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SURVIVOR INSIDER: Palau, Episode 11
« on: April 29, 2005, 01:00:42 PM »
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   SURVIVOR INSIDER: Palau, Episode 11
 Please check out SURVIVOR SHRINE which is helping with hosting this week's images.

PS and DC are happy to bring to you this week's edition of Survivor Insider, faster than most weeks! We believe that it is complete for the week. If you catch anything that might need to be changed/edited, let us know. And in advance, we both want to say your welcome as we have seen several thank yous in the previous weeks, we appreciate every single one of them :)

Koror Tribal Council
Stephenie Voted Out

Caryn (Votes Steph): I am voting with the tribe Steph, and that is only because you are a fierce competitor. Good luck.

Katie (Votes Steph): This is absolutely nothing personal. Iím just voting with the rest of the tribe. See ya.

Ian (Votes Steph): Steph, youíre one of the fiercest competitors Iíve ever met, and while itís your competitiveness thatís making me vote you out tonight, my h.eart hurts to watch you go. Youíll always be Koror.

Stephenie (Votes Caryn): Iím just going with the strategy. This is what they told me. But for some reason I donít believe them. I donít think itís you, Caryn, but if it is, it was great knowing you and best luck always. Talk to you soon.

Tom (Votes Steph): You are as an amazing a competitor as you are a young lady I really connected with you out here, and I hate this. Iím sorry.

Jen (Votes Steph): Steph, you played this game really well, really hard, really tough. But thatís exactly why we have to let you go.

Gregg (Votes Steph): Stephenie, unfortunately the numbers arenít working your way. So, great game. Best of luck.

Stephenie's Final Words

Stephenie: Well, what an amazing, amazing experience, I can't even describe it. I mean I am upset that I got voted out, I really wanted to win, I did everything I could but I don't have anymore tricks up my sleeve. I've gone as far as I could. I really honestly feel I gave it 200%, I gave it my all, and there was nothing I can do today. They told me that they were going to vote Caryn out, I kind of felt it was a little shady, I kind of thought it was me so I prepared myself well. But I am not going to say that I feel like a loser, because I don't, I feel like a major winner.

I am really pysched, I am really pysched, I am like really proud of myself, I mean it was a hard run, I mean we got annihilated, our whole tribe just got blown away person by person and here I am, the last person standing you know and I don't really think it has happened on Survivor. And I go to this new tribe, thinking I am a dead man walking, and I make it through at least two people down whether they quit or got voted out, I made it and I made it 1 and 7. And I am really pysched, I'm my own worst enemy and I am always the hardest on myself, and I wish I could have went further but I didn't, and everything happens for a reason, and I did the best that I could, and I am, and I am actually very proud of myself.

This experience has made me learn so much about myself, my life, what's important to me, how to live, I mean, this experience has made me, you know, I will never take the small things for granted, I will never take the huge things for granted. I never thought I could push my body and my mind, and myself to the limits that I pushed myself to, and that alone, made me feel like the strongest person in the world, I am like standing on top of this mountain and no one can conquer me. That is how I honestly felt in this entire game, the weirdest feeling. And I said all along that I felt I had this angel sitting on my shoulder just looking out for me, and I kept my head held high and kept positive, and did my best. I may have not done the best, but for me, I feel liek a total winner and I learned a lot about myself and my life and when I do go home, and when I do go back to the real world, it's going to be a whole new world for me, it's going to be a whole new outlook and I am so excited to be here to experience that and grateful.

The biggest thing I learned about myself is that I am really a strong person, I have always been an athlete, I've been on many sports teams and I have always second guessed myself you know, I think I am a good athlete at a certain sport, you know I think I am good at a certain thing but you know there is better but I learned that this experience out here is that, don't second guess yourself out here, go with your thoughts, go with what you know is best and give it your all. And as long as you give it you all, no matter what the outcome is, you know that you gave it your all. And if you are successful, then that is what was meant to happen and I feel that I am successful out here because I gave it my all.


