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EP 3 play by play
« on: March 03, 2005, 07:05:51 PM »
thanks to Trix and Co .   {^[

Previously on Survivor...........

With their flint at bottom of ocean, Koror had horrible night at new beach

At Ulong, Angie was still feeling like an outside

At the RC, the comp was brutal and angie redeemed herself. Ulong walked away with first victory with fishing gear and flint

At Koror Ian saved the day when he helped salvage lost flint.

Back at Ulong, Ashlee refused to eat
And the tribe noticed sparks between Jeff/Kim

At the IC, Kim held Ulong back, Koror won second in a row
Steph wanted Kim out
But there was a divide in opinions
jeff: Ashlee is breaking down

At TC, J/K relationship came out in open
But when votes came in, Ashlee was sent packing

16 left, who will be voted out tonight?

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2005, 07:12:43 PM »
Steph gets the first confessional ( CBS Fantasy note)

Caryn accuses Katie of being bossy  |( (did we all have it backwards or just me  *8/ ?)

Night time
Ulong - 6

Steph: we can't lose anymore people

S conf: If we went with original vote, Kim would be gone.I think J/K are aware

Kim: Am I allowed in here
Jeff conf; Jeff pretty brutal, he asked me about Kim/I.
Kim: I didn't like what Jeff did
Steph: Probst? What did he do?

Kim conf: I don't want people conjuring an image not inaccurate, personal alliance

James conf: JP asked them what is going on and they said no, just buddies. We all see what they are doing; next week sucking face and stuff; all she has is her sexuality. Kim's got to go. Got ears like a bat!?

Day time
Koror - Day 7 - Raining
Ian: Oh man look at that out there
Tom conf: raining couple of times a day; lame shelter, we need a better shelter
Colby conf: Shelter still unfinished. We are still strong but we are grating on each other's nerves

Katie: Can u get more bamboo
Caryn conf: Katie is very tart. Has something to say every time; specially true with me. I had it and decided to confront her

Caryn: I have had enuff, between you and me, don't want anyone else in this. Everything I say. Don't tell me what to do anymore

Katie conf: She's like do you ahve a problem with me

They are bickering now
Caryn: Get off me
Katie conf: If she would give me time to respond but no she lost it

Katie: You don't need to yell at me, better way of doing this

Caryn conf: Tension now....

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2005, 07:20:36 PM »
RC Caryn & Willy sit out

ANGIE!!!! |#' ripping heads off  ]*]


Koror reacts to ashlee out

Life ring released, swim out get ring and bring back to pontoon. Get hand on pontoon and life ring, gets point. But you can get ring from someone else, push/pull. THis is a social game; how you play up to you.

One man from each tribe first and one woman

Playing for sewing kit

Koror sits out Caryn and Willard

Challenge begins

Man vs. Man
Jeff vs. Tom
Ring released
STrategy and physical playing part
Jeff gonna hang back and let Tom do the work
Showdown is on
Tom put it around his waist
James: Drag him
Jeff drags him, using Tom's strategy against him

Jeff gets ring
TOm has it back
Tug of war
Getting closer to Ulong pontoon
Jeff very close, Jeff has it!!
Ulong first round

Jen vs. Steph
RAce out, Steph big head start
Steph strong swimmer
Got life ring
Little splashing ogoing on
Good ole fashion cat fight
Jen trying to dunk Steph but Steph takes Jen instead
Steph pulling Jen
Tug of war, Steph closer to pontoon
Steph pulling ring and Jen
Ulong second round!

One guy vs. one girl from each
BJ and Angie vs. Gregg and Janu

One ring pops up
Gregg hanging back
Angie dunking Janu, Janu didn't like it
Angie dunking Gregg!!
Katie: Get her!!

Gregg dunking BJ, this is as physical as it comes
Angie holding Gregg, trying to hold him under
BJ pulling Gregg
Gregg fighting back, not enuff, Angie giving him another dunk
BJ getting close
Ulong WINS REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie getting big high fives
Ulong earned it, nice job, good strategy

Angie and BJ hug and they all give high five


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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2005, 07:24:18 PM »
Ibe had a conffesional  `/~ he speaks !

