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Jeff Probst on radio 4/4
« on: April 04, 2003, 09:18:14 AM »
I was driving when I heard this and not able to write down everything.  JP ~ Jeff Probst and RA ~ Radio announcer **~my comments

RA~ Great show last night, Dave was really scheming last night.  
JP ~ Dave was in trouble and knew it.  He tried everything he could, with Deena at the Reward and with others.
RA ~ Roger was booted because he was so arrogant and overbearing.  Deena seems to be over confident in the game and arrogant.  
JP~ (seem to stumble here) Deena is confident but not sure about the arrogant.  She is very aware of the changes in the dynamics of the game and perceptive.  She was smart enough to see the Shawna switch and that she may have lost at that point.  Not sure she is too overbearing **Seems to be making Deena look like one of the good guys.  Pauses a lot in the talk about Deena, Not sure if this means a boot soon or what.**

JP ~ Next week's show will is so well produced and information shown.  It will show the circles of people and who is in charge. Who is in charge Alex, Deena or Rob who thinks he is in charge. **JP says who thinks he is in charge, Rob is going to be burned this week by someone**
JP ~ Says that Alex is really playing the game hard, only in a different way.  He is sitting back taking all in, but thinks he is in charge.  **could this be why Alex gets booted?**

RA~ Butch has just stopped talking.  JP ~ yeah.  This week we show a funny part in the show…you saw it in the preview, Butch is fishing and catches a small piranha and you will see it is dead and then when he goes to take the hook out it takes one last bite.  This really shows you about the element out there and what is happening.  **Why mention a dead fish that takes one last bite?  Who is this referring to?**

RA~ It seems like the people that are under the radar seem to do well in the game.
JP ~ Yes they do, but this week when the leaders are shown and you will know who they are they will be standing with their chest out, it will be dangerous for the UTR people Butch and Christy.  They will need to align with one of the leaders or will find themselves alone.  **Is this Butch or Christy who is not willing to align?**

RA ~ You said early on that there would be 3 major twists this season, Have we seen all of them?
JP ~ UUUHH ~ long pause I am not sure what direction I was promoting the game at that time.  I do not remember saying that and would have to see the content of when I said that.  **He was nervous and there was a lot of dead air where the RA was saying well I know there are things you can not tell us**  JP ~ I will be honest I really do not remember so I can not comment on it.  I think I was talking about the sexuality of the game.

RA ~This season is just a bunch of liars and more then in other seasons.
JP ~ laughs and says yes.

This is all I can remember.  This is on KILT FM 100.3 Houston at 8:30 am CST every Friday.  The contestants that are booted are on at 7:30 am CST on the day of the show.  I keep missing them.


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Re:Jeff Probst on radio 4/4
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2003, 10:44:37 AM »
thanks for posting  :-*

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Re:Jeff Probst on radio 4/4
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2003, 10:01:20 PM »
Texan, thanks for posting.  Very interesting.  I have found Rob to very funny in the last two shows.  So I wonder what will happen next.