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SURVIVOR INSIDER, Palau: Episode 1
« on: February 23, 2005, 02:39:58 AM »
Thanks as always to† DCReads56

Welcome to Survivor Insider!

DC Notes: Another season, another Survivor Insider. Only this time, I have a partner in crime. Psprecinctprez has graciously offered to help with weekly transcript duties in exchange for sexual favors. If anyone else wants to help, there is plenty of DC to go around.

The transcripts will also be posted at PS's site, Survivor Shrine.

Special thanks go out to Anti for putting the Edit function back, so I could, as he put it, "pussy-edit" this thread as PS and I transcribe clips.

Just as a warning: PS and I both have Friday 9:00 A.M. classes this semester, so transcribing will often finish on the weekends. I may be a superhero, but I need my beauty sleep too.

Happy reading.

- DC and PS

All Clips finished: Ulong Tribal Council, Jolanda Final Words, Jonathan: The Day After, Wanda: The Day After, Jolanda: The Day After, On Edge, You've Got Treemail, and Oh What A Night

Ulong Tribal Council
Jolanda Voted Out

Jolanda (Votes Angie): Angie, because when I asked you why it shouldnít be you, you couldnít tell me. You told me you hoped the next time that you compete that you do better and you were happy with our loss because you finished. For whatever reason, I just donít think that we could just be happy with losses. We have to evaluate. Weíve gotta move forward.

Ashlee (Votes Jowanda): Unity of the team (winks).

Jeff (Votes Jo): I donít take orders.

Stephenie (Votes Jo): Jo, my voteís for you. I know that youíre an excellent leader, and I know you have a lot of wisdom, but sometimes wisdom isnít everything. Weíre also pretty smart ourselves and I think we can lead ourselves. Sorry.

Ibrehem (Votes Angie): Just think everyone else has a big accent????? but I love you and think youíre a great person though.

Angie (Votes Jo): Itís noting personal, but itís either you or I, and I donít want it to be me.

Bobby Jon (Votes Angie): Iím just doing what I think is best.

Kim (Votes Jolanda): My voteís for Jolanda. Youíre an amazing person, but weíre trying to work on team unity right now and it seems that the team is having some problems.

James (Votes Jolanda): Jolanda, nothing personal. Youíre a good woman. This is business. You lost us the challenge today. Somebodyís gotta take over. Thanks.

DC Notes: He says something funny as he comes to the voting area, and everyone behind him laughs.

Final Words

Jolanda: Well I guess Iím a trivia question now. Iím not disappointed about what happened and how it happened. This was a great adventure. It was beautiful. It took me to someplace Iíve never been before. I now know I need to bring my child here.


I learned from this game that people would rather you tell them what they want to hear rather than what the truth is in your eyes. (Shrugs) Thatís not who I am. Iím not going to tell you stuff that you want to hear and if someone doesnít like that, thatís fine, Iím okay with that. Because the bottom line is, I raise my child to be truthful and Iím just not ashamed of anything that happened out here.


I was separate. The people on my tribe, with the exception of Bobby Jon, are not the people I bonded with before the split. But because the way that the immunity worked this time was just really weird. I didnít have a choice over of who was on the tribe. So when I picked Bobby Jon, he picked who he wanted, a girl, vice versa. So even though I started off, that was it. If I had to do it all over again, would I have picked an older guy as opposed to a younger guy? I mean, I picked Bobby Jon because I thought him to be a very, very, very, very hard worker. And I would do it the same way. I actually thought weíd get more older people. It just didnít work out like that.


I learned that the truth is what the truth is, and sometimes people ... people have always said Iím brutally honest. Theyíve always said that. People have told me that since forever that I needed to learn how to lie sometimes. Itís just really hard. I mean, the truth is what the truth is. My grandmother taught me whatever you believe the truth is, thatís what you say, and thatís what I did here. And it didnít work out for me, and thatís fine.