So pretty much the biggest thing that I have learned is that I am a really strong woman and I never thought of myself as that strong of a person, and I know now, not only physically and mentally, I am a really strong person inside and out.

You know when I got voted out and I am walking out, I am like, part of me is like, you made it so far Stephenie, the odds were totally not in your favor and another part of me is like, that friggen sucks, I am such a failure, I could have made it further. It pisses me off that these people, still get to be in this game when I feel like a true survivor when I survived so much more sh!t than them. I am sitting here, and I am like there is part of me that is pissed, and I still want to be in that game and I think there is a lot still in me to give, and I have a lot of challenges to be won, and I have a lot of, I still have immunity that I want to grab but it all goes down to, it's the game and I was outnumbered by an entire tribe, I was on a tribe that was decimated, conquered, killed, murdered basically. And um, you know, I am proud that I made it this far but because I am so competitive, I'm pissed, I want to go further, it's not enough but the game is over for me right now, and I was voted out and unfortunately, there is nothing I can do, but move on, have a couple of drinks, have a lot of food and have some good times.

Being a big Survivor fan, watching it on TV and then actually playing in the game, totally different. I definitely thought it was easier you know, and everyone said, it's going to be the hardest thing you will do, nah I can get through it. You know there aren't people sitting in the background, here's a bottle water, or are you starving, here's a burger. There's nothing, there's no food, theres no water, there's no clothing, what I had on my back is what I made for myself moving forward, and whatever food that I ate, I caught and did on my own, and any water that was boiled and whatever. And so, it's a helluva lot harder than it looks, a helluva lot harder and I didn't want to believe that coming into this game, but I found out very quickly within the first day and I am glad that I can conquer and I am glad it was an experience I was able to have.

Stephenie The Day After

For me personally, my Survivor experience was uplifting. I never knew how strong I really was, both mentally and physically until I came into this game. I mean, I literally shocked myself. To just continue, to be there, be the last one standing in my tribe and beat out all these men and women who looked so physically strong and who I thought were so strategically strong, mentally. I felt they had it all going on. And here it turns out that I was the strongest.

Iím my own worst enemy. So for me, I was like, you know, ďHow am I going to win this? How am I going to get through? How am I not going to get voted off?Ē I managed to stay strong and have the stamina and get through it all! So my experience has been amazing in just helping me realize the person I really am, cause I never thought I would ever do as well as I did. And I shocked myself.


I mean, constantly through the game itís a battle because youíre hungry and youíre tired and you feel weak, and then that emotion sets in: You miss your family, your loved ones.

But I always felt for some reason throughout the entire game Ė and I kept saying it Ė that there was angel sitting on my shoulder or something. There was someone just pulling me through the entire game. And I donít know if I just found it within myself, or I thought about my family and the people I loved and they helped keep me strong Ė I donít know what it was. But I just kept saying, ďIím just going to try my best. The only thing I donít want is to have regrets. I want no regrets.Ē So I did that, and I guess I found it within myself, and I found that I was on top of the world, like the entire time. I was on cloud 9.

It was so weird! And even though we lost every immunity challenge, I personally did really well in them and helped carry them through. We still lost. But I mean, thereís no I in team and no one person can do well and win. I felt that I personally did really well, and I think it was just digging deep and having a lot of @#%$.


Originally, I think I was perceived as this girl who you know, ďShe wonít do much. Sheíll probably come and go and get voted off and sheís no big threat.Ē And then I went to the first challenge and I proved myself. Theyíre like, ďHmm, this girl is pretty athletic.Ē And then I went to the second challenge and I did even better.

And I think by the third, fourth, fifth challenge, people were like, ďSheís a major threat.Ē This girl Ė people have come to me, ďYouíre clearly the strongest female in the game. Maybe even stronger than the males, or half the males here.Ē So I think I was perceived as a huge threat, physically, athletically, and mentally. And I think I was pretty well-liked by a lot of the Survivors, which is another big threat (laughs), I guess to them.


