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New Default Theme!


Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the new Blue Theme! If for some reason you don't like this, or are someone afraid of change, you can go back to the old theme no problem.

If you hit Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences -> And where it says CURRENT THEME, hit CHANGE, and you can choose your theme! The old theme is called XP Theme!

Hope you enjoy!


i love it!!! })}   i already posted in the any and everything thread , but will post here too!!  rob, ]>} ,,>(

 ]*[  thanks Rob ..its so bright  |#'

I like it too, Rob.  Cleaner, easier on the eyes ( I think it may even load faster, that may just be the imagination of an old-fashioned dial-up kinda guy  {l{ )

I LOVE IT ( But that might have something to do with the fact that Blue is my all time favorite color)


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