What surprised me the most about being here, is, take Ė for example, Wanda. When you look at her without saying a word, she, you think sheís one type of person, and after you speak to her you find out sheís not the person that you thought. And itís not like you thought that she was a bad person before. For example, I thought that she was very conservative. And after speaking with her, I found out that she just wasnít. Things like that surprise me Ė when people are prevented from speaking with each other that you canít really judge who people are by just looking at them. You have to meet them.


Iíll walk away from seeing the most beautiful water Iíve ever seen in my life. Itís an experience that I think everyone should try. I think the entire world should get to travel to Palau. Itís absolutely fabulous. And I donít regret one moment of it. I just donít regret one moment of it, and Iíd love to be able to bring my son here one day.

The Day After

Jonathan: Iím kind of, a little bit disappointed the way the game worked out, as far as not getting to participate in a lot of ways. I was there for a couple of days. It was fun. I thought it would last a little bit shorter than it did. Just the way it goes.


I think that some people were playing the game really intensely and really hard right off the bat. Instead of thinking who would be stronger on the team they were kind of getting rid of the stronger players. Maybe they thought I was a threat. Thatís definitely a possibility


People kind of started thinking crazy I guess after you havenít eaten for a couple of days and after you start to get really thirsty and it starts wearing on you mentally. And people start making rash judgments and jump to conclusions about people when you really donít know that much about them. Kind of make assumptions and not always the best ones to make.


On day 1, when we came on in, you know, the beach looked a lot closer than it actually is, and everyone was kind of on edge. It was the first time we had actually spoken to each other. We had just met. And everyone was kind of hot, tired, worn out, and just really nervous, not knowing what to expect. I saw Stephenie jump in the water and I follow her lead and I could swim faster than the boat was moving, because it looked like it was moving really slow. But you really couldnít see the current and you couldnít see how far of a swim it really was.


Honestly, I thought at the time it was going to be a bigger deal then what it was. I donít think it really had any bearing on how long I stayed in the game. I donít think that played a lot into it a whole lot. I mean, the game had just started. I donít think Ė cause only one person could get immunity out of the guys and only one for the girls, so it was kind of Ė I donít think that really played into their decisions a whole lot. I just think thatís the way it worked out.


Right when we got there, we kind of brainstormed over a few ideas. And I knew thatíd be something Iíd be better at than starting fire. So we kind of brainstormed over a few ideas and a teepee kind of came up as a possible idea. I just took it randomly. I threw it out there and it worked well. Got a few of the guys, and we used the palm fronds, and some of the bamboo pieces and made ourselves a little teepee.


I think everyone thought I was a hard worker. I busted my butt on all of Day 1. And the morning of Day 2 I worked on the shelter again, kind of got that finished, a little more secure. Also, people started noticing I was hanging out with Kim a lot. That was kind of a Ė I think itís a surprise to everyone that she ended picking me. And people thought something was going to happen there, but that didnít pan out either.


Just the way that everybody picked, you know, guys picked girls Ė I hung out with the guys a lot more than I hung out with the girls. I think some of the older people might have perceived me as a threat and some of the younger people might have perceived me in the same way. I guess thatís the only assumption I can make. Until you ask people, you really donít know.


On Day 2, everybody started getting hungry and everybodyís energy levels kind of went down. It was almost just like a beach party Ė having 20 people just kind of sitting around, playing in the water. We werenít looking for food. We werenít building a shelter. Just hanging out. It was kind of cool. Just being on a remote island, somewhere out in the ocean.


When I realized there was 20 people, I always thought something different was going to happen on this season, that there was going to be some kind of twist. I didnít know what to expect, but 20 people Ė I assumed that that was part of it.


Itís an experience of a lifetime. I mean, how many people get to come Ė most people have never heard of Palau and most people have never been to this part of the world. The experience as a whole Ė Iím getting to spend time in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. So Iím just going to take that in me Ė trying to suck that all in.


I think those few days were definitely different, because you think you know what to expect. But when youíre in that situation, itís really hard to imagine. It really is. Itís hard to imagine sleeping outside and kind of making your own shelter, not eating anything but coconuts. Itís different. Itís different. You know itís going to be hard, but itís hard to imagine how tough itís going to be.

