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Survivor Insider EP 11
« on: November 27, 2004, 08:32:00 PM »
Survivor Insider EP 11
As posted by DCReads56† (#)

Welcome to Survivor Insider!

I NEED A CHEAP FLIGHT TO BERMUDA (I'm not kidding - this is driving me nuts and taking up the time I could use for, uh..... transcribing clips).

Clips transcribed: Alinta Tribal Council, Scout Misses Home, Pillow Talk, Scout Tweaks Twila, and Ill-Fated Final Four.

Left to transcribe: Leann's Final Words, Leann: The Day After, Julie's Satisfied, and So Near, Yet So Far.

Alinta Tribal Council
Leann Voted Out

Leann (Votes Eliza): Iím really sorry that I have to make this vote. But Eliza, you have not contributed as much as some others and you got no game, girl. But I sure do like you and Iíll miss you around camp.

DC Notes: Sort of sounds like Eliza does not have Leannís vote if she makes it to the Final Two.

Twila (Votes Leann): If this goes right, you and your partnerís history. I canít take it no more. I lied to you and I apologize for that, but besides that, Iím tired of you and Ami running the show.

Julie (Votes Eliza): My voteís for Eliza. This isnít an easy vote but group consensus Ė everybody agreed. And major issues for lack of work ethic and initiation of work. You definitely showed the most growth out of everyone and you are like a little sister. See you on the other side.

Ami (Votes Eliza): Sorry Eliza, I had to stick with the team and I guess itís your time to go.

DC Notes: She waits a long time before writing. She doesnít take pleasure out of writing this vote like she normally does, and doesnít decorate it with flowers and sunshine either.

Chris (Votes Lee Ann): Leann, nothing personal. Hopefully, this turns the tide. Have a good trip.

Eliza (Votes Leann): Leann, Iím voting for you tonight because I heard that you guys were conspiring to vote against me and if thatís not the case then Iím so sorry about this vote but I canít have people conspiring against me. I want to stay here in this game. Sorry.

Scout (Votes LeAnn): Leann, you made an alliance with me at the beginning of the game and youíve broken it. I like the hell out of ya, but next time, hook your wagon to your own star instead of somebody elseís.

Scout Misses Home

Description: Scout recounts her treasured experience chatting with her partner, Annie, before the Reward Challenge.

Scout (Confessional): The treemail Ė we brought treemail back Ė Twila and I brought treemail back to everybody and we read it (DAMN FANTASY LEAGUE). It was obvious that our memory of the game, and we thought people here, would be tested. So we sat around and tried to remember facts about people and where theyíre from and their childrenís names and their wives and husbandsí names and partners and dogs and horses.

But when we got to the challenge, what it actually was was a memory test on the challenges that weíve had Ė who did what, when, how many. Which we of course had not reviewed.

The reward was to be an hour satellite linkup via E-Mail with our loved ones back home. Which seemed great. And then Jeff took us into a hut and showed us that we could have one minute. It was really beautiful because Twila went first. Sat down at the computer and it was a very moving moment because Twila canít type and there was no way she could do E-Mail. Then Jeff pulled out that (NAME BRAND CENSORED BY CBS) that goes on a (NAME BRAND CENSORED BY CBS) and allows you to see and communicate instantaneously with your loved one. It was extremely moving for Twila because she didnít have to type. For her to see her son.

We all just got really touched by that. And then we each one had the opportunity to sit down and talk to our loved one for a minute. Almost all of us I think were really moved to tears. It was very, very emotional (cries).


(Still crying) and I got the chance to see Annie then and I miss her so much. And then we came back out to do the challenge and it turned out to be the actual challenge events. We pretty much knew that Liza would win it. Sheís pretty good at that kind of thing. I did pretty good.


Liza won the award challenge, which was to be an hour-long satellite linkup with her momma. And of course Jeff then showed his hand and in truth our loved ones had already arrived here in Vanuatu. Lizaís momma came running out and Jeff told us the reward was her mother would join our tribe for the day and the evening and be a part of us and have that incredible visit.

And of course then we were really all moved because the bigness of what we lost and then Jeff called out each of our loved ones and let us spend 3 or 4 or 5 minutes with our loved ones. That meant a lot to all of us.


The most motivating thing in this entire game is not a million dollars. The most motivating thing to me has been the vision Iíve had in my mind of Annie running out of the bushes and running into my arms. That she would have the chance to come to Vanuatu and I would have the chance to see her. I would have loved to have her in camp and everyone would have loved it because she is so fun.


I was already just weeping, knowing that she was coming. She came running with her arms out like I knew she would and this grin on her face and her ice-blue eyes. Oh, we just hugged and we hugged and we kissed and we hugged and we cried and we talked as fast as we can, and could, and we hugged some more and I smelled her. She just smelled so good. I never wanted to let go. And I promised her that I will Ė I told her Ė I told Annie Ė I would never, ever again leave her side. And thatís a fact. I donít have to. I have no boss that makes me. Iím in charge of my own life. I will be by Annieís side and thatís a fact.

