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Survivor Insider Ep 12
« on: December 05, 2004, 10:14:40 PM »
Survivor Insider Transcripts - Episode 12
Transcribed by atimberger1  @ Survivor Sucks EZ board

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Ami's Final Words

Description:  Right after watching Jeff Probst snuff her torch, Ami delivers her Final Words. She’s proud that her integrity is still intact, but not too proud to get in a few last jabs at Scout.

 About the dishonesty thing, I may have told somebody one thing and then turned around and did something else but I never promised somebody one thing and then blatantly backstabbed them. I never once did that nor will I ever, that is beyond me, and promising on loved ones, not gonna happen.

Yeah we all tell little white lies and I certainly didn't mean any lies to come out if they did, but I know that I didn't make any promises and then flat out backstab. I finished this game with my integrity still in tact and I have nothing to ask forgiveness for and I can't say that for all the people left in the tribe.

Scout has the most beautiful eloquent way for saying the most derogatory things in the sweetest way she can. And the day I realized that she had this nasty side is when everyone wasn't looking and there were only a few of us focused on her and she made this witch face at us, I don't even know what it was, but she made it right at us and that was the moment that I knew there was some dark side of scout that is dying to come out, and when it does come out she has a great way of sugar coating it.

I know I am in a game that is about money, but no amount of money is going to buy my friends I have some of the dearest friends in the world, keep your money, I want my friends.

I learned so many lessons on this adventure. The biggest is I want to get up early every morning, which I didn't do a lot here, but I realize how important that is. And work ethic, I want to start building the foundation of a very strong, intense work ethic.

I think the biggest thing I will take away is how important friends are and how important it is to rely on the people around you and how much being there for the people around you matters. They are all you have and all you need.

I have gained important people in my life. Leann, Jules, Eliza, I love those girls, and I know that they will be part of the rest of my life. I wouldn't be surprised if they were in my wedding or were there when I have my first baby. I have really built some amazing friendships.

Ami the Day After

Description:  The morning after being voted off, a rested and refreshed Ami feels more kindly disposed toward her erstwhile tribemates. She no longer feels yucky.

 My survivor experience was unbelievable, not what I expected, I am on cloud 9 right now. I feel like I have gotten the biggest gift ever, and sure others helped me get here, but I feel like I gave it to myself.

The things I was aware of in this game have changed my life, and the biggest is forgiveness. Otherwise it weights you down. I experienced a day in this game where I was having evil thoughts and dark things, and I'm like this feels yucky, this feels bad, I could feel it making my face sink and making my body hunch over. And the second I realized that and took time to myself to focus on all the things I am thankful for and proud of, and until I did that I was letting that evil seep into me, and realizing that I have control over forgiveness in my life, that was huge for me. It's really hard to forgive people especially when you feel like you turned you back on someone and they stuck a knife in and shook it up, not just once or twice, but it really hurt. So being able to go down the road of forgiveness has been nice for me. I haven't been trying to figure out how to get them back, and that gives me back my power. I really like that feeling that's one of the biggest things that I walk away from this game with.

The second thing I come away with was, the night I got voted off, is I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down, "motivation is showing the appreciation for being given the gift of life". If you aren't motivated there is no appreciation for your life, what are you doing. I used to sleep in late, and now I get up with the sun, so I can do this and this, you appreciate life so much more when you're motivation. I've always had a great appreciation for life, but this heightens that by showing me what I can live with. I was never deprived, I felt like I was living off the earth together with the people around me. So for forty days, I was all natural and that was great. But sleeping on bamboo boards sucked and I am appreciative of a bed, etc. now

I feel that spirituality really affected my game. Waking up to a rainbow gave me boost, and made me feel as though we were going to win a challenge that day because I saw a rainbow. I really felt the feminine energy of this island and we really focused on the women the whole time, the women's alliance, but to really see the femininity of this island was beautiful. Over history here, men have always been focused on, and the strong and the magic side of it all. And I really felt the rain, mist and rainbows as being a big part of my spiritual gain here.

 Coming into the game, my strategy was to get the women to stick together. I've never really seen women in this game stay strong together until the end of the game, and once I saw it was men vs. women at first I was like oh no, but then I was like this is perfect for my strategy. I have to admit that at first I was worried because of the physical stuff, and then I was like "who are you talking to Ami, you're the most physical girl I know," and there are a bunch of other tough chicks on this team and we did it, we won the first 4 out of 6 challenges. So at first I was a little off, but once I realized it was to our advantage, I was excited, I was really excited.

