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JP on radio 4/11
« on: April 11, 2003, 09:05:17 AM »
RA ~ Radio announcer; JP ~ Jeff Probst; **my comments**

Okay first off, I did not write all of the comments down, must learn short hand they talk too fast! :)

RA~ Did Deena pull a Roger?  JP ~ WHAT???
RA~ Did she get too cocky?  JP ~ Yes, she went one person too deep with Heidi.  And Heidi actually kept her word to Jenna.  Which is surprising with the way she has changed,  People should be worried about the Heidi/Jenna bond.  Deena was in control of the game.  **Interesting that JP says she was in control.  The comment about Heidi may be why Alex said Deena wants it an all girl final 4.  Deena showed her hand too soon.**
RA ~ Rob is playing both sides, Do you think that is smart.  JP ~ Yes, actually I think Rob is playing the game strong and smart.  He is in the thick of things but not showing signs of being in control or leading. Where as Alex is out spoken and showing he is the leader.  Rob was really bugging me at this point of the game.  I (jp) was trying to keep Rob even.  I am playing a game out there too.  Rob knows survivor very well and is telling JP the rules.  
RA ~ Is matt really clueless?  JP ~ Yes. I (jp) think he is clueless in the social part of survivor.  Not stupid but clueless in survivor.  RA ~ Did he throw the reward challenge?  JP ~ I do not know.  RA~ He did it in a good way by barely missing the target.  **Remember he was hitting the tree and then the arrow on the tree when they practiced**  Matt Does not realize how much of a threat he was.
RA~ Seeing Deena and Roger get booted is it better to be under the radar?  JP ~ yes, but only to a point.  Butch is under the radar and you do not see him because there really isn't anything to show~ he is it is day 27 okay.  But that staying UTR too long then makes people nervous wondering where you came from all of a sudden. **Second week in a row he made a comment about Butch being under the radar and it being a bad spot if he does not let people know he is there.  Could this be why he does not make final 2?**

JP ~ talked about how Colby wanted to throw a challenge in S2.  He told him he could not help..other that was not as important

**okay Jp said Alex is in control and leader, is this the kiss of death.  He also said people should be looking at the Heidi/Jenna bond could this be why Heidi is rumored to go soon?  JP also said Rob was in control in the back ground and how he really knows the game.  He also said he bugged me up to this point.  I think this is also a kiss of death for Rob.  Matt is clueless in survivor ~ I think matt will stay a few more weeks.  No mention of Christy.  But another comment on how Butch is risky being under the radar.

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Re:JP on radio 4/11
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2003, 12:58:24 PM »
I am wondering if the Heidi/Jenna bond breaks down soon! That will be interesting to see.

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Re:JP on radio 4/11
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2003, 01:31:02 AM »
Another interesting conversation with JP.  I would think if there is a breakdown in the Heidi/Jenna bond -- the loser would be Heidi.  So if Rob is playing the game good -- do you think he would bring Christy with him as the final 2?  Or wouldn't it be great if the final 2 were Matt and Christy?