Pillow Talk

Description: One dark and tense night, the other women confront Scout and Twila about their possible defection.

Leann: Ami and I needed to talk to Scout and Twila to figure out whatís going on, because the things we heard from Chris was Scout and Twila kind of defected. So that makes me very nervous. Nothingís set in stone.

Twila: Are the other girls coming to bed or are they going to stay up?

Leann: Weíre getting warm???? Scout, ?????

Scout: We all talked strategy. I didnít understand what was so Ė

Leann: Because the implication was that you were talking strategy with Chad and Chris.

Scout: Chad came up to me and Twila on the beach and pleaded for his life in the tribe. Twila was there - I said to him ďthank you for sharing.Ē

Leann: ??? But they donít fit well with me. But Iím not sure if Iím even considering thatís the truth at this point.

Twila Tweaks Scout

Description: Furious, Scout and Twila get real about the womenís alliance and who betrayed whom. Apparently, both are fed up.

Twila (Confessional): Scout was trying to cover her own act last night, and she was trying to make sure she took me down with her. When she started implicating me in all this stuff, that pissed me off. Yeah, sheís starting to get on my nerves.

Twila: My problem with you, Scout, is I tried to tell you that that plan wouldnít work, and you didnít listen. Itís your way or no way. I tried to tell you that Ami wasnít stupid. Sheís a lesbian but dudnít need a man for nothiní. So why the hell would you think sheíd go along with anything like that? It didnít make no sense. Now you screwed up! And I vouched for you. Thatís what makes me so mad Ė that I kept vouching for you, Scout.

Scout: Let me tell you what we talked about for you to remember. Iím the one that sat out in the fire while you three of you sat in there, remember? And then I begged the three of you, ďSomebody please help me.Ē And I went and sat up at the fire all night while yaíll did nothing!

Twila: Now wait a minute Ė

Scout: - Let me finish.

Twila: Before you crucify me, I had a (beep) headache that night. Thatís the one reason I didnít stand by your side!

Scout: I know that!

Twila: And donít blame that off on me!

Scout: Iím not blaming you. Iím telling you my situation. At that point, thatís when I really thought, ďYou know what? Those guys would be helpful.Ē Keeping them around for another round.

Scout (Confessional): Twilaís furious, and Twilaís the one that after we make this move. If we get Ami out, then we can go to the Final Four with two guys. That was her idea. And Iíll tell everybody if she keeps tweaking me.

Twila: I donít give a damn but youíre going to have to help me out here, because I donít know what to do.

Twila (Confessional): I told Scout that we needed to do some damage control because both our heads are on the chopping block now and I ainít freaking appreciating it. God, it just pisses me off. Itís all about Scout. All about what Scout wants and how she wants to do it and I am just sick of it. Period.

Ill-Fated Final Four

Description: With only nine days left on the island, Ami, Leann, Twila and Julie reaffirm their alliance to make it to the Final Four. Of course, this is shortly before Leann is ousted.

(Ami is holding a makeshift calendar)

Ami: Yay! Itís nine days left!

Eliza: Ami, you have to cross of Ď10í.

Ami: It feels so good to X one off! Iím pretty happy about this. Weíve only got nine days left, and godspeed!

(Ami, Leann, Twila, and Julie are sitting together)

Ami: So, are all of us making a promise to each other?

Leann: Yeah. I think that Ė I already did. I havenít, but Ė

Ami: I just want to make sure weíre all sure.

Leann: Yeah.

Twila; And I told them I was with them 100%, and youíre the one they want to pull into the Final Four, Iím ....

Ami: Weíre all agreeing on this?

Julie: Weíre all agreeing.

Leann: Iím agreeing.

Twila: I agree. I understand.

Ami: Thatís a relief!

(They all pile their hands in the middle)

Ami: All right. On four.

Twila: On four.

Julie: I am completely solid in the Final Four alliance of Ami, Twila, Leann, and myself. If it all works out, and it should, then Iím definitely going to be loyal to them.

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Re: Survivor Insider EP 11
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2004, 08:38:10 PM »
I loved Twilas vote
Twila (Votes Leann): If this goes right, you and your partnerís history. I canít take it no more. I lied to you and I apologize for that, but besides that, Iím tired of you and Ami running the show. 

interesting what LeAnn had to say about Eliza...hmmm

Leann (Votes Eliza): Iím really sorry that I have to make this vote. But Eliza, you have not contributed as much as some others and you got no game, girl. But I sure do like you and Iíll miss you around camp.

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Re: Survivor Insider EP 11
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I thougth Leann's was funny ~ you go not game....but Eliza saved their alliance un the first TC and then Leann's game was to tell people she did not  have a final 4 with them.  :(*8