; this is a game. I'm gonna be eating better tonight, probably sleeping in a bed, hopefully. Yeah, I wish them all the best and I hope they hang in there and win. I'm gonna miss the competitions.

I'll be honest - the last few days I've been kinda homesick and missing my family. I'm a Type A personality, and sitting around on my ass all day in the sun, just kind of conserving energy was killing me. If anything it's made me anti-social. I'm kind of a loner, like Brandon too. I've gotta be real quiet, kind of putting my head down and thinking. I think people think of me as thinking a lot, and my competitive spirit - I've stepped it up in a few challenges, and met the bar on the others. I think they realized it's time to get out somebody strong. Definitely a humbling experience.


Clip Description: Brian gives his take on "Golden Boy" Blake.


Amy's taken to calling Blake 'Golden Boy' because he's got this perfect smile, and his model hair (Brian sarcastically does model poses), and body, and everything you touch turns to gold, which isn't true anyway. So Amy likes to call him 'Golden Boy' because she has a little bit of a crush on Blake. That's about it.


It makes me wanna vomit cause Blake's one of the most egotistical people you've ever met. When Blake opens his mouth, you can be 99% sure it's gonna be about Blake. So calling him 'Golden Boy' feeds right into that. But fact of the matter is that's part of our strategy right now. If you can feed Blake's ego and he likes it and he knows you're an ego-stroker, he'll like you better. So I'll stroke his ego 'til the day he's voted off, I don't care. But offside, it's ridiculous. Dumb as hell.
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