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EP 7 Show Highlights
« on: October 28, 2004, 07:18:47 PM »
 B:) B:) because I'm such a Blabber mouth

11 left who will be voted out tonight ?

 AT Lopevi ..first interview..(CBS Points) about John being lazy

Yasur..Rory praying and thankfull
Ami mentions Merge
Rory trying to save his butt ..talking to Ami & Leeann

RC treemail
Twila is surprised Lisa is gone instead of Rory

Home Cafe..Juice , Coffee , crossaints ..a little love from home

Sarge sits out

they have to  fill a jug with juice ..carry 1/2 a coconut shell through the obstacle course

Scout spills her juice , on purpose.  so that she goes to the back of the line ( good thinking  :D )

YASUR WINS Reward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: EP 7 Show Highlights
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2004, 07:26:43 PM »
anyway ..Rory trying to save his butt ..talking to Ami & Leeann ..he was saying that he works hard and deserves to stay at least untill Eliza is gone..Ami sya so don't work..relax..this is a girl alliance ..Rory sulks off knowing that if Yasur loses IC he is the next to go

(Amazing Race Commercial  ^:)^

Cafe from home..not videos !! thats the reflection in Scouts glasses  8-)'  :()() ah well was sweet ..lots of tears

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Re: EP 7 Show Highlights
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2004, 07:40:14 PM »
darn -44 MW points for no videos..should have went with the food  :':') but + 52 for RC

OK..its back..treemail ..Julie reads it..Marbles & a slingshot

Chris passes the Idol to Jeff  ;D
Dang..Chris sits out

Yasur wins IC

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Re: EP 7 Show Highlights
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2004, 07:55:22 PM »
Play by play from

Working around camp
Chad: Camp running well, most of us do several things, one person not doing share, JK

JK sleeping and everyone looking

JK Tired and bored, kind of kicking back
Chad: JK is an engima, how can you sit there and not work, has gotten away with it but now we are making comments

C/C: b!tching about it.
Chad: I think he realizes he is doing it
Chris: He is not coasting through this game anymore
Chad: No way


Rory praying
Rory conf: I bow down and pray and today I got a lot to be thankful for, I cracked these ladies and they carried me thru; I might not be able to bounce around but I"m thankful. New objective work on Leann/Ami and rat myself in their relationship

Rory to Ami: where do you stand with me. I would back you through jury
Ami: biggest thing for women is that no women alliance stayed together, keeping us going
Rory: If I get smoked, how far you gonna go?

Rory conf: Eliza over me??
Leann to Rory: It excludes you and what happens to merger with men
Ami: what about guys back home?
Rory: what do you mean
Ami: don't cuss at me
Rory: you want your plan, do all the work............
Ami: Go sit on your butt.................
Rory: I don't give a f--- about them
Rory: who has been pumping this whole time
Ami: you me leann

Rory conf: Yasur says they will do a job on my head. One thing I said to my wife.... slash/burn, if I get voted off, Yasur will burn i will guarantee that!


Whispers Lisa??
JeffL lot of surprise looks
Twilla: yeah thought they would get rid of him
Rory: wow what can i say?

Jef: break coconuts with jucie, obstacle course, wood crawl, seesaw, high step hurdles, another seesaw, crawl through cage, poor juice from shell into glass jars, if you spill the juice, come back and go back into line.

RC: home cafe, coffee, juice, croissants and take coffee maker, mugs etc. back and somoething else - little love from home

Sarge sits out

Challenge begins
E/J up first
Both going thru, every drop counts
E on see saw, JK falling behind
E highsteps, JK on seesaw
JK catching up
E on final leg
E fills up jar and runs back
Leann up
JK fills it up and runs back
Chad on course
Got a lot of ground to make up
Scout: way to go leann
Chad doing great job on seesaw
Chad in final leg, making up time on Leann
Leann fighting long limbs, Chad passes her
JK: Great job
Chad done runs back
Ami and Chris up
Jeff: Crhis with full shell, how much will make it through
Rory showing now
Scout deliberately dumps her juice, see how this strategy plays out for faster people

Showing them all going ack/forth
Very close!
Race to finish
Leann/Julie neck and neck
Leann figuring course out
Julie limboing through
Leann making quick work
Julie on see saw
Sarge: All you
But Leann is leaving Julie behind
A lot at stake!

