Author Topic: My idea for the intro to survivor Guat. . . . .  (Read 2314 times)

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My idea for the intro to survivor Guat. . . . .
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:15:44 AM »
So recently i was talking and came up with what i thought would be the best Survivor ep1 ever, and It doesnt even have to have a boot at the end.  I wont take full credit becuase quite a bit of this actually came from "spoilers" at sucks.  SO basically at sucks there is speculation that BJ and Steph will be in some type of god like statue at the top of tower.  The survivors will walk into a clearing to see these two statue. They will then procede with a "tribal division" challenge.  With 10 keys up for grabs, 5 that go to stephs locks and 5 to BJ.  So after they scramble to find keys to the locks to release their captains into the game.  The god like statues should most likely not be unveiled as to who is inside until all the locks are unlocked then the "god" will lower to the gound and will open to reveal one male and one female god obviously BJ and Steph. So 5 new members plus the captains will be two tribes of 6. they will depart to live in the ruins of an ancient civilization.  So if they started with 15 new survivors that leaves 5 who are just kinda left there after the others depart Jeff turns the that remaning 5 and says the good news is your still inthe game; the bad news is your starting with nothing and you must live in the woods(the benefit of the ruins is they sere as some kind of shelter) He hands them a map and tells them they can go at this point you would need to be 45 mins or so into the episode cut to the two tribes walking to the ruins with their captains then arriving.  Then as the show closes you see the misfit tribe waling deeper into the jungle trying to find camp, as they approach they cansee smoke inthe distance and as they get closer there is a fire at their camp and a man is squatted behind it blowing the ashes as they approach he stand up and walks toward them out of the darkness. As the wpisode ends you see the face of none other than Mike Skupin the captain of the 3rd tribe.  The episode could end here and still leave a big impact with diehard fans.  Most want to see Mike get another chance and the BJ and Steph comming back would be anice tease leading up to this.  Also could you imagine thelooks onthe faces of theothers when the 3rd tribe and Mike show up at the first challenge.  Also with 18 survivors and no boot in ep1 i would lead up to the much rumored triple boot for this season as they wouldhave to get another person out to finish in 39 days.  I personally think the idea isgreat and that EPMB and SEG should hire me as a consultant on future versions of the game  {l{.
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Re: My idea for the intro to survivor Guat. . . . .
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2005, 12:32:56 AM »
CJ22, I love it.  Yes, you should be hired as a consultant.  Tell them they have to hire Puddin also.  |#' |#' |#'

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Re: My idea for the intro to survivor Guat. . . . .
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2005, 01:01:53 AM »
 =]/ CJ rules ..I could never have come up with an idea like this  |#'