Bobby Jon complains about the laziness  (%#

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #4 on: March 03, 2005, 07:29:37 PM »
Ulong 7

Steph: we kicked their ass
BJ and Angie smiling together
BJ conf: we kicked tail today

Gathering around sewing

Ibe conf: I'm no sewer have no idea what I can do with that
BJ conf: will use the line andmetal for fish hooks

BJ: someone get some wood here
BJ conf: we still have a lot to do here, got to get done so I'll do it

BJ conf: not much but I like it (spearing fish)

Rest are laying around

BJ conf; very disappointed, not going to wait for meeting, time is wasting

Kim watching BJ get coconuts

BJ conf; They'll let you do everything if you keep doing, especially Kim, doesn't understand work

Kim conf: BJ works his booty off where we are telling him to sit down, think he is playing the card to be safe but he won't be any use if he crashes/burns

KOROR -Day 7

tom conf: took a walk saw some sea snakes, very venomous, we are hungry and it was motiviation, just hold it down and lop off his head

Gregg conf: very poisonous snakes, can cause coma, death

Katie conf: Ian chopped snakes' head off, he was so cute
Ian conf: I work with animals, felt bad

Gregg conf: was going to head back with K/J and T/I found more snakes

Ian and Tom getting the snake
Tom giving Ian instruction
Gregg joining in

Tom conf: sense of adventure, I hooked up with two other knuckle heads who like the excitement of things like this

Tom conf: we let carcasses hang out but then we noticed small shark swimming around; thought we could trade up snake for shark. See a shark in LI everyone out of water, here we all want to get it; motiviation there

Ian putting snake in water
Tom: Here comes one
Ian: Jen wanna chop up more snake

Ian conf: Make you a little heebie jeebie

Tom conf: game of survival and strategy, thought of shark steaks is motiviation to get over fear

Tom: there is three of them around
They both try to spear at them
Tom conf: I took a lunge and missed, they knew we were there, the sticks wouldn't go thru shark skins, we are going to redouble our efforts, we are going to get a shark

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2005, 07:37:54 PM »
 (%# so many people went in the water I couldnt keep track..I bet CBS won't either  )_^>

in the water .. Bobby Jon , Jenn , Katie, Janu , Tom, Gregg , Ian ....

Jeff reads the treemail ..a few  naps ..

Jenn & Janu sit out IC


Night time Ulong - 7
Jeff walking
Jeff conf: going to use little boy's room, just my luck, my ankle i had problems with last year, problems

Ulong Day 8
BJ making a diaper
Jeff: Making yourself a diaper 
Jeff limping
Jeff conf: lot on my mind, tried to keep ankle elevated, will take it easy today, save my energy for next challenge so i can do my best

BJ Treemail
Stpeh: how is your ankle
Jeff; horrible

Jeff conf: One treemail talks about pure strenght, and I got it but I hope I can use; if I mess up, it is on my shoulders, I want to carry tribe all the way to the end and will do anything to do that

Jeff limping

Before we get to challenge, Jeff you are hobbling
Jeff: Trying to take care of it best I can

EAch wearing belt, clipped to common rope, move together as a tribe, carrying backpack with 20 lbs sand, tried to catch other tribe, can quit but have to give weight to someone else, first tribe to catch other tribe and touch another tribe member wins

Koror sits out Jen and Janu

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #6 on: March 03, 2005, 07:41:22 PM »
Koror wins IC

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #7 on: March 03, 2005, 07:42:33 PM »
Right away Jeff gets rid of weight and is unclipping
Caryn falls down and gives her weight to Tom
Tom carrying forty lbs, CAryn is out
Ulong gaining some ground
Willard is out and gives to Gregg
Kim falls down and she is out, gives to BJ and he is carrying three
Angie out, gives to James
Ulong down to four
Katie out, Koror down to four
Very hot, heat taking its toll
All hot and tired
Tom talking keep moral up
Tom: here we go pick it up
Tom leading Koror, strong
Gregg doing well
Coby trying to keep up
Steph: they are getting close
Coby out, gives to Ian
Ian gives it to Tom
Tom carrying sixy lbs.