Leann fills it up, runs back
Leann forgot juice runs back
Leann walks back and then runs and trips!!
Jeff: Lets see it
Jeff: let's see it
Julie walks back
Jeff: LOpevi good effort, head back to camp
Yasur going to cafe............little taste from home, head on back
Scout shown with glass of juice lifted in air

 Home Cafe

E: walking up and see bulletin board with pictures
Shots of family
E: OMG pictures
Scout: family reunion, little ragamuffin
E: really nice moment, sharing and seeing pcitures, touched my heart
Scout: Look at Leann, beautiful
Leann: this is best moment of my life
Letters from home
leann: we really needed towin this
Ami: I"m really happy right now
Toast to family

Scout: Letter from Annie, my partner, crying
Rory: Beautiful picture
Ami crying: Whoa. Both mom/dad sent letter, my dad said my little buddy is watching me from above, my little brother
Ami: I'm havinga rough one, my brother killed in car accident almost seven years ago
Rory crying now
Reading: Keep in mind, you have control over how you respond even if you can't control the situation.
R: my wife has impeccable timing, watch your temper
Ami to Rory: I feel a strong bond with you
Both are laughing together
Rory: we are going to be wired on coffee before immunity, laughing

R conf: still about playing game, always carry an extra ace up my sleeve, loving moment but I haven't forgotten where they put me, still a beautiful moment in Vanuatu


Lopevi 17

Tw/Julie walking
Twila conf: odd ones out, four women and four guys
Julie: are they promising you final four
Julie and T laughing
Twilla conf: sarge told me about final four and they told julie same thing
Twilla: figured they were playing us
Julie: Yes
Julie conf: reverse psychology, they didn't promise me final four but now Twilla against them
Julie: so we are pretending we are their pawns but little do they know
Julie conf: had rocky relationship with T but now concrete, my plan worked for now
Julie: I guess this is our pact then
Both lauging over unlikely bond between them

Tree mail and toys to play with
Jul conf: stack ofmarbles and sling shot, option i could be going home
Lea showing JK how to play SS
Lea: no question who will win, Lopevi, yasur like a high school team against us, they won't win
JK conf: I've been a threat since day one, I need to win, don't want to tgo to TC

Rory: Let's get ready to rumble
R conf: I'm at high rev, perhaps it is the three cups laughing.

Rory showing the girls how to do sling shot
Ror conf: I will go home tonight if we lose

Scout: Let's do it
Jeff: give it up Chris, immunity back up for grabs, hoped you practice, break your tribe colors, each will randomly be assigned lane on game board, each time you break tile, you flip over corresponding wooden tile and you move off board

Chris will sit out

Rory and Chad up
Chad connects
Twilla flips over tile
Rory connects
Leann's column and she flips it over
Ami misses
Julie misses
Scout/Sarge two original chiefs
Lea gets it, sarge moves own tile
Scout connects, gets Leann's tile
Twilla misses
Leann connects and knocks out her own tile
Eliza misses
JK hits Sarges
Ami gets one and knocks own tile
Yasur takes lead
Julie tires to bend low (ahem Jeff??)
7-5 Yasur
Another connection for Scout and Leann flips last tile and is on finish line
8-5 Yasur
Rory splits one
JK connects
Eliza: not quite enough
Twilla misses
Rory got a hit
Rory on fire
Chad takes JK's tile off
Julie takes aim and misses
Rory connects again and Ami flips tile
17-15 Ysur
Chad connects
Scout connects and Rory's tile flipped
Lea connects and Julie is now off course
Scout:Rory you are the man
Rory has had great success and continues, Scout is off now
Rory only tribe member left

