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Survivor Insider Ep3
« on: March 04, 2005, 02:18:43 PM »
Thanks to Survivorshine

Survivor Insider Episode 03 Transcript
March 04, 2005
Transcribed by: Brett Murcott ( & James Le (
Clips Include: Tribal Council Votes, Jeff's Final Words, Jeff, The Day After, Pump It Up, Cheapt Shot, Worry Wort, All By Myself, It's a Man's World
Tribal Council Votes
Jeff Voted Out
James (Votes Kim): (drops parchment) Kim, you are lazy. You don't do anything. You let the fire almost go out today, you get out of the race today, early. You are not a helper, sorry.

Stephenie (Votes Jeff): (smily face) Jeff, it's what you wanted, I am granting your wish, when anybody has to get out of this game, they're going because I'll never ??? out of this game. And even if Kim doesn't pull her weight, she'll be the next to go. Love you.

Ibrehem (Votes Jeff): We really do need you, but with your luck, you really can't contribute. I guess, I'll miss you, I wish you could be here because we really really do need you, alright.

Kim (Votes Jeff): You've become one of my greatest friends on this island, I am happy to get to know you, but this is what you wanted so this is what I am going to do.

Jeff (Votes James): James

Angie (Votes Jeff): You're not a martyr, this isn't for your ankle, it's for your bad attitude.

Bobby Jon (Votes Kim): Everything is fine, but tonight I am not going to play you and Jeff's silly ass game.

Jeff's Final Words
I don't regret tonight at all because it was my choice, and I know that by making that choice, my team is going to be able to advance further in this game.

I am already walking away from this experience with complete satisfaction that I've been on an island, I have survived, I've met incredible people, I've had a wonderful time, I don't regret a second of it. Just being in this beautiful place has completely changed my outlook on life. There is a huge part of me that wishes that I had not injured myself to the point of being unable to help my team advance in the game, but because it did, it tells me that it was my time to go anyways, and that's why I made the decision that I did.

The one thing that surprised me the most about being out here is how quickly you can make friends with people, who you are depending on to survive. Being here, I have learned a lot about myself, one of which, I can open up to other people faster than I thought I ever could. I didn't think it was possible that in 7 to 8 days, you could feel so attached to so many people.

Playing this game and getting injured has made me realize that anything can put you out of any game and you just have to enjoy everyday to the fullest because something like this can happen, that can bring you back, and put you a step back to the point where you are the slower one in the race.

I've learned through this game that nobody is invincible, even myself.

I never quit. I stepped out of this game, not only due to the fact that I knew my limitations and I knew that my ankle was not going to support me for much longer but mostly, because I want my team to advance in the game, and they all know it.

I understand that some people may misinterpret what I did tonight as quitting, I never quit, I'm trying to help out the tribe.

Ulong, it's time to take Koror to the cleaner.

Jeff, The Day AFter
I mean I am sitting here right now, I made a big bonehead mistake, going out in the middle of the night, couldn't see anything, rolled my ankle on a coconut, I don't know how worst you can go out, but you know what, I don't regret a second of it, I wouldn't change a single thing, I enjoyed every minute I was there, I enjoyed every person there for the most part, and, hey if this is how I had to go, this is how I had to go, at least nobody hates me.

My Survivor experience was incredible. I mean, even though I was there for 8 days, I learned a lot about people, about malnutrition, about watching your step at the middle of the night, I learned a lot, I walk away from this experience with a whole lot of knowledge just in general.

I personally learned about myself that if it really comes down to it, I can bare down, if I need to, I can survive. I haven't quite done it on my own yet, I've had people helped me through it, but if I think it came down to it, I would be better off surviving in nature by myself, minus the ankle deal.

The one thing I did from the very beginning is to tell myself to appreciate every single day I am here, I wanted to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and sleep every night with a smile on my face and I did. The fact that I accomplished that makes me feel at ease right now, being out 8-9 days into it, where I could have advanced farther.

Two things kind of play into it. I one, was very happy and I did enjoy my time here, I enjoyed my experience to the fullest. Another thing is the fact that I left because of a mistake I made personally makes it easier as well. I am not being voted out, I was not voted out because people don't like me, I wasn't voted out because I was at the low end of the totem pole, I was voted out because I made a bonehead mistake, and I paid for it, instead of having it being someone else's prerogative to get me out.

In all honesty, full heartedly, I can tell you right now, that it is not a big disappointment for me that I am out of the game. I really did enjoy my time and I am not the type of the person to look back to say what if, or how come or any of that. It was in the stars for me to have to be out, it was in the stars for me and my tribe to separate, for them to go on and me to come back. I wasn't able to carry them on in the game, that to me is a disappointment, but outside of me not being able to help them out.

