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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #25 on: May 15, 2005, 09:05:15 PM »
lets do it

skip to Votes

( Coby yellow shirt ?)


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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #26 on: May 15, 2005, 09:09:30 PM »
 :] :] :]

JP to cheers--let's do it

standing ovation of applause, JP tries to quiet them.

JP--enthusiastic, a great season, kudos to you gusy--

Tom and Katie sit there

Jury sitting there looking over, all cleaned up

JP reads the votes, people start to cheer and drown him out

Tom and Katie laugh out to the crowd

Tom (cheers)
Katie (she takes a deep breath)
Tom (he nods, Katie smiles)

They hug, cheers

Tom runs out to the audience for family hug, what a nice wife and daughter

The firemen are there chanting Tom-my Tom-my

Big signs up

Tom kisses someone else, maybe his mom?

Out come the other survivors

Big hug from his little girl

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #27 on: May 15, 2005, 09:28:24 PM »
Cobys shirt pink peach ? I dunno? 

Scene of Tom winning and winning and winning

BJ saying that Tom is a man among men

Back live--
All 20 there--

Tom gets a round of applause

JP--Tom your home town, big cheer, well-deserved, lot of domination. your team and you individual record number of wins

Tom--the way this played out, I owe to my wife who said you have to go in there and play yourself. I wanted to hide behind my grey hair, but it didn't work

Tom--alliance formed first night

JP--unusual to have an alliance last that long

JP-=-Gregg, Katie made a good point that her strategy worked, why animosity

Gregg--I looked at people's character, Katie was entertaining and a friend and I love her but

JP--you said that the game wasn't over

Gregg--it is about accountability for your actions and after I asked my question I lost focus, then I gave her a hug and a kiss.

JP--Katie you were surrprised by the animosity, which surprised me. I knew that people would be like that, why were you so surprised

Katie--I wasn't surprised by Janu. I went in knowing I wouldn't answer her question

JP--you gave up a vote, just gave it up

Katie--you can't beat Tom, I love him,

JP--Janu was your mind made up?

Janu nods (nice hair)

JP--you guys approached this with a lot of game theory, Gregg?

Gregg--yeap, stayed up at night thinking of each person's best move and counter move.

JP--you thought make it to 5 and make a move

Tom--Gregg really believes to stick with the plan, good analytical thinking, he's great in business, really good firm in Koror Inc., but I believed he'd stay until 5, I was going to wait until 5, until I heard he was planning the move.

JP--Caryn, you were valuable, why didn't you make it to final 3.

Caryn--I don't know, but I think when I ticked off Tom by not giving up information, that was it. And Katie flipped flopped on the women's alliance.

JP--Ian, you betrayed your two closest allies and you stepped down. were you really processing for 11 hours?

Ian--yeah, there wasn't much else to do. I came in teh game wanting to play but I realized at the 11th hour that I wasn't ready to sacrifice what I was going to take back to my family and friends for a million bucks.

JP--no regrets?

Ian--no regrets.

JP--you seemed to grow up

Ian--absolutely. I played with someone 3 times my age,

Tom pretends to lunge for him...

Ian--I learned a lot

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #28 on: May 15, 2005, 09:42:20 PM »
Rat pictures

Janu--Oh my god, there are three.


JP--Coby is another great story, what he proved to himself and others.

Coby conf--I was teased, quit school of people making fun of me, no one was going to make me quit this time

Back to NYC to big cheers...

JP--was that part of the appeal to get rid of demons

Coby--Survivor, it's kind of like High School. I wasn't prom Queen. It was good to be part of a team.

JP--so are you different? skeletons gone?

Coby--I put them all to rest, I really did.

JP--I know one of the favorite moments for me was teh showdown between Coby and James. You beat James, and James was so complimentary about that. You went in to work and were you teased?

James--this is America, and I'm unemployed. I'll be honest, that boy whupped my tail. I was thinking in my head, he's a gay hair dresser, I'm a steelworker, I'm going to win.

JP--James you said you changed too

James--I don't keep my family for granted. I went with my kids, roasted hot dogs, not taking my wife for granted.

JP--Janu, this was more than you bargained for, disappointing, laid around camp a lot, then you get thrown on the island by yourself..

Janu--it was supposed to be exile and it came together for me full circle.

JP--yes or no did I coerce you to leave?

Janu--no you did not

JP--if you come into the game thinking you might quit, I'll sniff you out at TC. and I'm looking at you Jeff.In my world, it's a quit. YOu could have tended camp with a hurt ankle.

Jeff--I'm officially coconut boy wherever I go. I knew my limits and I knew that was it.

JP--BJ, would you have left the game with an injured ankle

Ashlee and Kim, you quit too.

Ashlee--I completely had enough of it. I thought I was tough, but not to last.

JP--Jonathan and Wanda, you didn't have a chance to quit, what happened.

Jonathan--I jumped out of the boat. It all fell apart from there.

JP--Angie you are waving your arms.

Angie--that wasn't it. Jonathan didn't give anyone converstaion out there. You seem nice here but out there, you weren't.

Jonathan--how could I have a relationship in three days.

JP--ok ok, first impressions matter, Wanda, are you ok with that,

Wanda--absolutely devastating. they called out sing another song, so I went out singing.

Big cheers.

JP--Wanda, I have to ask, have you prepared a song? hope it's short.

Oh god, she's singing--to Oh Susannah

We're survivors, we passed the test

Cut to commercial with a promise to talk to Steph

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
« Reply #29 on: May 15, 2005, 09:45:44 PM »
scenes of Steph dominating and then being alone


JP--Steph, no one ever in that situation before, spending night alone, you're an athlete, taht's severe

Steph--I thought I'd do well in the challenges, but that was really really tough

JP--defining moment?

Steph==that night by myself. I can do anything now.

JP--What was the reaction on the street. You're one of the most popular women to ever play survivor (big applause)

Steph--grateful. people come up to me and tell me I'm their hero. I get lots of letters, a lot from men

JP--go figure

JP--when it got to BJ and Steph, we suddenly realized that this has never happened. BJ, you weren't voted off

BJ--yeah, I got beat.

JP--no sour grapes

JP--BJ you were one of the hardest working people who have ever been out there. that doesn't seem like a strategy, that seems like Bobby Jon

BJ--people from Alabama work hard.

JP==was jelly fish lake memorable

BJ--it was really peace


Jolanda--I thought I could pick the whole team, but it was a team of young people who didn't want a leader. I wanted to do better, but you know when I was young, I didn't listen either.

Angie--she's right about not listening. We weren't listening at campe. We weren't listenting at challenges.

Jolanda--they underestimated people as being old. They thought, no, we got all the muscle.

Angie--I didn't think that

Ibrehem--I think people didn't have strong personalities. I didn't want to step out there.

JP--yeah, blame it on the island.

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Re: Final Show / transcribed Play By Play
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Shot of the band and applause...

JP--all the music is by those guys, Russ Landau

JP--Jenn you a couple?

Jenn--we had an alliance and a bond, we'll have to see what happens


Kim--we're amazing friends, a great time on the island

JP--Willard, you didn't tell people you were an attorney

Willard--I'd actually been a mailman, so I figured cross -sedtion of America.

Caryn--I knew

JP--lawyers smell each other out

Coby--chokes up, paid bills, heard about other's families, and so I adopted a little girl.

Huge applause as he holds up a picture

Coby--I named her Janu

Janu hugs him and cries, he cries

JP--where is Survivor going next? We'll tell you after this