Author Topic: TAR Canada 8: News/Media/Speculation (possible spoilers)  (Read 55810 times)

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Re: TAR Canada 8: News/Media/Speculation (possible spoilers)
« Reply #50 on: April 23, 2020, 01:45:12 PM »
It's like I said a couple months ago, "It would be irresponsible of them not to cancel, or at least 'post-pone' this season.. I was actually shocked when people disagreed with me.... Anyways, they did, as they should have, and based on the 'team' that I know who were actually selected to be on the race (Not as alternatives), they have said they will start filming again in July for season 8, but in all honesty, that was obviously just a guess).

I guess we will see what actually happens, but I'm still of the same opinion when it comes to the integrity of a show like this. The people I know blab and blab about how awesome they are, and how they are going to become superstars because of this, and how th eproducers love them and hit on them.... It pisses me off because, well, shut the hell up. It's an awesome show, and believe it or not, the more people you try and swear to 'secrecy' doesn't matter.

Season 8 will undoubtely be back, I just hope they screen their people better in the future because I can guarantee there will be tons of unnecessary leaks once this starts to ramp up again, from the inside based on the 'contestants' I personally know.


Good for them getting selected, although it sounds like they might be jeopardizing their chances by blabbing all over the place. TAR Canada hasn't started yet and the producers can always boot them before they even start. I'd hate that to happen to any team.

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Re: TAR Canada 8: News/Media/Speculation (possible spoilers)
« Reply #52 on: May 14, 2020, 05:20:41 PM »
Yeah, I feel like they won't want to air this anywhere other than summer. So I guess they will postponed it one year?
And replace teams that can't commit (rather than redo casting again)