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EP3 Recap
« on: December 01, 2004, 01:30:00 PM »

Dating actors Hayden & Aaron captured the lead for a second time as Teams made their way to Stockholm, Sweden. A Detour at the world's largest Ikea caused frustration for grandparents Don & Mary Jean and married pro wrestlers Lori & Bolo. However, their problems paled next to sisters Lena & Kristy, who arrived at the Roadblock in third place only to watch every Team pass them. After eight hours with no success, host Phil Keoghan came to the farmland Roadblock to inform the sisters they had been eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE.

Arriving by bus, Teams ran through the streets of Stockholm searching for the Ice Bar. Finding the Nordic Sea Hotel first, Hayden & Aaron opened their clue, which instructed them to don parkas to enter the nightclub made entirely of ice. Once inside, they had to slide a shot glass along the bar to hit a target. Only one member of the Team would have to hit the target to receive their next clue. If they miss, they would go to the end of the line. As the dating actors missed their first attempts, long distance dating couple Kris & Jon, engaged models Freddy & Kendra, Don & Mary Jean and Lena & Kristy began to test their sliding abilities. With the arrival of married entrepreneurs Jonathan & Victoria, Lori & Bolo, and former dating couple Adam & Rebecca, only father and daughter Gus & Hera remained lost in the streets of Stockholm.

While Gus & Hera struggled to find the Ice Bar, Jon slid the shot glass onto the target to earn the next clue. Opening it, Kris & Jon learned they must find the world's largest Ikea store nine miles away. As Lori & Bolo and Don & Mary Jean hit the spot, Gus & Hera continued to ask for directions, to no avail. Eventually, the pair found the hotel and managed to pass Freddy & Kendra, who now found themselves in last place en route to Ikea. This wouldn't be a problem as Kris & Jon discovered the store didn't open until 10 am the next morning, allowing all Teams to camp outside the doors overnight.

1, 2, 3
The next morning, Teams ran through the massive Ikea store looking for their next Route Marker. Adam & Rebecca and Lori & Bolo found the Cluebox first to discover a Detour. In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Count It or Build It. Teams choosing Count It must choose a series of three bins and count every pot, pan and stuffed animal inside them for a total of 2,304 items. Once they finish, they must tell the assigned supervisor their count. If correct, they receive their next clue. Otherwise, they must begin counting again. On the other hand, Teams choosing Build It must build a desk correctly, using every single part given to them. If they make a mistake, they must fix it or, in the worst case scenario, start the construction over.

While Lori & Bolo and Adam & Rebecca began counting the stuffed animals and pots and pans, Hayden & Aaron, initially opting for Count It, immediately changed their minds when they saw the large bins filled with inventory. Lena & Kristy and Freddie & Kendra quickly became frustrated counting the items, while Gus & Hera and Kris & Jon methodically constructed their desks. Kris & Jon finished first, receiving their clue that instructed them to travel 18 miles by train to Haggvik. Once there, they had to drive a tandem bike two miles to a farm and the next Route Marker. Soon, Hayden & Aaron and Gus & Hera joined Kris & Jon traveling to Haggvik.

With repeatedly incorrect totals, frustration began to take its toll on the Teams doing Count It. After starting the count over yet again, Rebecca quipped, "I think I'm losing my mind." While Bolo struggled to add numbers in his head, Lori appeared weary from the grueling task. Kristy told her sister, "We need to zone everybody out and be very careful with these." As soon as they did this, the sisters came up with the correct total of 2,304, putting them in fourth place, followed by the constantly bickering Jonathan & Victoria, who finished their desk in fifth place. Soon, only Lori & Bolo and Don & Mary Jean remained at the Ikea store, still counting. Don commented, "I was absolutely out of my mind with fatigue. It's not rocket science to count bears, but I thought I couldn't do it." Eventually, both Teams wisely threw in the towel on Count It and began to build the desks. An exhausted Don & Mary Jean fell into last place when Lori & Bolo finished and headed to Haggvik. The grandparents worked together to eventually finish the desk in hopes of catching the other Teams.
Arriving at Haggvik, Hayden & Aaron and Kris & Jon mounted tandem bikes and raced to the nearby farm. After early struggles on the bike, Hayden & Aaron arrived in first place to find the first of three Yields on the entire Race. A Yield can force any other Teams to stop racing for a predetermined length of time. However, Teams can exercise their Yield power only once during the Race. Both Hayden & Aaron and Kris & Jon chose not to use their Yield and opened their clue to discover a Roadblock.

This Roadblock required one Team member to unroll bales of hay until they found a clue hidden inside. Out of 270 hay bales, only 20 had clues. Jon and Aaron began the task, unrolling the enormous bales with no luck. Soon, however, Jon found a clue while Kris cheered in support. The long distance dating couple learned they needed to return to Stockholm and find the af Chapman, a well-known ship and the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race. Kris & Jon's lead was short-lived as Aaron soon found the clue, allowing both Teams to share a train back to Stockholm.

Pulling up to the farm in third place, Lena opted to perform the Roadblock for her Team, with Gus and Victoria joining her in the field. Hay fever became a problem for the sneezing Victoria, but she managed to find a clue, followed closely by Gus. Also struggling with hay fever, Lena began to feel the physical toll of the task, and her hands became raw and cut up from the hay. Kristy encouraged her sister, who was now joined in the field by Adam and Freddy. Seeing Adam quickly find a clue rendered the frustrated Lena even more dispirited. On her sister's effort in unrolling bale after bale, Kristy commented, "I don't think there's one other girl on this Race that could be doing this. She's a trouper." Lena's determination sustained another blow when Freddy found his clue. The incredulous Lena remarked, "I don't understand why this is so hard to find."
Arriving in Stockholm together, Hayden & Aaron and Kris & Jon jogged along the city's shoreline until they came to the dock where Phil Keoghan stood next to the af Chapman. Stepping onto the mat in first place, dating actors Hayden & Aaron won a seven-night cruise vacation to the Mexican Riviera compliments of Royal Caribbean International, while Kris & Jon settled for second place.

With Gus & Hera and Jonathan & Victoria stepping onto the mat in third and fourth places respectively, Lori & Bolo and Don & Mary Jean arrived at the farm, as Lena continued to struggle in her quest to find a clue in one of the bales. A stunned Mary Jean said, "I can't believe there is another Team here with us." When Lena finally took a break from the unrolling for a drink of water, Bolo found a clue, and the wrestlers hurried back to Stockholm.

As Freddy & Kendra finished in sixth place, only Lena and Don remained in the field battling to avoid elimination. With Mary Jean cheering him on, Don pulled a clue out of a bale, while a stunned Lena said, "I can't believe this." While the grandparents stepped onto the mat in eighth place, Lena continued unrolling bales, hoping that this was a non-elimination leg. After darkness fell, the exhausted sisters, still toiling away, received a visitor in the field. Phil arrived to inform the pair, who had spent over eight hours at the Roadblock with no success, that they were eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE. On her sister, Kristy commented, "She was my best friend. We didn't get in any quarrels. She's a great partner. She's an amazing person." On her sister, Lena said, "I knew this was a big deal for her and I didn't want to be the one to ruin that." A tearful Kristy replied, "You didn't."