TC tonight.............
JK not enough
Rory: one tile left and he gests it but not enough, still connected
Chad can close gap and missed
Rory has dominated can he win it for Yasur
Rory: this is for my baby boy! and gets it


Rory cheering!!
Ami: nice job!!
Jeff: give thsi to rory he dominated! For once I won't be seeing you
lea laughs
Jeff: you have afternoon lopevi.................
Leann hugs Rory
and Rory walkks with Immunity

then sucks dies


Everyoone giving Rory kudos
Rory: Whoooooooooooooooooooooo, today I rocked Ami, rocked her world. she could have me as a tight friend or eliminate me, she failed at both and now I'm going after her

Ami conf: rory a little cocky, but he earned it; I looked over at Lopevi and Julie and it hurts to know one of them is going home tonight

Lea: we lost, today was foundation for rest of game for us. strategy has changed, it could go anywhere
Chad: julie will go right with women, if we merge, JK gone, Julie with Chris
Chad conf: I don't trust JK and I don't believe Julie will stay with us
Chad to Chris: as much as I don't want JK...........

Crhis conf: chad is concerned doesn't trust julie
Chad to Chris: If I am convinced Julie is with us fine but........
Crhis: I don't think they are just with women or else Lisa wouldn't have gone
Chad: Nothing solid anymore

JK to Crhis: what did chad say?
chris: sometimes I don't know where cahd is coming from

JK conf: put my faith in chris, we could do damage
JK I"d vote for Julie but i think she is asset
JK chad would get sympathy vote
Chris: understand what you are saying
JK; final two, he would win
JK conf: chad gets by no one notices, has one leg and does amaizng, he has to go

JK talking to J/T: came to tell you, chad is going, not you two, me and chris think we can be with this grou
Twilla: Julie you comfortable with this
Julie: what about Sarge
JK: even with out sarge.........
JK conf: twilla is a rough red neck, pretty loyal. at this point, they will either go with what I said or vote me off, tonight is the night


Chris: four wins, dominating but today it was close, beat by a couple
Chad: when we are doing our wood gathering aware of who is going with who, lot of posturing and scrambling
Chris: everyone has a role here during day. always someone stepping up, team effort
Sarge: Twilla is the wander of foods and meals and firewood, she does everything
JK: Twilla is a work horse, she and sarge, wold love her to take a nap
Twilla laughs
JK i am number one napper

JK: whenever i am asked i will do it, i might take more naps buyt she could, it is okay
Chad: i think there is a good impression of someone perceiving soemone else and if you feel you are perceptive enough you can trust them unless they are manipulative but I feel like i can pick up on that
Julie: time spent has been telling, matter of meshing well, has been doubt but hopefully proof there
Chris: basing vote on trust, hard toc ome by, also on my future, who will benefit me and those i am aligned with..............

Lea not shown
Twilla not shown
JK: Chad - i'ma fraid you might sneak by some more, need you to go
Julie: not shown
Chad: not shown
Chris: not shown

Lea looks kinda like huh and a little mad

four and that is enough
Chad shown just looks ahead
Chris kind of smirking a little
JK: take it easy................

Jeff: JK said it himself, find out who you can trust and who you cant, he just found out the hard way.

Next Time;

Julie: Uno dos,
the girls corrupt sarge
Both Twilla nd Julie bear their butts as does Lea

Chris : sarge what are you doing

Rory reaches breaking point,
Rory: worthless crew, I'm ready to get out of yasur, what a worthless crew
and everything is turned on its head
Twilla grimaces
Leann: uh oh

JK: a little bitter, i'm shocked you guys turned on me, since I wouldn't turn on you chris hope you win and sarge hope you get second, the rest, i hope you lose

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Re: EP 7 Show Highlights
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So who all thinks the spoilers are right and the next two boots are Julie & Rory  ;) ?