Something else I really noticed about this island, when we got to visit the tribes, was the pure happiness of the women here. Eliza and I were sent off with the women to do the "women's work" and these women had smiles on their faces that were genuine and they sang songs about being happy, and you could see in their eyes that they are really happy. I'm sure they have problems like everyone else but if they have a problem they do a dance. Sing a song, do a dance, clap your hands and problem solved, that's the end of the problem. There's no therapy, no six hours a week to solve your problems, it's a dance and problem is gone.

The rewards are what keeps you going in this game. Seeing my girlfriend completely relit my fire and determination to get as far as I could in this game. The rewards are huge, letters from home, people reminding you that back home there is love waiting for you, you start to feel dehumanized out there. You're an animal, living in a cage, searching for food, you turn into an animal, and being reminded that you're a human that can think on a completely different level than what you have been doing out in the jungle it's a nice feeling. Being able to sleep in a bed and flush a toilet, you're human and don't forget the human quality and ability to care for each other and care for yourself and have determination and drive, and the gumption to go kick some ass.

It's Not Funny Ha-Ha

Description:  The morning after the Tribal Council in which the tide turned and her ally Leann was voted out, Ami seems to be annoying her tribemates more than usual. Is it just us, or is she doing it on purpose?

Ami: I'm really sorry about the way last night went.
Eliza: It's ok. It was so true, about the cocky factor, for me anyway.        It's kind of funny, it made tribal council a lot better Leann being like "yeah I don't really need immunity," and then bam.
Ami: I wouldn't think it was funny if it was you. I think it's funny that you find it funny.
Eliza: I don't think it was funny
Ami: You just said it was funny
Eliza: I don't mean funny ha-ha, I mean funny... ironic.  I feel bad for Ami, because she realizes the future is limited for her and there is really nothing going to change now.
Ami: (picking her legs and arms) I love doing extractions, extraction of anything. "stop picking at your arms my dear, your skin will be perfectly clear" (singing)
Scout: Do you always sing your life at home?
Ami: I always sing, singing makes me happy (very snotty)
Ami: Can't you hear me calling (singing)
Twila: The queen has been dethroned and she can not take the pressure. I love it, and the more I see her squirm, the more I love it.
Scout: <Some funny sound and gesture making fun of Ami to Chris and Twila, who proceed to laugh.>
Twila: We've got the power. I love it. Me, Chris, scout and Eliza it's our game, our four game. This is the way it needs to be.

Whatever Flops Your Mop

Description:  Intrigued by the Reward Challenge Tree Mail, Twila bubbles with anticipation for the contest. Which is more important to her: winning some food, or beating Ami at the Challenge? You decide.

 Twila: Tree mail, I was on the beach and walked up and there was tree mail, and I'm pretty excited. I just hope me or Chris win it. Because it has to do with balance, swimming, and diving. Ami is pretty tough at this competition and stuff like this, so I am just praying one of us wins it because the reward is fuel for your body, soul and a hot shower. And if they give me a hot shower and a razor blade to cut some of this armpit hair off I'll be happy as hell. Me or Chris has to win this because if Chris wins he said he would take me and if I win I'll take scout. So one of us has to win it. In prior reward challenges, Jeff always says it's not fun to go by yourself and he lets you choose someone to go with you so I think we are all assuming, which assumptions could be wrong, that someone gets to go with us. I think it would make for a pretty dull evening if you go by yourself but I just, my stomach, oh I want some good food so bad and I don't want Ami to win this, she can not win this.

Yesterday when Ami and Leann and everyone was talking about voting Eliza off my little mind got to working and I thought this will be an opportunity. If Eliza knows she's going home or there is an opportunity of her going home and not be able to trust Ami and Leann anymore she would go on our side. I had one last chance to make this work and I made up my mind, screw it, it's now or never and I'm so tired of Ami and Leann running the show and Ami's whole holier than thou attitude towards everybody. I have more class in my big toe than that B**ch has in her whole body. Whatever flops your mop. So I go to Chris then the opportunity got rearranged than what I thought it would be and it put a damper on my spirits for a little, so I tried to get next to Eliza, who didn't trust me, because there's been no bones about it, I think she's floating on everyone's coattails all the way here, and I still think that, but I approached her and when she didn't believe me Chris convinced her that this was the right thing to do or she was going home at tribal council. And it worked.

I'm Happy, Really

Description:  While Ami, Eliza and Chris are away enjoying the Reward, Scout’s happy to be at camp with Twila and Julie. As usual, she’s got a list of chores she has completed and a few disparaging words for Ami.

