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Quite the Contrast!
« on: October 21, 2005, 08:14:14 PM »
At Nakum's Tribal Council, there wasn't a lot of lovin' for Margaret.  Judd tore into her like a cold six-pack.  Judging from their votes, the others didn't seem to disagree with his message, unless (this IS possible) one or more people felt that Judd would "go Lex" on him or her.  (Africa:  "I'm gonna find that snake and cut it's head off!"  Regardless, Margaret not only had reason to think she was in danger, she took more abuse in that TC than most finalists take from the jury.

Later, at Yaxha's TC, Brian was given a feast of compliments.  Brian is tough.  Brian is likeable.  Brian is dependable.  Brain is a shrewd player.  Brian loves puppies.  (And when you pick up that pen, remember that Brian is spelled B-R-I-A-N.)

This must have been fascinating for Rafe.