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EP 4 Recap
« on: December 08, 2004, 11:40:11 AM »
As Teams made their way to Senegal in western Africa, married entrepreneurs Jonathan & Victoria set the pace for most of the leg. However, a talented cab driver dodged traffic for long-distance dating couple Kris & Jon, giving them their second win, while Jonathan & Victoria settled for second place once again. A queasy Detour on rough waters, from which they couldn't recover, put grandparents Don & Mary Jean in last place. The grandparents received good news ...

As Teams made their way to Senegal in western Africa, married entrepreneurs Jonathan & Victoria set the pace for most of the leg. However, a talented cab driver dodged traffic for long-distance dating couple Kris & Jon, giving them their second win, while Jonathan & Victoria settled for second place once again. A queasy Detour on rough waters, from which they couldn't recover, put grandparents Don & Mary Jean in last place. The grandparents received good news from host Phil Keoghan, who told the pair that they were still in THE AMAZING RACE, as this was the first of several non-elimination legs.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 2:04 am, dating actors Hayden & Aaron opened their clue to learn they must travel two and a half miles across Stockholm and climb the Town Hall Tower to find the next Route Marker. Joined by Kris & Jon, Hayden & Aaron went to a local hotel to sleep after being misinformed that the tower didn't open until 10 am the next day. Also receiving this misinformation, Jonathan & Victoria and father and daughter Gus & Hera also went to a hotel for the night.

When the tower opened at 7 am, only formerly dating couple Adam & Rebecca and engaged models Freddy & Kendra were waiting at the door, wondering what happened to the four Teams ahead of them. Arriving at the top of Town Hall Tower in first place, Adam & Rebecca opened their clue to learn they must fly over 3,500 miles to Africa's westernmost country, Senegal. Flying into Senegal's capital, Dakar, Teams would find their next clue waiting outside the airport.

As Gus & Hera and Jonathan & Victoria realized their mistake, arriving at the tower in third and fourth place, respectively, Hayden & Aaron and Kris & Jon wasted time walking through the city, now in last place. After finally getting their clue, the panicky Teams rushed to the airport, where they caught up with the other Teams, and everyone flew together to Senegal via Paris.

Arriving in Senegal at night, all eight Teams ran through the airport to the cluebox waiting outside. Inside their envelopes, the Teams found a poem entitled La Femme Noir. Their next clue was waiting at the poet's final resting place. Teams had to figure out that the poet was Leopold Sedar Senghor, influential writer and former President of Senegal, who was buried 10 miles away at Bel Aire Cemetery. While Don & Mary Jean and married pro wrestlers Lori & Bolo soon discovered the author's identity and resting place, Kris & Jon and Freddy & Kendra hopped into taxis without knowing where to go. This proved disastrous for Kris & Jon, as they were taken to the wrong cemetery. Leading the way, Jonathan & Victoria arrived at Bel Aire Cemetery in first place only to discover that it didn't open until 7:30 the following morning. As other Teams arrived, many felt unsafe sleeping on the streets of Dakar, so they opted for a hotel instead. On her surroundings, Kendra remarked, "We're in ghetto Africa." With Don & Mary Jean overcoming a flat tire and Kris & Jon finally locating the correct cemetery, the eight Teams found accommodations for the evening.

The following morning, the Teams entered the Bel Aire Cemetery and searched for the grave of Leopold Sedar Senghor. Finding it first, Lori & Bolo learned they must travel 35 miles to the small fishing village of Kayar. Once there, they must search storefronts for a carpenter's shop that contained their next clue. With Gus & Hera and Don & Mary Jean close behind, Hayden & Aaron exited the cemetery.

Arriving at the carpenter's shop in first place, Jonathan & Victoria opened the clue to find a Detour. For this Detour, Teams had to choose between Stack 'Em Up and Pull 'Em Up. Teams choosing Stack 'Em Up must walk to a fish-stacking area and carry enough baskets of fish to the work area to properly cover a drying table. Once they stacked the fish properly, the fisherwoman would hand them the next clue. To complete Pull 'Em Up, Teams must take a fishing boat out to a fertile fishing area and use traditional lines to catch four fish. Once they caught the fish, they had to bring the bounty to a man onshore, who would hand them the next clue.