The Day After

Wanda: I came into this experience expecting one kind of pain and looking forward to enduring and persevering in that opportunity. And I found a completely different kind of pain.

I call my story ďOne Lick of the Ice-Cream Cone,Ē because I wanted that special thing in life so much and it was held out before me and I got one little lick and then it was all taken away from me.


I had done everything I could to make friends. I feel that everybody there was a friend. But when youíre going to take along just one person Ė it was a different way to get off Survivor than anybody had ever done before. As far as I knew, in order to get off Survivor, you had to be voted off in Tribal Council. Or you could quit as a couple of people did when they were sick with the game or there was sickness back home. Or somebody could go off for a medical emergency. But never before had there been this way that you go off where you were not voted off. You just didnít get into the buddy system.


So it hurts. It really does hurt a great deal. Itís something that Iím working with and am willing to accept. I know that other people have come to this game in the past who have been absolutely fantastic people and have left the show early. They did get voted off though, and I didnít even get the chance to go to one Tribal Council. I didnít get a chance to be on a tribe. I didnít get a chance to get a buff. I just got one lick of the ice-cream.

When Iíve had times that Iíve had suffering before, in a sense - such as perhaps when my mother died of cancer, there was so much suffering prior to the fact that when the death and the disappointment finally came, there was also a great sense of relief. But in this case, I didnít even have the chance to suffer enough in advance to have the sense of relief.

If someone was out there 20 days and they get voted off, they might say, ďOh, Iím ready for a good meal. Thereís some satisfaction in a change of scenery here.Ē But in 2 days, I was not really hungry, I was not minding thirst, I didnít mind sleeping on the ground. Iím a backpacker. I was all up for that kind of stuff. This was just exactly the kind of game I signed up to play, and I didnít even have the chance to hurt enough there that coming off was any sense of relief. It was just nothing but shock and surprise.

When Jeff said, ďWeíre going to pick up teams here,Ē Coby behind me said, ďOh no. Iím dead. This is bad. Iím done.Ē Audibly. He sensed the likelihood of him not being picked. I didnít feel that way at all! I thought, ďOh, this is cool! I like all these people. They all like me.Ē It didnít hit me right off the bat that I wasnít going to get picked, that it was just a different kind of setup, and it didnít matter that they all liked me. That I might have been everybodyís 2nd pick. You had to be somebodyís 3rd pick Ė I mean, 1st pick. And I just wasnít prepared for that. It was very shocking to me when it came down to the end and suddenly, I realized: different kind of game and I am not making the cut here.

So what could I do? I went on with style, and I hope I went off with style. That was my one opportunity in life, I guess.


Luck was the final factor. I had worked really hard. I had put together for this a total package like I think nobody had ever put together before. There were what I call the Four STs.

Strength and Stamina. Boy, I had worked hard on it. I had gone swimming to the point that I knew I could swim miles if I literally needed to. I had done all kinds of jogging and weightlifting. I was not going to be defeated and voted out because I couldnít do the challenges in this game. So I had the strength and the stamina.

Strategy is the next ST. I had the strategy called the Bond of the Best. I just waited to see who was gong to be the good guy on my team, and I was gong to grab the good guy and say, ďYou know, theyíre going to vote you off because youíre a threat, but Iím gong to be your partner and your buddy and weíre gong to find 3 other really good people, and weíre going to have a Bond with the Best, and weíre going to take this to the end.Ē And I had in my mind this team to finish, where I was going to be Tina and I was going to take some young guy who otherwise would have been voted off, and I was going to ally to his strategy and say, ďOther people want to vote you off, but I want to keep you on. Youíre my key to possibly being involved in a special reward or something sometime, and I want you to be on. I want to see great, strong, young guys win.Ē So I had a great strategy with the Bond of the Best, but I never got onto a tribe to implement it.

Even subtly things Ė and hereís my 3rd ST Ė Style. I had worked hard on my game clothes. Rupert had his tye-dye t-shirt, and everybody identifies that with him. Of course, that couldnít be copied, but I know of another style. I was going to go with the purple and red, and I had dyed all my shirts, underwear, and socks purple and had a red hat and was going to do this red and purple thing that is very popular with a lot of women in the United States today and they would have gotten that.

