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Has anyone heard of this show or watched either of the first two seasons? I came across it recently and managed to binge 40 episodes in the last 10-12 days :lol:.

Basically, 8 players move into an apartment complex but are kept completely sequestered from each other for the entirety of the game. Each apartment is soundproof and are on different floors/staggered throughout so they can't hear anyone else. All communication between the players is done through a custom made voice-activated social media platform called "The Circle", which players use to have one-on-one chats, group chats, play games, etc. At the end of each round, the players rate each other and the highest rated players become influencers, where they get to eliminate someone from the game. Usually, when someone gets eliminated, someone new moves in and this continues until the end where they then get down to the final four and have one last rating to determine the winner.

All of that seems pretty straight-forward but the one thing that makes the show is because these players never meet each other, they are free to go into The Circle and portray themselves however they want. Each player creates a profile when they join but they can change/lie about anything (age, gender, sexual orientation, job, etc). The pictures and information they add to their profile can be fake and this they can catfish each other as much as they want to. Below is a scene from a catfish season 1.


There have been two seasons so far in the UK. The first one was last fall and the second ended last week. All of those episodes are on Youtube (linked below) and Netfilx recently announced they are creating US, Brazilian and French series, which are coming in 2020. Both UK seasons were great but I highly suggesting watching season 1 before season 2 as watching 2 first will spoil 1.



The US season starts on January 1st. It is will be over three weeks on Netflix. 

The first four episodes of the American season were released on Netflix this morning and they also put a cut-down version of Episode #1 on YouTube.


The very first year is still the best for me so far, the US version concentrated too much on younger people and showmance aspects, played it safer.

Thanks heaps for letting to forum know about this amazing show Redwings! I just finished watching both the two versions of the UK series & also the Netflix American version!

I do quite like the series! There were of course some pretty boring episodes in all three seasons, however, overall, The Circle was a very good series and I'm looking forward to hopefully some more seasons? Can anyone confirm if we are getting a third UK season?


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