With only Gus & Hera and Don & Mary Jean hitting the water to go fishing, the other six Teams began the task of stacking fish. Freddy & Kendra encountered problems immediately when their cab driver asked for additional money for the fare. With Freddy refusing to pay, Kendra said, "Ten dollars here, five dollars here. They want to rip us off all the time." Eventually, the driver gave up and walked away, receiving no extra money from the models. Lori & Bolo bickered, which put them behind, while Jonathan & Victoria battled Kris & Jon for the lead. Eventually the married entrepreneurs completed the fish stacking first to earn the next clue, which instructed them to travel 20 miles to a pink lake known as Lac Rose where the next Route Marker waited next to the salt dunes. Soon, Hayden & Aaron, Freddy & Kendra and Kris & Jon all stacked their table of fish and headed to the lake as well.

Meanwhile, the choppy waters proved too much for the stomachs of Don and Hera, while Mary Jean and Gus picked up the slack for their seasick partners. After catching two fish, Mary Jean quipped, "You can throw up again. Maybe you can attract some more." With all the Teams that had chosen Stack 'Em Up en route to Lac Rose, the father and daughter battled with the grandparents to avoid elimination.

Arriving at the shores of Lac Rose, Jonathan & Victoria opened their clue to find a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one Team member had to wade into the pink lake and, using the traditional tools provided, harvest enough salt to fill a 25-gallon basket onshore. Once the Team member had completely filled the basket, a supervisor would hand the Team their next clue.

While Jonathan began strongly for his Team, Kendra and Hayden had some difficulties mining the lake bottom when the salt water got into their eyes. With Adam, Lori and Kris joining in, the six Racers lugged the heavy salt to shore, slowly filling their baskets. Jonathan held his lead throughout the task and topped off his basket to receive the next clue. Opening it, Jonathan & Victoria learned they must travel 30 miles to Dakar and take a ferry to Ile de Gorée, a former slave prison island and Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.

As Gus & Hera and soon after, Don & Mary Jean, finally caught the required four fish, Adam found himself in difficulty at the Roadblock as every woman there, Hayden, Lori and Kris, filled their baskets before him. A stunned Rebecca remarked, "Unbelievable! He's a girl." Rebecca's badgering and insistence on finishing the Roadblock quickly began to wear on Adam. Blinded by the stinging salt, Adam poured the last bucket onto the pile to earn the clue. In the cab, Adam made light of his shortcomings, saying, "I'm physically weak, apparently." In response, Rebecca quipped, "Well, stop being a wussy-boy and maybe no one would say that."
With the help of a great cab driver, Kris & Jon snagged the first ferry to Ile de Gorée, while Jonathan & Victoria missed the boat by seconds. This forced the upset Jonathan & Victoria to share the second ferry with Lori & Bolo, Freddy & Kendra and Hayden & Aaron, along with Adam & Rebecca, who continued their fighting from the Roadblock. Adam felt that Rebecca wasn't as supportive as she could have been at Lac Rose. Rebecca, feeling differently about her behavior, sniped back, "Adam, I don't have time to babysit my girlfriend anymore." A frustrated Adam replied, "Do you want me to jump off the boat?" to which Rebecca replied with a smile, "That would be awesome."

As Gus & Hera finished the Roadblock, Kris & Jon docked on Ile de Goree and stepped onto the mat in first place. Phil Keoghan informed the couple that, for their efforts, they had won a seven-night cruise vacation through the western Caribbean, compliments of Royal Caribbean International. With the second ferry pulling in, Teams rushed in search of the Pit Stop mat where Phil waited. Jonathan & Victoria earned another second-place finish, edging out Lori & Bolo. Hayden & Aaron took the fourth-place spot ahead of Freddy & Kendra, who finished fifth. The bickering Adam & Rebecca settled for sixth.

The race to avoid last place came down to the cab ride to the ferry station. Gus & Hera snagged tickets on the third ferry, but Don & Mary Jean arrived too late, forced to take the next one to Ile de Goree. The grandparents couldn't make up the difference, even after Gus & Hera became lost in the island hike to the Pit Stop and arrived in last place. However, Phil informed the elated Don & Mary Jean that this was the first of several non-elimination legs, so they were still in the Race. Of course, according to the rules, they would be now be starting the next leg with absolutely no money. This didn't worry Don, who said, "We've had a great run on this thing. We're the oldest couple ever to get this far. We make such an unbelievable Team together in basically everything that we do."