So I had the Strength and Strategy, I had the Stamina, and I had the Style.

Then I had the Es. I had the Energy, the Enthusiasm, and the Entertainment. I was Ė Iím really an energizer bunny. Iím wound up and ready to go, go, go. And I know a lot of people just donít have it to take it to the end, and I really felt that I did. I will always believe that I couldíve gone all the way to the end with this and be energetic! And be fun! And that entertainment thing was something I had worked hard on. I had memorized a lot of jokes. Had memorized a lot of poems. Had made up a lot of songs. My entertainment value to the tribe was going to be so great that I couldnít be voted off because theyíd say, ďWhat would we do if Wandaís not here to help us have fun?Ē I was going to be the fun to the end. The enthusiasm, the energy, and the entertainment. And just really keep my tribe inspired. The inspiration behind them.

And then finally, I had worked hard on leadership and interpersonal relationships, and I really felt that I knew when to step in if there was a lack of leadership. If somebody needed to step up to the plate and say, ďHey we need to get organized, we need to do this and thatĒ at the right time Iíd be able to do that without being bossy and taking over in a why that was dominating or offending other people. If I could see other people had strengths in building a shelter or this and that, Iíd let them go with it. And if there was a berth of leadership, Iíd be ready to step in.

And as far as interpersonal relationships, I had drilled myself in asking questions, trying to get to know everybody. Who they really were. Where they were from. Listening. Being a good listener. So people would say to themselves, ďWandaís a really great sounding board to me. She understands me. She has listened to me.Ē And I was all set to be the person who was essential to everybody else because I cared about them.


I felt that I brought a better total package to this game than possibly anybody else has ever done before because I thought through every single angle, and whether it was physical or mental or psychological or emotional, I was all set to do this.

The Day After

Jolanda: I wanted to be on Survivor mostly for my son. I used to be a really good athlete - I mean really good - but I allowed my ex-husband to make me retire. So my son never got to see me compete, ever. All he did was read about it in the newspapers and I just turned 39 and at some point I won't be able to go like I once could. So I did it because it is something that we can share.

I won the first immunity challenge and so he got to see his mommy win something. And I happen to think you can't win the game, especially after having played it, that you can't win the game without lying, and I just wasn't going to lie. So I am okay with it, because I played the game honestly. I didn't lie. I won immunity and I was a threat.

I knew that before I ever opened my mouth about anything, that when people see me, they see a very tall, strong black woman. And all my friends in real life, before they ever met me, before they ever spoke a word to me, they thought that I was a stuck up bitch because I walk around with my shoulders back as my mother taught me to do when I was a kid and that shows confidence. And a lot of people are put off by that.

My biggest obstacle I knew before ever coming in was to perhaps stay on long enough for people to actually get to know me and maybe they can overcome that initially wrong perception. But after having actually played the game, I don't think it matters if people know you or not.

So that wouldn't have worked, again, before you get on the game to play, you think stuff might work, but it really won't. I have people look me dead in my face and lie. I could never do that, so I am proud of how I played the game.


If you quantify guys and girls, I think that I acted much more in a survival mode, like maybe a guy would. I wasn't like ďOooh queasy bugs, bugs, I don't want to touch them.Ē I was like, ďFood, food, we gotta eat.Ē

But I knew that, I grew up with boys cousins, I have always been tough and my job requires that I be tough. So I expect that of myself. I just, I mean, just some of the most dainty girls that wait for men to do stuff for them. I mean, I would love to have a guy do stuff for me, but I am not about to wait around for him to do it, if I have to do it myself, then I have to do it.


The entire time I was on the game, I worked which is something else that is very important to me, is working. So I played the game exactly as I live my life. If that meant I got voted off because, I heard that they just saw me as competition: the girls saw me as competition, the guys saw me as competition. I mean that isn't a bad problem to have, that means they respected my ability to compete so if that caused them to vote me off, oh well so be it. Does it mean that I am not a Survivor because I was the first person technically voted out? I think not. I wouldn't do it any other way.

