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Early Show Highlights Bobby Jon Drinkard
« on: April 08, 2005, 12:31:07 PM »

Survivor: Palau Episode 8 Cast-Off

( 4.08.05)

<clip of Tribal Council>
Rene Syler:  Awwwww, Bobby Jon Drinkard as he wipes a tear away.  Just kidding.  Here's what I don't get.  You were responsible for keeping the fire going at Ulong tribe and then here you have matches to actually use and yet you lost the challenge that way.  That had to hurt.

Bobby Jon:  Oh, yeah pretty much lost it fair and square.

Rene Syler:   What happened?

BJ:  I got distracted and for a minute I stopped and looked at hers and it just takes a second.  When I did that I lost a little step.

Rene Syler:  You know what, eight immunity challenges in a row...what in the world...and last night when I  was watching you and Stephenie I really wanted you guys to win one.  You looked like you might do it at one point you had a decent size lead.  But in the end when it came down to putting the puzzle together, you guys just stumbled.  What was going on with Ulong?

 Bobby Jon:   You tell me.  We must have had a black cat walking around our beach or something.  We just dang sure didn't have any luck at all.  When it came to puzzles there again we just couldn't seem to muster ourselves together and do it.

Rene Syler:   You guys couldn't work together, you and Stephenie or what?  The tribe couldn't work together?

Bobby Jon:   I think Coby's just good at getting puzzles if you ask me.

Rene Syler:   You and Stephenie are the only ones left on Ulong and I'm watching you guys really push this catamaran and trying to get that out in the water and trying to keep the camp going.  How hard was that with just the two of you?

Bobby Jon:   It's pretty tough.  I think the whole time there I felt I was trying to provide along with everyone there but when people start getting cut out of your tribe you start having to do alot more. So it does become a little more tough then normal but we managed.

Rene Syler:  And trying to do that with no food.  It looked like last night, as nice a guy as you are, you were starting to get on Stephenie's nerves.

Bobby Jon:   I guess I was.

<clip of Bobby Jon being gross>

Rene Syler:  Ok that's the part where I said "wait a minute". This is your camp and you're doing all this stuff.  Was that a surprise to you that you were getting on her nerves?

Bobby Jon:  I think I could improve on my camp hygiene.

Rene Syler:  Do you have a girlfriend?

Bobby Jon:   We have some things working.

Rene Syler:  You've moved out the Los Angeles because you're going to pursue a modeling career.

Bobby Jon:   Yeah. I've been out there for about two years now.

Rene Syler:  How's that going?

Bobby Jon:   It's going allright.  I'm still waiting tables but I do have a degree in journalism and I'm probably going to use it.

Rene Syler:  A degree in journalism, good.  Hey, I waited tables too it's a good way to make a living.   Look in this camera right here, now who would not want to hire this guy.  Beautiful.   Bobby Jon Drinkard, take care, you were a good sport.


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Re: Early Show Highlights Bobby Jon Drinkard
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2005, 10:42:08 AM »
Bobby Jon:   It's going allright.  I'm still waiting tables but I do have a degree in journalism and I'm probably going to use it.

Think he will write recaps for the next survivor?