The night I got voted out at Tribal Council was a difficult night for me because I knew it was coming sooner than later. But I didnít give up. I didnít quit. I didnít stop playing the game. But I tried to do everything I could back at camp that day to just try to extend my stay a little longer.

You pretty much know youíre going when people donít want to talk to you, they donít want to strategize with you, they donít want to talk about the vote, and they pretty much just ignore you. Thatís how my day went Ė my last day at camp. So I was kind of forewarned. I did know it was coming and for me itís hard, because even though I went far, itís not far enough.

I was here to win, bottom line and I just felt though - instead of getting down on myself like I normally would do and say, ďDamn I coulda-should-would, or I regret thisĒ or whatever, I just try to keep my head held high because I had no more tricks up my sleeve. And I did everything I could. And I went as far as I could. And here I was, a girl in a tribe with 8 members that had been together for 20 some-odd days, and I was still able to beat 2 of them out, for the most part, even though Janu had laid down her torch. I was kind of proud of that.

And I tried to walk out of Tribal Council with my head held high. There were some tears in my eyes and I was sad to leave the game, and every part of me wishes I was still in that game. And I know I could have played till the end I and I know I had a good shot at that million, but I know I was a huge threat to them and I knew if they took me to the Final 2, Iíd win. And thatís why they got rid of me. And they told me that.


So, although it was very difficult for me, I tried to keep my head high and stay positive and say you know what Steph, you did an awesome job andyou should be proud.


My best day, was the day I got to go to Koror, day 22, my favorite number. I said it all along, it's been my number all along, and day 22, that started out as my worst day because I was alone, I didn't know if there was going to be a merge, a challenge or what, here I am on this beach by myself, spent the night by myself and it ended up being the best night for myself in the game. I went to Koror, I packed up camp, went to Koror, paddled by myself, they welcomed me with open arms even thought I knew it would be difficult in the future, for the day it was nice. We had a huge reward, where we had the Palau men come and teach us how to fish and we had a great big feast with rum and beetle knot (?). We ate, laughed and ate and laughed, And it was the best day for me out there, definitely be far, my favorite number.


I guess the biggest thing I learned is that if you want to accomplish something, you can, as long as you do your best, don't ever give up, never give up, just do your best, and your best is all you have, and if your best isn't good enough, at least you know you did your best and it will take you as far as it needs to take you and that's what it did for me in this game, it took me to day 30 and the odds were against me and I still made it 30 out of 39 days. So that's what I learned, always do your best, never give up.


Everybody kept saying that's it going to be the hardest thing you've done, it's going to be harder than any lacrosse game you played in college, yea, yea, yea, I'll survive, I'll do it, I'm fine, I'm strong. It was by far so much harder than I thought it would be, by far. I mean because not only you are starving and uncomfortable, filthy, and just feeling alone at times. You're just on this emotion rollercoaster the entire time, where you are happy, where you feel you have the world, I don't even know what, you're on top of the world and then all of a sudden, you feel like you are going to hit rock bottom, and you're going to die and I am not going to make it another second. And then there is a little bit of glimmer, and you're like no I am okay, I'll be okay, it's okay, and there here, I'm sorry, I think I am going to lose it, oh my god, my mind, I can't think, I can't breath. So its not only physically draining but you're whole body is taken over by this game and the wilderness and life, and you're like, can I do it? It's all from within, it's not all about your physical makeup or strength, it comes from your @#%$, your will to succeed. That for me, made it really tough, I have never been tested like that, so this game was so much harder than I ever imagined it to be. I would absolutely do it again if I could, as much as I miss my family and my boyfriend and my best friend and I don't ever want to leave them again, if I ever had the chance to do, to have an experience like this again, I would absolutely do it again, I would do it tomorrow if I could.

Female Threat
Description: Gregg reveals his true feelings about Steph and her competitive nature.