I am certain - I was told, that I am competition, I was flat out told that. I mean, but I knew that, I mean look at me, I 'm a big girl. I mean, I don't work out like hours and hours but I stay fit, I won one United States championship and 3 NCAA heptathlon championships and in heptathlon, it's not like I just ran the 100! I did hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200, long jump, javelin and 800. I had to be strong, I had to be fast, I had to have endurance. I stay physically fit.

I spoke with the older people, because I consider myself older in this game, and I think we all respected each other. I think that if I had to do it over, I would have tried to spend time with the younger people but I did - but we had like nothing in common, and they talked about like mascara and finger nail polish. We are trying to survive on an island, talking about mascara and finger nail polish, I don't even think I can talk about mascara and finger nail polish to like, I couldn't even fake it to act like I was interested in it.

They were talking like fake boobs, I don't have fake boobs. I just didn't have anything in common with them.

And quite frankly, when he said the game is on, I knew that we needed shelter. I knew that we needed to find food. I knew that we needed to get fire and I mean I just knew that. And so, until we got food, shelter, water and fire, I wasn't going to stop working, because I knew that when we first got to the island, when we had breakfast, actually I didn't eat, because I was sick, and I couldn't eat so that made it even worst. If people knew how sick I was and how I didn't eat, I think that winning the immunity would be that much more, a bigger deal.

I prioritize - food, water, shelter, fire was the most important and that was what I was trying to do. I mean I was catching grasshoppers, crickets, whatever they are, and I mean I gave it to two other people because I knew that we needed protein and I needed for us to be strong.

Maybe the only thing I would have done differently had I known then what I know now, is that I would have picked Tom instead of Bobby Jon. That's it, because had I picked Tom, more older people would have been on my team as opposed to me being on a team where I was way older than the next oldest person and I think that was problematic. But I picked Bobby Jon because he was the hardest worker of all of us the first two days, and I thought hard work is important.

But I wouldn't do anything any differently, and I am not upset, I am not ashamed, that I got voted off early. Actually, it means that they respect me. Normally, you try to get rid of guys, no, they thought I was strong enough that they wanted to get rid of me, and I mean, quite frankly, I am as in good shape or better, and I'm not saying that to brag or anything, but I am as good of shape or better half my age most times, and they saw that.

I tried playing it up that I was 39, that I was old and decrepit, but that didn't work. They were like, ďYeah right, you got a better butt than us.Ē I mean, what to do.


You know there's been some discussion about what people do, it's just a game, what you do in the game doesn't really matter, it's okay to lie in the game, it's okay to do these things that you wouldn't want anybody to know you do in real life in the game, because it's a game and we're trying to win money.

Well, I equate Survivor with alcohol, you know a lot of people will do stuff when they are drunk and say, I didn't really do it, because I was drunk. And I say, alcohol doesn't make you do stuff that you wouldn't have done anyway, if you could sneak and get away with it. And I just think Survivor magnifies the stuff we would do if we could get away with it because it gives you a reason to do all of that stuff.

So if it got down to having to lie, I would not have won the money. And does that mean that like I am giving up? I don't believe that at all, when this is all said and done, whether you win the million dollars or not, you gotta live with yourself. And I raised my son to tell the truth, even in the most difficult circumstances and in this game, sometimes it is hard to tell the truth. This game, more than anything, confirmed for me who I know myself to be.

On Edge

Description: Hungry and tired, the twenty Survivors attempt to acclimate to their new environment and wonder when the game is really going to start.

Bobby Jon: (Trying to hit a coconut off a tree with bamboo) Yah! Almost got it. Get down!

??? Female: Do you guys think itís ???

James: (To Jenn?) Iím a redneck. I donít ever brush my teeth. I canít stand brushing my teeth. I hate it. I canít even stand shaving. If I could get some electrolysis to make my hair never grow again, Iíd do it.