With an injury like this, it wasn't an ending for me, I wasn't done. I wasn't done with the game, I wasn't quitting, I wasn't throwing out the towel. I was helping out my tribe, by me coming back to the beach and saying, look, I have an injury, all of our events have been physical. Not only has our competitions been physical, but, at home, at camp, same situation. It wasn't easy to get food, have to walk to the water, have to climb a tree for a coconut, you had to walk up a wall to get crabs. None of that could I have done, and I didn't want one, for anybody to have to sit there and take care of me. I didn't sign up for this to be babied, laying on a beach, you know, that's not how I roll, that's not my style. Two, if we went into a competition, and I wasn't able to perform, like I didn't, like our last competition, what could I do? The second Jeff said go, I took my pack off, and put it on BJ and I left. I let them take my weight and it wasn't going to change tomorrow, it wasn't going to change by today, my ankle still hurts, it's a day later, I've had a good night's sleep, put ice on it, I have taken ibuprofin and it still hurts.

And so to me even under the best condition of this healing, it would take say a week, well that's three or four challenges, that's three of four times that we're not going to get food or water, we're not going to get clothing, we're not going to be able to keep our team members because we keep going to Tribal Council and they're all going home. Or if someone like Ibrehem or Stephenie went home because I rolled on a coconut peeing, I wouldn't be able to come home and be still be happy. At least right now, I'm here right now, relaxing, and I am happy with the fact that no one is home due to me.

The actual living experience, the surviving on your own, the survival of the fittest type of situtation, was definitely harder than I thought it was gonna be. If anybody comes out of this saying it wasn't, they're lying, because you can't prepare for it, you can think what it's going to be like, but unless pretty much not eaten for a few days, not slept for a few days, and then at the same time, almost every day, gone into a challenge working your butt off, canoed every where you go, your body is pretty well strung out, you're pretty expended of energy, and it keeps being demanded of you which for me was a surprise but also kind of an enlightenment because I like to find out my limitations. I haven't hit my wall yet, so I am still curious as to what my wall would have been but I did enjoy it, but it was definitely harder than I imagined it to be.

If I hadn't injured myself and I was still there to the tribe, I really felt that I was adding a lot mentally and physically to the team, I was trying to keep everybody uplifted, everybody happy and enjoying their time which I can see was starting to dwindle by the time I was leaving. Physically, I think I added a lot of the tribe, there's a couple of people who aren't quite physically active, being James or maybe Kim. We needed another person to keep going, but in the state I'm in, I am worst than any of the other people on the tribe at this point.

You know honestly, I don't think there's a whole lot of sexual tension there, we were all pretty much open about anything, everything, if there was something needed to be said, it was said, if there was an action needed to be done, we pretty much said we we're going to do the action. It was all out there, we were a pretty close tribe, some more physically then others. I got a little closer to Kim than some of the other people did. From what I hear, I wasn't the only one, which is okay with me, we were just enjoying our time there.

Nobody on Survivor has ever as far as I am concerned had sex. I came into this with an open mind, that might be able to happen. I am figured me, on a deserted island with a bunch of beautiful women, it wasn't out of the question, so I came somewhat prepared for that to happen. I didn't quite get there, I mean Kim and I around a second I was shooting for home but the game closed down early, threw over the tarp and went home. So, I mean we enjoyed each other's company, I had a good time, I am glad she was there, what can I say?

Pump It Up
Jeff: Treemail guys.

James: Bring it awn!

Angie: (reads treemail) Up from the deep, is the target desired, who will get it, by the time you've conspired?

If you choose wisely, comforts are within reach, you'll feel better at challenges and back at the beach.

Angie: I am thinking it's clothes or something.

James: I could go for that.

Stephenie: It has to do with swimming.

Stephenie (confessional): Treemail pretty much said that it's gonna be something deep down under, we are ready to go, we're down two people, we had a couple of rough challenges but we're pumped, we're just ready to win.

James: We have to keep up the morale, stay focus.

Cheap Shot
Coby (confessional): It's another brutal, physical challenge, we keep thinking we're going to have a mind one eventually, and so we've been really focusing on the winning the immunity wins. So you know, we took the punches, we took it? down, and we doubled, and we can do it tomorrow.

Katie (confessional): Janu's eye got jacked up in the challenge, Angie put her into a headlock and then bopped her in the eye or something. Angie was brutal, but that's how they play.

