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Lena and Kristy TV Guide interview
« on: December 07, 2004, 12:22:49 AM »
Amazing Sister Act Defeated
by Ethan Alter
They had the spirit, the smarts and the strength. Too bad the latest Amazing Race ejectees, Lena and Kristy, were ultimately defeated by, of all things, a bale of hay. Here, the Mormon sisters discuss their loss — and their near-brawl with über-buff pro wrestler Lori.

TV Guide Online: How frustrating was it to be stuck at that Roadblock watching everyone else pass you by?
Lena: I actually think they made it look like I complained more than I really did. I don't flip out when things like that occur. I was more frustrated for Kristy because I knew she was frustrated and wanted to take over. I checked out of it completely before it ended, but I had to keep going for Kristy. Getting her to do TAR was a big deal because she has a daughter. So I told her, "If we do it, we'll win!"
Kristy: I wanted to take over for Lena after the first hour. I like to be productive and helpful; watching her getting frustrated was hard. I wanted to jump in there and hoped that it would change our luck. When we hit eight hours, you're just thinking, "This can't be happening, it's gotta be a joke." It wasn't even that she wasn't being thorough. She had a strategy and was working so, so hard.

TVGO: So it just came down to bad luck in the end?
Lena: I totally blame it on luck. There's no point for me going into any other reasoning. It's just too painful to think about the what-ifs.

TVGO: Up until that challenge, you definitely seemed like one of the stronger teams.
Kristy: I think that we were mentally prepared to be in the top three. We had great composure, got along well and were supportive of each other. I also think we were pretty humble about our successes and that's why it's frustrating. It's one of those situations where you feel like, "We were the good guys! We weren't the bad guys that deserved to get eliminated."
TVGO: Loved it when Kristy and Hera exchanged that pointed look after Jonathan and Victoria found their clue ahead of you.
Kristy: The look we were exchanging was more about the way she found the clue. She had only gone through a couple of bales [of hay] and hadn't unrolled any, just scraped off the top here and there. So to have it just float down on the ground right in front of her, I thought, "You've got to be kidding!" Could you imagine her doing what Lena did? No other woman could have done it and, aside from Victoria, there weren't any other women out there. And Lena made the boys look like pansies! They were complaining after unrolling a couple bales of hay and Lena did not complain once about pain or anything.

TVGO: Jonathan told The Providence Journal that he's the victim of bad editing. Any truth to that, based on what you witnessed?
Kristy: Jonathan's behavior was very noticeable, as you can see. He was very flamboyant and loud and he probably wants to make a statement. I'm not quite sure what that was. He was definitely living in a different world than what we were on the race.

TVGO: Did you get a chance to make friends with any of the other teams?
Lena: We bonded with Aaron and Hayden. They were people we really enjoyed and got along with and tended to share information with.

TVGO: It's funny because Aaron and Hayden and Kris and Jon are the sort of model/actor types that people aren't supposed to like, but they seem pretty popular.
Kristy: Yeah, you normally hate the actors and the models. (Laughs) But they have big hearts and are entertaining and funny. When you come down to it, they have a lot of personality and character.

TVGO: Is the show stacked against same-sex teams? The first three teams to be eliminated have all been boy-boy or girl-girl.
Lena: I don't think so at all. The challenges were evenly distributed and there was a little bit of everything. However, I do think it's harder not to be with your partner. These girls have somebody to cuddle with and we don't do that to each other. We can't complain, cry or moan. It really shows a person's character when you can be without your partner and be with a friend or family member and not be horrible to each other.
Kristy: If there's a man in the team, he's going to be stronger. If there's lifting involved, that's a benefit. But Lena and I are physically fit and pretty quick and we compensated on challenges we had.

TVGO: If you ran the race over, what would you do differently?
Lena: I really feel like both of us have no regrets. We learned so much about each other and the world. I'm really proud of how we ran the race.
Kristy: We didn't play a perfect game, obviously, but we learned lessons from each of the mistakes we made and I think there's value in that.

TVGO: Any missing scenes you wish had been included?
Kristy: Lori and I had a little confrontation on the glacier in Iceland. We arrived first on the glacier, so people wondered why we picked the 10:30 shuttle instead of the earlier one. Well, initially, we did pick the 1o o'clock shuttle and we ended up getting in an argument with Lori and Bolo due to a technicality about where we were parking our snowmobile. They ended up taking our time and we got in a word battle with them. Lori was getting very aggressive and getting in my face. Lena stood up next to me and said, "Don't talk to my sister that way!" :)()
Lena: Can you imagine me wrestling Lori? She would have broken me in two pieces.
Kristy: We were winning the words war and she was winning on the intimidation factor. We're sitting there saying, "Why are you being so emotional?" And she's like "Um... look at my arms. Do you want to fight me?"

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Re: Lena and Kristy TV Guide interview
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2004, 09:07:56 AM »
Great article!  Too funny the word war with Lori.

I still hate that they did not find a clue!! sad to see them go! :':')