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Author Topic: Victoria Fuller and Jonathan Baker ,working on a possible VH1 show this fall.  (Read 1228 times)

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'Race' duo on the
road to success

Victoria Fuller and Jonathan Baker are now working on a possible VH1 show this fall. 

Fuller appears in Playboy's May issue. 
America hasn't seen the last of Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller, the "Amazing Race 6" contestants best-known for their constant onscreen bickering.
Fact is, viewers will be seeing a lot more of the couple in coming weeks and months with Fuller appearing in next month's Playboy magazine and VH1 shooting a reality show pilot around the lovebirds to debut perhaps as early as the fall.

And, they've also taped a demo for a potential show to air on Sirius Satellite Radio.

"I'm having the time of my life," Fuller said yesterday. "We both feel like we're having the time of our life."

Fuller said VH1 cameras started following them this week as they work out new business deals and live their lives at home.

"Basically it's John and I, and the arc of fame, from going on a reality show, being dumped off on the end, and what happens when you come out on the other side," she said.

That's a far cry from what viewers saw in the fall when there were allegations - based on what was on the screen - that Baker was abusive.

It all stemmed from an incident in one episode in which Baker shoved Fuller - combined with his repeated ego-filled rants.

Immediately, the shoving incident raised questions about their relationship and the way contestants are screened.

"As the show was going on, people were in a state of shock," Fuller explained. "And so were we, because we were portrayed so negatively."

Fuller also said that after she was shoved on the show the couple received one million E-mails (mostly negative) on their Web site: jonathanbakerandvictoriafuller.com.

But after they started doing interviews and showing up at red carpet events, people started seeing them in a different light.

Fuller said the incident and other situations where it appeared Baker was verbally abusive were overblown and just short snippets from their hundreds of hours on the show.

Ironically, they got advice in how to deal with the fallout from an unlikely reality show ally - "Apprentice" villain Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

"Her advice was when you do an interview come off humble and apologetic," Fuller said, "and when you walk the red carpet, be a slut and a b----."

The new reality show will have some aspects of the explosive relationship viewers saw on "Amazing Race," although the tension will be different because they're not going after a $1 million prize.

"People like flawed characters," Fuller said. "It's all great and fun. People want to know you have problems, so there will be an element of that. Is he pushing me? No. Will we be at each other's throat to that degree? No. But we still will be bickering, we still will be fighting because that's who we are."

Originally published on April 7, 2005

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I dont know whos show would be worse. Jon and Vic's or Brittney and Kevin's |(

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I just commented on this here.


I thought about writing an entire article about how stupid an idea this is, but I thought I'd leave it here.

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WOW they are getting their 15 minutes fo fame....she is in playboy agian and the VH1 show

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They are trying as hard as they can to stretch it out.  Count me as one of the people wishing it would end. 
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