Caryn: All right, day 2. So far, so good.

Janu (Confessional): Today is Day 2. And so far itís the longest night I have ever experienced in my life. I must have slept a total of maybe, I kid you not, an hour and a half.

(Shots of people working around camp)

Janu (Confessional): Right now, our biggest concern is, yes, we know the game has started, technically, and weíve been out here 2 days and weíre eating coconuts, but when is it really going to start?

Coby (Confessional): We still donít have water, we still donít have fire. All we have are those damn coconuts which are churning in my stomach and the paranoia is reaching a new frenzy. Something will happen. Itíll happen we have 20 people. We have to start weeding them out.

???: Are you good man?

Gregg: Thank god for these coconuts, dude, Iím telling you.

You've Got Tree Mail

Description: The tribes gather to read their first Tree Mail message and prep for the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

DC Notes: This clip is confusing because the two tribes are in separate groups and the clip just cuts back and forth. But I learned Tom is really upset because he wonít get to smoke pot, and Ianís happy because heíll get to play Mafia.

(Ian and Jolanda collect treemail together)

Ian: Treemail. Oh, wow. Look at this.

Jolanda: Hey you guys, weíve got treemail!

Tom: What has the mailman got?

(Coby and Katie are separate from everyone else)

Coby: We have a challenge soon.

Katie: No!

Coby: If not, maybe even then at Tribal Council.

Katie: Oh my dear god!

Jolanda: Weíve got treemail!

Angie: Two boxes? Open it up!

(Stephenie and Kim reads treemail for Ulong, Caryn reads treemail for Koror, everyone gasps)

Stephenie: (Echoing treemail) What to leave, what to take?

Bobby Jon: Weíre going somewhere.

Stephenie: Weíre going to separate camps.

Bobby Jon: I say what we all do - anything we want, anything we need, clothes - we all put it in a pile now.

James: Go get your canteen. We need the machete!

Stephenie: (Looks at the box treemail came in) We can use this for something, right? Water? Weíre keeping this.

Tom: We might have to leave it.

Coby: Hey guys, I hate to bring this up, but the other team is already doing stuff, so they gave us this machete and took our pot.

Ian (Confessional): Things have changed for sure. Things have definitely changed.

Tom: Theyíre not taking the pot.

Caryn: No, no way!

Ian (Confessional) Itís kind of like being in the MAFIA, know what I mean? Itís all the same family, but people get whacked all the time.

(Jolanda and Ian play rock-paper-scissors for the pot, Jolanda wins with paper.)

Ian (Confessional): The mood of the camp is now totally different. Itís all business.

Oh, What a Night

Description: See how the Survivors spent their first evening together...and find out what was keeping everybody up.

Jolanda: Hey you guys, can we all sit down together and figure out what we do well and what we don't. It will also give us a chance to get to meet each other, who's good at what.

???: We don't even have buffs yet.

Jolanda: Let's not worry about the buffs.

Willard (Confessional): First night is pretty much the way I expected it. Everybody is hyper at the end of the day - that's the way it supposed to be. Everybody is blowing off steam. We're like a bunch of overnight campers.

(Babbling in shelter as everyone settles down to sleep)

(Cut - James is snoring loudly)

???: Who is that?

???: James.

???: Totally James.

(Cut to morning)

Gregg: Did you sleep alright?

Willard: Nah. (Laughs) Slept for a little bit woke up.

Gregg: What is it, 5:30?

???: Hi James, how did you sleep?

James: Someone said I was snoring all night and that I would be sleeping in the boat. That's what I heard. I heard that I was waking ya'll up.

Janu: The whole night.

???: Are you a really deep sleeper?

James: Just depends on how tired - if I ain't too tired, no.


James (Confessional): Hell yea, I slept like a baby last night, all night long. Didn't even budge.

Ashlee: Hey I ain't even complaining cause I used him as a pillow. It was like one of those feathery pillows cause when he was snoring it was going up and down. I was like, oh!

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Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Palau: Episode 1
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interesting.  seems like the fighting has begun with the teams...too bad they did nto show that.