Gregg: Are you cold too?

Janu: I'm freezing?

Katie (confessional): It was almost cutthroat, not all of them, but Angie was like with a vengeance and it was totally unnecessary for them to be so brutal. Janu is like slide blasted?, she's like, she can't see.

Gregg: Can you look ahead?

Janu: Yea, but I can't focus my eye.

Gregg: Take a little nap.

Gregg (confessional): I worry about Janu, she's a thin girl, and she's emotional, she's going through a tough time, so I am worried about her. I have concerns that Janu may not have what it takes physically, the first couple of days, she was climbing trees, she is athletic, she's agile but as this game progresses you can see her just kind of start to lose steam and you don't want to risk a drop out because of health reasons or just someone who just can't handle it anymore.

Janu: I just remember Angie she grabbed my head and dunked me and kept me under and I couldn't come up and then I felt a blow to the right side of my eye, so it kind of, when I came out of the water, everything just went, and now it just feels like I don't have control. I am sure that it will go away, it just kind of scared me. It was scary. It's scary. It was scary (crying) because I wanted to do good for the team, but I couldn't catch my breath but now it just hurts and it's weird and I can't control this eye. I don't want to be sitting here cause I am not doing anything.

Coby: Hi baby, do you need anything? Just going to rest? I am going to look for bamboo and stuff for the shelter. You just stay here, stay there till you can open that eye. (Kisses Janu) That will make it all better.

Caryn: You want any -- or coconut, regain your energy?

Janu (confessional): That's very psychologically disappointing because I don't give up and I am not going to. I know myself, ???, I always give it my all, but these people don't know me, they are just going by what they see here, now seeing me like this, I could be on the chopping block as first.

Worry Wart
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ibrehem (confessional): Aside from the ??? earlier and getting back to sleep, I wasn't really getting good sleep with all the bamboo on my back uhh but I guess I was woken up to a big surprise with treemail. I guess we always expected it to come around a day or so, so we get a chance, so we can get situated and get some water, and some coconuts or something in our body. I guess another good thing about it, we haven't gotten worn out with anything today, so we're just going into it with the energy we got from sleeping.

You know what, I could name a couple of things this challenge will be but I try not to think about it that hard. Everything that I thought the challenge was going to be and everything that everyone else in the tribe thought, it was something completely different so I think it's best to just kind of concentrate on trying to get focused to do whatever, because I don't think we can ever get it pinned down or know exactly what it is. I think it will for sure involve something that involves strength or carrying a person or that could be carrying some sand weight, I don't know, we have no idea.

I think Jeff is a little worried because he rolled his ankle pretty good last night, and I think he is a little worried about his performance today. I'm sure he is thinking about that a lot. I know if it was me, one day, I rolled my ankle and I was kind of, I luckily had a day to recover before we had another challenge or anything to do, because there is nothing out there to medicate it, you just have to give it time and I don't think he was expect a challenge today, at all, especially a challenge this early on and I think he is a little nervous about his ankle but I am going to encourage him, I am sure he will do fine, I think once you get in the middle of a battle, your adrenaline, stuff like that starts running, you really don't think about it, it's just afterwards where the pain sets in.

I am concerned about Jeff's performance a little but Jeff is pretty a resilient guy, I am just worried that he may injure it really really bad from this, I honestly think that he will be able to do it because its us but I am afraid he might injure his ankle worst than it is.

But like I said, I have had turned ankles but I made them worst because I actually don't think about it while I am doing the actual sport or process, it's just afterwards you kind of make it worse, that is the only thing I am concerned about, I am not concerned about his performance.

Jeff is definitely important to the tribe, ???, I think he is one of the strongest players, he's a very very good swimmer, really smart guy, strong physically too, so he's a real real good combination, good at encouraging, so he's great, he's one of our best I think.

All By Myself
Bobby Jon (confessional): When somebody already quits mentally, you can't plant a seed in that, mentally, he's done.

I don't know, I might get a wild hair, and vote for Kim tonight just to show them that like I am going to show you that we ain't playing this ??? game. Because, I thought I had everybody, I don't try, I never talk anybody into anything, in a way we need to keep him, I mean he's over there, I feel like

Sometimes I wish it was just me, by myself, Bobby Jon's tribe, but I mean, everybody is doing pretty good. Stephenie is doing real well at everything, she fights like a man, she works like a man, so can Angie and so can James. I am a little disappointed in Ibrehem today, but I mean he does pull his load, he's a big boy and he does get tired, a little more exhausted than we do sometimes, I do understand that, and there is another challenge coming up, cause he's a good dude but still shouldn't have lost. ::roll eyes:: We gotta to catch fish, we don't got fish. ???You just gotta go do stuff.

