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March 02, 2005 08:01 AM US Eastern Timezone

CBS Breaking New Ground in Interactivity Through Partnership with GoldPocket

  "Survivor: Palau" and Select CBS Shows to Include Advanced Interactive Features, Including Live Voting and Trivia Questions; Interactive Features to Also Offer Special Integrated Packages for Advertisers   

America's most watched network is bringing the television experience into a new universe through a partnership with GoldPocket designed to bring viewers into the program -- literally. New interactive features -- such as live polls and trivia questions -- will be added to and later to broadcasts of select CBS shows, allowing viewers to actively participate in the viewing process. Additionally, this new interactive component offers a new platform for advertisers looking to go beyond traditional media buys.

"Several years ago, CBS created some of the most unique interactive television programming the industry had ever seen," said David Katz, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Interactive Ventures for CBS. "We look forward to making a bold return to the world of ITV, and working closely with an industry leading technology partner, GoldPocket Interactive."

CBS and GoldPocket launched the new interactive programming campaign on Feb. 17, 2005 in tandem with the premiere of "Survivor: Palau," the 10th installment of the popular reality series. "Survivor: Palau Interactive" is offered exclusively on Several programs will follow over the next several months, including many of CBS's biggest hits spanning all genres. Each interactive program will be custom-designed to provide the best enhancements for that program, whether it be advanced voting, live chats or viewer polls. Additionally, the technology behind the interactive programming is available to advertisers.

"We are extremely excited to partner with CBS in pioneering interactivity in North America," said Scott Newnam, CEO of GoldPocket Interactive. "We are always humbled by the great creativity and end product that CBS produces with us. Their brands and their devotion to their customers make our technology shine."

Last year, CBS and GoldPocket Interactive partnered to bring fans "CSI: Miami Interactive."

About GoldPocket Interactive

GoldPocket, the leading provider of interactive television technologies in North America, develops and sells products and services that create, manage, and deliver digital and interactive media. The Company specializes in high performance advanced media systems used in digital television, PC/TV convergence systems, and wireless networks. The Company's customers include most of the world's largest media and distribution companies including Time Warner, NewsCorp, Disney, Viacom, DirecTV, and many television networks including CBS, Fox, NBC, GSN, A&E, History Channel, Spike TV, The WB, Speed Channel, PBS, AMC, TBS, CNN, Bravo, Fuse, and Lifetime.

About CBS

CBS Television is comprised of the CBS Television Network -- with more than 200 owned and affiliated stations reaching virtually every television home in the United States; the Network's programming arms CBS Entertainment, CBS News and CBS Sports; and CBS Enterprises, a global leader in distribution.