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Episode 9: Chicken wings and bones…Sarge is gone!
« on: November 15, 2004, 11:10:32 PM »
Episode 9: Chicken wings and bones…Sarge is gone!

Vecepia Towery Robinson

Has Survivor hit an all-time low when women resort to given men chicken bones they've already sucked on? I was sick to my stomach watching that. I guess that's one way to keep the men down and out…treat them like dogs by giving them your remains. What a sad way to play.

Anyway, let's get to last nights episode.

Night 21
On their way back from Tribal Council, one could cut the tension with a knife. Ami was basking in the moment as she witness firsthand the ladies sticking together like glue to oust her arch-enemy Rory. Chris, however, felt that he, Sarge and Chad had put entirely too much confidence in Julie and Twila. Each man had the impression that Twila and Julie had converted whole-heartedly to their side…but was sorely mistaken. As disappointed as Chris was, he remains optimistic, saying, "The game is not over!"

Day 22
There's a different feeling this morning at the Alinta camp site. Sarge is noticing the vibe of the women had changed from excitement to cockiness. As Scout takes a few moments to sing a tune or two, Sarge sits by staring a hole into her heart. He is disgusted and frustrated over the "gender separation". He is especially disappointed with Twila and questions her sincerity.

It doesn't take long for Scout to sense the discomfort by Sarge.

On a side note…I just cannot believe why people choose to compete in the game of Survivor knowing that the premise of the game is to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the others. Some may choose to be deceitful while others will play honestly. Each is acceptable in this game. But one should not be upset with another player if the other gets "played". Enjoy the opportunity and play hard.

Back to the game.

Reward Challenge
Last nights reward challenge was a very familiar one. We even played it in my season of Survivor. This was surely the changing point in Survivor: Marquesas. Will it have the same effect in Vanuatu?

The challenge consisted of a series of questions about Vanuatu. As each tribe mate answers the question correctly, they would have an opportunity to set ablaze one of three skull heads representing each tribe mate. Once all three skulls are ablaze that tribe mate is eliminated from the game. The winner would receive a fantastic helicopter ride around the island, champagne, chicken wings, blankets and pillows.

As the game went on, it was again obvious that the estrogen alliance was in place because Sarge, Chad and Chris were eliminated immediately. Eliza was next to be eliminated and she was not happy to see the women (especially Scout) gunning to eliminate her. Her frustration would carry on back to camp.

In the end, Leanne wins the challenge and chooses to take Julie with her on the helicopter ride.

While Leanne and Julie enjoyed the picnic atop a dormant volcano, they begin to talk about strategizing. They considered taking out Eliza and Scout solely because of their attitudes and non-threatening participation.

Back at camp, Chris notices vulnerability in the women’s alliance as Scout talks about how fed up she is with Eliza.

Later that day, Chris gathers the men together to establish their game plan. They choose to try and convince the ladies that Eliza is turning against them and has formed an alliance with the men.

As the men plot and scheme on the outrigger, Julie and Leanne return from their trip with gifts for the women. They smuggled back chicken wings for the other ladies and a bag of chicken bones for the men. As I said before…this is ruthless.

The women notice the guys retuning from their meeting and they run off into the woods to finish eating the last of their chicken wings. They were generous enough to leave a little bit of chicken meat on the bones for the guys.

Sucking down the sides of the chicken bones, each guy was very grateful to Leanne and Julie for thinking about them. But the ladies sat there just laughing on the inside.

I can only imagine what Sarge, Chad and Chris's reactions were after watching last nights show. In watching Sarge this morning on The Early Show, he was surprised to see the ladies had stooped so low to give them chicken bones, but also was happy to receive something of substance.

Tree mail
Eliza goes to retrieve tree mail and finds a live surprise. She brings back a pig and the message says for them to take care of it and not to cook it. Twila and Sarge wanted to ignore the tree mail and fix some pork delights.

I'm very curious as to what these guys will have to do with this pig. Only time will tell.

Immunity Challenge
This challenge was definitely a first for Survivor. Each tribe mate had to put together a puzzle within an allotted amount of time. They get one look at the puzzle and will have one minute to make the same puzzle. As tribe mates are eliminated, the time will be reduced until there is one person remaining.

Once again, the men were eliminated in the first round thus given them no chance of winning immunity. The next to be eliminated was Twila, then Scout, followed by Eliza and Julie, leaving Ami and the winner of the second immunity.

Day 24
Tensions are still very high at the Alinta camp, but Ami has mixed feelings about her immunity win. Part of her thinks she should not have won the challenge because the others are starting to look at her as a big threat in the game.

As Scout hangs out with the guys, Eliza tells Ami that Scout is plotting with them. As Ami sees this, she keeps a calm head and doesn't fall into Eliza's little trap.

Later, Sarge takes a moment to finally talk to Twila about her voting for Rory. Twila tells Sarge that she admits to screwing things up, but blames the change of heart on Julie.

Tribal Council
There was no way that Sarge was going to win against this estrogen alliance. Not only did every women vote against Sarge, but so did Chris. In a 7 - 1 - 1 vote, Sarge becomes the first member of the jury who will have a deciding vote as to who will walk away with the million dollars.

I predict that the women will continue to hold strong to their alliance, oust the men and then begin to pick off the stronger threats (Ami, Leanne, and Twila). I have a feeling that Scout and Eliza will make it to the finals untouched.

Until next week.