I am slammed scared to death of sharks, I don't want any part of the shark, but the way our fishing is going, the little 'em here, a little 'em there, it looks like I am about to have to go out there, dive in the middle of them, and just come out and just hope they don't eat me up because man they are all out there, mmmhmm I do not want any part of sharks at all. But, considering we've eaten every coconut on the island, and considering we've eaten every crab out here, ??? so yea, I am going to dive down there and --, see, Jeff is good at fishing and now's he's going so now I have to step up.

The reason I keep myself in the more shallow part of the water, is because you can't stay gone long around here because somebody would be off cutting grass with a machete, when we need to be doing some other stuff. You got to watch this crowd, you got to stay on them, a lot sometimes, making sure everybody is doing what they supposed to do. Nah, they ain't lazy, they gettin' a little better, you just got to see things before it happens, it going to rain almost every afternoon, it's going to rain in a little awhile soon, so you have to be prepared with our shelter, our food, our wood, I mean everything. I mean they'll do stuff, but you kind of make sure everybody, I think they would have a Davy Crockett in our tribe, it's okay, I am positive, I am just a little frustrated right now, I mean ::scratches::

It's a Man's World
I think frustration is starting to boil up and you see things, and you want to say something, or people tick you off, and you want to say something or you just want to do it, but you know you have to bite your tongue and shut up.

I think everything is frustrating, I don't think it's anything personal, it's just you're fricken tired and you're hungry, and you want to eat. And you do nice things but then you are so under appreciated by everybody, but I think everybody else is in the same boat. Like last night, a couple of us, including myself, volunteered to give up, like we had enough crab for everyone, and we had a crab and half a body with three legs, and I ate half a body and two crab legs, or my claws and donated the rest, whoever could have it. Nobody even said thank you, but I think it's because we live with these I am a man, and I need my muscles, and it is that very extensive group and they just ate them, and they didn't even say thank you and it blew my mind that they couldn't take the time to say oh that's so nice of you, thank you. But oh, by golly, you go get a sack of five twigs in the woods that are soaking wet for fire, everybody is (snotty voice) oh you're the greatest person, you got soaking wet firewood. It makes no sense for me, so those are some of my frustrations.

Well everybody is working their butt off as far as getting firewood and not, and it's hard to tell when you are out there if it is wet or not, but it's not like a bad thing as much as if you're going to say thank you and go overboard, you should do it for everything.

The machete has been getting loss since day 1 when we were one massive tribe, both machetes were getting loss. I think when you have a group of people that we have, that are very go go go go and these guys aren't the most organized people, then the machete goes where they want it to go or they put it down where they want to put it and that's that and you run the risk if you say, hey from now on we are going to leave the machete here, you can go use it and bring it back, then you are going to get voted off. So, there's time you just want to say it, and you just let it go. And I think that's the bad part when you are in a young male dominated tribe, you can't be the intelligent one or reasonable one, you just have to go run with the boys, that's just how it has to be.

I don't think I am on the wrong tribe at the time, because I really like my tribe and I respect them. You know, we do have have somewhat of a balance even though its leaning more to the male part and I think that the other tribe a lot of the people are nice individually, but as a group, would drive me insane. Everything happens for a reason but I am not going to say I regret being on my tribe at all.

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Re: Survivor Insider Ep3
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2005, 07:39:01 PM »
Thank you Texan..there is so much good stuff here ..So Jeff has to get on survivor to get some sex  *(^
sounds like a pervie to me ..blech ..I just so dislike this guy . didn't Ashlee have a problem with his advances or the way he looked at her  :(*8 ? He made her feel uncomfortable or something ?

Koror does not like Angie..good clue for Ep5  Angie boot tribal switch  ~

Katie (confessional): Janu's eye got jacked up in the challenge, Angie put her into a headlock and then bopped her in the eye or something. Angie was brutal, but that's how they play.

Ibe may fit the CBS webclue ..sounds like Bobby Jon is saying that Ibe is lazy
One castaway becomes annoyed when a tribemate complains of having no energy and doesn't help the tribe.

" I am a little disappointed in Ibrehem today, but I mean he does pull his load, he's a big boy and he does get tired, a little more exhausted than we do sometimes, I do understand that, and there is another challenge coming up, cause he's a good dude but still shouldn't have lost. ::roll eyes:: We gotta to catch fish, we don't got fish. ???You just gotta go do stuff."