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Having to suffer through their third consecutive Tribal Council, the Ulong tribe honored the wishes of their injured brother by voting out Jeff Wilson, the 21-year-old personal trainer from Ventura, California. After quickly changing from asset to liability when he wounded his ankle during the night, Jeff asked his tribemates to save themselves by voting him off. Accordingly, the Ulong tribe manufactured the four votes necessary to eliminate Jeff from SURVIVOR: PALAU. Shortly after the decision, Jeff declared, "Ulong, it's time to take Koror to the cleaners!"
After voting out Ashlee, Ulong returned to camp and an immediate controversy over the relationship between Jeff and Kimberly Mullen, the 25-year-old graduate student from Huber Heights, Ohio. Gossip and speculation seemed to serve as a further distraction for a tribe that had already lost two Immunity Challenges in a row. "Everybody sees what they're doing. Right now, they're cuddling, next week, they'll be making out. Kim's got to go. I'm keeping an eye on them," warned James Miller, the 33-year-old steelworker from Mobile, Alabama
A rainy morning welcomed the full Koror tribe to their seventh day. As they joined forces to complete their shelter, tensions rose within the tribe. Irritated, Caryn Groedel, the 46-year-old civil rights attorney from Solon, Ohio, confronted tribemate Katie Gallagher, the 29-year-old advertising executive from Merced, California, for what Caryn considered Katie's constant disparagment of her. As Caryn continued to rant, her anger exploded into a tirade. Katie observed, "She's crazy. She completely lost it."
As the tribes met for the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that this was to be a series of battles in the water. Members from each tribe would race into the water to retrieve a safety ring. The first tribe member to fight off the opposition and swim the ring to their designated buoy would get a point. The battles would be one-on-one as well as two-on-two. The first tribe to score three would win the Reward of a complete sewing kit. With this crucial kit, the winning tribe will be able to fix many items around camp, from clothing to shelter.
The Challenge started off with a mano-a-mano battle between Ulong's Jeff vs. Tom Westman, the 41-year-old firefighter from Sayville, New York, for Koror. Jeff's strategy of hanging back and letting Tom do all the work proved successful as Jeff wrestled the ring away from Tom and scored a point for Ulong. The second battle between Ulong's Stephenie LaGrossa, the 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Koror's Jennifer Lyon, the 32-year-old nanny from Encino, California, proved to be mismatched as Stephenie gave Ulong the two-nothing lead. The third battle was between two members of Ulong vs. two members of Koror.

Ulong members Bobby Jon Drinkard, the 27-year-old waiter from Troy, Alabama, and Angie Jakusz, the 24-year-old bartender from New Orleans, Louisiana, worked well together to physically trounce the Koror delegates in and the third and final point. The shutout secured the Reward for Ulong.
While the rest of Ulong basked in the sun, Bobby Jon worked feverishly to complete as many tasks as he could find around camp. Although upset with the lethargy of his tribemates, Bobby Jon kept quiet and focused on the chores at hand. "He'll be of no use if he keeps doing this for two weeks and he crashes and burns," Kimberly pointed out.
After discovering poisonous snakes, the men of Koror risked venomous bites in order to kill them. After bringing their booty of snake meat back to camp, Ian Rosenberger, the 23-year-old dolphin trainer from Key Largo, Florida, and Tom attempted to trade up by using snake blood as bait to attract a school of sharks. In the shallow waters, the sharks swam dangerously close to the castaways but avoided being caught. Laughing, Tom remarked, "If I saw a shark out at Jones Beach on Long Island, we would be running out of the water. We see a shark here, everybody's running into the water with sticks in their hand."
Walking through camp in the dark night, Ulong stalwart Jeff inadvertently stepped on a coconut, sustaining serious injury to his ankle. After learning he was heading into a Challenge, Jeff was astonished at his bad luck. He assessed the irony, saying, "I hurt my ankle, and I think we have a Challenge in a couple of days, and we have it the very next morning
After the tribes assembled for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that they would be playing a game of tag. The tribes would partake in a beach run, clipped to each other by a rope and carrying backpacks with 20 pounds of sandbag weight. The tribes would begin at opposite sides of an oval course. On "go," the tribes would race to catch up to one another. Any tribe members who fell behind could unclip from the rope and drop out of the race, but they would be forced to pass their sandbag to another player, who must carry the extra weight. The first tribe to catch up to the other tribe and tag them would gain Immunity
Jeff immediately withdrew, transferring his weight to Bobby Jon. Koror quickly lost Caryn and Willard Smith, the 57-year-old lawyer from Bellevue, Washington, with Tom and Ian assuming their extra weight. As the chase continued, Ulong lost Kim and Angie, increasing Bobby Jon's load, while Koror shed Katie and Coby.

