Author Topic: British Newspaper Declares Carrie Underwood As American Idol 4 Winner  (Read 5530 times)

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May 22, 2005
British Newspaper Declares Carrie Underwood As American Idol 4 Winner
The latest fuel thrown on the great “American Idol is rigged and Carrie Underwood will win” conspiracy theory is that a respected British newspaper has printed that Carrie already has won.  In an article about BusinessWeek’s 25 Stars of Europe, The Independent lists Simon Fuller as one of the names on the list.  The article goes on to describe Simon Fuller, as “the pop impresario whose American Idol TV competition was won this year by Carrie Underwood.” 

Of course the American Idol Finale is still three days away, so it would be impossible to know who the winner will be (wink, wink).  While there is nothing to suggest that this is anything other than an innocent newspaper error, it has risen quite a stir among American Idol fans.  Several Reality TV Magazine readers emailed us today to point the news story out.

Other factors supporting the “American Idol is rigged and Carrie Underwood will win” conspiracy theory include the track listing on the American Idol 4 Showstoppers CD which lists Carrie at the top, Simon Cowell’s continuous praise for Carrie, and a closed captioning error that listed Carrie’s phone number for three of the other contestants. 

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I saw Simon on Fox and Friends the day after Anthony was voted off.  Simon was all but giving Carrie the crown during that interview.  He even said that the final two would probably be Carrie and Bo.  I new then that my favorite "vonzell" was going home!!!!
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Maybe they have some inside info on the voting trends and they can say that the votes are mostly going to Carrie with Bo a distant 2nd.  I know Simon Cowell knows what the voting results are each week. 
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This reminds me of the Reuben Studdard/Clay Aiken season 2 ending.  The judges wanted Reuben to win and they were quite vocal about it.  When Reuben won there was a lot of talk about the vote being fixed.  And looking at who has the better career right now, I'd tend to agree that maybe it was fixed.  Where is Reuben?  Clay's getting ready for yet another sold out tour this summer.

Does it really matter who wins?  No, because they both will get a contract and make an album.  The fans will decide who they like better and support that Idol by buying their albums and attending their concerts.  Perhaps they'll both find an adoring audience for their music.

That being said, it's rigged if Bo doesn't win.  |}