Author Topic: what do you really think of the bb hg's and the game  (Read 872 times)

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what do you really think of the bb hg's and the game
« on: August 31, 2005, 07:29:12 PM »
I think thats a bunch of crap. Its a game. Would you vote out someone you liked for 1 million dollars. They all joined the game to win the money and they all will lie and cheat to win the money. A lot of time the worst of ppl come out because of how the game is played. Its almost like being in jail. no contact with family no tv or papers or magazines or puters. Nothing to pass the time and only strangers to talk to. Thge worst of each is going to come much of the bad said is out of frusteration and venting.I don't see jealousy just immaturity and frusteration.Kaysar played the game . jen played the game.Because of what jen did the nerd s have the numbers.That is why the choice was made. Its all about the numbers.Its all about the money. Like I said before..some ppl on the boards are getting just as nasty with the name calling and they aren't even playing for money. I don't hate anyone . none of them are truely bad ppl. the are just in the game and sometimes the game plays the ppl. I would rather see ppl say who they like and why and not cut the others down on who they hate.ITS A GAME FOR A LOT OF MONEY.what would you do for that much money and if you aren't going to lie then why play the game becasue you won't win they way its set up.

I could honestly say I would not lie to play a game for money.  If I would have to lie to get money then I really do not "deserve" it.  My 2 faves in the house are Jannie and Maggie.  All along I had been rooting for Maggie, but I am over the pouting and ignorant remarks.