Ulong trying to make a move, full on sprint
Steph showing no signs of slowing down
Tom again workign them
koror trying to make up a little ground
BJ: James give me one of the bags
James gives it to BJ
Koror making up some ground, closing gap gets Ulong into gear
They are running agin
BJ: Come on, come on@
Ibe winded
Stpeh: come on
Tom: Let's do it
Ulong slowing down
James out, BJ has eighty pounds
Tide is coming in


Tom, Gregg, Ian
Ibe, BJ and Steph
Ulong has to kick into gear, do they have anything left in tank, been to two straight TC
Koror hasn't , no rush to get there
Koror making a move!!!

BJ now takes lead
Koror making up ground in tiny incrememnt, slowly but surely
Stpeh looking over her shoulder
Koror making move, Ulong very close to getting back to TC


Koror once again, safe
Ulong, sadly all too familar, voting out another

Slow motion Koror celebrating

man I feel bad for Bobby

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #8 on: March 03, 2005, 07:52:32 PM »
poo ..I really thought they would kill that shark  ]*]

OMG..............Meysaydeez  Rules !!!!!!  |#'
Jeff wants to QUIT
JP talks to Ibe first ( CBS Fantasy )



Ulong Day 8
Jeff limping
Jeff: Everyone tried, I'm sorry I couldn't help; no way I can get to end with this ankle; I know myself in three weeks it may get better
Steph: not a couple of days
Jeff: can't put any weight on it, every step a tear feels like it will come out
Steph: I don't want you to leave if it will heal in two days
jeff: so we are going to vote someone else
Steph: Let me think

James conf: we don't want to vote him off, we wanted Kim

Ibe/Steph/BJ: Kim doesn't do anything round camp
Steph: she is so happy
BJ conf: we should get rid of Kim, Jeff is strenght even when he is down, gonna talk to others
Angie: I'm voting for Jeff, I planned it as soon as he hurt ankle
BJ: Cool but I'm voting for Kim, she don't do nothing
Angie conf: Kind of hoping if Jeff goes, she'll do more

BJ and Angie:
Bj: Watch this, watch
Jeff cutting cocounts
Kim just watching him laughing

BJ: She can't do that!. She's gone
Angie: We'll see

James: Not logical to get rid of you
Jeff: we'll see

Kim conf: All whispering, feel vulnerable, could be a chance Jeff will be here tomorrow


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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2005, 07:54:51 PM »

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2005, 07:56:39 PM »
Jeff: You must be tired of seeing me at TC
Ibe: Very frustrating, I know if Jeff there we would have won
BJ: He wasn't the difference, Tom is the difference, he is a man among men, single handedly whipped us
Ibe: Don't think so, team did it together, we just needed extra man
Steph: Jeff said he is hurting no one got chance to point fingers, gave us a lot to think about coming here
Jeff: Always team player, I screwed up ankle and it was deathful, not saying we would have won but a better chance
Jeff P: What's your point 
Jeff: I can't do anything
Ibe: Everyone works hard but sometimes people aren't puttingin as much effort, can play a big part in voting out someone

Kim: Hard being on team with these guys are super strong, BJ is tarzan, if Jeff wasn' going home I know I would be on cutting block, chopping block whatever, I'm not weaker but here that is where I might fall
James: we have dilemma about keeping him or letting him have his way, we don't know until we do it

Jeff P: clearly you haven't made up mind, let's see

James: Kim you are lazy, you got out race early, no helper
kIM: Jeff, greatest friends but this is what you wanted so this is what I'mgoing to do
BJ: Kim, I'm not playing yours and Jeff's silly ass game

(damn I really like Bobby) 

James (James looks shocked)

Jeff: Get Koror?

Probst: Tough 8 days, how do you turn tonight's vote into something positive?

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #11 on: March 03, 2005, 07:57:25 PM »
Honey ...... you and I are the only one's on here! You were doing play-by-play for nothing!!!   :)*

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Re: EP 3 play by play
« Reply #12 on: March 03, 2005, 08:02:26 PM »
I don't know about you all my my Jump the Shark answers were ......bad  ]][