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Early Show Highlights with Kim Mullen
« on: March 11, 2005, 01:06:12 PM »
Thanks as always to survivorfever {^[

Early Show Highlights
Survivor: Palau Episode 4 with Kim Mullen

Rene Syler:  Kim Mullen, good morning.  You were smiling when you got voted off, I guess you knew it was a fait au complait.  You knew it was coming?
Kim:  I pretty much knew 99% at that tribal council that I was going home.  At that point you can't just be bitter.  I want my tribe not to hate me, I wanted them to win, go out there and kick butt.
Rene Syler:  Why do you care what they think of you now, I mean you're gone, right.
Kim:  I mean, you're out there, you still bond, I know that I had some anger toward some of them...
Rene Syler:  Who?
Kim:  Oh come on, James.
Rene Syler:  What was his deal?
Kim:  I don't know.  You know I even picked him to be on the tribe and it still bit me in the butt.
Rene Syler:  It seemed like from the beginning he had it out for you. 
Kim:  He had it out for me big time and I think that whole Jeff thing of course didn't aid the situation and anger just kept building in him towards me.
Rene Syler: Do you think he was jealous of this situation?   Now we should bring people up to speed that it was Jeff that you had some serious snuggle time with out there.
Kim:  Right, my snuggle partner.
Rene Syler:  Right, your snuggle partner.  So do you think that perhaps that's what got James upset?  He was jealous?
 Kim:  You know, I don't know if he was jealous because he felt threatened by everything.
Rene Syler:  Ok since we brought Jeff up...are you seeing him?  Are you dating him?  Are you gonna get married and have children and live happily ever after?
Kim:  *laughs*  Jumping the gun there.  He's out in California, I'm in Ohio so we can't really date.  We do talk.
Rene Syler:  They have airplanes for that.  So you guys talk alot?  Everyday?
Kim:  Yes, yes.  We'll see where it goes.  Pretty open to it, so...
Rene Syler:  In the immunity challenge last night, the guys weren't that powerful.  I can't believe that one of those guys didn't get voted off.  In fact it was because of them that your tribe lost the immunity challenge.
Kim:  It was shocking.  I mean looking at the tribe you'd honestly think these strong guys, I mean they look pretty muscular, could go out there and kick the other team you know, but it didn't work that way.   That's the reason that I thought going into tribal that James could go home, he lost to Coby not just once but twice.
Rene Syler:  He was pretty upset about that.
Kim:  He did just as well as I did out there, so.
Rene Syler: You said earlier that you were not exactly prepared to be out there.  What was it about being out on Palau that was so difficult?
 Kim:  I wish I had done more strength-wise to prepare myself.  I had done alot mentally and I knew it was going to be grueling.  But the shock once you're there, you can't prepare yourself for total starvation   I could not sleep at night.  The weather conditions, the rain.  And of course trying to defend yourself.   After Jeff was gone, all eyes were on me.  It was like walking in a high school naked, that dream that you have where everybody is starring at you.  When we got back from tribal council, those three days, all eyes were on me.  It was alot of pressure.
Rene Syler:  You were Miss Ohio in the Miss USA pageant.  What's tougher, being in Survivor or being in Miss USA?
Kim:  You know I thought alot about it.  I think competing in Miss USA, there's alot of manipulation but it's really to your face.  They want to break you down, they want you to know that.  And then with Survivor, it's behind the scenes, back in bushes, people whispering about you.  You don't get the chance to see what they're saying.  It's alot of similarities though.  You still can't eat as much food as you want. 
Rene Syler:  There is that and there's no sticky tape on Palau. 
Kim:  No butt glue.
Rene Syler:  Kim Mullen, thanks alot for coming by.
Kim:  Thank you.

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Re: Early Show Highlights with Kim Mullen
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2005, 01:11:10 PM »
 B:)  B:)  B:)

Who cares what this barbie has to say? What the hell was her strategy?

 :)* Of course, I still watched the interview in hopes of some insight. Thanks for posting it puddin.

Hey, why aren't TAR contestants appearing on The Early Show?
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Re: Early Show Highlights with Kim Mullen
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2005, 02:17:30 PM »
She was on good Day Live to and pretty much had nothing to add . She should never have been a part of the cast IMO  ,.( . Again..there are just to many people out there such as Steph & BJ to name a few that are really there to win the game not just sit on your sorry ass all day and watch other people work..she dug her own grave and I feel nothing for her . 88))
About theTAR contestents on the ES ..i'll keep my eyes open but have found nothing in the listings.. I am going write to Julie Chen later and see if she responds  *8/

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Re: Early Show Highlights with Kim Mullen
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2005, 05:05:28 PM »
Hey, right, puddin...Give your old pal Julie Chen a shout ]][
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