In the end, Koror's Tom, taking on a heavy load, led his team of tired Survivors into the final trot that tagged Ibrehem Rahman, the 27-year-old waiter from Birmingham, Alabama. Koror won their third Immunity in a row.
After returning to the Ulong camp from the defeat, Jeff asked his tribe to vote him off, as he was sure his injury would not heal in time. The decision to grant Jeff's request did not sit well with many of Jeff's tribemates, who valued Jeff's work ethic and did not appreciate Kim's. This was not lost on Kim, who noted, "I'm feeling vulnerable. I mean, there's no telling of what might happen. I definitely think there's a chance that Jeff's going to be here tomorrow."

In the end, that didn't happen, as the Ulong tribe granted Jeff his wish and voted out their injured comrade. Jeff was the third castaway voted out of SURVIVOR: PALAU.

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Maybe Jeff really got hurt bad enough by the coconut that he could not continue.  I think part of the reason was also because he likes Kim.  Shameless attempt to elevate himself in her eyes.
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Jeff's Early Show Highlights
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OK...I  just don't know what MB was thinking when he casted this eyecandy ..the show was good last night and I love some of these characters and the challenges were great but, just burns me that there are thousands of people dying to make the cut .. real Survivor fans and MB and his peeons go out and hand select models to get the viewers ratings T&A .  ,.(  You can see that some people are really in this for the money Steph , Bobby Jon ..Angie ..just to name a few . It just seems so unfair to me that they got stuck with these qiveruppers  ... and this is not spoilers so I can say no more but I think the average Survivor fan can see the writing on the wall .. B:) B:)

Early Show Highlights

Survivor: Palau Episode 2 with Jeff Wilson
{ copied from and thanks to SuvivorFever}

Harry Smith:  For the third week in a row the island gods did not smile on the Ulong Tribe.  Despite poisonous snakes, killer sharks and a lack of food the team was done in by a coconut.
<clip of Jeff explaining his injury>
Jeff:  I went out to use the little boys room, came walking down the beach, stepped on a loose coconut.
<clip of Jeff's torch being snuffed.>
Harry Smith:  As Jeff goes limping into the sunset... Jeff Wilson how are you?
Jeff:  Great, how are you?
Harry Smith:  Man I don't know if I've ever seen that on Survivor where you sit there, you look at the tribe and say, "get rid of me".
Jeff:  You know, realistically for me, at that point it really was a team effort.  If I was to sit back and say "hey listen, I'll do my best"...knowing it's gonna end soon anyway.  I didn't want someone else going home like that.
Harry Smith:   Because the immunity challenge last night, that's what it was really all about, was strength and power, you showed so much of that in that game so far, and you couldn't do it for a second.
Harry Smith:  Realistically, like I said, every challenge we have done up to that point has been strength.  And carrying the weight over my shoulders wasn't going to happen.  And is it going to happen next time?
Harry Smith:  Here's a question... because you say, "kick me out".  There are people in your tribe who say, "you know what, in a couple of days this is going to be better and maybe we should hang onto this guy and see what happens".  Did it get better?
Jeff:  Uhhhh, eventually but not...
Harry Smith:  Slowly?
Jeff:  Very slowly.
Harry Smith:  So maybe the tribe made the right decision in that regard at least from the strength standpoint.
Jeff:  Even still right now, I would still say that was the right choice.
Harry Smith:   Now what's the deal with you and Kim?
Jeff:  Me and Kim *laughs*  I knew that was going to come up.
Harry Smith:  For the audience's sake, if you've only just seen a little bit, some serious world-class snuggling going on between you and Kim.
Jeff:  You know what, they.. it was portrayed as we were building alliances.  I know that every single person on that island saw that as a threat.  We weren't building alliances, we were building a friendship.
Harry Smith:  Awwwwwww, building a friendship.  Did you envision yourself as becoming another Rob and Amber?
Jeff:  Those weren't my intents.  In the fullness of the term I guess it could be but that wasn't what I was going for.
Harry Smith:  Are you still in touch with her?
Jeff:  ummm hmmmm.
Harry Smith:  There was something going on there.  Anyway, she looked awfully vulnerable last night, too.  It was really between the two of you.  Here's what's interesting to me:  You've got this tribe of young people.  You've got this tribe of old folks, foggies...and they are kicking, they are whomping and stomping on you guys.
Jeff:  Yeah, you know what, it blew us all away.  Like I said when we went into this, into a challenge, we thought we had it.  We thought it was under our wing and there was nothing to it.  And it came down to it and you know what, there's alot to be said for smarts as well as...
Harry Smith:  A little experience.
Jeff:  Yeah.
Harry: I tell ya this was fun last night. <clip of reward challenge>  I thought the whole show could have come down between you and Tom.  You two are kind of the men out there without question.  You two guys looked like you had a really good tussle last night.
Harry Smith:  Oh yeah we had a good time.  Him and I, you know what, we shook hands before and we shook hands after.  Tom's a great guy and being able to go up against him and beat him felt real good.
Harry Smith:  How nuts were you to turn your ankle, to be, to have such a shot in a game like this, did it break your heart?
Jeff:  Yeah.  It did.  But because it was my fault, I have no one else to blame but myself.  So looking back, I can't have any other regrets other than the fact that it happened.
Harry Smith:  There you go.  Allright, good to see you.  Thank you for coming on the show.