Gregg (confessional): Personally, I like Stephenie a lot, you know, I don't mind having her back at camp, she contributes to camp, she fits in well, but she doesn't fit into our plans. She started crying and was making a case that hey, you know, Janu doesn't deserve to be here, I want to be here. I understand where she is coming from, but this game at this point is not about deserving. You know, so, I felt for her, I am not heartless, I totally see where she is coming from but at the same time, I try to remove all emotions from the game, and at this point, I am not going to let my vote be swayed whether or not I feel bad for Stephenie.


I don't want to live in the past, but I had always said the number one thing for Koror should do is vote out Stephenie as soon as she enters the tribe. She is going to present new dynamics, and she is going to be a new challenging threat, we have our five person alliance, we know how the votes can play out and within the votes, there are lots of threats like Stephenie. But Stephenie brings a new dynamic to the game, we didn't do it for the first time, and we got stuck with Coby. Now Janu is out, so now it's Stephenie and we lit a fire on Stephenie's ass now and now she knows that she is on the line. We had two opportunities to get rid of her, now she knows she's on the line, she is probably going to be more dangerous in the immunity challenges. If she starts winning them, then we start sacrficing our own. I can see it panning out now, it's been too much the Stephenie show, she lived through 12 tribal councils and the only way that she is going to win, if she does win, is going to have to really collapse all of Koror. She is going to take the tight unity that Koror had, and break it apart, and it will be a great story and it will negate everything Koror has done to do up to this point, and I will be damned if that will happen. I'm fired up right now because it's the night after and I probably need a good night sleep to absorb it.


I don't think people back at camp realize like the risk that this puts us in, I think a lot of people are maybe oblivious to this. Hopefully, in two three days from now, it's a non-issue, but right now, we are at more risk because of this and I am trying to limit my risk along the way. Each person present more risk than the other and I don't like the fact that this whole Stephenie story is built, it's almost like this history is behind it or something, like the Red Sox beating the Yankees and I just don't like that momentum. She hasn't won anything yet, but when you have a plan and you want to see it excuted and there is no reason why it shouldn't be executed and something like this happens, it's a little frustrating.

I See London...
Description: After Koror reads over their latest Tree Mail message, Gregg comes to Jen's rescue. What does he save?

Jennifer: What the hell now?

Katie: Very small, should we read it.

Jennifer: Yea.

Katie: The rewards you play for today,
mostly involve eating and drinking.
The only way to the good stuff
will involve strategic thinking.

Jennifer: Oh wow.

Ian: Tree mail, alright!

Katie: It said, everyone:

The rewards you play for today, mostly involve eating and drinking. The only way to the good stuff, will involve strategic thinking.

Stephenie: Oh my gosh.

Caryn: I think we get money, and we buy stuff.

Katie: Our tree mail came in a little purse or money holder and we really think they give you an X amount of money and we get to spend on mystery meals, mostly food and drinks. The fact that it says mostly to me means that there may be some other things right now, I think I need a little food for the soul or anything from home would serve that person.

Katie: She lost her underwear.

Jennifer: I don't know where they are.

Katie: Did you look under the shelter? You gotta look under it. Found them?

Jenn: I think I see them.

Katie: How the hell did they get down there?

Gregg (confessional): We are about to leave for the challenge and Jenn's underwear is lost, and it's a tiny little pair and it turns out that its under our shelter all the way in the back.

Tom: Jenn, you're being so day 5, c'mon get under there.

Gregg: You want your g-string, I'll go get it.

Jennifer: Oh you are classy, you're da bomb Gregg, you're da bomb.

Gregg (confessional): So I get on all fours and I go down where the rats are probably crapping every night and hanging out and I rescue her g-string for her underwear.

Jennifer: Thank you so much, watch your head, watch your butt, watch your back, careful.

Jennifer: Thank you so much, you're my hero.

Tom: Chivalry on Survivor.

Gregg (confessional): It's a funny moment, here you go. 

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Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER: Palau, Episode 11
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I do not even want to know why her underwear is under the sheltor or if she put them right on!

I think Gregg likes steph too much...but she ahs a boyfriend and well you know Jenn would see.

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