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news about jen and kelly
« on: December 11, 2004, 03:31:48 PM »
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The Polo match will be played and not cancelled as was spoiled in a Greenwich newspaper article. So his event will come off and eventually Raj and John will come around and help Kelly succeed. Chris is a guest on the board site and has said as much:
Yes, Raj did cop a major attitude at the beginning and told people he wanted to hijack Kelly's project, but, by the end he was “kissing Kelly’s #####”, Chris jokingly called him “Kelly’s #####”.

Also Chris says that Chris Webber does indeed pull out and it is Chris not Jenn M that does the majority of the talking to his people in a last ditch effort to get him back on board:

Chris Webber really did back out of the event – this was not just manufactured by MB. Apparently, he wanted to work on his website that week. Chris said that he – not so much Jen – spent the most time talking to his handlers and arguing to get him back. He hopes they show what he did next week.

Also, the poor editing of Jenn not speaking directly to the NBA and how George takes note of this does not bode well for her.

So IMO, while I do not like either of the finalists Trump and his CEO friends love Kelly and his "military background," and he will win the apprentice job, although Chris actually predicts a Jenn victory...

Other neat quotes from Chris about the finalists:

* Both Kelly and Jen are “boring as hell”
* Kelly: old, robotic, militaristic, always on computer with plans and spread sheets
* Jen: no business sense, lacking social skills, isolates herself from people
* Kelly is better leader but Jen will probably win because DT wants a woman this time and Kelly is too much like Bill

From (banzai)
news just came out today that Chris Webber did not agree to be on the Apprentice.
I think Jenn is in trouble.