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Elusive Bartender Finally Found!
« on: January 03, 2005, 10:04:04 AM »
Cassandra "Angie" Jakusz, 24, Bartender/Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Elusive Bartender Finally Found!

By: Amanda Davis (
January 3, 2005

Contributors: biancaxxx, ultimatesurvivor5

Firstly, congratulations to biancaxxx for her excellent work this season and for correctly guessing the full name of “Angie” on Survivor News’ Confirmator to be Cassandra Jacusz.

Over the past few days, details have been pouring in about the “female Lex” who bartends at a popular New Orleans night club. After many hours of hard work and research, by both biancaxxx and myself, as well as many others, biancaxxx was the first to guess her name. The woman, who was known by “Angie” (her middle name) on the show, is described by one source as “obnoxious”, but also “someone who will talk to you about anything”.

“She has this punch that knocks me flat every time, and she’ll pick you up and give you another one. What a trooper!” claims one of her friends from the Lounge Lizards bar, where she works.

While there are no pictures of her (yet), we know that she has long dark hair and glasses, and has her arms fully "sleeved" with tattoos. She sometimes braids her hair and is also said to have several piercings. She is also an artist and enjoys creating watercolor paintings. Reading is also one of her favorite hobbies. She also makes her own clothes.

She is said to have a strange obsession with “bugs and circuses” and is reportedly very good at “working people” and “haggling” with them. She has never owned a car and bikes to and from work, so she should be in fairly good shape.

“Angie” has a very close relationship with her parents, but rarely sees her brother, who is in the army. She is currently in a committed relationship.

How will this self-described “pack-rat” fare on Survivor: Palau? We have a potential boot spoiler, but until then, you’ll have to wait until February 3, when Survivor: Palau is expected to premiere on CBS.

* Also described as a "female Lex" - possibly our first heavily tattooed female contestant
* Both arms are said to be fully covered in tattoos
* Does watercolor paintings
* Described as a packrat and is antisocial
* Reads a lot
* Loves bugs and has a strange obsession with circuses

* Twentieth (Final) name on Survivor News' Confirmator by Biancaxxx.