 Scout: Camp feels great with only three people in it, I love it quiet like that, I could do it if I could hang out to the final 3 or 2 or1, I would love it. Jules and Twila and myself came out with the short stick so we came back home. Jules just disappeared down the beach for two or three hours, I have no idea where she went, she was apparently disappointed in her performance, I don't know, whatever. Princess drags her drama, went down the beach and drug her drama elsewhere. The good news is she didn't drag it back with her. Me and Twila did chores (blah, blah blah) Talked about how much we want Ami to go home. Strategically we are ready for Ami to go home, the die is cast and it could fall to our advantage now. The worm turned at tribal council and us four have an alignment.

Ami is a person you have to be very cautious around, she's dangerous in her ways. She's 33, full of herself, she doesn't know she's controlling, she likes to have things go her way, she's sassy, arrogant, cocky and cunning. She had oozed her way, you know behind your back she'll roll her eyes and say things but to your face she's the sweetest person you ever saw and she had managed to put together a little harem of devotees and ran around like little puppy dogs after Ami. And it became apparent that as we much as we tried to play our game, to have people we wanted around, like Chad I loved talking to Chad, until yesterday the timing just wasn't right. Twila jumped in with a plan that was a kickoff to the plan we had been working for a few days, and it worked we were able to send Leann home and she was the #1 devotee. She was the six foot tall head devotee who had Jules as her little devotee, and Eliza was yet unclaimed. And they had decided to vote Eliza off. Good thing we didn't she won herself a car and overnight and bath and food, I'm really happy for the kid. (although her tone suggests otherwise)

Get Over It

Description:  Ami’s sick and tired of Scout’s frequent mention of her good old days and plans to “beat the shorts right off her.” Shortly after this, Ami gets voted out.
 Ami: Scout frequently talks about "back in the day when." "when I was fit," etc. It's like you know what scout your 61 or 60 or however old you are, you're here, you're playing the game, back in the day doesn't exist anymore. She keeps saying if I had this, etc. and I really think she's pissed of that she's not 30 years younger and could kick my ass, and she's really pissed off about that at this point. And she cuts you down in really nice ways, and I watch it. One of my favorite things to do in this game is to watch peoples' interactions and she is very good at saying demeaning things or lying very eloquently. She's a good liar. I think in scout's mind she sees me as someone that she would just kick their ass if she was 30 years younger, not even competition. I think she's just disgusted that she couldn't be younger and kick my ass. It's like scout put a pile of cyan pepper in my pants and said lets dance, I'm ready to dance, I'm ready to dance. I mean that's all I have left to win those two immunities would be heaven. I would much rather have that IN around my neck 3 TC in a row and beat the shorts off of her. I would love to do that, that would be better than any sneaking plan or this is my plan about the jury thing, it's way better than that, because that's not my style I don't want to be dragged into that game. I play with the Olympics not all star wrestling. If I could take myself to the top by just winning, being a winner and focusing, that would make me feel so much better than, ok I'm gonna get this place and this place. It might come down to that and I'll give it my best shot, but I would be so much happier to just really kick but in the immunity challenges.

I never saw myself as in control, I saw myself as the follow through person. People kept coming to me with ideas or people would present themselves as the next person to go and I would say everyone agree with that, yup I agree, I just followed through with what I said I was gonna do and people followed that. Yeah I was told time and time again I was running it and I was in charge, and I guess I'll be shocked when I realized how much I did have pull because the feeling that I have now compared to the feeling I had before TC is completely different. So it may have been that I had control before, but I didn't see myself in that position.

Ami Voted Off
Description:  At the Tribal Council that ended with Ami’s torch getting snuffed, each Survivor delivers a vote and an explanation

Jeff: Now bring in the jury. Sarge, Chad, Leann voted off at the last tribal council.. Chris keeps immunity. Blah, blah, blah.

Twila: Drama queen to the end (Ami)

Eliza: Ami I'm voting for you tonight. This is a very hard vote for me to make because I love you so much but I did make an alliance different from with you because you were trying to vote me out of this game, and I'm sorry and I would rather it be you than me, but I do love you and I'm gonna miss you a ton. (Ami)

Scout: You wanted to learn about leadership, I think it would be really important if you learn about shared leadership. Queens get dethroned and lighting will strike a lone tree on the top of a mountain quicker than anything. (Ami)

Chris: Ami I've viewed you as a threat from the very beginning, it's time for you to go home and I'm very very happy to see you go home. (Ami)

Julie: My vote doesn't matter tonight but I'm awarding it to scout. You haven't had your name written down, so it's about time you did. (Scout)

Ami: Well scout you are pretty good at hiding your nasty side, but when your true colors come out you're no part of any rainbow I've ever seen. (Scout)

thanks to Survivor Fever
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